A Coming Race War?

A Coming Race War?
A Coming Race War?
A Coming Race War?
A Coming Race War?

I think I’ll preface this by saying that I have zero respect for anyone that judges another person by their race or religion. (That’s putting it lightly.) The fact is, I’m Mormon and twice in my life I’ve had people tell me that they wanted to train with me but found out I was Mormon and couldn’t trust a Mormon to train them in the use of firearms.

In another instance, I was doing training when I walked up to a group of instructors from another school that I did not know. They began talking about how they could never train with a black man and they used a very ugly word.

In both cases, I wish I could say I did the Christian thing and tried to help these ignorant folks or something along those lines. But the truth is, I simply walked away because I knew if I opened my mouth I would tell them what I thought of them and a fight would likely ensue. And since guns were present, it was much better for me to not say a word, control my temper, and get away from them.

I bring all this up…

Because recently I was working for a client and I had to do some in-depth research on the KKK and the Black Panthers. I’m sure you’re familiar with them but if you spend 5 minutes searching online you’ll be amazed at how sick each of these groups really is.

And I say 5 minutes because after that short amount of time you’ll feel sick to your stomach from what you’re reading and won’t want to see anymore. In a way, I feel sorry for these people because they must have had horrible childhoods to now be spewing such hate.

But I was researching them because of the upcoming election and because each group has stated that there is going to be some outbreak of violence if their candidate doesn’t win. If Romney wins, the Black Panthers claim they’re going to go around killing white people. And if Obama wins, the KKK and skinheads claim they’re going to do the same to Black people.

I realize these groups having been saying this type of thing for years…

But lately the talk is becoming uglier and happening more often. If you don’t believe me, just read an article about Obama and then scroll down to where people can share their comments. It won’t take you long to see the hate in this world.

So what can you do about this? Well, I know that 99% of people reading this aren’t racists, but that doesn’t mean you still won’t get attacked by one of these hate groups. A stray bullet doesn’t care if you’re black or white or Asian. In other words, on the night of the election I wouldn’t be hanging out in any major cities… especially Chicago. That place is going to have an all out war any day now.

I’d also be extra vigilant in the days leading up to the election. If you want to see how quickly a city can collapse you should watch some of the videos of the Rodney King riots. In a matter of minutes society broke down and innocent victims were being pulled from their cars and beaten.

I know this week I didn’t share my usual firearms tips, but sometimes I just want to make you think. And a lot of people think the economy is the biggest danger this nation faces, but it’s looking more and more like a race war, which is just another reason why you need to carry a firearm to protect yourself and you need to have good situational awareness and not do anything foolish like hang out at a skinhead biker bar on the night of the election (or ever).

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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I am not all that concerned this New Black Panther Party. Its small and has no support in the Larger African American Community. I suppose I will say the same thing about the KKK and other White Supremacist groups. They began talking about armed insurrection after Obama was elected and well four years later they are talking again. Stop reading comments the nastiness will make you sick. Physically or Mentally.


I dont even worry about the black pansies! They know not to come down to Tx. and spout your their BS here because we will fix that problem real quick!


Racist bastard.


So your saying the Black Pansies are not racist??? They said blacks should exterminate all whites. But I guess that shouldnt be frowned upon huh? You really are a racist idiot!


You are a racist bastard! All from the United States of Texas. How ya’all gonna fix dat probem boy?


I’m not racist, I have friends of different races but the black pansies are a threat to white, black, brown etc. Get on youtube and listen to a so called officer of the BP’s are saying about white people. Look into the threats the BP’s have made to the whites and to the republican party. The BP’s want chaos in the cities and I hope the republicans are safe when the travel to Tampa. The liberals wanna scream out Racist! or Lies! They just dont want to you to know the real truth. If they did tell the truth it would more than likely cost them votes this election. Whoever reads this…… Look it up, study and learn this info on your own and make your own assumption. There is a war brewing here in the U.S. and the ones that know about it are all in DC. (Remember the bad guys want the country divided for a reason)


Better think again. They are recruiting hardened criminals inside prisons. These are not the dim witted gang bangers that hold their hand guns sideways.


Mr. F.F. stay out of places like South Dallas because the “black pansies” will get your goofy behind. 🙂


Agreed. We’ve become a very strange society – one that gets stuff all mixed up. Your race, skin color, religious/spiritual beliefs, etc… have zero to do with a lot of things – yet people insist on making it an issue. You don’t hear people saying, “I can’t associate with you, you loop the bottom of your number two, instead of moving it straight to the immediate right once the downward stroke is complete” – but that’s basically how absurd we’ve gotten.


You need to stop trying to scare people. Talk about putting fuel on the fire by proclaming a “race war” is just wrong. No wonder anti gun people have a hard time. You have a Mormon pro gun guy making a statement of a race war to scare people so you can profit from it is just wrong! I am a Catholic and you need to stay out of calling “race wars”!!


I’m not sure why stressing that you’re Catholic makes your argument any more valid. I know Catholics that would sooner cross a 6-lane highway on foot at rush hour than shake a black man’s hand. Definitely not something Jesus would do, don’t you think? I don’t hang out with those individuals very much (at all) because of their behavior. Anyways, “scaring people” would involve making a statement like, “Get your gun and chamber a round, because darkie is coming for YOU RIGHT THIS SECOND,” like I’ve seen many people on various online forums and blogs say while I’ve been cruising the interwebs. Making observations and cautioning about being aware is NOT scaring people. If you’re already scared to begin with, then that’s not Mr. Hanson’s fault.


I really do not think you know what a Catholic is. The only reason I said Catholic is because Jason had to say he was a Mormon. Scaring people my man is what Jason is doing to make more money. Scare them and they wiil come is what he is doing. You, nra,fox news will stop rattling the sabers after Obama wins in November. Obummer, black devil , so glad to fight for yor rights.


You’re right. I have no idea what a Catholic is. I only went to Catholic school for 9 years. “Black devil” reveals your true self. Do you worry about getting struck by lightning if/when you go to mass?


So now you are a expert with 9 years under your belt. Steve, go down in you basement and hide with your gun by your side . The black devil Obama is on your doorstep………..


