20 Websites to Visit if You Want to be a Better Shooter

20 Websites to Visit if You Want to be a Better Shooter
20 Websites to Visit if You Want to be a Better Shooter

Every shooter wants to be better. New shooters are anxious to learn as much as they can. Experienced shooters can always refine their techniques or discover new tips. The best way to learn to be a better shooter is to practice. But there are many websites that have a vast amount of tips, techniques, and information that can make your practice more productive and efficient.

Never stop learning and improving

While nothing beats real-life training, there are websites that can help teach you to improve your shooting in a variety of ways. Numerous forums are available where shooters can share information they have learned. There are articles and videos describing different techniques and tips, relating to range shooting, hunting, or home and self-defense tactics. Whether one prefers a handgun, rifle or shotgun, there is always new information that can be gained and used for improvement. As no list can be considered all-inclusive, or in any particular order, feel free to share your personal favorite Website you have used to become a better shooter in the comments.

Gun Talk TV

With top shooters and instructors, Gun Talk TV is a self-proclaimed “Encyclopedia Ballistica”. They have numerous videos pertaining to a wide range of subjects related to shooting. This site has information that can help both experienced shooters and newcomers.

Pistol Training

Pistol-Training.com is a site dedicated to handguns. There are videos of competition shooting and tests of different guns. Along with the videos are articles and a forum for sharing. The site contains various drills you can use to improve your technique.


YouTube is a veritable cornucopia of information for shooters. One can literally spend hours every day watching videos on YouTube and never see everything. Videos range from professional shooters and trainers explaining techniques to amateur shooters displaying their firearms at the range or in the field. There are videos about all types of guns, ammunition, shooting sports, competitions, and tactics. Just one example of what can be found on YouTube is James Yeager, a professional shooter whose videos cover a wide range of topics.

Bullseye Pistol

Bullseyepistol.com, also known as the Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol, is a vast store of information about competitive shooting. The site has many articles to help both new and seasoned shooters. Some of the topics covered include the basic fundamentals of sport shooting, the psychology of shooting, competitive techniques, tools of the trade, and of course safety tips.

United States Army Marksmanship Unit

The USAMU is an official unit in the Army devoted to setting the standard for marksmanship. They help with recruitment and proficiency training, as well as the research and development of small arms for the military. Questions about marksmanship can be asked directly to individual members of the team through the site. There is also a link to their Youtube channel which has a multitude of videos called ProTips.

USA Shooting

This is the official site of the US Olympic shooting team. Here you can find videos and tips from World Class competitive sport shooters. They will explain the rules of sport shooting, policies, and procedures of the sport, and share techniques, as well as answer questions.


AmmoLand is a site that covers everything from competition and sport shooting to industry and gun rights news. There are a variety of articles and videos that can teach you something new.

Gun Digest

Gun Digest is a site that covers a wide range of topics. You can learn about all kinds of topics ranging from buying, selling and collecting guns to gunsmithing and ammo reloading, with survival tactics and shooting tips in between. Here is an article explaining some of the Do’s and Don’ts of concealed carry.

Handguns Magazine

A part of the Guns & Ammo magazine family, Handgunsmag.com is all about handguns. There are separate sections for semi-automatic pistols and revolvers which are full of reviews, with a focus on which ones are best for concealed carry. There is also a section entitled Training & Tips with lots of informative articles.

Tactical Life

At Tactical Life you can find numerous product reviews on various tactical weapons as well as gear. Here you can find tips to master basic shooting techniques and tactics.

Vickers Tactical

This is the home of Larry Vickers, a former Special Operations Delta Force soldier. He now gives combat marksmanship training to numerous military and law enforcement units around the country. He has starred in several TV shows. If you are seeking expert advice on shooting, this is a great Website to check out.

Free Tactical Tips

The founder of Opsgear, a tactical gear, and training company has offered this site where numerous videos are presented. A former member of Air Force Special Ops and Rescue, he shares his valuable knowledge related to self-defense and urban warfare techniques.

Urban Survival Plan

Home defense is an extremely important topic for many people, especially those with family in their homes. Reacting and responding to a threat in the home can be a very stressful situation. This site provides detailed instruction and diagrams for clearing your home of intruders, explaining such things as moving through hallways and doorways, creating a “fatal funnel”, dealing with low light situations and multiple targets.


This is the home of the United States Concealed Carry Association, arguably the largest national organization supporting the right of citizens to carry concealed handguns. They offer a membership that gets you their magazine that are loaded with concealed carry related articles, tips and drills, Self-Defense SHIELD Protection and other benefits.

My Gun Culture

This website celebrates the gun culture of America, with a bit of humor. There are numerous reviews of various handguns, holsters and ammo tests. There are also interviews with professional shooters. A section of the site shares tips on competitive shooting, concealed carry, reloading, gun maintenance, and customization.

The Truth About Guns

blog site dedicated to spreading the truth about guns, articles, and videos are contributed by a collection of professional and amateur shooters with one thing in common, a love for guns. Here you can find numerous facts and news about guns, including their daily feature “Defensive use of a gun”. There are many categories on this site with articles about concealed and open carry, gun and gear reviews, laws and legislation, and of course training and techniques.

Shooting Illustrated

A great site with a lot of articles about training and tactics. Subject matter covers handguns, rifles and shotguns, and ammunition for all of them. There are numerous tips and drills that one can use to improve skills.

Police One

This is a site designed for police and law enforcement officers. It contains lots of product reviews and forums, as well as blogs. There are also sections detailing various training drills and tips aimed at enhancing and improving law enforcement skills and shooting.


This is a good site that covers a wide range of topics. Guns.com has product reviews, 2nd Amendment and industry news, as well as tips and information about concealed carry and hunting. Numerous subcategories have articles about various ammunition, military and law enforcement tactics, non-lethal options and home and self-defense.

USA Carry

If you are reading this article, then you are already somewhat familiar with USA Carry. If you haven’t already, you should check out some of the other sections on the site. Here you can find resources for concealed carry, news, and information pertaining to the 2nd Amendment and gun rights legislation, as well as product reviews and training tips. Be sure to check out the extensive directories that can help you find the nearest gun store, gun range or firearms instructor in your area.

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Your right about Yeager—–

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