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Kentucky Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents Only

Example Resident Permit: (Back is Blank)
Kentucky Concealed Weapon Permit

Issuing Authority:
Kentucky State Police

The application shall be obtained from and submitted to the office of the sheriff in the county in which the applicant resides.

Out Of State Permit Issue:

NICS check:

Permit Valid For:
Permits are valid for five years.

Permit Issued Timeline:
The application will be sent to the Kentucky State Police within five working days. The Department of Kentucky State Police shall, within 90 days, either issue a license or deny the application, in which case the applicant shall be informed in writing of the grounds for denial and his right to submit, within 30 days, documentation relating to the denial.

The applicant must also pay the $60 application fee at the time of application (active and retired peace officers that meet the requirements of KRS 237.110(7) are exempt from paying the application or renewal fee). The sixty-dollar fee is to be allocated as follows:

1. Payment of twenty dollars to the sheriff of your county of residence.
2. A check or money order for forty dollars (the portion of the CCDW fee allocated to the KSP and the Administrative Office of the Courts by statute) payable to the Department of State Police. The KSP will collect the portion of the fee designated for the Administrative Office of the Courts on its behalf.

Applications that are not accompanied by a check or money order for forty dollars ($40.00) payable to the Department of State Police will be returned unprocessed to the sheriff of the applicant’s county of residence.

1. Be a resident of Kentucky for at least six months prior to filing the application or a member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is on active duty, who is at the time of application assigned to a military posting in Kentucky, and who has been assigned to a posting in Kentucky for six months or longer immediately preceding the filing of the application; and
2. Be twenty-one (21) years of age or older; and
3. Not be under indictment for, or have been convicted of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year; and
4. Not be a fugitive from justice; and
5. Not be an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance; and
6. Not have been adjudicated as a mental defective or have committed to a mental institution; and
7. Not have been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions; and
8. Not be subject to a domestic violence order or emergency protective order; and
9. Not have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence (see section below for discussion of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence); and
10. Not be prohibited from the purchase, receipt or possession of firearms, ammunition or both pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 922(g), 18 U.S.C. 922(n), or applicable state law; and
11. Not have been committed to a state or federal facility for abuse of a controlled substance or convicted of a misdemeanor relating to a controlled substance within the three-year period immediately preceding the date the application was submitted; and
12. Not have two or more convictions for violating KRS 189A.010 (Operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other substance which impairs driving ability) within the three (3) years immediately preceding the date on which the application is submitted; and
13. Not have been committed as an alcoholic pursuant to KRS Chapter 222 or similar laws of another state within the three (3) year period immediately preceding the date on which the application is submitted; and
14. Not owe a child support arrearage which equals or exceeds the cumulative amount which would be owed after one (1) year of nonpayment; and
15. Have complied with any subpoena or warrant relating to child support or paternity proceedings; and
16. Have not been convicted of a violation of KRS 508.030 (Assault in the fourth degree) or 508.080 (Terroristic Threatening in the third degree) within the three years immediately preceding the date on which the application is submitted; and
17. Demonstrate competence with a firearm by successful completion of a firearms safety or training course offered or approved by the Department of Criminal Justice Training.

Required Documents:
1. The application form, completed under oath
2. Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender and Social Security Number.
3. Recent color photograph: full head shot no smaller than 3 ½ x 4 nor larger than 4×5 inches.
4. A photocopy of a certificate or an affidavit or document certifying completion of a firearms training course offered or approved by the Department of Criminal Justice Training.

Renewal Information:
Not less than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the expiration date of a CCDW license, the Department of State Police shall mail to each licensee a written notice of the expiration and a renewal form. If you wish to renew your CCDW license, you must take the renewal notice, a CCDW License Renewal Affidavit stating that you remain qualified to possess a CCDW license pursuant to KRS 237.110(3) and (4) and a color photograph to the Sheriff of your county of residence. You can download the CCDW License Renewal Affidavit (KSP 125) to be submitted with the renewal form to the Sheriff of your county of residence by clicking here. The photograph must be in color. The photograph must be no less than three and one-half (3 ½) inches by four (4) inches and no more than four (4) inches by five (5) inches. The photograph shall display the full front of the head and the facial features of the applicant. The applicant shall not wear sunglasses or attire that obscures their facial features in the photograph. The photograph shall be an original photograph or a photographic copy developed from the negative of an original photograph and must not be an image produced by a computer, copier or other copy machine. Digital photographs or their printed images are not acceptable.

If you fail to renew your license on or before the expiration date and wish to renew your license, you will be required to pay an additional late fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00).