Ok, man. I think there is some miscommunication going on here. I lean to the left on lots of social issues (but I freaking love racking the slide on my. Beretta PX4 after cleaning and oiling it… insert masturbation joke here), and I was perplexed by your statement about me “rattling my saber” until now. I don’t hide in my basement with firearms. I don’t even have my ccw. I subscribed to this forum to learn more about carrying, because I have been considering pulling the trigger on getting my certification… get it… pun intended? Anyhoo, it is my belief that Mr. Hanson’s intent was not to sell products to the frightenedby inducing panic. Being a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or even freaky Scientologist doesn’t give one human being clout over another. If believing in something makes someone feel like they should be listened to over another with different beliefs, then the whole point of religion has been missed entirely. Don’t think that I value what you gave to say because you are Catholic over what I have to say because I have a freckle on my left testicle. Just sayin’.


Brother Steve, you had to make the statement about lighnting and me going to mass. Do not talk down to me. I do not give a fuck what you think. carefull, you just might end up with your right testicle in you mouth.


Now that is a catholic speaking religion…………………..

John Doe

Sorry to disappoint you, drone, but Obozo wont win this election. There is ONE reason the man hasnt been impeached….it would cause a LA style riots all over this nation by a bunch of brain dead whiners who only voted for the man BECAUSE of his skin color…you know…racists….


I’m more concerned about the “take this country back” militant types I see in my courses. Note the Sikhs that were shot right after 9/11 because the idiots thought they were Muslim just because of the Turban. That is the type of ignorance that worries me most.


I was in Glendale, California during the riot in Watts
(sic), driving on the interstate of Northern Arizona during the Rodney King
riots. I do not wish to have a disturbance of any type for any reason. This
saber rattling is akin to the type used pre-Civil War in our Country. Folks
thought it would be a good time and even sat picnicking watching the first
skirmish. As we all know, over 150 years ago, it turned out to be bloody hell.
These Preppers, neo-survivalists and kids all want some crap to hit the fan so
they may use their new toys and prove they are hard-core. Everyone needs to sit
these wanna-bees down and tell them it ain’t worth it.

I sincerely believe Obummer would not hesitate to call in the
U.N. to help him resotre pease. Now, that is what scares me.

As to the issue of L.D.S. a.k.a. Mormon, who better to work
out or practice with? They are the first and best Preppers/Survivalist. They
know persecution as much as the Blacks, Hispanic/Latino, and GLBT. They too
were run out of the south, the middle and every other USA there is. They came
to areas that were really nothing and made a living out of it. They are much
akin to the Israelis, IMHO. The Israelis made their part of the world nice and
productive and now the Arabs want to move in.

No, I am not L.D.S. but the entire area I live in is. They
have my back and I have theirs, been this way for a while, especially since Y2K
and 9/11.

Who else has a year worth of bullets?


Me! I have a ton of ammo 🙂


What ? The Isrealis forced the Arabs politically to give them land near a body of water, and bloody murderers, committing fascist atrocities real thinker minority parties in Isisrahel want to stop. Mormons are not that nice when in charge, no different than Baptists in TN very sleazy, ask non Mormons in southern AZ they are fascist political stranglehold, as their doctrine intended they only real liken to Zionists. You have to at least feign Mormonism to get jobs or have gun rights, just a different goose step hiding behind a book of ideals.


Nope, wrong, wrong and wrong. In S.E. Arizona you do not need to be a LDS or the dreaded Baptists, J.W. or anything else just show up for work with out rings in everything that does and does not show, put in 8 hrs and go home. I have no idea were you received your info on gun rights or jobs. Goose step, hum. Wow. What a mind you have. Look out, there is one behind you.


So exactly what does “rings in everything that does or does not show”, quoted without the casual misuse of words (with out), have to do with work, or rights, or anything else. Judgement of others and trying to shout them down as “Commies” or “Godless” is the hallmark of so many GOP thinking types. And don’t even THINK about calling me Liberal. If you believe that your an idiot. I am a patriot, a vet, and a DAMNED FINE SHOT. I legally carry every day of my life, own a tattoo shop and an art studio, home school my kids and believe in the Constitution like a religious zealot.
I would kill an armed mugger or burglar without a second thought. However, the rights of everyone MUST be protected, and trying to make one’s religion law is foolishness (Iran, anyone?), as is trying to take their religion away or even make it a political issue. I support gay rights, gun rights, God rights and individual rights. I hate abortion but think trying to limit birth control is stupidity. All that said, remember the words not just of our founding fathers and guys like Hobbs, Locke, Franklin and Payne, but even Chairman Mau knew it, the first right we have to hold on to is our right, as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, is the right to be well armed with military type weapons to protect our selves from criminals, anarchy and most of all…

To prevent the coming of the Kingdom of Douchebagastan and oust a tyrannical government should ours devolve into such. Our other rights fall with 2A. Speak, protest and vote. Be active in politics. Care about what they do at every level. Fight tyranny every day and make yourself heard. I am not crazy. I am not a loony. I will none the less KILL ANYONE who comes to take my life or my freedom without hesitation and believe every man, woman and reasonably grown child should be ready to do the same if required for us to all stay free.

Now stop the name calling, mamby-pamby preschool crap and act like adults. If enough of us can be sensible and quit being schoolyard bullies and try being grown-ups we might just VOTE and PROTEST our way out of this mess without a fight. That is by far and away the best option.

dody stark

and did Y2K turn out to be a bunch of bs?? really, calm down


I’m not that worried and the reason I’m not is because they are making threats.

How many threats did we receive before 9/11 or Pearl Harbor? None. When you are getting ready to seriously attack someone, you don’t give up the advantage of surprise by broadcasting it to the world.

Spoken threats are the tools of the impotent.

I will have no problem going to downtown Cincinnati on election night.

Gavin de Becker’s book Gift of Fear is a must read. Tons of information about threat assessment. Even though he is not pro-gun, it’s worth reading.


I am sorry, I can’t hold this in. “…I knew if I opened my mouth I would tell them what I thought of them
and a fight would likely ensue. And since guns were present, it was much
better for me to not say a word, control my temper, and get away from

This reads like you are subtly suggesting that the mere presence of a firearm would have escalated a disagreement into a lethal force encounter. Amongst firearms instructors none-the-less? Come on. Really?

