Are You Crazy If You Open Carry?

Are You Crazy If You Open Carry?

Are You Crazy If You Open Carry?

I realize open carrying is your right. And by all means, if you want to exercise that right you should do it. In fact, I’m lucky enough to live in the great state of Virginia where open carry is legal and people do it all the time.

Personally though, you’ll never catch me open carrying. You see, I’m a very practical sort of guy. The only reason I carry a gun and spend hours at the range is for personal protection purposes. I’m not a competition shooter and I don’t own a tricked-out $3,000 1911. My firearm of choice is a Glock 19. (Yes it may be ugly, but if I pull the trigger I know it will go boom.)

My point is, when it comes to carrying a gun I’m doing it for practical personal protection reasons and open carry isn’t “practical” in my eyes. Now, I know that half of you just screamed at your computer “this guy’s an idiot, of course it’s practical,” so let me explain.

First off, when I carry a gun I carry it concealed for a reason.

I don’t want anyone else to know I have a gun. I don’t want to be standing in a 7-11 one day and have some criminal run in and shoot me first because he sees that I have a gun on my hip, therefore I’m his biggest threat.

Also, I don’t want to be standing in line at Walmart and have to worry about some dirt bag grabbing my gun from behind. You see, when you open carry you have to be very aware of where your “gun side” is at all times. Law enforcement officers are well- trained in this, but I’ve seen the “average Joe” open carry and far too many of them have no awareness when it comes to their gun. (Plus, if you open carry you’d better have a retention device on your holster, but this still doesn’t mean someone can’t try and take it.)

Of course, in general, I just don’t want to make a spectacle and draw attention to myself. When I’m out and about running errands I want to blend in with everyone else. If I’m ever face to face with a criminal who’s about to take my life or someone near me I want him to look at me and think I’m some harmless guy in jeans and a t-shirt. (I don’t want him to know that if the situation calls for it he’s about to see the business end of my Glock.)

Plus, we all know…

That many cops and other law enforcement officials don’t know state laws when it comes to open carry. And as fun as it is wasting half my day while some cop hassles me, I’ll pass.

But perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “There’s got to be some good reason to open carry,” right? Well, as I stated at the beginning of this article it’s your right to open carry. So if you choose, go ahead and get together with your fellow friends and have “open carry night” at the local Denny’s.

Another reason to open carry is that it is faster to come out of the holster. I realize that when you carry concealed you have to lift up your concealment garment with your opposite hand to be able to draw the gun. However, if you “dry fire” practice coming out of the holster with your concealment clothing on you should soon be able to draw very quickly. And in my opinion, carrying open for a faster draw does not outweigh the benefits of carrying concealed.

Well, there you have it. I know that open carry vs. concealed carry will always be a personal preference so let the hate mail begin.

About the Author:

Jason R. Hanson is a former CIA officer. He’s also an NRA Certified Instructor, a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor and an Eagle Scout. Jason believes there are few things in life as important as being able to protect yourself and your loved ones. That’s why he’s giving away a free report titled, “Insider Secrets of Buying Your First Concealed Carry Firearm” at


  • “The carrying of arms in a quiet, peaceable, and orderly manner, concealed on or about the person, is not a breach of the peace. Nor does such an act of itself, lead to a breach of the peace.” (Wharton’s Criminal and Civil Procedure, 12th Ed., Vol.2:Judy v. Lashley, 5 W. Va. 628, 41 S.E. 197)

    • anon

      four score and seven years ago blah, blah blah.  Dogmatic quoting doesn’t address the points this guy made.  He acknowledged the legal right at the get go.

  • PaulM1951

    Jason, I agree with you 100%.It is our right to open carry and if you chose by all means do. I am 60 yrs. old and disabeled. I do not need some clown going after my gun. I have it and if needs be he will see it up close and personal. I don’t need to say hay look at me I carry a gun. No one needs to know.

    • jameshd

      65 (almost 66) and disabled. Can’t agree with you more.

  • Paulsears

    I agree wholeheartedly.  Too many people gawk and shy away when I open carry.  It is better for me to be the only person who knows I am armed.

  • OC or CC, It’s just a preference. But to keep OC as an available option it needs to be practiced. The reality is if you hide your guns for too long and people “forget” that you can OC then thats when “guns are scary syndrome” sets in. Thats unfortunately the first step to loosing the ability to OC.

  • EdS243

    When I carrying concealed I don’t want to be hassled by the cops if it prints, becomes accidentally exposed, or I decide to take my jacket off.  I’m so lucky to have those that have pushed for their right to open carry here in Virginia.

  • EdS243

    When I carrying concealed I don’t want to be hassled by the cops if it prints, becomes accidentally exposed, or I decide to take my jacket off.  I’m so lucky to have those that have pushed for their right to open carry here in Virginia.

  • Woodyb

    Open carry removes my advantage. I prefer to remain seen as no threat.

    • Anonymous

      No threat equals potential victim to a bad guy.

  • I am one of the 50% that Totally Agrees with your position!

  • Andyupchurch

    Well said, Jason. Tennessee has the right to carry – open or concealed. Everybody -LEO or otherwise, says conceal is the way to go for the very reason of the inconspicuous element of surprise. Nobody likes to have to stand around and explain the “why” of OC or having to be dressed down by a wary LEO. 

    • Anonymous

      No one should have to explain the “why” of OC or be dressed down by a wary LEO who, by the way, is also open carrying. Where LEOs are used to it, it doesn’t happen unless in conjunction with some other suspicious activity.

  • Castlebailbonds

    In recent months, open carry advocates did just that throughout CA. All that did was get the majority, anti gun legislators to pass a law banning open carry in CA. And our relected Gov. Jerry Brown will sign that law in the blink of an eye.

