Washington Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Does Washington issue concealed carry permits?
Yes, Washington is a shall issue state, meaning the state is required to furnish a permit if you can pass a background check. Washington issues concealed carry permits to residents of the state as well as non-residents. All fees for non-residents are the same but the waiting period is extended to 60 days.

What does a Washington concealed weapon permit look like?

Washington Concealed Carry Permit
Washington Concealed Carry Permit

Who issues Washington concealed weapon permits?

The police chief or sheriff of the area where you reside, or anywhere in the state for a non-resident. 

Are background checks required for a Washington Concealed Weapon Permit?
Background checks are requred when applying for a Washington concealed carry permit but it does not qualify as a NICS check.

How long is a Washington concealed weapon permit valid for?
The Washington concealed weapon permit shall be valid throughout the state for a period of five (5) years from the date of issuance.

What is the processing time for a Washington concealed weapon permit?
Washington concealed weapon permits are processed in approximately 30 days for those possessing a Washington driver’s license and 90 days without one.

How much does an Washington concealed weapon permit cost?
The fee for a Washington concealed weapon permit is $55.25.

What are the requirements for a Washington concealed weapon permit?

  • Be 21 years of age or older at time of application.
  • Be a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien with permanent resident card or “green card.”
  • Have no pending trial, appeal, or sentencing on a charge that would prohibit you from having a license.
  • Have no outstanding warrants for any charge, from any court.
  • Have no court order or injunction against possessing a firearm.
  • Have no mental health conditions that would prohibit you from having a license.
  • Have no felony convictions, or adjudications for a felony offense, in this state or elsewhere. “Felony” means any felony offense under the laws of Washington, or any federal or out-of-state offense comparable to a felony offense under the laws of Washington.
  • Have no convictions for any of the following crimes committed by one family member against another on or after July 1, 1993:
    • Assault IV
    • Coercion
    • Stalking
    • Reckless Endangerment
    • Criminal Trespass in the first degree
    • Violation of the provisions of a protection order or no-contact order restraining the person or excluding the person from the residence

What are the required documents when applying for a Washington concealed weapon permit?

  • Picture identification such as a Washington State driver license or identification card. If you don’t have a Washington State driver license or identification card, you must provide proof you have lived in the state for at least the last 90 days.
  • The $55.25 fee in cash, check, or money order made payable to the law enforcement agency. This fee is non-refundable.
  • If you’re in the military, your military ID and orders listing your station location.

Please note:

  • If you live in the unincorporated area of a county apply at your sheriff’s office.
  • If you live in an incorporated city within the county, apply at either the city police department or sheriff’s office.
  • If you aren’t a Washington State resident, apply at any local law enforcement agency in Washington.

How do I renew my Washington concealed weapon permit and what is the cost?

If you renew…You must…And pay…
By the expiration date 

(You can renew up to 90 days early.)

Renew your license$32
Up to 90 days after the expiration dateRenew your license and pay a late fee$42
More than 90 days after the expiration dateApply for a new license$55.25

Where do I renew my Washington concealed weapon permit?

You must renew your concealed pistol license in person at the law enforcement agency where you live:

  • If you live in a city, apply at your local police department or the county sheriff.
  • If you live in an unincorporated area of the county, apply at the county sheriff.

What do I need to bring when I renew my Washington concealed weapon permit?

  • Picture identification such as a Washington driver license or identification card.
  • Your current concealed pistol license.

How do I change my name or address on my Washington concealed weapon permit?

  • The process to change the address on your concealed pistol license is the same as when you first applied, except you won’t be fingerprinted:
  • Go to the law enforcement agency where you currently live.
  • Complete an application, marking the “Replacement” box.
  • Submit the application with the replacement fee.

What do I do if my Washington concealed weapon permit is lost or stolen?
If your license has been lost, stolen or destroyed, you may obtain a replacement concealed pistol license from your local law enforcement agency. You will need to apply in person and the fee for a replacement license is $10.

Do I need to inform law enforcement that I am carrying a concealed weapon?
You are not statutorily required to inform law enforcement you are carrying a weapon in the state of Washington, but you must present your permit if requested.

What are the laws regarding a firearm in an automobile in Washington?
Without a Washington concealed weapon permit, your firearm must be unloaded. If you leave the firearm in your vehicle the vehicle must be locked and the pistol must be out of view.

What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Washington?