I have had plenty of disagreements on the firing line, with instructors and students. As Heinlein said “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

This kind of melodrama plays right into the hands of those hoplophobs that believe that the presence of a firearm causes violence.

I normally enjoy your articles, but please consider what your saying before you put it on a blog like this.


These are just my thoughts only! I can see The Black Pansies starting riots and civil unrest if they believe obama will lose the election. I can also see the communist obama using these riots as a way to declare martial law on the land of the free. This means he would remain in power with no election. Dont think it could happen? Better think again, hes out to make a new set of constitutions in his own liberal communist beliefs. Mark my words and start stocking up!


Really, dude? Talk to a Frenchman or an Eastern European. We’re pretty far from communism. But hey, I guess if this system of labeling things helps you process frustrating topical subjects…


@e8544d62a62bbe504a71032b2f36e748:disqus I guess you live in Chicago or California with the rest of the liberal communists. I dont have a blind eye to whats going on, I’m from Tx. and I use my own God given brain unlike you brainwashed liberals!


Ha ha ha ha. Wow, man. Good luck. You need it.

Kris Fehr

This is exactly the kind of nut job the article was about. Some people only know how to hate.


Thank you….I was thinking the same thing. I thought “finally a page with some common sense” as I made it to the comments…read the marines post and I was pleased that another rational mind and some good comments and then this guy shows up and screws up EVERYTHING…and he continued to rant…and more crazies chimed in…R.I.P common sense

Jeffery Wilson

Yes, very obviously If you don’t share this close minded view you are from either Chicago or California. This chump had to use all of his ‘god given’ brainpower to remember that we capitalize proper nouns. Unfortunately the internet has given these heathens a voice outside their small town Texas clique.


Poor FreeodmFromnever fella the Tejas education system and heat have destroyed his brain until youre talking god. Try not to shoot all the gods, the real ones are northern Europeans and non Xtian you might mistake them for liberals even if they are not. If that guy is from Chicago he has seen random white beatings from black gangs on the elderly folks and pregnant woman on the bus faking racist anger like the panthers as excuse to steal their purse. Panthers are starting junk for criminal enterprise no other reason.


Thats the problem with society…you far right Southern Christians want to do two things that Moderates and Liberals won’t do. USE RELIGION AS A COVER FOR YOUR RACIST BEHAVIOR. IN ADDITION, YOU BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE SHOULD THINK THE WAY YOU…GUESS WHAT THE WORLD HAS CHANGED, SO GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!


Gigi you sound unsatisified and empty. Oh, and a potty mouth. 🙂


That name you chose is a joke – Right? Delusional people such as yourself are the most dangerous problem this country has at the moment….. Take your meds.

Tom OConnor



Im sorry but I have to agree with FF. It is just that way down here in the south. You don’t mess with us we don’t mess with yall. You stay up in your citys and slums we’ll stay in our little towns and mind our own ways. There are a lot people that underestimate our people and know nothing of which we came. Yall know nothing of what it took for our blood lines to make it to were we are now.

dody stark

oh stop.

Allen Gilbert

Jason, having been where you’ve been, think about a situation where you’re training some small town local PD, because they either heard of you or read an article or two that you authored. And they find out your not a Christian? Had a situation where this occurred.. It was fun after I won them over with a short pistol competition with their best shot!! Then showed them how to improve their abilities…it worked. And to this day they still call for any new developments in tactical survival as well as recommendations… They think I’m Mossad>>LOL


Thanks for your comments, I have often told people that it is unfortunate but all of this will probably boil down to a race war because you can’t look at someone and tell wether they are demacrat or republican.


Let’s be honest people, Racism didn’t die, it just went underground. There are still a lot of racist people in this United States, they’re just not as vocal as they once were because it’s not as tolerated as it once was. My wife and I are a “mixed racial couple” and you’d be amazed how many times we get dirty looks, whispers, and people walking away. Of course this isn’t a guarantee of racism, but there is the once in a great while where someone makes a comment that lets you know their view. When that happens you are reminded that there are still racist people out there. I’m sure it depends greatly upon which area of the country you live. But I promise you they are around, you may just not notice.


Racism, religious zealotry, gender intolerance, elderly and child abuse and so many other forms of hate and cruelty cannot ever be totally gone, because they are human reactions and based on emotions like fear and insecurity. These emotions are a part of everyone at some level. We have made huge strides forwards since the compromises needed to get the Constitution implemented after the revolution.

However we have to be realistic and realize there is no magic solution to having so many varied peoples in one country. Mutual respect cannot be legislated. Neither can criminals be contained only by passing a law. The very word ENFORCEMENT has as its root FORCE. Some people out of any group will be so selfish as to have to be forced to live by societies rules. Freedom isn’t free, and part of its price is accepting that some “free” people are also mean, stupid or otherwise not going to play nice without being forced. I carry a gun because of those people. Both those who wander about looking for victims, and those who try to make victims of everyone by passing another stupid, unconstitutional law.


“Human Reactions” is spot on. Left to a humans own ‘reactions’ the tribal warfare that existed since the dawn of man walking around on this earth in quasi family ‘groups’ competing for survival, has always existed. Left to their own problems/solutions, the Middle East current resident humanity will as soon slaughter each other, as Any enemy. When the ‘decidedly common’ enemy is gone, they historically revert to each other as enemies.

The same occurs anywhere the human psyche is left to it’s own ‘natural’ thought processes. The advent of a self imposed respect for each other, is rare throughout history. Only the inner ‘Belief’ of human ‘Salvation’, self programmed within one’s own mindset, keeps even a mutually ‘law abiding’ community from ‘Eating it’s own’.

If ‘Force’ or fear of retribution was any deterrent, no Career Repeat Offenders would exist. The contrary is evident, especially in a perpetually dependency addicted society, more akin to humanity’s early Feral ‘associations’ than the working Traditional Family, with it’s moral code of ethics. In other words, “The Great Society”… isn’t. Be prepared for the worst, while endlessly praying for the best.


