Vermont Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
It is lawful to carry a firearm openly or concealed provided the firearm is not carried with the intent or avowed purpose of injuring a fellow
man. There is no permit required to carry concealed.

1. Be of age. In the state of Vermont, that age is 16 or older. You must be at least 16 years of age to legally purchase a gun and keep it loaded on your person in public.
2. Obtain permission from a parent or guardian to carry a gun if you’re under the age of 16. Failure to do so may result in being deemed a delinquent child by the state.
3. Have a clean record if purchasing a firearm. Things like felony convictions and dishonorable military discharge will show up during the federal instant check, and prohibit purchase.

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
Rifles and shotguns carried in a wehicle must be unloaded; handguns may be carried loaded and concealed.

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. School bus or school building or on school property.
2. Courthouse

3. US Federal Buildings (including US Post Offices)

Alcohol and Drugs:

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Vermont is not a Castle Doctrine state and has no stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Unrestricted in most public areas and generally accepted.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: Vermont Gun Laws

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  • 2112

    God Bless Vermont

    • actually we are run by liberal’s who could care less about the constitution but they know many vermonter’s are hunters and gun owners,so if they try anything,..they will be voted out,…..they figure they can ruin everything else 1st,..then come after the guns last,..and their plan seems to be working

      • Ian cate

        proud liberal and native Vermonter so fuck you.

        • KheSanh0372

          Spoken like a true Vermonter. A useless place if ever there was one.

      • KheSanh0372

        Vermont residents will NEVER vote out a democrat…reason-all the residents are now democrats or free loaders-which is pretty much the same thing…think of that idiot Burned Out Bernie Sanders.

        • Bob Bobson

          That’s not true at all. Most flatlanders and their kids are extremely liberal (and unfortunately they now make up more than half of the state’s population), but the majority of native Vermonters are still conservative.

          • Bob Bobson

            In fact, they’re probably among the most self-dependent people in the nation. They’re just being fucked over by transplants.

          • KheSanh0372

            Bob. With all due respect, I said “residents”…I did not distinguish among or between any one or any thing…residents Bob. The native population of Vermont I sir, respect the hell out of. “Bring the Vermonters forward.” You situation is…there are damn few of you left. Sir.

    • KheSanh0372

      He doesn’t. He laughs.

  • Dr

    for a non-resident what is the age? Dr. T.

    • Dajudge98

      5 you moron !

      • jake

        This pahe has incorrect mist be 18 to buy shotguns or rifles 21 topurchase and carry a ha dgun

        • ryan

          Jake that is not true

        • terrorist96

          Federal law says you have to be 18 to purchase a long gun, 21 to purchase a handgun, but can be 18 and still possess/carry a handgun. Vermont law says 16 for handguns.

    • 16 or older, under that age needs parental permission.

  • Arizona no longer requires CCW, they are ok but not required. They will train and issue them for people traveling to other states so they can be covered but again not required instate. The same goes for OC. private property trumps though, if a bussiness doesn’t allow it you can’t legally enter.

  • Dr Gonzo79

    vermont must truly recognize the u.s. constitution.

    • Vermont recognizes it’s own constitution which protects the right to carry arms for PERSONAL self defense. If we could amend other state constitutions similarily – they could also have the awesomeness that is Vermont.

      • helen sabin

        We have that in our state Constitution in Colorado and it was ignored by the worthless DEMOCRATIC state legislature….. that is why our sheriffs are suing these ignorant douchebags.

  • Ottisdurka

    VT CCW Laws are the Greatest testament to the 2nd amendment, We also have very little to no CRIME! So for all you poor folk who have to be Raped for Cash to Carry a Weapon remember VT CCW laws the next time you vote. !!!!

    God loves VT, We follow the 2nd Amendment FREE OF CHARGE!!!

    • gunnerk19

      I like our laws too (VT); but if HR 822 passes the senate and all states must show reciprocity 
      we are SOL far as that is concerned… Since we require no permit, there is no physical permit or data to provide authorities if you travel armed in other US states ( Illinois and DC are the only 2 that do not allow CC ). I’m going to ask my local PD if a CCW is even available in VT, and if not I suppose I’ll have to apply for a NH non resident CCW permit ( I’m not driving 2 hours to apply in MA to get shot down, no pun intended)…

      • Kmd3075

        If HR 822 passes I think being of age and possessing a valid Vermont drivers license, or being able to prove Vermont residency, would be sufficient.  That other States have more stringent requirements to carry should not affect the laws here in Vermont.  

        • kestrel9000

          That as I understand it was how the Thune amendment would have worked. 

    • helen sabin

      But what happens when you go OUT of Vermont and want to travel with your guns – then what?