    So, what was accomplished by having organized open carry get togethers at Starbucks?

    • Anonymous

      What was accomplished is that now, in California counties where a concealed carry permit is vitually impossible to get, the necessary legal position to sue based on deprivation of the right of self-defense will be in place. Read the judge’s decision in Peruta v. San Diego. She specifically cited the legality of unloaded open carry as being a deciding factor against Peruta.

  • oc

    Yawn…..Both have their pros and cons with open carry being better in general because of the huge deterrent effect. A right unexercised is a right lost.

  • Open carry and concealed carry are both covered under the 2nd Amendment. It is the same right. We need to stop dividing this right into concealed and open carry. It is a personal preference. I do both here in Seattle. Have even been threatened by SPD. Once in my own yard for having a gun on. That does not stop me from exercising my legal right. If we allow a division in this right, then local, state and fed. govts. will do the same and outlaw one or the other. 

    • Anonymous

      Exactly Mike! Those who say they support the Second Amendment but are against open carry are allowing their own personal preferences to color their position. I’ve never hunted, but I was against the EPA’s effort to ban lead ammo on principal.

      • LongPurple

        Amen to you Rich.
        I don’t hunt either, but I support hunting rights every way I can.    Either we all stick  together as gun owners and gun users or we can all watch our 2A. rights fade away.

  • Tlwheatley

    I sometimes OC just because it may be easier. I live in an area where while uncommon to see it, it’s accepted as ok. NEVER have I had someone freak out.

  • Copatriot!

    I am 51 and have open carried since I was 18.  I have NEVER had anyone ever try to take my weapon from me.  I also know for fact that on one occasion the very fact that I had a sidearm on deterred a robbery from happening as in a witness just after the fact said they saw two armed men leaving the store in a hurry after seeing me, an armed citizen at the register.  Thus two of your reasons for not to open care are negated.  I have had on many occasions people come up to me and tell me that they feel very pleased to have an armed citizen in the area!

    • Copatriot!

      One the rare occasion I am not armed people who know me always ask, and this includes people who work at places I shop, why I am not armed, and actually tell me they prefer to see me armed and feel safer when I am around!

    • Copatriot!

      On the rare occasion I am not armed people who know me always ask, and
      this includes people who work at places I shop, why I am not armed, and
      actually tell me they prefer to see me armed and feel safer when I am

  • Lucenut

    @Castlebailbonds it accomplished showing who believes in the constitution and who doesn’t! Now we know exactly where California wants to go. I say we cut SoCal loose and let them join Mexico.

  • The ‘open carriers get shot 1st’ is a non-starter. Most of the time, the person knocking over the 7-11 isn’t a cold blooded murderer. He wants some cash for his crack habit and then leave. Most likely, if he sees an OC’er, he will either wait until I leave or go to the White Hen pantry down the street.

    Secondly, in WI it is illegal to conceal carry, so my choices are to be unarmed or open carry.

    Thirdly, I don’t open carry to show off.

    With friends like the author, who needs enemies?

  • SpeakSoftlyAndCarryABigGlock

    Criminals look for soft,easy targets.  When the bad guy sees you have a weapon he will look for another victim.  It is that simple.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, criminals do have common sense.  They don’t like getting shot at either, so they will tend to leave people carrying guns alone.  Of course, they won’t know you are carrying a gun if you are hiding it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, criminals do have common sense.  They don’t like getting shot at either, so they will tend to leave people carrying guns alone.  Of course, they won’t know you are carrying a gun if you are hiding it.

      • Alnrn78

        If what you say were true then a criminal would never try to take a handgun out of a police officer’s holster. However statistics show that the majority of police that were killed were shot by someone using the cop’s gun. I’ve read in numerous places that criminals in prison, practice taking the handgun out of the cops holster. The proof of that are the special retention straps on police holsters.

        I used to have a job with an electrical protection company for 4 years where I had to open carry whenever I left the office. Now I carry concealed all the time because it gives me an edge. If the crook doesn’t know I am armed then if I have to draw my gun if my life is at risk it will be a surprise for the bad guy and maybe something he hadn’t planned for.

        It is also good for the community if people carry concealed. That way, if permits to carry are readily available to honest people, the bad guys know that there are people who are armed but they don’t know which ones, that way they are leery of everyone. This was proved shortly after Florida passed a “Shall issue” law. The car jackers focused on jar jacking cars leaving the airport that were rental cars. They could be pretty sure that someone in a rental car was not armed but they didn’t want to take a chance with a Florida citizen who very well migt be armed.

        • I notice how you must resort to comparing apples to oranges.  First, there are no absolutes in life.  Wearing a gun openly is not going to ward off every person with evil desires.  Wearing a gun concealed is not going to guarantee that it can stop every attack.  They are only ways to increase odds.  Odds are increased that the criminal is just not going to mess with you if he KNOWS you have the ability to kill him, and you have the confidence to wear the gun in the open in the first place.

          Second, did you even stop to consider that the reason cops and prison guards get their guns taken from them and killed with them is to enable the escape of the criminal?  Or out of hatred for the uniform because they do have the power to arrest the perpetrator?  That situation is completely inapplicable to Joe Citizen carrying on the street.  Again, your theory simply lends evidence to the fact that criminals do not want to get caught and once they are caught they want to escape.

          When a criminal is dealing with a cop, the cop is more than likely going to find out they are a criminal and arrest them.  That situation does not exist with Joe Citizen.  The criminal doesn’t know me from Adam and has no reason to believe that I know them from Adam.  So, in all likelihood, the easiest way for the criminal to avoid getting caught is simply to leave me alone, because it is much easier to avoid attention if there isn’t a gun fight involved.  Especially when the next guy to come along in a couple minutes is 99% likely to not be visibly carrying a gun.