  • (a) The restricted access areas of a jail, or of a law enforcement facility, or any place used for the confinement of a person (i) arrested for, charged with, or convicted of an offense, (ii) held for extradition or as a material witness, or (iii) otherwise confined pursuant to an order of a court, except an order under chapter 13.32A or 13.34 RCW. Restricted access areas do not include common areas of egress or ingress open to the general public;
  • (b) Those areas in any building which are used in connection with court proceedings, including courtrooms, jury rooms, judge’s chambers, offices and areas used to conduct court business, waiting areas, and corridors adjacent to areas used in connection with court proceedings. The restricted areas do not include common areas of ingress and egress to the building that is used in connection with court proceedings, when it is possible to protect court areas without restricting ingress and egress to the building. The restricted areas shall be the minimum necessary to fulfill the objective of this subsection (1)(b).
  • In addition, the local legislative authority shall provide either a stationary locked box sufficient in size for pistols and key to a weapon owner for weapon storage, or shall designate an official to receive weapons for safekeeping, during the owner’s visit to restricted areas of the building. The locked box or designated official shall be located within the same building used in connection with court proceedings. The local legislative authority shall be liable for any negligence causing damage to or loss of a weapon either placed in a locked box or left with an official during the owner’s visit to restricted areas of the building.
  • The local judicial authority shall designate and clearly mark those areas where weapons are prohibited, and shall post notices at each entrance to the building of the prohibition against weapons in the restricted areas;
  • (c) The restricted access areas of a public mental health facility certified by the department of social and health services for inpatient hospital care and state institutions for the care of the mentally ill, excluding those facilities solely for evaluation and treatment. Restricted access areas do not include common areas of egress and ingress open to the general public;
    • EXCEPTION: this section does not apply to any administrator or employee of the facility or to any person who, upon entering the place or facility, directly and promptly proceeds to the administrator of the facility or the administrator’s designee and obtains written permission to possess the firearm while on the premises.
  • (d) That portion of an establishment classified by the state liquor control board as off-limits to persons under twenty-one years of age; or
    • EXCEPTIONS: proprietor of the premises or his or her employees while engaged in their employment.
  • (e) The restricted access areas of a commercial service airport designated in the airport security plan approved by the federal transportation security administration, including passenger screening checkpoints at or beyond the point at which a passenger initiates the screening process. These areas do not include airport drives, general parking areas and walkways, and shops and areas of the terminal that are outside the screening checkpoints and that are normally open to unscreened passengers or visitors to the airport. Any restricted access area shall be clearly indicated by prominent signs indicating that firearms and other weapons are prohibited in the area.
  • (2) Cities, towns, counties, and other municipalities may enact laws and ordinances:
  • (b) Restricting the possession of firearms in any stadium or convention center, operated by a city, town, county, or other municipality, except that such restrictions shall not apply to:
  • (i) Any pistol in the possession of a person licensed under RCW 9.41.070 or exempt from the licensing requirement by RCW 9.41.060; or
  • (5) The perimeter of the premises of any specific location covered by subsection (1) of this section shall be posted at reasonable intervals to alert the public as to the existence of any law restricting the possession of firearms on the premises.
What are the laws regarding alcohol and a concealed weapon in Washington?
In Washington, you may carry a concealed firearm in a restaurant that serves alcohol but not in the portion of the facility licensed for that purpose by the state liquor board. 

Does Washington has a Stand Your Ground law aka Castle Doctrine?
Technically no.  The law allows use of deadly force in the lawful defense of oneself, a family member, or any other person, when there is reasonable ground to prevent action(s) of the person slain to commit a felony or to do injury or harm, and there is imminent danger of such design being accomplished; or in the actual resistance of an attempt to commit a felony upon the slayer, on those in their presence, or upon or in a dwelling, or other place of abode, in which they are.
Washington state doesn’t have a specific Castle Doctrine law, but has no duty to retreat as precedent was set when the State Supreme Court found “that there is no duty to retreat when a person is assaulted in a place where he or she has a right to be.”
Case law notes:
137 Wn.2d 533 State of Washington v. Studd; Decided 1999/04/01.
150 Wn.2d 489 State of Washington v. Reynaldo Redmond; Decided 2003/12/06.

Does Washington state have localities with varying laws?
Localities can enact prohibitions with regard to judicial areas but otherwise are limited.

What are the laws regarding open carry in Washington?
Open carry in Washington is not restricted by state law (other than those places listed above where concealed carry is prohibited).  It is strongly recommended that you avoid any appearance of threatening someone i.e. handling your gun idling, etc as this could result in arrest and prosecution.

