186,873 Reasons to Carry a Gun

186,873 Reasons to Carry a Gun

186,873 Reasons to Carry a Gun

Picture this scenario…

You’re a police officer in Florida who pulls someone over for speeding. You run the driver’s information and it comes back that he’s wanted in Pennsylvania for sexually assaulting a 14-year old girl. You call the Philadelphia police department who issued the warrant and tell them you’ve got their fugitive under arrest and they can come and get him.

But guess what? The Philadelphia PD tells you they don’t want to come to Florida to pick up the guy because they don’t have the resources. So, you have to release the fugitive because he hasn’t committed any crimes in your state. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But anyone who’s been in law enforcement has been in this situation.

The scary thing is, most Americans have no idea how often this happens and how many felons are out on the loose. However, USA Today recently ran a feature series about this felon problem, shedding light on just how bad it is.

According to USA Today, there are 186,873 outstanding warrants for felons and Police in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Little Rock — all among the nation’s highest-crime cities — told the FBI they wouldn’t pursue 90% or more of their felony suspects into other states.” 

The USA Today article continues saying, “Among the fugitives police said they would not pursue: a man accused in Collier County, Fla., of hacking his roommate’s neck with a machete during a fight over two cans of beer; a man charged with drawing a gun on a Newport News, Va., store manager during a robbery…” 

The fact is, if someone murdered someone in Florida and hopped on a plane to Nevada, there’s a good chance no one would pursue them.

And unfortunately, I think it’s safe to say that the system isn’t going to change in the future. I don’t think states are suddenly going to be flush with cash so they can afford to send officers all over the country to retrieve felons. Plus, the state attorney’s who prosecute these cases will likely never find a day when they’re not overburdened and understaffed to the point that they have to pick and choose which cases to prosecute.

For the rest of our lives, this means the guy standing behind you in line at the supermarket or pumping gas next to you could be a wanted felon in another state. This is why situational awareness is so critical and why you can’t take anything for granted. This is why I remember there’s no such thing as a “routine” trip to Walmart, or to get my haircut, or go to the grocery store. And of course, this is why I personally carry a gun everyday and why I do 25 “dry fire” trigger pulls everyday to ensure I am practicing and constantly working on my firearms skills.

Like everyone, I pray I never have to use my gun (or any weapon) to defend myself, but if the day comes that I do I want to be as prepared as possible to draw my Glock 19 from my hip (loaded with my Speer Gold Dot) to stop the threat as quickly as possible.

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  • Cobrawing

    Alarming numbers indeed. Actually, it’s far worse because the numbers cited here are only the “known” wanted criminals on the loose. As a now retired law enforcement officer after nearly 30 years of service, I can assure the reader the number of actual criminals out there among us everyday is an even higher number. There’s no real way to know precisely how many, but suffice to say America has become an incredibly dangerous place. Even those residing in seemingly “good neighborhoods” would be shocked to know just how dangerous all of our environments have become. Jason is right . . . stay armed.

  • Jessica Evans

    Maybe they’d have the money to arrest violent criminals if funding weren’t all tied up in enforcing drug laws.

    • Nathan Redbeard

      Unfortunately, it would probably be the opposite, because the money that is made off asset forfeitures through drug busts is pretty substantial. That’s not a reason to continue the general jack-booted thuggery and police raids on innocents (see the Cato Institute’s raid map) but it is a reality.

  • Jakob

    But let them ‘hurt’ one of their own………

  • Allen Benge

    I agree with Jason. I used to be a deputy sheriff in south central Arizona, and lost track of the number of times we would arrest groups of illegals, called the local Border Patrol office for the bus to pick them up, only to be told that they were too busy, and unless we had serious local charges on them, to release them. Many people have criticized Arizona for enforcing a federal law, illegal Entry Into the US, because they have no idea the federal government does not do anything about illegal aliens. Once, while working as a detention officer and auditing the drawer for inmate accounts and property, I found three snubnose .38 Saturday Night Specials, and the sales slip from a pawn shop on the border that sold them these guns. Naturally, BATF was not interested, but our detectives and the county where the shop was located took care of business. I carry because I am smart enough to know that with response times being what they are and economic constrictions, we must protect our selves. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only MINUTES away. Out response time from one side of our district to the other was almost a half hour running code. I don’t diall 911, I dial .40 S&W.

    • George A


  • Wolfwolveswolf

    And people in the anti- Gun clan, don’t get it! They care NOT one bit about anyone’s life, NOT even their own.

  • MD H

    Betcha a buck that if the guys was wanted for a crime against a police officer they’d be there to pick him up…

    • George A

      They may even pay out of their own pocket. If they took up a collection I would throw in a few bucks.

  • coconuisse

    With the strict anti-gun laws enacted in several states, one can only hope that all these felons will be attracted there and therefore be not threatening the citizens of the states that have NOT enacted such laws. Unfortunately, that is also incentive for honest folk to more OUT of those restrictive states!

  • chris e.

    I smell a business opportunity…..

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    But CT’s latest gun and ammo control laws that went into effect on Jan 1, 2014 and April 1, 2014 have just instantly turned up to 300K CT residents into felons. Guess we just have to stay out of CT and NY and NJ and MA and OH and MD and CA and WA and CO and especially D.C. where even having a spent shell casing in your possession will get you arrested & convicted. Sucks to be a defenseless resident or visitor to one of these states or the District.

    • George A

      You need to rethink your assumption about WA.

      • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

        Sorry if including WA in our generalized statement did not sit well with you . You must be from the good part of WA. However, the recent happenings in the Seattle metro area, such as weapons restrictions & recently voting in a city councilwoman who openly ran on a communist platform, have turned that area of WA into a copycat of CA. Also, WA honors CC permits from only 11 of the other 49 states so most visitors to WA must walk or drive defenseless. However, that’s better than MD that honors permits from ZERO other states.

        • George A

          you are correct in stating that the Seattle area did elect an openly socialist / communist. You must know that that area is dominated with democrats and union people. And yes the past and present mayor were anti gun nuts but much of what they tried to push through was rejected. just for information I live about 60 miles from Seattle. Pretty much all law enforcement are very pro 2 Amd. Yes WA will honor 11other state CPL’s alot of that is because many other states won’t honor WA because WA is a shall issue state and only requires a clear background. No basic firearms training required. In addition WA is a state the has a right to keep and bare arms in the state constitution. I hope this clears up some thoughts about WA. kindest regards.

  • 1911 commander

    give me a free pass and I’ll pay my own way there and resolve the issue free of charge to anyone. Scum like this should NOT be allowed to roam the streets anywhere.

  • Joseph kay

    Great post

  • Lloyd M. Mitchell

    I monitor my local LEO’s and this happens all the time in SC. It takes time from the patrol unit, the dispatchers AND the officers on the other state. I’ve often wondered if a sheriff would pay out of his budget to transport the offender, just to get them out of his state.

  • big buck buck

    I can tell you how bad it is. used to kill 3-4 ol boys a month in self defense. these days its 5-6 a week. I kill in self-defense for a living. mostlee mesicuns and negras. but do kill some vilunt jews and injuns.mabee yall heard of big buck buck. that would be me I am 3 hunert lib of patriot.i have a mustache an gottee an I wear camouflage. for all yor self defense needs yall can call on big buck buck