          Also you say it is also good for the community if people carry concealed.  It is good for the community if people carry guns.  Why do you insist on limiting that to concealed carry?  Yes, the ability to carry concealed is important, because it leaves the possibility that someone might have a hidden gun open.  But if, as you say, if criminals are so unafraid of getting shot at that they will attack an open carrier… then why would just the possibility of someone carrying a gun deter them at all?  Again, you are only supporting the fact that criminals don’t want to get shot or caught.

        • slowfiveoh

          Your reply is problematic on several social levels. I will address them with the hopes that you will sit back, pontificate, and reach a superior conclusion to the less than well thought out one you have above. To do so, I will counterpoint your comments in listed order of your post to highlight the missing, valuable metrics you are not considering:

          #1. -Police getting their firearm taken by a criminal-

          The problem with your assessment here is that you neglect to recognize that confrontation (Whether it be by arrest or consensual encounter engaged by the officer) is what typically leads to said fights. Almost exclusively, as a matter of record, these altercations in which a perpetrator grabs at an officers sidearm are done during the course of arrest or investigation.

          The presence of law enforcement immediately stimulates as a matter of psychology, the “fight or flight” mechanism in the criminals mind, raising their adrenal gland production, and forcing them to make decisions that may be irrational.

          This is due to the end product of  arrest, and detainment, on behalf of the officers.

          Criminals witnessing an armed citizen who bears no interest in detaining and/or arresting them, simply presents an inopportune target with a high level of risk involved. Move on to a softer, more pliable target.

          There are plenty of unarmed women, elderly people, teenagers, and meek men to bother with the prospect of being shot for the $15 in someones wallet who clearly has a sidearm on them.

          Sorry, but that is the truth.

          #2. -Concealed Carry Gives Me An Edge-

          There may be limited situations wherein a criminal intent on malicious activity does not observe you reaching for your firearm during commission of a crime. However, for a criminal already tremoring, high on whatever drugs they have recently taken, or simply under stress and edgy, fumbling and bumbling with your clothes may not be the best idea you will make in your life while both you and said criminal are under duress.

          Let’s engage using a comparative method that parallels nicely with the scenario of fantasy that most CC’ers equate to reality.

          How many times have you seen an article about how an officer shot someone who was “reaching for something”?

          Good, I think we have all seen them.

          Please note that whatever the individual was reaching for, was not presented in time, to prevent from being shot dead.

          This parallels nicely with the fantasy that a CC’er sitting in open view of an armed criminal during the commission of a crime, will be able to retrieve and present their firearm in a timely and precise fashion, within a time period necessary to avoid being shot. If the CC’er is behind cover and not visible anyways, then any sort of merit that the firearms hidden state had anything to do with anything, was completely erased.

          For those who have been under fire, or found themselves in life-changing moments of mortal peril, they know that the perception of time is heightened and that the ability to draw in contrast to the perpetrators ability to put rounds in your face and chest will happen in what seems like an eternity.

          Reevaluate the wisdom of pulling a firearm from below clothing in the presence of an armed criminal who merely has to make one simple mechanical motion to bring you on target, while said criminal has already realized the gravity of his situation and the consequences of his actions.

          Think wisely about that.

          #3. -It is wise to conceal because then a criminal never knows who is carrying-

          Wow is this a warped perspective on social reality, that is constantly iterated and reiterated by CC proponents. By the way, they are teaching the class if you’re interested. Only $49.95, and you get a free shirt!

          The truth is that the lack of presence of firearms in society does nothing whatsoever to augment the idea that citizens have awakened to their own individual responsibility to protect themselves.

          A firearm hidden is as valid in changing the mindset of criminals as not having one at all. Even in high volume CCW issuance states, crime is still relatively high. That is because criminals have learned that “most” people are not “packing”, therefore the probability of retaliation by their victim is pretty low when it comes to firearm usage.

          I offer you two examples, and you figure out which one is more beneficial to society.

          A.) A state restricts firearm carry to concealed, despite it being a violation of constitutionally recognized rights. Due to the difficulty in obtaining said CCW, whether it be the funds to obtain it, the oft whimsical training requirements, or the simple presence of a process at all in our lazy society, very few individuals per capita actually carry in this state. 

          In said state, a criminal finds himself hungry, and in need of some pocket change. He heads down to the local convenience store.

          By the pumps, walking towards the store, he notices a man with jeans, a black shirt, and a cowboy hat on pumping fuel into his truck.

          He passes several patrons walking into the store. He pretends to wait for a few minutes looking in the aisles at various items

          Eventually there are only 3 people left in the store, not including the two clerks, behind the counter.

          The criminal makes his move when the patrons move to the front counter, by drawing a handgun from his waistband, and ordering the clerks hands in the air, and the patrons to the ground.

          Maybe he gets unlucky, and there happened to be a OC’er/CC’er in the bathroom. Maybe not. But in this state, because there is a 1:400,000 chance that somebody may be carrying, his gambling odds are good.


          B.) A state embraces both forms of carry, and true constitutional carry. The citizenry has elected to practice their right to defend themselves, and therefore citizens both openly or concealed carrying have engaged in this activity.

          In said state, a criminal finds himself hungry, and in need of some pocket change. He heads down to the local convenience store.

          By the pumps, walking towards the store, he notices a man with jeans, a black shirt, and a cowboy hat pumping fuel into his truck. He notices on the mans right hip is the clear “L” shape of a firearm in a holster.