Helpful Forms & Links:
Washington State Department of Licensing: Firearms
Washington State of the Attorney General: Concealed Weapons
Washington State of the Attorney General: Concealed Weapons Reciprocity
Washington State of the Attorney General: Concealed Weapons FAQ

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  • Mikec2110

    washington syaye attorney henerals website says idaho does not allow wa sate cpl

    • I think you nees to recheck the site for it does say it honors WA CWP, please read what you post before you post thank you.

  • Actually the Washington State of the Attorney General just list which states they have reciprocity agreements with.

    Idaho accepts permits from all states so if you have a Washington concealed carry permit then you can carry in Idaho.

    You can see this on the Idaho map here:

    And from the Idaho Attorney General website:
    http://www.ag.idaho.gov/concealedWeapons/concealedWeapons_index.html#Does Idaho have reciprocity agreements with any other states If so what states

    “Does Idaho have reciprocity agreements with any other states? If so what states?

    Yes. Idaho has signed reciprocity agreements with Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

    Also, Idaho recognizes valid concealed weapons permits from all states. Idaho does not require specific reciprocity agreements with the other states. See above.”

  • Num4son

    At the top it states that Washington only issues to residents of the state. Actually they issue to non-residents as well, as long as they are a U.S. citizen and pass the background check. Thats how I got mine. 🙂

    • Thanks, this has been updated

    • Xmanhockey7

      Do you have to apply in the state. If you were to live in lets say Indiana and will be visiting Washington would you be able to get a Washington permit without going there.

      • Lars

        One way or another if the state offers the permit almost anyone can get it somehow. I know guys that focused on the ones that cover the most states and then actually went to the others. Another option is classes I’ve recently seen here in WA where you take a 4hr(paid) class and they do all the paperwork so that by the end you are good to go in every state possible.

    • What if you already have a WA resident permit but move to texas. ?

  • Floppy Knockers

    One correction. Washington state will issue to non-residents of the state. All fees are the same, however, the waiting period is exteded to 60 days.

  • MaamTurk

    Does Washington require passing a ccwd course?

    • caseyisajim

      I would like to know this too.

      • A Z


      • Guest

        no they dont

    • Winky1

      no they dont

    • No

  • Nathanvo916

    i have a wa cwp can i use it in florida

    • Lars

      According to the map above- It appears yes although “WA res permits only” is mildly confusing seeing as if only means ONLY then what about a Fl permit? I would have to say yes between the category its in and the fact that their permit is good here. 

  • Rlkelsey

    To the author-
    Most of your information here is right on the money.
    However, as a WA state resident and concealed pistol licensee as many of my friends are, there IS a NICS call required by an FFL in the course of transferrance of a firearm. I believe this is because although there is a background check conducted upon issuance of CCL on a STATE level it is not actually through NICS

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  • If you aren’t a Washington State resident, apply at any local law enforcement agency in Washington.

    I can’t speak for ALL local police agencies, but as a non-resident, Mt Vernon city police told me I had to do this at the Skagit County Sheriff’s office. 4/16/2012

    • Woof

      This may be because city police don’t generally handle this function when the city also houses the county sheriffs office. It’s the same way in Vancouver.

  • Tccharles81

    When using a washington concealed pistol license do i need photo ID.

    • Lars

      Yes. Anymore the more IDs the better when it comes to most state/gov permits or licenses. 

  • snohomish73

    If I’m under 21, would I be legal to carry a pistol under the ownership of my dad while elk hunting?

  • Therooke

    Does WA State have a “Peaceable Journey” Law

    • phil

      unfortunately no. you must have a concealed license honored by wa to carry a loaded pistol in a vehicle, even if its in plain sight. and no loaded long guns in motor vehicle at all ever, except for disabled hunters with wdfw authorization.

  • John

    I currently have a Wa CPL and Az CCW, my question is I’m moving to Tx and will my Wa CPL still be valid or do i apply for non res Wa CPL? I’m also going to get my Tx CHL to be covered, oor will the Az CCW cover me if i have a non res Wa CPL and not the Tx CHL? So many laws and how they frequently change gets me confused no matter how much i read on them.

  • Ron

    With a CPP, can the pistol be put in the glove compartment or under the seat?

    • dedanann

      Yes if the car is locked.

  • What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon
    in Washington?

    You should add this to all states… It is illegal to carry in ANY federal
    building i.e. Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, United
    States Post Office, Federal Courthouses, Immigration and Naturalization, and
    many other GSA owned buildings. Even with a CCP.
    What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon
    in Washington?

    You should add this to all states… It is illegal to carry in ANY federal
    building i.e. Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, United
    States Post Office, Federal Courthouses, Immigration and Naturalization, and
    many other GSA owned buildings. Even with a CCP.