    • oldschool

      Vermont is also very rural and when i lived there the ratio was 7 deer for every resident so i just do not see how that translates to states with millions of people.

    • Perhaps so but shoot someone & go to the joint pronto like. Your state seems just dandy but without a Stand Your Ground law it’s useless to carry there. What are you gonna shoot at??? Fleas??? LoL.

  • Alex Murphy

    Does VT allow non residents to carry? I live in TX and have a CHL and would like to know if I can carry when I vacation in Vermont.

    • Vermont law does not distinguish between residents and non-residents of
      the state; both have the same right to carry while in Vermont.

  • Ron Marshall

    We in Ohio haven’t ( YET ) arrived at the level of Vermont, but we’re working on it.
    Ohio has been a HISTORICALLY open carry state and we do have concealed carry.

  • Should not need any permit or stand your ground laws,….All every state needs and has is the 2nd ammendment and a god givin right to protect youself,your family and your property, closed,….but what happens is the attacker then becomes the victum ,gets a big anti gun liberal lawyer and now after protecting yourself end up spending all your life savings,loose your home,your job,etc all just to prove in the liberal courts you had the right to protect yourself

    • helen sabin

      We have two men running for the sheriff’s office and they stated that due to these scumbag lawyers they cannot use a dog trained to sniff ALL drugs for use on checking for marijuana in schools. They can ONLY use a dog trained to sniff MJ – or the case gets dropped!

  • Steve

    Will a Utah ccw allow me to purchase a handgun in Vermont or do I have to be a resident of Vt.?

    • terrorist96

      You don’t have to be a resident. You can purchase one regardless.

      • Ed Cutler

        Sorry but if you purchase a handgun in Vermont you have to go from FFL to FFL federal laws still apply if you are non resident.

    • KheSanh0372

      NO….you can not purchase a handgun in Vt. from Utah. Long guns only–FEDERAL LAW..

  • Mark Jordan

    I love Vermont! You don’t see a wild west situation up there do you? Proves permits are not needed in any state.

    • oldschool

      No it doesnt.

    • gun person

      we are setting ducks without them ,mass shooting prove that

      • Ian cate

        sitting not setting dumbass

        • KheSanh0372

          His remark was typical Vermont public school education.

  • ZackeryWilliamsPoptart

    Why wouldnt VT have a Castle Doctrine ? If an Intruder is in My Home, I should have the right to shoot them and Kill Them for trespassing.

    • helen sabin

      I think the issue is that you can shoot but you are NOT protected by a castle doctrine. Thus….lawyers, police, etc are involved.

    • hotpistol.lizzy

      if you have a no trespassing sign posted on your property border. YOU can shoot someone who you feel is a threat to your home and family and be within your rights. BUT you must have a no trespassing sing clearly posted on your property.

    • Kristi McManus

      Not many castle doctrine allow you to shoot and kill someone for simply tresspassing. They typically have to be using violence or pose a threat of violence to shoot them. Castle doctrine laws don’t allow you to kill some elderly person with dimensia who mistakenly wonders into your home. They have to be posing some sort of violence. I guess if the elderly woman with Alzheimer’s comes at you with a knife then fire away.

      • ZackeryWilliamsPoptart

        Thanks for posting
        Good to learn from people who have intelligence.

    • Ed Cutler

      We have a self defense law in Vermont. Look up Title 13 chapter 53 2305 in Vermont statutes online.

      • ZackeryWilliamsPoptart

        Thank You Ed

  • Surprised since they vote for democrats most of the time during the Federal Elections since the 1970’s.

    • Brian Mumford

      That state was the home of the original Green Mountain Boys with Ethan Allen and Seth Warner, and it was born out of a war between the settlers of that region and the colony of New York that lasted longer than the American Revolution. The pride in that history has kept it going for over 200 years, but it’s constantly under threat.

    • Gary

      That’s why VT is so backwards.

      • Ian cate

        fuck you

        • KheSanh0372

          No. Vermont fucked you. And you are dumb enough to stay there.

    • Bob Bobson

      I don’t know about other positions, but Vermont didn’t start voting for the Democrats’ candidate in presidential elections until the 90’s. In fact, before 1992 Vermont voted for the Republican candidate literally every election since the party’s founding with the one exception of 1964.

  • Dominic Delia

    The only thing that stinks about Vermont is there isn’t any Reciprocity with the other states, but yet they can carry concealed in Vermont. Vermonters get screwed this way!

    • KheSanh0372

      There are many more things that stink in Vermont. Taxes. Weather. Stupid fat people. Liberals. Environmental Nazis. Public school system. Did I mention taxes and weather?