To pay the renewal fee, you must submit a payment to the Sheriff in the amount of twenty dollars and a check or money order in the amount of forty dollars (fifty five dollars if the renewal application is submitted after the expiration date of the license) payable to the Department of State Police.

If six months or more has passed since the expiration date of your license, your license has permanently expired and cannot be renewed. If your license has permanently expired, you may reapply for licensure pursuant to KRS 237.110 by obtaining a CCDW application from the Sheriff of your county of residence.

Change of Address:
You are required to notify the Kentucky State Police within thirty days after the changing of your permanent address or other information on your license. Failure to do so is a noncriminal violation with a penalty of twenty-five dollars payable to the clerk of the District Court. To change or update your address or personal information, you must complete a Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons Licensee Request for Change of Personal Information (KSP 121) form at the office of the Sheriff of your county of residence. Once completed, the Sheriff will forward the information to the Kentucky State Police.

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
Firearms (rifles, shotguns and handguns) may be carried loaded and in plain view; loaded handguns may be carried in the glove compartment (center consolve box carry is not allowed).

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. Police station or sheriff’s office.
2. Detention facility, prison or jail.
3. Courthouse (Court of Justice, courtroom or court proceeding).
4. County, municipal, or special district governing body meetings.
5. Meeting of governing body of a county, municipality, or special district.
6. General Assembly session, including committee meetings.
7. Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense beer or alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to that purpose.
8. Elementary or secondary school facilities (without the consent of school authorities).
9. Child-caring facilities, day care centers, or any certified family child care home.
10. Areas within an airport where restricted access is controlled by the inspection of persons or property.
11. Any place where federal law prohibits the carrying of a firearm.

In addition to the above restrictions, units of state and local governments and postsecondary education facilities (colleges, universities, technical schools and community colleges) have the authority to limit the carrying of concealed weapons on property owned or controlled by them (KRS 237.115). You should check with units of state and local government as well as postsecondary education facilities prior to carrying a concealed weapon on their property.

Alcohol and Drugs:
Also, KRS 527.070 prohibits unlawful possession (whether carried openly or concealed) of a weapon on school property, except for certain specified exceptions. KRS 244.125 prohibits loaded firearms (concealed or otherwise) in places where alcohol is sold by the drink, except for certain specified exceptions.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Kentucky is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.


Open Carry:
Unrestricted in most public areas and generally accepted.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links:
Kentucky State Polive: Concealed Deadly Weapons
NRA-ILA: Kentucky Gun Laws

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  • Poppinraysllc

    I have been told that an ordained minister does not have to have a CCD, is there any informatio n that I may find for this or anyone who may knows the law govering this. I would certainally like to know.

    • Xmanhockey7

      As an ordained minister I would to.

    • TW

      You have been told something outside of what is on the books according to the KRS.  I have never seen any mention of this whatsoever.  Why could they not get a CCDW?  Just get one like everyone one else.

    • Paul Elliott Jr

      Only personal not required is sworn police officers or activity per u
      s military

  • Cin Security

    I believe that this is incorrect. How often is this site updated? “Firearms (rifles, shotguns and handguns) may be carried loaded and in plain view; loaded handguns may be carried in the glove compartment (center consolve box carry is not allowed).”

    • Dust

      its true you can open carry in ky and you can carry a handgun in the glovebox of your vehicle but not the center console unless you have your ccdw permit.ive talked to ky state police county and sheriffs alike just to double check.

      • Big Sweet John

        the law was changed in May of 2011 you are now permitted to store a loaded handgun in any factory installed vehicle compartment

    • KyWinFan

      I took my class a few weeks ago and the law has been changed/ammended to now permitted hidden in “any factory installed vehicle compartment” with or without permit to include center console and side consoles. The trainer said about the only things in a vehicle without a permit that will get you in trouble is under a seat or non in a compartment and covered with something laid over it. Also, those compartments do not need to be locked, and gun can be loaded and ready to fire. Trainer was the retired Oldham County police chief.

      • JUSBKUZ11

        True…the law has recently changed. As long as it is a factory compartment…even the door pocket.