If you wanna see something that will open your eyes up then go to YouTube and search for “Fusion Centers”. Governor Jesse Ventura couldnt even get a straight answer on what they are built for. You think we have 50 states in the U.S.A.? Think again! there are only 10 when martial law comes into effect.
There are also 2 bills that were secretly drawn up and passed by the liberal communist obama. These 2 bills are Senate Bill 1867 which the goverment can hold any citizen indefinitley without due process and Bill H.R. 347 which keeps people from protesting and voicing their opinion.
If your still blind and dont think this could happen in America then you better think again! Its happening now with these new bills and fusion centers, just look up all the stuff I just wrote about and you will see that I’m telling the truth. Stock up folks, its coming soon enough!


Get the facts straight. This bill (S1867) was introduced by a bi-partisan committee ( 1 democrat and 1 republican). There were concerns by some, including Ron Paul and Obama promised to veto the bill as it was. A democrat introduced an amendment that would delete the dangerous provisions of this bill. HR 347 is a bill introduced by a Republican from Florida and passed almost unanimously by a Republican controlled congress and eventually signed by Obama. It sounds very bi-partisan to me and not a plot by the liberal communists. I’m not saying this kind of bill is a good thing, I’m just saying, don’t put the blame on one person when it is the Democrats and Republicans alike that are responsible for this bill.

Richard Kerr

There are few phrases that are scarier to those of us who value the liberty that only limited government can provide than “bi-parisan agreement”.


Last I checked, the Republicans controlled the House, not Congress. Congress is comprised of both the Senate and the House. The Bill that was introduced in the Senate was S.1794 and was identical to H.R.347, what these did was to restrict access to the White House, Blair House (V.P. Residence) and any government or private building that might be used by the President for an event. It was sponsored and co-sponsored by two Congressmen, there are no “committees” that are comprised of merely two members, however all committees are bipartisan. (You might try some of that research stuff, sometime)

The other Bill he mentioned, S.1897, better known as the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) is in fact a dangerous law, it was poorly conceived and written, it contains contradictory passages , for example Indefinite Detention is both allowed and disallowed, under the Law. You are right about one thing Rep. Ron Paul did vote against it and loudly decried the Act as authoritarian and of exceeding the Government’s authority under our Constitution, President Obama never did threaten to veto it, in fact he stated he was pleased with it when he signed it into law. This law is emblematic and indicative of the issues with our Federal Government.

dody stark



Re-title it to “The coming 2nd Civil War” with all the unity of confusion of face from those commenting. It has nothing to do with politics, religion, faith, color of skin, or natural born; it is about the love of money which is the root of all “evil”. It is coming to the USA!

Richard Kerr

Come on! Race war? A few didiots will, perhaps, do something stupid, and It’s always good to be prepared to defend yourself and to intervene. But predicting a possible race war is absurd. BTW, nothing good happens after midnight in most urban settings, so staying home is always a good option, especially in the viciinity of bars.

Rich Bronco

Considering that the socialists have a pretty good foothold in the US and factoring in all the anarchists, malcontents, OWS crowd and the morons in general – this is actually a possibility. The Balkan War was quite vicious and the opposing sides had more in common than we do with all of the diverse and varied factions here in the US. The US has 100’s of nationalities and hundreds of languages, add to that many immigrants here refuse to assimilate. The ‘La Raza’ crowd openly calls for “Reconquista” and the liberal politicians encourage them. It is a recipe for disaster.

The democrats/socialists have been all hyped up about class envy and hate and they have certainly created a climate ripe for full out class-warfare.


Both the Black Panthers and the KKK are blowhards nowadays. Forty years ago, maybe they would have followed through. But not now. There might be an individual or two (like the guy who shot up the Sikh temple,) but no mass organized actions.

Just like I don’t expect Occupy or the Tea Party to rise up with weapons if their various sides “lose” in this election. The vast majority of these people are “all talk”.

P.S. You can bet the Dept of Homeland Security has ‘contingency plans’ in place for such actions by both groups…

Hooter Smoocher

Actually you should not even mention “Occupy or the Tea Party” people in the same conversation. I have several friends involved in the tea party movement and they are both white and black patriots who only want to voice their grievances over the mismanagement of our government and they want to campaign for a return to a more sensible, fair and responsible taxation system. If you will look it up, you will find that there has never been so much as a single misdemeanor that can be attributed to this group.
How ever, the Occupy Wall Street movement has descended into anger, crime and violence. Protesters are responsible for a growing criminal rap sheet. The crimes include, robbery, rape and just about everything in between.


I don’t think the Tea Party and the Occupy groups should be clumped together. I have attended local Tea Party rallys, and there was never a hint of viiolence or the theat thereof. The Tea Pary groups have been comprised of every race, religion, age, and socio-econoomic group. The only way you can tell that there was a rally is because the ground is completely clear of litter when it’s over. The only Occupy rally that have observed left the sidewalks and streets looking like the hillside after the Woodstock concert. Not to mention that the attitude of the Occupiers made me glad that I have a carry permit. They were rude people.


Jason I’ve notice a trend with you in venturing into hot button flame bating issues like religion and politics way too much for my taste, much to your detriment. I started out really liking you and your tips on firearms but I no longer appreciate your pieces here and from now on will be avoiding them. I realize you have social, political and religious opinions but this is a site that’s about firearms. I’ve told you before you would do better to stick to the topic. Anyone can post irresponsible, juvenile, flame bating and inciting pieces like this one. But Why? To what end? What is the ultimate point?

We are living in difficult times. Yes, many are on edge for a host of reasons. But the last thing we need is a “supposedly responsible” firearms trainer posting such stuff as this for our consumption. You have pretty much managed to slander, demean and degrade just about everybody in your piece. Yes, we have crazies among us from ALL groups. But the vast majority of Americans are intelligent and I’d like to think the vast majority of our firearm users are both intelligent and responsible. WE are your target audience here or do you fancy us as the crazies among those whom you predict will soon destroy the earth.

You seem to have the world going up in flames ANY DAY NOW and you even post an image representing precisely this outcome. You have the entire city of Chicago going up in flames and made zero qualification for the millions of decent citizens from that area who will do no such thing. Many other cities have similar problems Jason. It is YOU who has become the very extremist and alarmist that you are warning us about! Your article has reduced Americans of all kinds down to wild animals. Grow up Jason. I no longer view you as a responsible adult author nor do I think you’re much of an intelligent or responsible firearms instructor.