      • Dominic Delia

        I agree with you. Friggin’ Progressives have ruined Vermont! Keep them out of political offices in your state at all costs!!!

        • KheSanh0372

          Here is the issue: We were able to escape The Land Of Bernie just last a loss of over $250K. Well when we arrived where we now live guess what? They beat us here. Yep,,,,they are here as well and well on the way to making here there.

  • Michael Inflorida

    Homosexual marriages performed in any state are being recognized in more and more states by court decree as a constitutional right not subject to state or local restriction. Once that is solidified by the Supreme Court this patchwork of unconstitutional limits on citizens’ rights will also be destroyed. Je suis Vermonter!

  • Kevin

    just ran into this problem this year. Was in OKLA. which reconizes’s all carry permits, open or consealed, from the other 49 states. VT. has no permit of any kind. Bottom line you do not carry in OKLA. even if you can prove residenticy in VT. because the Law says you must have a permit from your state, period!

  • Randall Roberts

    I’m tempted to say that Vemont shouldn’t allow the carry permits of States that disallow Vermont permits (the Vermont Constitution and US Constitution) to force reciprocity and fair treatment by those other States. Unfortunately that would mean acting against the purpose and intent of our Constitutions, so those States never see any reason to treat Vermonters fairly on this issue. I will say, however, that for several years now I have been spreading the knowledge that “Constitutional or Vermont Carry” does exist in this nation. One never sees gun control advocates even mentioning Vermont and it’s laws because it defeats their arguments and propaganda, so I have been ttelling everyone about it in every gun control debate/discussion I see online. I have held up Vermont laws as being a direct insight into the original intent of the Framers of our State Constitutions and the US Constitution- and it truly is. We have a couple of basic common sense laws regarding who can possess a firearm and common sense restrictions of places where carrying is forbidden. Other than that we have the same attitude toward carrying as was held when we were first an independent nation and at the time we became the 14th State in the Union in the 1790’s. The only real difference between this rural State and States with millions of people is that we have never disarmed our population and left them to be victimized by criminals. States and large cities that have disarmed their law abiding populations are now paying for it with out of control violent crime. Gun controllers always toss up the fears of the wild west, shootouts in the streets and violent crime run amuck. They seem to ignore the fact that that is the situation right now as they allow their citizens to be victimized by gangs, drug dealers, rapists, robbers and murderers at this very moment. Law abiding citizens won’t suddenly go nuts shooting and killing just because their right to bear arms isn’t suppressed by unconstitutional laws with the support of so called “law enforcement”. The truth is that they want only their own gang (law enforcement) to have power. No other citizens are considered worthy or trustable without paying their States some bribe money to be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Licenses and Permits ARE infringements on a person’s right to exercise Constitutional Rights. Pay for license or permit to carry and you might as well pay for a license or permit to speak freely, worship according to what you believe, pay for your right to privacy etc… After several years of posting and commenting about this online and encouraging the citizens in other States to look at the Vermont example and history, I feel that it is finally paying off as I see that States are conforming more to the Vermont example instead of continuing down the gun control road. It is a rebirth (of sorts) of liberty across the nation as people’s eyes are opened to their situation and the common sense solution to it. I urge the citizens of the other States and Terrirtories to insist on their rights to their lawmakers, law enforcement personnel and in their courts Law abiding citizens bearing arms are not the problem- criminals ARE. Reject licensing/permits. Stress personal responsibily and accountability along with weapons training to avoid accidents and be safe. At the same time, demand that your lawmakers recognize “Constitutional or Vermont Carry” so all law abiding citizens can cross State lines without having to worry about the threat of criminal prosecution for the free exercise of their 2nd Amendment right. Enough for now ! Good Luck Everybody !

  • Amazing State as far as citizens rights are concerned and then we look at Chicago run by a NAZI regime with over 1,000 GUN related crimes BECAUSE of then ANTI citizen gun ban

    • Ian cate

      do not compare 1000 gun related crimes to the murdering of over 6 million jews,You are a total asshole

      • Sylvan Tieger

        If the Jews were NOT disarmed or had the Chutzpah not to support Hitler until the very end of the war possibly my Great grandfather would not have perished . It will happen again as long as people think guns are the problem not the one pulling the trigger Speaking of Anus how are your parents doing?

    • KheSanh0372

      Vermont has been voted the 48th least free state in the country. Taxes. Regulations.

  • Lee

    Just remember on voting day that most Democrats and some Republicans want to take away some of the gun rights we have. And in the US Government all Democrats want to take our gun rights away from all of us. This is part of our freedoms and I will not vote for anyone that try’s to take my freedoms away.

  • Ray Hart

    is this saying an under aged person with parental permission can conceal carry or am i reading it wrong?