  • Hi there I just got my rights to bare arms back a couple months a go because when I was a juvenile I got in a family argument and the cops were called so I got a asualt dv in the fourth degree which is a misdamenor I’m really courius if I can get a conealed pistol license and like I stated I have my rights to bare arms reinstated by a judge Bhutto before I pay the 55$ I was just. Trying To see what people may say thanks Brandon from Tacoma Washington

    • USN69

      Just go into a cop shop and ask the desk person. They’ll tell you pretty much one way or the other.

  • Do hospitals disallow carrying concealed or otherwise? I work security at one and I’d like to know for sure.

    • A P Montague

      Depends on the type of facility. You may not carry one in any mental hospital, no exceptions there except for staff and police. There MAY be restrictions in place if the hospital in question is one that does mental health assessments for local authorities. Best course of action would be to talk with the hospital administration AND your employer (if security is provided by an agency) to check what restrictions apply to your position. I know that telling people that you plan to concealed carry somewhat defeats the purpose, at least initially, but the few people that you talk to would be a small price to pay vs any possible legal and/or employment loss issues should you NOT get prior approval.

  • defender2011

    Read this RCW for use of deadly force clarification purposes:
    RCWs > Title 9A > Chapter 9A.16 > Section 9A.16.050

    Print Version | [No disponible en español]
    9A.16.040 <> 9A.16.060

    RCW 9A.16.050
    Homicide — by other person — when justifiable.
    Homicide is also justifiable when committed either:

    (1) In the lawful defense of the slayer, or his or her husband, wife, parent, child, brother, or sister, or of any other person in his or her presence or company, when there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design on the part of the person slain to commit a felony or to do some great personal injury to the slayer or to any such person, and there is imminent danger of such design being accomplished; or

    (2) In the actual resistance of an attempt to commit a felony upon the slayer, in his or her presence, or upon or in a dwelling, or other place of abode, in which he or she is.[anywhere you and the person defended have a legal right to be]
    [2011 c 336 § 354; 1975 1st ex.s. c 260 § 9A.16.050.]
    This is as close to “stand your ground” as you can get without using the actual words.
    Edits [bracketed like this] by defender2011 and supported by Washington State Supreme Court precedents in:
    137 Wn.2d 533 State of Washington v. Studd; Decided 1999/04/01.
    150 Wn.2d 489 State of Washington v. Reynaldo Redmond; Decided 2003/12/06
    Felons beware!

    • liz

      So if someoneis threatening my family, ie breaking into my home, I can shoot?

  • Dirty White Boy

    No Felony convictions, Felony means any Felony convictions. Do I have any hope? I have 2 felonies when I was 20 years old, misc. theft crime with no weapons, didn’t rat out the friends. I’m now 46 clean record since and want to get a handgun and poss. cwp. Do I have options or am I forced to break the law if I want to protect myself?

    • USN69

      Probably forget about the CWP, but if you’re able to buy a gun from an authorized dealer, then you can keep it at home for protection. There also may be some limits on what type of weapon you can get.

      • PDinfo

        Incorrect USN69. …When purchasing a firearm in the state of Washington, you are subject to the same background checks as when applying for your CWP. You will simply fail the immediate background check done by phone when trying to get the gun. IF the store doesn’t follow procedure and doesn’t do the proper check but sells you the firearm, when the paperwork is sent through police records as a firearms transfer, you will then get a personal visit from your local Sheriff’s Department when a county deputy comes to repossess the firearm… Setting you back to square one. The proper way and only option to do it is as was stated by Robert Weiss – you need to take the steps to reinstate your gun rights, per a judges orders. When you are a convicted Felon, you have not lost your right to just concealed carry, but to own a firearm all together. Best of luck, sounds like you may have good odds with what you have stated from your background.

    • The first step for you is to apply to reinstate your right to purchase and own a handgun. You will need to hire an attorney who specializes in gun rights & reinstatement.

      You will need an explanation for your felony convictions, including the length of time that has elapsed since the convictions, the changes in your life, and a statement that you have not had any other problems with the law since those incidence (assuming that is true).

    • TeCH

      Lawyer up. I fixed my Felony B, I earned at the age of 13. 19 years later; Lawyered: $1000 and 4 months. My situation is different as I was under the age of 18 during the crime. I served in the military and a war. No record of any crime or arrest record since the age of 13. In all, it was very easy for me to clear my name with proof supporting i was a law abiding citizen.