Project much?


Voices of reason and logic do seem far out weighed by those who “feel” before they “think” and “speak” before they “learn”. Being reduced to fighting in the streets with ours guns as a way to remain free is the ABSOLUTE LAST THING WE WANT. The armed fight for freedom only comes with the total failure of wisdom. Wisdom is precious because it has ever been in short supply.

John Coleman

Jason articles like yours do little more than fan the flames of fear and hatred within the very groups you’re talking about. Just look at what you have started right here. You have managed to bring the race haters and crazies out of the wood work yet again. This site should insist on a higher level of postings from authors. We should return to discussions of our firearm craft instead of pronouncing and predicting pending race wars. Come on USACarry . . . clean these kinds of things up. We deserve a higher bar than this stuff..


Its a blog. Read it and believe what you want. Those of you gettin all upset over this are most likely the ones that will be out protesting and such.


Well, there are a lot of opinions about wether or not there will be an upcoming Race War, whoever wins the Pres. election. I tend to think the possibility is remote, mostly based on the unfortunate reality that “crazy hate filled” people have always existed, with hardly an impact on the grand old earth. Yes, yes I remeber WWII and the Nazi impact. It is true that Hilter was certainly the cause of that little event.
I guess what I am saying is that if real eveyday Americefuse to ans simply go about their lives and not give these nuts any attention it would perhaps be the best way to avoid any actual violence.
I think Fear is winning in this article, and I simply refuse to live in fear. Go about your daily business with awareness and let others do the same. I bet the Race War never comes about
if we give that a try.
Side bar here for a moment.
In these comments there are some who scream Racist to any that disagree.
Then there are a couple that bring about the Mormon/Catholic/Protestant bickering.
To all of you I would suggest, Go back re read your comments and seek from Him
the forgiveness you don’t deserve and yet He is faithful to always Gracefully give it.
Shame on you all.


Well Ryan if Baptists in west TN were not forcing worship two times a day via Loudspeaker systems with their own version of Shyria law/point 24 natioanl soicalist agenda, or crosses on city water towers it might be possible to respect your opinion. Shame on all you Baptists! Pretending you preach a book based on free will, then forcing worship, thouhg forced worship is truly unAmerican. Why are you feigning a ability to guide to forgiveness from mid eastern mytholgy false god? It shows how little you have learned about the world and real things. Forgiveness you dont deserve, that comment only proves you dont believe in anything good.


First off, i know nothing about your horn blaring in west Texas. I do know that in the Baptist Faith Community there is no mandated twice daily ritual for which you describe. Living out ones Faith in Jesus is to be done continually according to the Bible. Yes, there is the reality that we are all sinners, and must come to Him for forggivness.
Now you pretty much jumped my post toasties for being a Christian and really I am ok with that, but I got to ask this;
What really does your reply have to do with my original posted commment, which odd as it may seem to you were about the crazy notion of an upcoming race war, started over the results of the upcoming election?


I’ve noticed alot of attacks on the nonexistent new black panthers but not a peep about the klan…….hmmm very interesting.


@ Jason> You don’t need to read an article about Obama or Romney to find haters, you got their comment right here. I don’t care if your Mormon, black, white or purple, if your in the trenches and you got to put rounds down range all I care you they hit their targets. The article in Yahoo about a Texas county on the edge of a civil war backs up your article. Maybe we need another civil war, we need something bigger then an idvidual so we can become a country again. I tried of everyone wanting it their way and not the best way. To everyone else> Are you being the best person you know to be? Are you so out of tune that you can’t see how much hate there is around us? When was the last time you helped anybody but yourself? Your comments here are just as bad, and we all have something in common if we’re reading this post on this site. We didn’t seek eachother out to insult eachother, its just sad.


In your article, I see much about both religion and race. I concur that the phrase “race war” is overboard and perhaps inciting. Most of the bigots that I know are down on several races, not only one. Similarly, they dislike most religions, except their own. I doubt if any single race or persons of a particular religion number enough to successfully complete a war. Although some fundamentalist groups are giving things a good go.

Diversity and tolerance are concepts that make many countries strong. Limiting your pool of resources to only persons like yourself, is extremely limiting. I do not care about much more than your teaching credentials when it comes to taking a class from you. Instructors would soon find they had few customers if they were intolerant and only accepted specific class types for students. Individuals need to learn to be more tolerant of eachother’s beliefs and ancestry. BTW the political divide is fairly close in the USA. The elections are won by a small percentage that shifts over time. Accept the elected or move to another location.


More wisdom, thank you.

Joe Bob

Ok I can agree with the race thing but religion is a choice, we don’t chose to be black or white. As for whats coming up, as a Christian (baptist is the closest to what I believe) I see the book of Revelation unfolding right before our eyes. It would appear that we at Revelation 4 right now. The wars that are coming will be on us in a matter of months, the race issue WILL escalate to another civil war with the Government taking our guns and trying to consolidate everyone into FEMA camps. I see the banking cartel, Illuminati, CFR, Buildaberg group, and other secret leaders attempting to reduce the overall population by 90% by wars, pestilence, famine, drought, and euthanasia. The United States will no longer be a nation in 2013. You can see the efforts of the hidden leaders through Chemtrails for weather modification (like the drought), GMO (genetically modified food), chlorine and fluoride in the water causing birth defects. So its my Christianity that gives me hope and the desire to continue to fight the evil that’s coming. The bottom line is when the crap hits the fan we as Americans only have each other to rely on for help, black, white, native American, Hispanic, and Asian. Its just us against evil, well us and our guns!


Most of the worlds Christians saw the hand of Armageddon falling unstoppably . . with the turn of the millennium. The FIRST millennium. This thought is not new. We are never more than a few days, a couple weeks at most, from war, anarchy and bedlam. Just read history, pretty much any of it. Practice reason. Its our only defense.