    • Mikeb56

      It is allowed now

  • mellophonium

    KRS 527.020.8:

    A loaded or unloaded firearm or other deadly weapon shall not be deemed
    concealed on or about the person if it is located in any enclosed container,
    compartment, or storage space installed as original equipment in a motor vehicle by
    its manufacturer, including but not limited to a glove compartment, center console,
    or seat pocket, regardless of whether said enclosed container, storage space, or
    compartment is locked, unlocked, or does not have a locking mechanism. No person
    or organization, public or private, shall prohibit a person from keeping a loaded or
    unloaded firearm or ammunition, or both, or other deadly weapon in a vehicle in
    accordance with the provisions of this subsection. Any attempt by a person or
    organization, public or private, to violate the provisions of this subsection may be
    the subject of an action for appropriate relief or for damages in a Circuit Court or
    District Court of competent jurisdiction. This subsection shall not apply to any
    person prohibited from possessing a firearm pursuant to KRS 527.040. 


    For carry in KY – does your holster HAVE to have a strap over the gun to hold it in or not?



    • TW

      Technically you can carry it in your pocket without a holster. Not the smartest thing, but not illegal. If you have it open carry, with no retention/training, you are crazy.

  • Phil

    I have current Indiana permit. I am moving to KY in January. . Will Ky honor my permit till I get the KY permit?

    • TW

      You actually need to check with Indiana as to how long they will honor it. They are the ones who are in control at this point. KY will honor it if IN honors it. You probably will go a few days/weeks with no CC while you switch over.

    • Paul Elliott Jr

      By law your ok for 30 days at that time you can have. Your permit. Cancel for not updated. Your. Information. Just send in your updated info and your good

    • Nate

      I have an Indiana carry permit and I am a Kentucky resident. Moved to the state thinking that I would have to forfeit the permit so I sent my change of address. A few weeks later I got my new lifetime permit with my current Kentucky address. I play it safe and carry open in Kentucky and my fancy in Indiana.

  • Smtie70

    I am about to take my concealed weapons course in Oldham county, but I cant get anyone to give me answers to some of my questions. I am an over the road truck driver and would like to / need to know what all I have to do to be able to have my concealed weapon on my truck. Anyone know ??

    • TW

      Depends on where you are driving and what your boss says you can do. If you are in a company owned vehicle, you could jeopardize your employment depending on their rules. If you are in your own vehicle, it all depends on local laws, which will change as you drive. You can still have a weapon, even in Chicago, as long as you are only passing through/not staying, and it is stored correctly. Do some online searches for an Illinois Supreme Court ruling about an Indiana guy who was cleared of the crazy charges against him for having a gun in his car in the Chicago area.

      Also make sure you know the rules for encountering LEO’s in the states you pass through. Must inform states are crazy, like Ohio, T-R-O-U-B-L-E if you don’t do it right.

      DO NOT expect to keep it on you through all 50 states and not have problems if you encounter LEO’s.

    • donnah

      Smite70, It will depend on what state you are going to be going through. There is a list of states that accepts CCDW from KY. There are some states that doesn’t allow CCDW at all. I would suggest looking into the list. Do a search for What States Accept Concealed Carry Permits from Kentucky? If, I remember right. I think there is a list of this in your hand book that they give you when you take your course. I hope that this helps. You might also want to check with your company to see if they allow you all to have on onboard! That is if you work for a company and not yourself. Their insurance might reject a claim if something was to happen. Just trying to think of stuff that might be important!! Good Luck!!

      • Paul Elliott Jr

        I disagree. As a ccdw instructor it is against federal law to have any. Firearm’s in a cmv

    • Paul Elliott Jr

      No guns of any kind are allowed in a cmv. Its a federal law you can contact. Your local. Department. Of motor. Vehicles department to verify this is also for alcohol too.

      • DCM

        actually there is no federal law barring your from carrying a loaded firearm in a cmv, if there is one please show me the specific federal law…….

        • Kenneth Wayne Floyd

          Ya might be right but ya have Kentucky Law to look at to an they might get ya I have seen this many a time Be careful

  • hey

    i was in court over a domestic violence but was not convicted because it was a lie does that mean i cant get my ccp

  • LC

    I am a resident in the state of Kentucky. I unfortunately was found guilty of marijuana paraphernalia in 2009, which is a misdemeanor. Does this chard enable me from getting my concealed weapons permit?

    • Ash715

      Are you a stoner?

    • j

      No you can still get a permit

  • LC


  • Ky_Tom

    Can I take the Carry permit training class in another county, say Oldham county, and yet live in say Jefferson County in Kentucky? Why do I want to do this..ALL instructors I have contacted are booked over 3 to 4 months in my county. I can get in a class in Oldham County in about 2 weeks…3 at the most

  • SMJ134

    Can out of state, off duty law enforcement conceal/carry in Kentucky?

  • Matt Nussbaum

    will haveing axiety stop someone from geting ccw permit

  • Barry

    I heard that veterans and disable veterans in june will have the $60.00 fee waivered
    is this correct??