          He passes several patrons walking into the store, and notices 2 out of 5 of them carrying pistols on their hips. He, obviously being mentally ill at this point, continues his dedication to his criminal cause. He waits for a few minutes while the remaining patrons thin out.

          Eventually, there are only 3 people left in the store, not including the two clerks, behind the counter.

          The criminal prepares to make his move and approaches the front counter where all present in the store are visible.

          As he goes to reach for his pistol, he notices black belts on the clerks, and as one rotates, a glaringly obvious 1911 is on his hip. The other clerk is eying him intently, and says, “Is there something I can do for you sir?”.

          Now be honest with yourself, and answer truthfully.

          Which is the better model for society?

          Choice “A” is exactly as most states have it now.
          Choice “B” is where freedom loving Americans and proponents for carry would like it to be.


          Have a great day!

        • LongPurple

          Any carjackers who think they are safe choosing victims in rental cars exiting the airports may be in for an unpleasant surprise.  I plan on flying down to FL this Fall. 

          I will have removed my sidearm from my luggage before leaving the rental car parking lot —– with my non-resident FL CCW permit in my wallet, and my sidearm in my holster. 

        • chocolate dirty harry

          Cops usually become victim to gun grabs not because the crook wants to steal their gun but to escape. The gun grab is always a by product of the attack. For example a prisoner in a courtroom with nothing to lose grabs a bailiff’s gun in an effort to escape. Another example is a cop trying to subdue a suspect and the suspect grabs the officer’s gun to avoid arrest. An open carrier tends to run away from scenarios like this. Cops are trained to neutralize/contain the threat where an open carrier would just shoot to kill. There was an incident where an open carrier became victim to a gun grab and was murdered with his own weapon. The 16 year old punk stole the guy’s gun and the guy stupidly chased him.

  • I like the idea because of the wind .
    No mater how hard you work at keeping it concealed, sometimes the wind just does her thing and exposes you.

    In many States this can land you in jail for failure to conceal.

  • I like the idea because of the wind .
    No mater how hard you work at keeping it concealed, sometimes the wind just does her thing and exposes you.

    In many States this can land you in jail for failure to conceal.

  • M1gunr

    Why is it always some former Fed, LEO and/or Instructor spouting about how bad it is to Open Carry?  As long as one carries in a safe manner, it shouldn’t matter if they CC or OC. I carry for my comfort, I don’t care about your feelings when I carry.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing, isn’t it? Here in Florida, the Florida Sheriffs Association lobbied relentlessly against open carry, saying they fervently supported concealed carry. Yet, back in 1987 when the concealed carry bill was being proposed, that same agency lobbied relentlessly against it, and publicly stated they preferred open carry as at least their officers would know who was armed and who wasn’t.

      • Bob F

        The irony! The cops may be better trained than the avg. joe, but still don’t always know who is CC, esp illegally (example, crotch carry of a SNS by a convicted felon with the baggy pants). 

  • Criminals aren’t dumb.  Especially the hardened career criminals.  They didn’t become hardened career criminals by doing dumb things.  A criminal has 1 goal: to get what they want in the easiest manner possible with the least chance of getting caught, with the least legal consequences for their actions, and with the least chance of getting shot at.

    What percentage of the US population open carries, besides those that are job related?  Maybe 1/2 of 1%.  So, if I am a criminal, and I am after what most street criminals are after – an easy $$$ or credit card, then why in the world would I attack the guy that I KNEW was carrying a gun?  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just walk down the street one block and attack the guy not visibly carrying a gun, or wait two minutes for the guy with the gun to leave, or go to the next convenience store down the street where there isn’t a visible gun present?

    The facts of REALITY are that gun grabs are extremely rare or at least we don’t hear about them.  Don’t you think with the strong anti-gun sentiments and media that if gun grabs did happen, from Joe Citizen, the media wouldn’t blast it on every news show an in every paper spinning it to scream for more gun control?  And the Joe Citizen open carrying being shot first has never been recorded.  If I am standing in a bank, amongst the other customers, and a bank robber or two bursts through the door, does it really pass any common sense check at all for them to take the time to examine every customer’s belt line looking for a gun?  I am much less likely to be detected drawing my gun than the person is who has to mess with his concealment method first to get to his gun.

    The principal objective of open carry is called deterrence.  The “element of surprise” does nothing to deter a criminal action.  In order to deter an action, the actor must KNOW that the consequences of his actions are going to far outweigh the benefits of such action.  First, there is the chance of the criminal getting shot at.  Second, there is the increased likelihood of the crime being detected once firearms become involved.  Third, there is the increased legal consequence of committing a crime involving a firearm.  It doesn’t take any rocket science level of intelligence at all to see that messing with an armed citizen is just plain stupid, when there are so many targets available not visibly armed.

    It’s just plain too easy for a criminal to avoid the open carrier and move on to the 99.5% of the population that is not visibly hardened by carrying a gun.  I would rather deter the crime from happening to me or my family by openly carrying the firearm rather then rely on the “element of surprise” to save me after the crime has already begun.

    • Copatriot!

      Very well said my friend!

    • Anonymous

      Ditto John! Excellent.

    • Big Dawg

      I totally agree with you John. The sole purpose for open carry is Deterrence. Put yourself in the place of a bad guy; would you challenge a guy/women displaying a gun? Absolutely not. I live in CA. Horrible state gun laws. As a result of that, the crime rate is astronomical, especially gun fights. I am sure you are all aware of the problems that occurred last weekend on the whole east coast. Don’t be a victim. My 2 cents

      • CCer

        “Would you challenge a guy/women displaying a gun?”