Jason you can read the comments here, and find several examples of less than brilliant people ready to go off on each other as if they really had their buttons pushed. You can find folks that think that by voting for a party that has done so much to destroy search and seizure rights and civil liberty, they actual protect a civil liberty that depend on search and seizure rights, the civil liberty of gun rights. Clammering after perceived liberals who overall do more to protect all civil liberties, had the NRA stupidly decided us to dived us on the issue more people would understand this is not a right/left issue it really pertains though you cant tell by the nuts above and below, to well centered group. Which is how we should vote if we must move to third party that more truly represents our needs as a whole nation. You will find most dont know that politically and personally the term conservative mean different things. Or that liberal politically means change when needed to benefit the largest good or working middle class, and politically conservative at its deepest truist core, but not voter base ironically means standing up for the 1% at all costs, and that neither extreme work well in the same boiling pot.
What that has to do with the KKK, well you see they arent making the boasts individual on the interest are making for them in all likelyhood. They did not follow up on such promises last time largely because the did not make such promises themselves, ranting only made that a perception. The Black Panthers will use their traditional rouse to continue moving hard drugs through subgang factions regardless of who wins the Presidential Election but may get a few more mules in the hoopla. Remember paved roads are all socialist programs feel free not participate in their use.


Article in American Rifleman details how many times England has ‘Disarmed’ it’s ‘SUBJECTS’. Every time, it was because ‘it’s own’ govt didn’t trust the Subjects. One time was immediately previous to WWII, of all times. They were so petrified of ‘Their Own’, they totally failed to notice Germany’s ‘ambitions’. Disarming was so complete and disastrous, that following Dunkirk (some say Dunkirk epitomized ‘FAIL’, because the English ‘Subjects’ didn’t know which end of the ‘stick’ the ‘bang’ came out of), the always compassionate USA, sent the ‘Mother’ country, ‘donated’ firearms for their own self defense. One historic 1903 collectible was returned, only because of it’s ID plate saying to “Please Return after Germany is defeated”. Otherwise it too would have been sent, by the Paranoids, to the ‘chop saws’. A govt that does not trust it’s… ‘Subjects’… is doomed to be a FAIL govt.


I refuse, as did Payne, Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, and George Mason, to be a “Subject” of my government, ever. I would rather be the kind of patriot exemplified by one Mr. Samuel Whittmore, at age 80.

the real diehl

I had not gotten very far in to Jason’s article when I thought, this will set off a fire storm right here. Some of this same rhetoric was practiced by the colonialist in the 1770’s. That is what to do when oppressed. One of the ideas I took away from this is a reminder to think about what you believe and be ready to defend it. That may mean exercising your right to vote, debate, or as Paul put it, be ready to give an answer to any man of the hope that lies in you, or take up arms if necessary. How real is the threat we see or feel to what we hold dear?

John Doe

The BP’s and the KKK should fight it out to the death. Then the rest of us can live in some semblance of peace…


We could not but be dragged into the ragged hole with them and die as a nation. Just vote, after you learn for yourself.

John Doe

If you voted for Obama because he was black, you might be a redne…..er…..racist…

Hooter Smoocher

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot!

Rain Princess

Unfortunatley, I agree. When I was mulling it over in my mind on whether to get a CCW permit or not I asked some people in law enforcement what I should do. One of them worked in the federal courthouse for the federal marshall’s office. He told me this, and in my spirit I knew he was right. He said, “I didn’t vote for this president, and I don’t agree with anything he says, but God forbid, if anything happens to him, the streets will run red with blood.” It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck because I could see that happening…especially in the area that I live in. I then went and got my permit so I could protect myself if things did happen like that.


This marshall should have kept his politics to himself. I want this marshall to do his duty.


Read it again. That was not a Marshall speaking, but someone who works with the local Fed Marshall. Second, he expressed an opinion as to how people would behave, and I don’t see that as a problem. Third, the Black Panthers and the Moslems have been recruiting hardened criminals in prison, and both groups support Obama; the person she spoke with is correct, IMO.


This is America . We are all entitled to our own opinion. Thinkig you can force yours on others is where the hate starts.

John E. Smith

It’s truly sad that people are so deeply influenced as children… The things we learn from adults stay with us forever. My parents were liberal democrats and they were the most racist people that I have ever met. School teachers by profession, and racists at the dinner table. I won’t bother to recite the long string of racial slurs I learned as a child because you have heard them all already. Six years in the Army National Guard followed by twelve years in the USAF cured me of my “environmentally propagated intolerance”.

Thankfully my parents also taught my three brothers and I to think for ourselves, research an issue, see both sides before deciding who is right or wrong or before we took sides on an issue.

I know it really hurt my parents when they figured out that all four of their children grew up to be conservative republicans and a few of us later transitioned into being Libertarians. Personally I don’t care for Democrats or Republicans because lately they have both been lighting the Constitution of the United States on fire whenever it served to benefit their party.

I don’t see a race war coming. I see the Revolutionary War Part Two coming. It may start out as a race war, but once the Feds intervene and the warring parties realize that the Feds are arresting EVERYONE it won’t take long for the race war to end and the new revolutionary war to begin.


Too possible for comfort.


I can see by some of the comments that proceed mine that people disagree sharply. What a shame that most who write on this website and share the love our 2nd amendment rights cannot agree that hate groups no matter who they are and what they represent are not the answer, they are the problem.
I do however believe that ALL U.S. citizens have a choice to make this November. Choice 1.) Keep Obama and Biden in the White House and let the Democratic left continue to destroy the United States of America though Obamacare with higher taxes on the middle class, entitlement programs, poor job numbers, state welfare, illegal immigration mandates, dismal housing markets, poor national security decisions, de-funding of our military, de-funding our ability to create our own self reliance of energy and production ie, clean coal, natural gas, fracking, etc. on federal lands. Just to name a few things that Obama and Biden have destroyed or are trying to destroy.
Option 2.) Put someone else in the White House, in this case Romney and Ryan. Give them a chance to do better. See if they can reverse some of the nonsense that Obama has put into place over the last 3.5 years and take our country back. In my humble opinion with Obama / Biden in the White House we are doomed as a nation. With Obama / Biden in the White House the only which people whom have benefited are the left leaning progressives and the socialist left.