      As you get the felony exponged make sure a motion is filed for your gun rights restored. It’s better to have all your rights filed for. If there are any questions, you have the paperwork signed by a judge showing your rights are returned on top of the cleared records. Washington State: They are required to expunge your record three (3) days following the judgement (in favor). I would wait a week though (5 working days) do not included weekends. That would be a minimum.

      You might have a tough time getting these wiped and weapon rights returned if you have ever been convicted of an assault or violent crime.

      • Scott

        This may be a little old. But you dont need a lawyer. I went down to the whatcom county court house and got instructions and the paperwork to fill out for a few dollars. Filled it all out and filed it along with $240. Did not even have to go to court. A prosecutor looked it all over, had no complaints and had a judge sign it. Took less than a couple weeks.

    • Allen

      You have no chance…people with felonies cannot own firearms, and certainly not have a CCW. If you want to protect yourself, get pepper spray, get a billy stick, take self defense classes and work out.

      • CT

        Not true! People with felonies can have their rights restored—if they qualify per WA State law. If you qualify, then your rights will be restored, but only for your state. Meaning: You can carry or have a pistol in WA only. Note: Federal Law is differen. You may “NEVER” qualify with federal, but you will through WA state. So, WA approves you, and will allow you to get a pistol (The Feds will approve you—based on your restoration). But The feds will arrest you, if you are caught carrying on federal property.

    • montalbano340

      You’ll need to go to court and have a judge grant you the privilege. Still up to the jurisdiction you are applying through.

    • RainforestScientific

      As a longer-term strategy, you may want to look into having the felonies expunged, sealed or vacated per your state. Since your record is clean all these years, you’re likely to qualify. These actions may or may not qualify you for a concealed carry permit in your state, but would most likely be desirable to do anyway. Hope this helps.

    • Dale Crimes

      hire a attorney and file a petition with the courts to have you gun right restored, If its been at least 10 years since you have been in any trouble you got a really good shot at the courts granting your petition

  • John

    i have wa permit can i pay fee an get az permit

  • Ronald

    I’m stationed in ft.Lewis and have a CWP but I’m going to be stationed in Florida come
    December. Will my CWP from Washington work in Florida??

  • Rian Schermerhorn

    I live in SW Washington and am in Oregon all the time. My wife and I want to get our CWP together, but looking at this, it seems that Oregon and Washington don’t get along too well. What is the best way to accommodate this situation? Is there a state that accepts non-resident applications that’s recognized in both Washington and Oregon? Or is it best to just get our permits in each state to be safe?

    • bobmoon

      The Oregon Legislature recently passed a law allowing residents of the bordering states of Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California to obtain non resident Oregon CCL’s as long as they have current valid CCL’s in the state that they reside. Just go to the closest Sheriff’s office that is convenient and get the forms. You will be required to show proof of a concealed carry approve by Oregon as part of your documentation to be approved for an Oregon CCL. Info is available online at the state website and the forms can be downloaded along with all the pertinent info. I hope this helps.

    • Stathi

      I am thinking less to do with not getting along, more to do with raking in more fees

  • daron karsenti

    i am an american citizen born in california. i am currently living in canada, am i elligible to receive a washington ccw?

  • Willr

    I want to get my cpl here in Washington state. However I am in the beginning stages of clearing up some pretty major IRS problems. Will applying for the CPL alert the IRS or is this just a background check to see what you may have. I just don’t want them coming at me before I can get my things squared away which may take about a year.

    • Willr

      I was hoping somebody could help me with this.

      • TeCH

        When it doubt, fix it. I do not see a connection between IRS and FBI background check. If that was true, then my IRS statements would be going to my place of residence and not my mailing box following my issued CWP for Washington State.

      • Andrew Poellnitz

        Not unless your IRS problems resulted in felony tax evasion.

  • Glogical

    Is it possible to obtain a concealed weapons permit even after havi g a restraining order that is no longer valid and is expired? I use to have a restraining order awhile back but it has been expired for some time now and I would like to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

    • Mayo2017

      As long as you have no violations of the order, I think you’ll be fine, but don’t work on my word alone.

  • BigBen

    I live in an Idaho city that borders Washington. Am I better off applying in Washington since Idaho recognizes Washington? Or do I need my permit in both states?

    • rlrl

      I am getting a Washington permit so I can carry in both. idaho recognizes Washingtons and I travel a lot back and forth.

    • Stathi

      Why not Arizona? Wouldnt that cover both plus more?