        – No. I also wouldn’t challenge an UNARMED person with a gun. This must mean I DO NOT know how the criminal mind works, and that I should proceed with caution when testing theories that could mean life or death for me, or the people around me.

      • PaulM1951

        Remember. It’s not always 1 bad guy. It is most times 2 or more. They feed off each other and push each other to act. Would 2 or more bad guys take on someone they know has a gun ? Of course they would. They are not going to walk up and say hello. They are sneeks. Once they get your gun the record shows you are more then likely going to get shot with it and it’s one more gun in the hands of some low life. The news does not report gun take aways just like they don’t report so and so had a gun stolen from their home. That 99% must be doing something right. But if you want to it’s your right.

        • Anonymous

          “Once they get your gun the record shows you are more than likely going to get shot with it”
          The ONLY incident I’ve ever heard about where a criminal robbed someone of his gun (at gunpoint, BTW) the citizen was not shot.

          Show us all the news reports of your scenario happening.  If it were really so common, there must be thousands of incidents, given the hundreds of thousands of people who OC every day.
          You can’t because it doesn’t.

          • Wchristepher

            very very well said; i concur.

          • Wchristepher I was reading an art. in nra & it stated that Iforgot the percntage rate but it was high  about cuicide thought I,d put that in they,re using to try to pass some gun laws but not telling the truth about it

          • Paul

            Well, it it’s in NRA then it has to be true and objective.

        • Jay Kay

          Buy a retention holster. level 3. It’s not hard. And don’t wear it around town to your local gas station.

      • Tommyjames49

        I retired from CCI, a California state prison, where I had inmates working for me that were from the minimum yard.  I once asked one of them If they could have one wish what would it be.  I was thinking that it would be early parole or something good.  His answer was “GUNS”.  When I asked him why guns his reply was: “If I have guns then I can get anything else I want.”  There is the mentality of a convicted felon. 

        • Anonymous

          What point are you trying to make? If it’s that a bad guy will indeed confront an open carrier in order to get his firearm, I’d say that since he could acquire one for $100 on the street or steal one from an unoccupied dwelling, why would he possibly put his life on the line?

          • I think he’s simply making the point that it’s what the criminals want, not whether they will take it from an armed person, you read too much into it. Many studies also show that in areas with high gun ownership, there is less violent crime because when asked about that, the people in prison said they don’t want to get shot. I have mixed feelings about open carry. I like the element of surprise from concealed carry, but it’s more comfortable and easier to draw with open carry. I might open carry when going to the range or up to the mountains, where I open carry anyway. Don’t know, it’s kind of a sticky thing with no clear best answer.

          • The element of surprise is only useful if you are the first to act or on the offensive. In a defensive situation, you are reacting (therefore not first to react) to an attack. The element of surprise doesn’t help you there.

            Example: Walking down the sidewalk and you are targeted for robbery.

          • Paul

            “many studies” — sounds legit. Care to cite any?

          • Roy Payne

            I agree. I open carry to & from the range or for a hike in the nearby woods. But at work and when I’m out & about, concealed all the way.

    • CCer

      I’m a passionate Concealed Carrier.

      My problem is this: I’ve never seen someone open carrying who meets these criteria:

      a) Is attractive.

      b) Is not overweight to some degree.

      c) Is well dressed.

      I’m not trying to pick a fight, I just wish I could meet ONE good lookin’ dude who carried openly, who was also wearing $280 designer jeans. When I see that… when I see someone OCing who doesn’t look like an un-made bed, I’ll be very happy.

      Until then, Open or Concealed- as long as you’ve got a gun, you’re okay in my book.

      • Anonymous

        And what do your personal preferences have to do with my rights?
        Do you demand that someone writing her Congressman comply with those standards? How about worshipping? Voting?

      • Bob b

        I saw a fat guy pull a full size .45 out from his t-shirt neck, quick as a whip, (demo video for chest band holsters), and thought “holy shit, I wonder how many other fat dudes have Colt .45’s under their man boobs. You never know who has what! 

        • Wchristepher, retired LEO

          as long as the ‘fat or skinny’ person is fully able to respect their responsiblity, I dont have a issue with them carrying open or concealed.
          being trained well, and well practiced is far more important to me,
          than the persons size.
          its the centre mass shot placement that will kill you.
          not my 40inch waistline 🙂 

        • Wchristepher, retired LEO

          as long as the ‘fat or skinny’ person is fully able to respect their responsiblity, I dont have a issue with them carrying open or concealed.
          being trained well, and well practiced is far more important to me,
          than the persons size.
          its the centre mass shot placement that will kill you.
          not my 40inch waistline 🙂 

        • Sdmilitia

          I Have four under mine

      • Teknoid

        A few years ago, after moving (finally) out of the gulag of Illinois, I encountered the person who reminded me that I had re-entered civilization. She was a gorgeous brunette, open carrying a nice Kimber. Got my CCDW the next week. Wish I could find her to thank her. Oh, her jeans may not have been “designer”, But I’ve never seen a pair of levis that looked better!

        I only open carry on the job, as I’m frequently around large sums of cash (30 to 150K), but I would never put someone down for doing so.

      • Write me a check for 300 dollars and I’ll buy an expensive pair of jeans and model them for you, haha.

      • Jay Kay

        I am ( in my opinion) A decent looking guy, with a fit build, and I usually always at least tuck in my shirt, I don’t usually wear Tees…

    • Speaking of deterrance, there was a local incident where a robber entered a bank and saw an open carrier and promptly turned around and walked out. I know this is anecdotal, but it did happen in near my hometown. All the tellers were very grateful to the open carrier that particular day.