That’s my opinion. If you disagree with me that is fine you are all entitled to your own opinions. No matter what side you believe, right, left or in the middle. All I can do is urge you to VOTE this November. You DO make a difference. JUST VOTE it’s your Right. And then if your selected candidate wins…..Great !! And if your selected candidate loses….Well, then you can bitch and moan all you want. At least then your part of the solution and not the problem.


It’s good to see that you are a man of wisdom and good character. As for the race wars, I believe anytihng is possible at this time. Everyone is walking on egg shells due to the hostile political environment that the left has created. I can only hope that all good men in women in this country are armed to the teeth and practice for what I hope will never happen in this country.


The person that wrote the story must be a racists because the only people I see making death threats are the Black Panthers

There are videos of Black Panthers all over the internet talking about killing white people and their baby`s

If a Liberal wrote the story I understand completely, they have been playing the race card a lot over the last few years, if a Liberal wrote the story there`s no telling if there is any truth in it at all

dody stark

are you KIDDING ME? i see an awful lot of “lynch him” and “kill them all” on some of these extreme right wing sites. it disgusts me. why does this antipathy still exist? it ‘s inexcusable.


I am not a bible toting go to church every sunday kind of guy. However, I will pray for peace and train for war. A race war is one of those things that people may think that they want until it shows up on your door. It is easy to trade barbs back and forth online and in blogs. When those barbs turn into real bullets, blood and death it becomes a different story. I am old enough to remember the riots in Detroit. I lived through it. I remember the fires and smoke. We have young black men in inner cities across this nation willing and able to kill other young black men for little to nothing. Do you really want to turn that anger and rage into a race riot by someone saying “lets go kill whitey”? I don’t. We also can not deny the history of the KKK. A history that includes lynching, bombing, arson, murder and infiltration of police force. Do your research. Read a book named 100 years of lynching. Look behind the sources of Mississippi Burning, RoseWood, Gangs of New Yourk and Black Wall Street. The Black Panthers don’t get off easy either. The Black Panther crossed the line when they started killing both black and white police officers in LA and dealing in drugs. If you read history; you will find out that the Black Panther Party started out feeding children in head start and fighting for basic human rights and respect for black men and women. If regular folk keep buying into the hype of the democratic and republican parties as well as the monied elite; we will all be doomed.


Jason speaks of possibilities, probabilities varying – but you get insurance to cover your rear in case of low probability nasty actually happening to you! You have been warned of possible unpleasantness which only requires a few fools – don’t be one of them! Avoid the higher level hazard zones, stay alert, and remember that Murphy’s Law rules!


why is Canada, Iceland, Greenland, All of Europe, Most of Eastern Europe, West Africa and the Middle East on fire? Please graphically contain your crazy gun-nut conspiracy to the red states and rethink that flaming globe. Thanks.


why is Canada, Iceland, Greenland, All of Europe, Most of Eastern Europe, West Africa and the Middle East on fire? Please graphically contain your crazy gun-nut conspiracy to the red states and rethink that flaming globe. Thanks.


Jason, My observation is that it more
than 1% of the US population who harbor racist attitudes and behavior; maybe 1%
is actively promoting racism un-enshrouded by some other agenda… But there
have always been these people in the USA – it is what the nation was actually
founded on… very racist principles and practices…. And that will only
change if people want to change or life is made miserable for them if they
don’t…… I don’t foresee any great revolution in thinking or behavior in the
near future…. because the main offenders are still what they have always been
cowards that operate behind sheets or in crowds pretending to be patriotic….
Our nation is very tolerant of dangerous people….. But I’m not…I guess that
what I do to protect myself is stay vigilant… and leave cowards wanting for an
opportunity to have an advantage to practice their evil ideals…


I still think there is the potential for a lot of violence around this election. Honest folks just need to watch their backs because there are sinister evil people out there just waiting….President Obama did not calm things with race relation as everyone semd to think he would- so lets be careful and stay away from those skin head bars in chicago for sure.

Doc Holiday

I support Romney.
The number one premise of Christianity (large C) is that Jesus Christ IS GOD. Mormons do not believe that. simple.


There should be more worries about the general population than the KKK and Panthers. They are at best antagonists at the moment.

I agree about being in a public place during the elections. Anyone watching the news knows there is a racial component to the ‘flash mobs’ that have been going on in Baltimore since the spring of this year. Just this morning it’s been reported there was yet another mass shooting in the city of Chicago with at least 10 being hit by bullets. And I’m sure these aren’t unusual situations.

I believe the racial tensions haven’t been this bad since the murder of MLK and I remember this. It’s sad and at the same time scary and it’s being fomented all the more by the lame stream media and the sycophants in the Obama administration which are much the same thing these days.

Brian B

It seems to be that no matter who you are or what color or religion you are ther are always some bigots somewhere . I myself have been called quite a few names , just because I am a Vietnam Vet . I have endured this for 45 years . 1 year of service and a lifetime of trying to live it down .


You first need to beaware of your surroundings and I don’t mean just your immediate neighborhood. I am a retired LEO from California during the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s so I worked there during the period of combat with the Black Panthers, the Symbionese Liberation Army,and the Watts. When I retired I changed my immediate surroundings by relocating my family to the midwest. I now live in a small rural area where I know my neighbors and I know who it is in that car that just drove past my home. It is nice, quiet, pleasant and peaceful to live where I live. I know some black farmers that are my neighbors a few miles away and they are very nice people who do not even recognize the name of Stokely Carmichel or Eldrige Clever. There is a bar about 5 miles from here and on some weekends several Harley riders will gather there but we do not see “skin-heads”.
Let Mr Obama’s right hand man have Chicago, they are killing each other off faster there than we loose men in Afghanistan! So steer clear!
Lesson to learn. Do not live or be where HATE ABOUNDS. Get out of there and live where you can enjoy life. ASAP Learn about self defense, personal and with a weapon of your choice, get certified to carry, then do it. Having a card does no good in your wallet when your gun is at home locked in the safe. The same goes for having a gun that is not loaded…you might as well carry a rock!
Who just drove past your house? What type of vehicle was it? When you were at the gas station filling up late at night and a stranger ask for the time while your wife is sleeping in the car do you look at your watch to tell him the time? Was that when his pal is on the other side of the car and you loose! You were not aware!
Now who just drove past your house and while your kids were outside riding there bikes?
Do you think about these things? Or do you think that it will never happen to you, until it does, and then it is too late!