  • RedMan

    Just wondering, what are the laws regarding to carrying a pistol:
    1)Are they allowed to be loaded without a CHL during open carry?
    2) Are they allowed to be loaded with a CHL during both open carry and/or concealed carry?

    • IpseCogita

      Washington allows open carry. That means of a loaded firearm. Likely to get you hassled in Seattle.

  • Dave

    Does a Washington “resident” has to have a washington cwp in order to be recognized by Utah weapons permit?

  • grizzlywint3r

    someone told me that there is a new law in washington state that requires the holder to carry a certain number of rounds or lower but i cant find anything on it on any of the websites ive looked at if someone could either post or email me that would be great.

    • if it is not in the WA RCW’s then there is no law about that as of yet but if you need more ammo then your weapon shoot just once I would say your a bad shot or you just want to over do it and over kill it which is unnescassary

      • Jeb

        Or you’re in a situation where there are more targets than rounds in your mag. Especially if you have a large caliber subcompact.

  • I just moved from WA to TX. Can I use my WA permit in Texas or do I need a non resident permit.

    • Derp

      Check the map above, WA permits are honored in Texas.

  • so i got a hand gun the i carry in my vehicle but i dnt got my permit yet so as long as its not loaded i should be ok?

    • no need a CWP

    • Jeb

      Yes. It needs to be fully unloaded (no cartridges in the magazine) and stored out of sight and the vehicle must be locked when you are not in it.

  • speedo111

    I just got back my rights back. I had a class b felony back in 1978. $1,200 and a couple of month with this attorney and a done deal.
    Douglas Stratemeyer

    Attorney at Law

    8040 161st Avenue NE; #246

    Redmond, Washington 98052
    I also now have a ccp. Don’t waste any time and just do it. Glad I did

  • golden gun

    Funny Illinois is black

  • James Otis

    Be careful. Washington has one somewhat odd rule. Even with a permit you can’t keep the weapon in the jockey box of your car. If it’s going to be accessible in the car you have to be wearing it or leave it in plain sight.

    • dedanann

      RCW 9.41.050 if you have a license and are in the car it is legal.

  • JustJoey

    I’m diagnosed with a few mental health disorders, but have never had my gun rights restricted by any court. I’m going in on Tuesday to get my CPL, so I’ll know for sure by then, but will these diagnoses show up in the background check and cause me to be denied? I’d appreciate any insight anyone might have in my case, thanks

    • IpseCogita

      If you were detained by a county MHP or a patient in a state facility then it probably should show up. If not, then probably not. Getting a carry permit shortly after being diagnosed with a few mental health disorders is a little disturbing, but I feel reassured that you are just trolling and probably not getting a permit at all, hopefully don’t even own a gun. I’ll the mental health diagnoses though.

      • Aurelia Clarkson


  • Nate Gonshorowski

    nate gonshorowski in wa. i will be traveling to mn. can i take my revolver with me in the car?

  • Edward Purdin II

    My wife and I are currently going through an agonizing divorce (for myself it is, within 2 weeks of moving out of our home, she was living in a resort town 1 1/2 hrs away with an old fellow grade school student I truly doubt she remembers, except that FaceBook has given them a chance to fan the glowing embers of 1st and 2nd grade! tic ) But, I digress…my wife is diagnosed “mixed bi-polar with border personality disorder” (schizophrenia) She has been hospitalized several times, undergone inpatient treatment for substance abuse, and her mental health issues. She was remanded to 72 hour observation several times and 3 years ago spent a month at Lake Chelan Mental Facility, for manic-depressive episodes and recurring substance abuse. And at least two other similar facilities over the last 10 years. Having “mutual friends” on Facebook, I noticed my wife proudly displaying a revolver and all of her cohorts cheering on her latest purchase! She has split my head open a few times over the years, and threatened to shoot me with the shotgun a couple of times…..her having a revolver is a very unnerving thought. How can I determine whether she owns it or has a permit for it. And if she does, how does a person go about informing the appropriate official entity of her condition that seems to have not been mentioned in the purchase or application for a permit process. (apologies for the length of my post) Thank you for your time and consideration. Edward Purdin [email protected] or (509) 823-3578

  • itsmefool

    Actually, the fee is $55.50…unless the Port Townsend PD was lying to me yesterday!

  • matt

    I am a US Marine and currently on my second tour in Afghanistan. If at all possible I would like to apply for my concealed carry permit before I return home to Washington that way I don’t have to spend my entire post deployment leave waiting for my permit. Is there anyway I can accomplish this goal or am I simply out of luck?

