10 Guns That Match With Cars

Some things just go together. Apple pie and cheddar cheese. Gravy and french fries. Chicken and waffles. Well, it’s about time we put some cars with some guns. In this article, I do my best to take ten cars and trucks I admire and love and put them with firearms I can see them going with. You may not agree with all my choices — but you’re free to tell me what would go better in the comments section below.

Ford GT = Sig Sauer MPX-K

The classic Ford GTs and Mustangs are the cars of muscle legend. Sleek, heavy bull-dogs, they could chase down their prey and ride like testosterone-fueled metal beasts. I believe the best gun to compliment this sort of raw power is the Sig Sauer MPX. Its heavy, resilient semi-automatic platform lends it the credibility a pistol caliber rifle deserves. This gun would fit in and be right at home inside the newly engineered Ford GTs hitting the market.

Honda Civic = Glock 43

For those with a decent paying job in college, you know what it’s like to depend on your Honda Civic to get you to and from work. The best part about the first Honda Civic you owned is that you likely drove the damn thing into the ground and then traded it in and still got some change towards your next car purchase. The Glock 43 is right up this vehicle’s alley. Lightweight, versatile, and long-lasting, the Glock 43 is often times a person’s first concealed carry gun. Accessible, easy to fix or modify, and definitely affordable, the Glock 43 is a concealed carry gun that people still proudly own even if it was the first gun they carried.

Dodge Challenger = Springfield SAINT Pistol

When the Challenger first came back onto the market, it was a sleek, attractive looking muscle car that drew a lot of skepticism. There’s no way the aesthetics of the 1960s and 70s could make their comeback now, could there? Much the same way as when Springfield first launched its SAINT series. How the heck could you reinvigorate the AR-15 line and improve upon something already arguably perfected?

Both have withstood the test of time, and both have enjoyed a great resurgence as a result. The Springfield SAINT pistol, I believe, is the perfect match for the Dodge Challenger. An excellent car gun, it’s a bit more than the M&P Sport but incredibly versatile and useful. I’d match this AR-15 Saint with a Springfield XD 4″ for concealed carry and call it a day in a Dodge Challenger.

Volvo S80 = Glock 19 Gen 5

The Volvo S80 is an expensive but extremely safe luxury sedan. It has undergone many changes while retaining that same classic blocky Volvo look. The S80 has a low center of gravity, perfect for hugging corners, and enough horsepower to make some sports cars blush. Likewise, the Glock 19 has withstood the test of time in many of the same ways. It still retains its classic Austrian blocky features while still delivering the same unparalleled level of performance.

Anyone who can afford an S80 or a Glock 19 will attest that there are few competitors in its class that absolutely dominate the safe handling and longevity of each. And for those that bought original, you’re likely still riding around or carrying the same one you originally purchased.

Alfa Romeo Spider = Sig Sauer P210

The Alfa Romeo Spider is a car from a by-gone era of European innovation. Likewise, the Sig Sauer P210 is a pistol from that same period. Embodying the philosophy of “less is more” and craftsmanship should stand the test of a lifetime, both the car and the gun are symbols often lost in the hustle of both the automotive and firearm world for that “next big thing.”

Lamborghini Diablo = Beretta 92S Fusion

Italian craftsmanship and sporting good looks aren’t all that bring the Beretta 92S Fusion and the Lamborghini Diablo into the same arena. Both are the child prodigies of their parent companies, and through the countless efforts of quite a few good engineers and mechanics, both have enjoyed an extended stay in the limelight. As a new generation of guns and sports cars rush in to take the pedestal, the Diablo and the Beretta 92S both share the time-honored tradition of Italian aesthetics and unwavering performance.

Mazda RX7 = CZ Scorpion

Coveted by do-it-yourself types, both the CZ Scorpion and Mazda RX-7 hold respect amongst the ranks of their competitors. Both came onto the market with hardly too much noise but quickly became legends in their own right. The old school CZ Scorpion had a hard time promoting itself as the gun we see today — same as the Mazda RX-7 when it first debuted. Both can be heavily modified to become absolute beasts and are extremely affordable if you’re willing to go the extra mile.

