10 Guns That Match With Cars

10 Guns That Match With Cars

Some things just go together. Apple pie and cheddar cheese. Gravy and french fries. Chicken and waffles. Well, it’s about time we put some cars with some guns. In this article, I do my best to take ten cars and trucks I admire and love and put them with firearms I can see them going with. You may not agree with all my choices — but you’re free to tell me what would go better in the comments section below.

1Ford GT = Sig Sauer MPX-K

10 Guns That Match With Cars

The classic Ford GTs and Mustangs are the cars of muscle legend. Sleek, heavy bull-dogs, they could chase down their prey and ride like testosterone-fueled metal beasts. I believe the best gun to compliment this sort of raw power is the Sig Sauer MPX. Its heavy, resilient semi-automatic platform lends it the credibility a pistol caliber rifle deserves. This gun would fit in and be right at home inside the newly engineered Ford GTs hitting the market.

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Fat neg on the Jeep. Pay attention to history. It should be Brownells retro M16A1.

L Fraz

Grand Cherokee – Walther Creed


Dodge Viper – Desert Eagle


What would the Raven Arms .25 acp go with? Hmmmmm?


A tricycle, lol!


The ford GT is not a muscle car, it is a supercar/exotic