      • Wolfman

        Wow!!! in my state we can’t open or conceal carry in a bank. Looks like the bank is out of luck

    • Wogahboy

      I agree 100%.

    • Herman Vogel

      LMAO, you don’t keep up with the times do you? within ONE year of Texas becoming a Concealed handgun state,,,crime DROPPED. Why, because the Peckerwoods DIDN’T know who was or wasn’t carrying. Open carry tells them which one to shoot FIRST, then the rest are easy prey. They push me aside and walk on in,,,then their asses are MINE. You can’t do that while open carrying.

      • Roy Payne

        100% agree.

  • Lee

    I do agree with your sentiments.  The element of surprise is always good.

    With that said, I do applaud the people who go the extra step and carry open, subjecting themselves to being detained by officers ignorant of the law, and waling through public venues with a firearm in a peaceful manner.

    I had to go visit my son’s school recently because he was talking about his “cap” gun he received as a gift.  Apparently, just mentioning the word gun now days sends people in a tizzy.  So imagine, the sight of a gun now days causes panic.  Mentioning it one generation later will generate the same level of panic.

    We need to do something to change the viewpoint of firearms as weapons of death and maniacs to that of a tool that can be use for peaceful purposes as well.  Or, one day, when saying the “word” gun creates a panic, there will be no one left to support the second amendment.

    • Anonymous

      The “element of suprise” is overrated.
      If you have to suprise a bad guy with your pistol, there’s already a crime in progress and you’re reacting.
      By OCing, bad guys choose not to attack me in the first place.

  • Charlie

    Although I too would choice to carry concealed at all times, I do support open carry laws.  Mainly, for the protection it would offer me if I had accidentally revealed my weapon, such as when i ride my motorcycle.  I wouldn’t have to worry about being arrested and having my CHL revoked if the wind blew my cover up over my weapon.

  • Msglaigaie

    I open carry everyday. I put my weapon on when I get out of bed, and I take it off when I get into bed. 98% of the time nobody even notices. Because I am a “nice, polite kinda guy” people feel comfortable around me. If they see my weapon, this does not change. 

    • Anonymous

      Shouldn’t you go back to OCDO, John?  😉

  • T bar K

    IMO I prefer the Concealed carry for the same reasons above ,but I dont like being hasseled if i print thru my clothes , Alot of the folks at church carry as well as I do an its not an issue but I do find people in general out on the town tend to eye my pocket when i have my EDC gun in it even when i use a pocket holster I usualy just ignor them , in 5 years though i have never had an issue either way in Tx , as long as i have it concealed , I OC in my yard when i am mowing or moving stuff around an get lots of looks from cars going by but still no other issues ,t

  • Sean

    Who ever said that you had to stand around at a 7-Eleven to open carry?  It is worth mentioning that 7-Eleven’s lobbyist fought us this year in the Florida legislature on our Open Carry bill.

    Why on earth would you concealed carry in the woods?  Or while clearing brush on your own land? or in your car? or at a friends house while eating dinner?  I’d take off my coat if I could but that’s all illegal here still because people think that Open Carry means parading around downtown with a .45 exposed.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sean! Long time no talk to. I open carry when I go fishing, as allowed by law. But you already knew that!

  • old man

    I am also an old man and have open carryed here in Ga for many years. My carry is a 9mm keltec and most people do not even see it. Holster is a through the belt with snap strap. I feel better with this setup as it will be hard for someone to grab it. It gets very hot and humid here, so a t shirt is the best way to stay cool. I don’t OC so people can see it.

  • Irongoat

    It is a personal decision as to OC or CC.  but….. I disagree on a couple of your reasons for not open carry. Most people even bad guys will avoid you if they know you have a gun, which in turn may make them not rob that 7-11, of course there are those who don’t care, they take what they want no matter the risk.  As far as LE even if you have a concealed carry license they don’t all know the laws and may still hassle you.  As an CHL instructor I tell people that they need to practice as often as possible and never forget you are carrying a gun.(you may get used to it but you never forget) I believe that be my stance either way OC or CC.
    I wish my State had open carry but they do not.

  • Sdismukes

    I guess it comes down to preference.  Here in TX, one of I think 6 states that explicitly prohibit open carry, I’d like to see that law removed.  It should be my choice.  Of course the image of TX as being wild west, as soon as anyone suggests Open Carry be legalized, the media will say we’re gonna have gunfights on the streets of Tombstone (nevermind Tombstone is in AZ where OC is legal, and no, they don’t have gunfights beyond the re-enactments there).

    Point I like – if someone comes to you and says guns are bad, killing will go up, blah blah, ask them if “right now” they are likely to rob a 7-11 or go murder someone.  Of course they will say no.  So then ask them if they had a gun on their person, would they then sudenly become a murderer or a thief?  Would they have this unimaginable urge to stick up a 7-11?  Of course they will say no.  So your response is that their character rules, and the possession of a gun is IMMATERIAL.  It makes no difference if they held a gun or not – they would not rob or murder.  Therefore it can’t be the gun at fault.  So what is all the hoopla about gun ownership?

    • Anonymous

      7 states. But who’s counting?

  • Mf85225

    @ John H. – I don’t know about you but my reason for carrying isn’t to deter crime but to protect my life.  If I am a potential target because of my exposed firearm then it’s better left concealed.  Wouldn’t you agree?  I think higher numbers of dead bad guys would do more for detering crime than lots of people with shiny guns on their hips and bullseyes on their backs.

    • Anonymous

      I am John H.  Just logged on differently.  There is no real world evidence that points to open carry causing Joe Citizen to become a target.  That scenario is played out over and over again in the imaginations of those attempting to justify their prejudice against open carry.  It just doesn’t happen in reality.

