AR-15 and 500 Rounds Stolen from Car in New Orleans

AR-15 and 500 Rounds Stolen from Car in New Orleans

Please stop leaving guns in your vehicles! And if you really have to leave a gun in your car, try to do it responsibly.

Last week, a tourist that was staying at an Airbnb rental in New Orleans left a duffle bag containing an AR-15 and 500 rounds of ammo in his car. Around 5:00 AM, a man riding by in his bicycle noticed the bag, somehow opens the door and stole the duffle bag.

This happened in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans which is just one of the areas that has been plagued with crime. Residents are now pushing for a new security district in the area and for people to install more security cameras.

One easy thing they could do right now is not leave firearms in their car. Pretty simple.

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Common sense is becoming more like uncommon sense.


The Federal government requires you to leave your firearm in your vehicle, parked on the street, whenever you plan on visiting a Post Office. Other ‘gun-free zones’, such as schools, also require you remove your weapon from your person, where it is most controllable and safe, and retain it off grounds. All these zones increase the likelihood and chance for crime to strike.


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