I’m a Marine from the VietNam era. I’d never even thought about race prior to the militry, but the Marines taught me that are only two colors that any real value-the green that you wear and the red that you bleed. Since I’m a 100% (combat related) vet, I get my medical care at the local VA. In the last four years, the atmosphere at the hospital has become racially charged. Although not everyone comes across as racist, a large percentage of the vets display something that would indicate a racist attitude. Years ago there was no racial tension, but today it is not unusual to her someone mumble, “White m….. f…..” in passing. I greet everyone with firm eye contact, and a, “Good morning, sir.” Marines get a “Semper Fi!” No one can carry anything on federal property, but other than there, I carry. Period. For more than twenty years. And I’ve never had to use or display my weapon. But it’s there. I agree, though, that regardless of who wins in November, there will be at least sporadic violence. No one will prevent me from voting, and when I’m done I’ll go home and watch the results on TV.
It’s time for the people of this country-everyone-to pull together and dig ourselves out of this hole. No black, white, yellow, brown or red. Just plain ole red, white and blue!
Semper Fi!

VT Patriot

Thank you sir. Well stated. And thank you for your service.

Joseph S Jakubicz

Thank you Sir!

Wellington Green Santa

Thank you sir for your service. And I couldn’t agree more. I supported a black candidate in the early primaries in both this and the last presidential election, but certainly not the one who sits in the oval office today. And like you said, ” In the last four years, the atmosphere at the hospital has become racially charged,” I believe that is because Obama has done more to destroy race relations in this country than the KKK and the Black Panther parties combined. He has race baited his way into the White House and played that card to try to manipulate the American people at every turn. I know so many people who have been lifelong friends who are now feuding like the “Hatfields and the McCoys.” I remember clearly where I was on April 29, 1992 when the verdict was announced because I was stuck on an Atlanta hwy for several hours due to race riots and looting in downtown Atlanta. And now I believe that because the Obama administration has created such an atmosphere of animosity between the races and a attitude of entitlement among most blacks that what we saw on April 29, 1992 doesn’t compare to what will happen if Obama loses the election. But then again, I don’t believe that this country can survive another four years of Obama.


Maybe a resident destroy a race, but blacks like liberal go to far, and that Dems loose like crazy last election, but blacks sorry win a the from all white, blacks must back o be slave.

dody stark

guess what? you were all wrong!!!! no race riots, no fema camps, no one beating down the doors to take away your guns. if we could all get over this strange paranoia that’s overtaken so many, life would be so much more pleasant.

KelbyandMelanie Russell

lol poor bastard you’ll be the first to go!

KelbyandMelanie Russell

lol poor bastard you’ll be the first to go!


Nope. Libs like you dummies will be among the first!

Jesus Qweef

Where the hell have your been? Ferguson was a race riot. Do you not realize how many white people were attacked by black people in that time? There are also multiple FEMA camps that have been consturcted but they look more like makeshift prisons . Along with all the ammo the federal government has been buying up , and I’d say we’re gonna have us a spat pretty soon.


History has shown that over the years ,all over the world, when the economy tanks people turn on each other. Usually the majority turns on the minorities and blames them even though they are not in power positions nor the cause of the problem. Most people don’t care what the truth is,they just want a scapegoat to blame. The Tea party is looking for a scape goat. Most Tea party members are supporters of Republican elected officials. They voted for President BUSH and his policies which failed and took the nation to the brink of a depression. However, they can’t face the fact that they made a mistake. Now they want to go further to the right like took place in NAZI Germany and think that will solve the problem. It won’t ,it will make things worse. The Democrats thought voting for President Obama would suddenly improve the economy. They were wrong too. President Obamas economic decisions were correct . However, the actions taken were late and not forcefull enough. You can thank the members of congress and the senate (a bunch of bums who are bought and paid for by big business). What will the desperate people do when they don’t have jobs,food,housing,healthcare,etc—.they turn on everyone. The only thing keeping us from major rtots right now is Americas safety net,(social security,food stamps,unemployment ins.,etc.,etc.. America is a country that has about two guns for every person and plenty of ammunition also. If things got really bad we could have a shootout that would be worse than War.

VT Patriot

Never seen a more perfect screen name. Troubled you are indeed.
Just a quick question for ya, can you use your food stamps for ammo?


I do not fear a race war. Rather, I fear that those who benefit only by Government largesse, who now have no requirement to work to receive welfare, will be cut off at the knees as soon as Obama is gone. When the have-nots rise against the haves, I pray they go for the hated 1% that Occupy Wall Street keeps crowing about.
I personally belong to that other 1%; men and women who have served honorably in our Republic’s armed forces. Coming at us would be a fatally flawed decision. Regardless, those who are not at least minimally prepared for conflict, most likely armed conflict, should remember this phrase: “If you look like prey, you will be eaten.”

Robert David Glover

We are allowing ourselves to be distracted and our energies diverted into destructive activities; gender, race, generational and class warfare by the thugs we have elected and sent to Washington, D. C. to represent us. We elected these people because we believed that they would have the best interests of our nation as their guiding principles. Instead, our members of Congress have turned that body into a cesspool, a fetid sewer of crony capitalism and outright corruption. They have auctioned their votes to the highest special interest bidders in return for campaign contributions and have turned their backs on their duty and the best interests of their constituents. The more that we allow them to divert us into destructive actions, the more likely it will be that they will manufacture a pretext for imposing martial law and confiscating firearms. It happened in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Mayor Ray Nagin’s jackbooted thugs went door to door seizing guns, leaving citizens at the mercy of roving bands of looters. At the sane time the Louisiana National Guard herded homeless residents into a makeshift internment camp in the Louisiana Superdome, where there was inadequate food, water and sanitary facilities. If you think it cannot happen here, think again; it is as close as the next natural disaster.

C. M. Novess III KGCTJ

I’d say that there is about a 65% chance that the elections will actually take place in November. Martial law will be instituted – in part because of riots (mostly racial) orchestrated from the Whitehouse and through repeats of the horrific firearms incidents that have been occurring with alarming regularity of late.