    • Dillon

      Semper brother, unfortunately I believe you are shit out of luck. I just applied for mine and originally, the day I went in to the PD, they weren’t fingerprinting so I couldn’t even get the process started and had to go back another day. Maybe someone else who knows more can chime in.

  • LM

    Who can help me with an issue? I’m a non-US citizen who lives and works in the US on an H1B visa. My wife is an US citizen, our son is 3 months old. I applied for Green Card, the process is still ongoing.
    Prior to relocating to Seattle I lived near San Francisco, CA. I own a handgun legally, which I have purchased in San Diego in 2010. I actively participate at IDPA, USPSA competitions or just fun shoots at different facilities.
    Now, in the State of Washington, a non-US citizen is not allowed to posses a firearm. That’s what I have learned about the law here. I would have to apply in a cumbersome way and wait 90 days until the decision about my application is taken. It is a very weird situation for me, since I thought that WA would be more gun friendly than CA, but obviously is not.
    The issue that I have is that I have transferred my handgun over to my wife (on paper) thus I do not own or posses a firearm in WA. I hope that’s “legal enough” for WA.
    But if the handgun is in the same household where I live, is this still a felony ?????

  • BAB

    My girlfriend has a WA permit and carries her pistol in her purse. Can she legally be driving her car while carrying the pistol in her purse? I have seen a lot of different responses to this issue but I want to get it clarified.

    • Steve

      Yes, you are allowed to carry a loaded pistol while driving in WA – IF AND ONLY IF you have a CPL. There’s no distinction between carrying on-body or off-body (such as in a purse).

  • Jeb

    Assault IV alone disqualifies you under Washington State Law. It is a felony offense and in fact technically you cannot possess or own a firearm in Washington State at all.

    • Artiesa Woods

      actually assault iv is a gross misdemeanor…not a felony…know your facts before you post

  • Steve

    The picture is outdated… I just got my WA CPL this week and it looks nothing like this anymore.

  • Andrew C

    I’d like to point out that the law says you need a CPL to carry a loaded pistol on your person or in a vehicle. A loaded long gun is legal without a license. I wouldn’t recommend walking through downtown Seattle with a loaded rifle, but you’re perfectly fine to keep one in your car without a license.

    • WARES

      You can keep a long gun in your car, but it cannot be loaded at any point, with or without a CPL. Just want to make sure that is clear.

  • Jasonandkelly Freeman

    iam looking for some input..i got my cpl about 3 weeks ago..i have been doing alot of home work on what kind of pistol i wanted..i found one went to buy it and was denied by the fbi nics..iam so confused why would my check with finger prints go through to get my cpl but not to buy a pistol? anyone have the same problem or an idea on what i can do next .

    • L O

      Call the FBI and ask them. I had an Issue with wait times and asked for help. After a couple of Months, They issued me a Unique identifying number to put next to my SSN on the form, Now when I buy Guns, my background check goes right thru.

    • White Tigress

      A Washington State CPL only checks if you have any crimes in WA that would ban you from carrying a concealed firearm. You can be approved for a WA CPL, but you may be Federally denied from owning a gun because of something that happened in another state.

      • Jasonandkelly Freeman

        Thanks for replying I did get rejected to buy a gun from FBI when my cpl was checked I looked in to why and found out I had charges as a juvenile on my record went to close it out and found out the charges weren’t mine…courts messed up anyways got it all figured out

  • Mr J

    with a assault in the 4th degree can you get a ccw and can you buy a gun.

    • L O

      Form 4473 will ask you very specific questions about things like assault.. when you go to fill it out..
      Just google a sample of the form and read it… it will tell you exactly what you want to know.

  • Jennifer Stevenson

    Anyway, it seems this guy is above the law. He can threaten people, posess stolen guns, and the police, when notified do nothing. They say he has a right to his guns stolen or otherwise. I reported it, but to no avail. Meanwhile responsible people are denied. It is against the law to carry and threaten people in a bar. But, nt for him. He does it all the time.

  • Jennifer Stevenson

    I even took photo’s of his ‘stolen’ gun, wrote down the serial number and gave it to deputies. You know what they did? nothing. They told me the person it was stolen from might not know it was stolen. Therefore, they wouldn’t waste their time. This guy goes into bars threatening and brandishing his guns all the time! The bartenders are afraid of him. Apparently, the deputies are too or maybe they just like what he is doing.

  • AJ Olson

    If i live on the border of Washington and Oregon, but on the washington side. Would i need to get a permit in both States due to Oregon not honoring WA State Permits?