Ford F-150 Raptor = Sig Sauer MCX Virtus

The Ford Raptor is the best truck that Ford ever developed. Specifically, the 2006 edition of the Ford Raptor. It took Ford a number of years to get the pitch-perfect mixture of pure aesthetics with horsepower and capabilities. When they nailed it, they nailed it right. And for a moment, Ford really enjoyed its #1 place regarding a light-to-medium duty truck that made heads turn.

The Sig Sauer MCX is the Raptor of guns. Absolutely aesthetically beautiful, pure metal, and unique among a sea of look-alikes, the Sig Sauer MCX is incredibly expensive and not for the faint of financial heart. However, if you’re willing to dole out the considerable cost to acquiring one, you will not be disappointed. Extremely modular, upgradeable, and using a unique piston system not found in AR-15 platforms, the MCX truly stands out in a class of its own. And with the MCX Virtus improving upon prior releases of the MCX, it can only get better.

Jeep Wrangler = FN 15 .300 BLK

Undoubtedly, this will be the most contentious assignment between vehicle and gun. The reason why I went with the FN 15. 300 BLK as the complimentary gun to the Jeep Wrangler is the ergonomics. The FN 15 pistol fits in tight quarters — which the Jeep Wrangler certainly provides. It’s an all-around great AR-15 but without the right optics and options, it’s not going to be ideal for long distance and incredibly rough terrain. A lot of Jeep Wrangler owners like to think that their Jeeps are invulnerable. Given the right equipment, they can damn near be. However, right off the lot, most Wranglers are prone to get stuck in the bog or caught up in the rocks without the proper handling.

And like the FN 15, Jeep Wranglers are often purchased new, are incredibly *cough* over-priced, and the owners tend to want people to see them with it rather than actually use it as it was intended — light duty military personnel transport.

Chevy Silverado = Mossberg ATI Tactical 12 Gauge

Whereas a lot of these trucks get a nice, fancy rifle assigned to them, I believe the Chevy Silverado deserves its own pump-action shotgun. The Mossberg ATI Tactical 12 Gauge offers the modularity to encounter a variety of situations, and the Chevy Silverado is a truck that comes with a number of options to tackle even the most austere of environments. Both will likely get run into the ground, and neither will be purchased new. And the fact that an ATI Tactical shotgun fits great in the back of the extended cab of a Silverado is no odd coincidence, either.

Geo Prism = Hi-Point 9

Often times the first car you’ll ever drive but certainly not the last, the Geo Prism reminds me of the Hi-Point 916. Both are extremely accessible to the consumer market — and especially for those with not much choice in terms of price point. Both can certainly get you to and from your home without too much issue. Brand new, they both run like champs. Over time, the plastic gets worn, and eventually, it’ll be prone to failure in a moment of need.

Still, if it’s all you can get your hands on, there’s no shame in driving a Geo Prism or carrying a Hi-Point.

Ford Ranger = S&W M&P Sport & M&P Shield

Rugged, reliable, and guaranteed to get the job done — the Ford Ranger is a light duty truck that was produced in the United States up until 2011. The Smith & Wesson M&P Sport compliments the Ford Ranger in a lot of ways. Both are American made, built out of solid materials, and extremely available to a wide range of incomes. I see the M&P Sport as the consumer-level AR-15 that was desperately needed in a world of super luxury AR-15s on the market.

The M&P Shield has become synonymous with accessible, and reliable striker fired pistols. They’re cheap, easy to find used, and fall into one of two categories — unbreakable or unshootable. For those who got a good M&P Shield, you probably still own it to this day. For those few who got a crummy M&P Shield, you probably couldn’t trade it in fast enough for something else. Sounds a lot like a lot of Ford Rangers I’ve seen on the road.

That wraps up this edition of Cars & Guns. If you liked our choices, feel free to comment in the comments section below. Share it with your friends and let them weigh in on what gun goes best with what vehicle. Honestly, in the future, I’d like to do motorcycles and guns — so make sure to give me your suggestions in the comments section. As always, stay safe and carry on!

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