      I carry my gun for protection of myself and my family from the criminal.  If the criminal sees my gun and moves on then I have protected myself and my family from two things.  I have protected myself and them from attact by the criminal.  AND, in addition, I have protected myself and them from the trauma of seing someone shot and from the possible expense of the case going to civil court, more than likely.

      If the criminal does not see my gun and decides to attack anyway, then I have the advantage of a faster draw time with much less movement required.

      The scenario of the criminal seeing Joe Citizen open carrying and planning an elaborate plan to attack him anyway just doesn’t play out in reality.  Show me one instance where it has.  That challenge has been issued for years now.

      As far as the extra hassle by the police and public due to seeing the gun….that is never going to change until they see normal Americans doing normal American activities while carrying a firearm in a normal manner.  If we insist on hiding away our guns like they are something evil, the only image of the gun and the person carrying it the public is going to see is the image presented to them by the anti-gun media and groups like the Brady Bunch.

    • Anonymous

      By carrying concealed, you are projecting that you are just another of the unarmed potential victims. Since by open carrying you are less likely to be approached at all by a bad guy, it seems to me that your life is better protected by projecting that you are prepared.

  • Astrong

    I have been carrying for 4 years The same pistol, same holster (Cross breed) and the same place (near appendix). My pistol 1911 officer 45 cal. It is rquipped with a crimson trace laser and is far superior to dry fireing and easier on the pistol. I practice daily in my Hangar from bad breath distance to 40 ft.always moving and I am still on the original batteries.
    I live fire monthly and the result is impressive.
    By the way I am 82 years old.

  • Mark5019

    when i open carry it shows the sheeple that guns dont kill

  • Tom G

    Here in Alaska, all types of carry are legal including walking around with a pistol or revolver in your hand. How a person carries is personal choice. To some the element of surprise it what matters, to others it is the deterrence factor. The important thing is that any way you choose to carry is a serious matter and you should take the time to learn the laws and rules of your area, and practice.

  • Davet

    I coceal my weapon unless I am in the woods,then I want all who walk in my camp to know I have a firearm.

  • “I don’t want anyone else to know I have a gun. I don’t want to be standing in a 7-11 one day and have some criminal run in and shoot me first because he sees that I have a gun on my hip, therefore I’m his biggest threat.”

    Has this ever actually happened or is it someones imagination at work?  In the REAL world, the criminal running in either isn’t worried about you being there (which is scary), or simply doesn’t realize that you are there.

    In either case it makes no difference that you are Open Carrying, but the split second delay could make the difference between surviving or not.

  • Hell no, you aren’t crazy if you OC, and you don’t have a target painted on your back, as some will say.

    The Criminal ALWAYS has the element of surprise. Hiding your gun won’t give it back to you. 

    • Anonymous

      And if the criminal has already surprised you, chances are they are watching for the person to reach for a gun anyway!  That’s why it is best to just deter the criminal to begin with, rather than see “who surprises whom faster”.

  • Anonymous


    I think you are missing a point about the OC movement *entirely*. The role of OC is often political in addition to self-defense – demonstrating a right to carry and, ideally, being good ambassadors to the *entire* carry community at large, both open and concealed.

    Open carry done properly sparks discussion about personal rights and freedoms. I know as a spook downrange that CC is the way to be but back here in the States we are still fighting daily for freedoms we thought were guaranteed to us.

  • In the end it may actually do some good, if Open Carry is against the law, then “shall” issue concealed permits must be offered.  Otherwise Cali sets itself up for a 2nd amendment violation fight, just as Illinois is facing.

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t want to be standing in a 7-11 one day and have some criminal run
    in and shoot me first because he sees that I have a gun on my hip,
    therefore I’m his biggest threat.”

    How many times has this happened? I haven’t been able to find a documented or undocumented incident. Criminals are cowards. If they see an armed citizen they won’t attack. They go for easy prey not hardened targets.

    “Also, I don’t want to be standing in line at Walmart and have to worry about some dirt bag grabbing my gun from behind.”

    How many times has this happened? I haven’t been able to find a documented or undocumented incident. It happens to cops not because they have a gun, but because they are cops.

    Of course, in general, I just don’t want to make a spectacle and draw attention to myself.”

    Open carry is only a spectacle to those people who can not comprehend the concepts of life, liberty, property, rule of law, et cetera.

    “Well, there you have it. I know that open carry vs. concealed carry
    will always be a personal preference so let the hate mail begin.”

    It’s a false dichotomy. The best armed option is the little discussed third option that I prefer: open and concealed carry. It combines the “HELL NO” message of open carry and the “SURPRISE” message of concealed carry.

  • Therightsiteforyou

    Just shaking my head…   I Wisconsin, the only legal option is to Open Carry.   When we get Concealed carry,  as we will shortly,  I will still open carry and concealed carry when it is more appropriate.  Point is,  Open carry is just as legitimate as Concealed carry.  It will be more so in the future.    I work in the yard with my gun strapped on.   I shop with it and I fish with it.  Soon, In Wisconsin,  I will also drive with it.   It doesn’t matter how you carry, just that you do.   Criminals already carry concealed.  John Havercroft is right!

  • PJ

    I prefer that you exercise free speech with an alternative word. The people worry enough about “crazy” persons, especially those who still retain their right to bear arms. Persons who choose to OC, do so because they choose to or might be restricted to that method or nothing. I presume they are capable of making a well informed decision and do not understand a need to label them with a negative adjective.

  • Q. Are you crazy if you open carry?
    A. No.

    It has never been shown that a person’s decision to carry a firearm concealed or open has been related to a psychological disorder.