    • Shadow

      if you travel into oregon then yes

  • stan

    My daily carry in the Springfield XDS-.45,and I do open carry..I do have a Wa State concel and carry permit.. get a lot of strange looks once in a while,but no one has really said anything..You have a huge responsibility when you carry,and you have to think before you act..Being a former U.S. Marine,and a combat Viet Nam Vet..I have no problems

    • BK25

      Conceal carry and you don’t get any looks..unless the attention is what you are seeking. Open carry is stupid.

      • Small Moments Like These


        I open carried for a small while and stopped because it drew too much unwanted attention. I was never hassled about it. But it was clear that it made many people unsettled. We have a lot of precarious people in this state who don’t care and see a gun as pure evil and nothing but. So the person who has it must be too.

        Current times have made many unhinged at the slightest idea of carrying a weapon. I conceal now just to protect myself from possible issues that would most likely arise should I carry openly.

  • Jim

    I have a reckless driving on my record 3 years . They continue to hold up my purchase of a fire arm for at least 10 days then allow it ?
    Is there a way to clear this up with law enforcement ?
    There is nothing else on my record .

  • Matthew Scott

    can they hold your juvenile rap sheet aginst you if un sealed and when i was young and dumb (18) im 22 now there was a theif that value was less than $50 total can they hold that and also i had a d.v. that got dropped can they use that also and this is all for in Washington state

    • Shadow

      At 18 it is an adult record, and in some states a Domestic Violence (DV) is with you for life even if dropped.

  • Shadow

    how does the CCl work with gun calibers/ auto/revolver? where I lived before you had to qualify with a weapon, if you qualified with a 9mm auto the CCL would only apply to autos 9mm or smaller so your CCl would not apply if if carried a 40/45/50 cal or any revolver.

    • White Tigress

      In WA, you may carry any type of weapon concealed with the CPL. No restrictions. The license doesn’t list a particular firearm to be carried.

  • Sean Haynes

    Did I read it correctly, where it said firearms can be banned by locals in stadiums and such, but those bans do not apply to people with concealed permits?

    • White Tigress

      They also apply to CPL holders if the stadiums are private. Safeco and CenturyLink are both private and therefore no weapons are permitted. Off-duty LE may take weapons concealed if they have their credentials.

  • Phil

    Just a heads up to the moderator of the website, the price for first time CPL in Washington is $50.75

  • Ken Rasmussen

    Stand your ground and Castle Doctrine are different. They are not the same and NOT interchangeable

  • Michael_Js

    “In Washington, you may carry a concealed firearm in a restaurant that serves alcohol but not in the portion of the facility licensed for that purpose by the state liquor board. ” Is this the same as going into a 21+ marijuana store – no use in the store, just sales?

  • Jason

    I had restraining order about 12 years ago. I did not violate it and it was for 1 year. don’t know if its a misdemeanor or felony. Can I get a concealed weapons permit now for Washington state?

  • Dae Han

    Hi I’m moving to WA from TX and I understand my CHL does not transfer over, no big deal I will apply for a WA CHL. My question is does WA have law’s on mag capacity for handguns and long guns? Thanks

    • BK25

      Nope no laws, you are safe here.

  • Alan Robinson

    If I obtain a Wa State concealed carry permit i, is it valid in other states if I am traveling?

  • Alan Robinson

    Can I obtain a permit prior to purchasing or owning a gun?

    • White Tigress

      Yes, in WA at least. You don’t even have to prove you can shoot.

  • Alan Robinson

    Do you have to give a reason for requesting the permit?

    • White Tigress

      No. Not in WA.

  • DJ

    I observed a 20’s yr. old today walking around town with a handgun sticking 4-6 inches out of the back of his waistband. Others including me obviously saw the gun, the butt of it, sticking out, while the other half was inside his pants. There was no holster to that was seen.

    If this guy had a CPL, aren’t you supposed to conceal the firearm to where it can’t be seen. And I understand the difference between Open Carry, which requires an exposed holster of carrying an exposed gun. Thanks

    • White Tigress

      Sounds like he was maybe trying to carry open, but who knows? Lots of knuckleheads around. Yes, a CPL requires the firearm to be concealed.

  • TheMrbilly113

    Is there any mandatory firearms safety course for a CPL in Washington? Most other states that issue a CPL have one.

    • White Tigress

      No mandatory safety course required in WA.

  • Xavier

    I will live in WA until late august, and have lived here about three weeks. Can I get around the 90 day residence policy, or do I have to wait until I return to my state of usual residence for a permit?

  • James Martin

    paid lawyer $1000- cleared it all up and make sure you get a UPIN!!!