5 Items You Should Carry Other Than Your Gun

If you’ve been following the #digtherig trend, you’ll tend to see a variety of objects people pull out of their pockets alongside their inside the waistband concealed carry holster and everyday carry gun.  Items can range from knives to cell phones to keys to card clips.  What’s the best combination?

In this article, we’ll go over a few ideas for items you may consider for your everyday carry setup.

1. Folding knife

A gun is useful for defense — a knife has many more applications.  Whether it’s taking out a flat head screw or carving away a piece of insulation, a good folding knife is a great option for everyday carry.  Folding knives don’t have to be an expensive ordeal.  The trick is just finding one that is light, compact, and fits easily in the pocket.  Another cool feature is a clasp of some sort to keep the knife locked to the inside of the pocket.  Too many of us can sympathize with the guy who sits down on a seat and forgets his folding knife behind.  It happens pretty often.

What I Carry: Kershaw Brawler

Or a multi-tool

The most ideal thing to carry with you everywhere you go is a multi-tool.  Useful for troubleshooting simple issues or as a last resort for emergency ones, something as simple as a Leatherman multi-tool offers the versatility of a screwdriver, pair of pliers, a file, and a can opener all in one package.  It can be a Swiss Army (or similar) or something fit for an EOD technician — that’s your call.  But you’ll certainly be thankful the moment you have cause to use it.

What I Carry: Leatherman Wave

2. Spare magazine

Compact and sub-compact guns usually come at the sacrifice of magazine capacity.  It’s always nice to know there’s a spare magazine nearby.  And, if you train for reloading after you’ve engaged your opponents, you’ll know that there’s definitely confidence in being able to start fresh with a full magazine.  Even if you can’t fit a magazine conveniently in a pocket, there are clips you can buy to keep them inside or outside the waistline.

3. Flashlight

Even a small LED flashlight can be a big help in a dark situation.  Whether it’s looking underneath a car to see if a hose got disconnected or just trying to find the front doorstep while coming home at night — an everyday flashlight is a very safe bet.

What I Carry: SureFire E2D Defender

4. Cell phone

Hate’em or love’em — it’s become a staple of our society.  A 3rd or 4th generation phone is generally able to use map utilities to find your way out of confusing terrain.  It’s also essential for calling police or emergency services in the event of an accident or incident.  Hilariously enough, it may even substitute a flashlight for very dark situations.

What I Carry: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

5. Water bottle

People callously assume because we live in a society with a convenience store every block that water isn’t one of the most essential things on the planet.  A water bottle — 16 oz. or more — can be a constant reminder to hydrate and a short emergency supply in the event you find yourself outside the hospitality of civilization.

What I Carry: Yeti Rambler 30oz.

In conclusion, our daily carry rig can be light and affordable or heavy and expensive (or any combination thereof).  Personal taste preferences aside, all the items mentioned are good ideas for basic survival in most sticky situations.

  1. Folding knife/multi-knife: $11 – $215
  2. Spare magazine: $30+
  3. Flashlight: $5 – 65
  4. Cell phone: $45 – $860 (depending upon model, service plan, etc.)
  5. Water bottle: $1.29 – $30