    • Ash

      True. If you have a DD-214 that proves that you have had some weapons training you no longer new the class.

      • Richard

        You only get wavied out of classes if you were Military Police. I was AF SFS, So my training is grandfather in. My buddy was an army armorer, handle all the same weapons and cleaned more of them. Lol But he still had to go through the whole thing.

  • Billy

    I took training and was a sworn Deputy Sheriff. In 1990’s do I still have to take training?

  • Lisa

    My permit expired a couple years ago. Will I need to take the trimming course over or, just pay an additional fee?

    • Lisa


  • Concerned CCDWP holder

    I recently received notice on May 24th 2013 that my CCDWP was being suspended for having 2 DUI’s within a 3 year period. I already had my CCDWP when I received my second DUI in September of 2012. The suspension notice says my suspension is until January 2014. The notice said I have (2) business days to surrender my CCDWP to the sherrif of my county. I did not surrender my CCDWP until recently which was roughly 30 days after receiving the suspension notice. When surrendering my CCDWP the sherrif secretary asked for the suspension letter which I did not have. She said there would be a warrent out for me if I didn’t surrender within the stated time in suspension letter. She told me to come back to the sherrif’s office with the suspension letter next week. Will I be arrested for not surrendering my CCDWP within (2) business days even if I surrender within 30 days?

    • guest

      After 2 DUI’s you probably should be. You clearly aren’t responsible enough to be responsible for life or death decisions and have no business having a CCDW.

  • Chuck

    I currently own a house in ohio and rent a condo in Kentucky. I’m not planning to get a Kentucky drivers license and don’t have an ohio ccw. Can I get a Kentucky CCW while I have an ohio drivers license?

    • guest

      No. You have to have a photo ID with current KY address In order to get one in KY.

  • bouncer252

    i have lost my certificate , how do i gi about getting another

  • donna

    can i get a copy of the acceptance letter to pick up my conceal carry from the sheriff department?

  • gp

    i have a tn handgun carry permit and moved to ky and was wondering what i need to do to transfer my tn license to a ky

  • Amac

    Alright I am confused …. Just took my CCDW today and I am confused on one topic need help …. If you have your license and you go to Wal-Mart and they have a no concealed weapons sticker on the door can you take your weapon in????

    • Mr Q

      No, Walmart has a policy not to allow anyone inside their stores with a weapon except for a law enforcement officer. It is private property and they will ask you to leave if they know you have a weapon on you. If you don’t leave when they ask, you can get arrested for trespassing.

      • old fart

        wal mart follows state law that they are in. i open carry in tompkinsville and glasgow wal mart, both places when i went in i asked to speak to a manager so i would know. they told me they follow state law that they are in, ky is open carry so i was good to go.

  • Ben Watson

    I was told by a police officer that i can have a pistol on my side in a holster as long as it isnt covered by any clothing and can be seen and dont need a ccdw is this true i cant seem to find any information on this

    • Kenneth Wayne Floyd

      True in KentuckyYou can walk down the street open carry No ccdw an always could The ccdw is for ccdw just like it say,s Don,t try this in Tennessee they will lock you up keep it in the trunk It is not the same But if you have a permit you are good to go.

  • st

    I was charged with a DV case in 08 but it was dismissed. Will that stop me

  • Robby Clark

    If a person is declared with some physical disabilities, can he or she get a discount for the carry and conceal liscense? Example someone with a dislocation in their neck or back . I know in the state of Kentucky they get a discount on hunting and fishing liscence so I was wondering if this same law applies?

  • R.l.

    Can you get a lifetime permit in ky like in in.

  • R.l.

    Can you get a lifetime permit in ky like in in.


    My old army buddy was a tanker when on active duty and he just applied for his permit and they waived the training. Is that the policy in Kentucky or did the someone make a mistake?

  • Mikeb56

    My ccw was revoked based on a NIC search. This search took 2 years. I have no felonies on my record. They revoked based on charges that still appear but didn’t bother to look inside for the details. I am 72 and these charges r 40 years old. They told me I would have to go to my home state and get the info and send it to them. I now live in Kentucky and this took place in Calif. Is there any chance there is another way to get this reinstated?

  • Just checking

    Can you use a steering wheel mounted holster in Kentucky

  • guest 606

    A couple months ago I was charged with public intoxication. Since this was my first time being in any trouble (I’m 28 and never had even a speeding ticket) it was placed on deference. Will this knock me out of applying for CCDWP for a while or should I be good to go?