    Seriously, the reason one carries open or concealed comes from their own personal culmination of life experiences.  There is no right or wrong, unless prohibited by law (like it or not).

    The litany of “what if?”s drags subjects like this into the ridiculous.  I will not bore you with my decision and why I made it, I did and I am comfortable with it.

    NRA Instructor
    CCW Instructor
    Former LEO

  • PJ

    Your concerns regarding retention are valid. A method to mitigate that and other issues is to attend training and practice techniques. Your safety is your responsibility; having a weapon and being able to use it effectively are distinctly different. The resources you spend on defense training are repaid when you effectively survive an encounter and ares most effective anytime your skills permit you to avoid an encounter.

  • usaruss

    I carry concealed, mainly because my state as an “armed to the terror of the public” statute, that makes OC dangerous for average citizens on the street. I have open carried on a job in a BAD neighborhood, where I wanted people to know I was armed. But I was on private property, seldom on the street except to get t my truck. I like the idea that a crook has to keep guessing. If he sees a few OC’s, he knows there are some other CCW’s, but which ones?  

    I agree with writer, if one open carries, do it in a secure manner. I do it crossdraw, against my left abdomen. Always partly in my sight, hard to reach by someone else.I ccw the same way in winter, under vest or coat. Pocket carry in hot weather.

    Most armed, most free.

  • My primary reason for OCing is comfort. I don’t do it all the time, but enough. I once had someone touch the firearm but they weren’t trying to take it, they were just ignorant and probably drunk. At the time I was in uniform as an armed security officer, working in a bar/dancehall.  

    Most places I go, most people never even see the firearm. People are sheep-like, doing their own thing and unconcerned about their environment.

    Some that do see the firearm think you are a cop.

    As far as the running 7-11 robber, most thieves aren’t looking for a murder charge. If they see your gun, they will not come in at all. The ones inclined to kill are just as likely to shoot you before they even announce the robbery. And they are likely to swarm you in force, cover you, and put you on the floor before you can properly react.

    There should be no difference between open and concealed carry. Articles like this serve to divide us when we should be united.

  • Richieg150

    I Open Carry, and its a proven crime deturant. With his line of thinking LEO”s would constantly be shot at all convience stores and their weapons would constanly be taken away from them, by the guy SNEAKING up from behind gun grabbing. Thugs dont want a gun fight, they want a easy target to prey on. Go ahead and hide your weapon, so you can have that ELEMENT OF SURPRISE, when and if you ever need it, myself I will open carry to detur that situation, and when I leave, and the thug decides to rob you or somebody else….you will be ready.


    I must be level 6 Crazy!

    I CC at work, but on the weekends I OC.  It’s not a “hey, look at me” display, it is because it is more comfortable.  Do I need to be more aware of my surroundings when I OC?  SURE!  is that a bad thing?  I think not!  I think all people, gun owners or not, need to be a little more situationally aware.  90% of the time that I am OC’ing, people don’t even see it, where is their awareness? 

    When I am “caught” OC’ing it is usually a great encounter.  A place to help educate the people about the state laws and 2A movements and breakthroughs over the years.  I also enjoy my “local OC night” at Denny’s, but it’s actually at Starbucks, who recently stood up against those who were trying to keep out guns out of their establishments.

    Don’t judge me because I OC, don’t judge me for CC, don’t judge.  We are all here for one common goal, why start drawing lines in the sand and hurting the cause more. 

  • Seanfoote

    I open carry sometimes for one reason only(I have to say most of the time I dont) When traveling to Cody Wy. I do it just to densensitize the “gun haters” in that town. The LEO folks are fine with  it, Wy is a very gun friendly state but that said, if you open carry in a responsible way, and you dont come across as a nut. I think it helps. But if you choose to do this you ALWAYS have a holster with level 3 retention. Not your concealed carry holster with no thumb break. Just my view.

  • Anonymous

    As a CCW in a low population OC state, we now number in excess of 80,000, including many lawmakers and judges. The attacks on law abiding private citizens are nowhere near in the past (drug conflicts to the exception). The Las Cruces NM bowling lanes massacre was a wake up call similar to the Texas Luby’s.. Element of surprise seems to be effective and with less hassle from the uneducated. As a CCW for most of my life, admittedly illegally at times (misdeamer), o challenged by an attack once, end result satifactory. appreciation for OC on others, is in order. Kudos for the time and money resources to prove the point of the 2nd..

  • Denny

    Well said. i believe in the element of surprise if needed. Plus when i’m with my family I don’t want to draw attention to myself or family until the last resort result. Keep a low profile conduct business as usual.

    • Anonymous

      But if you OC, you don’t need to suprise the criminal. He won’t attack you in the first place.
      As for drawing attention, most people don’t notice. Even in the summer, wearing a white shirt & tan shorts, in a state where ONLY OC is legal, people don’t notice.

  • wild eyed willy

    I CC at work because I want to keep my job, althought I can’t for the life of me figure out why.LOL  
     As far as the criminal running into the 7-11, I have to believe the common bad guy has nothing on his mind except his expected prize, he or she would have no idea running into a store what to expect once inside and would probably make it up as he or she went. Otherwisw known as winging it.. I would be more concerned with the BG who scopes the place out for a bit, this guy is a thinker.. The one who just runs in off the street would be more brazen, bold, stupid or scared, but less concerned about who all is in the store.

    I am told we here in CT can OC, but I never see anyone doing it..  I am trying to grow a set so I can strap on my hogleg and go walk around town…. Because I agree with the poster who said a right not exercised is a right lost.   Any CT residents here who OC ????  How has that been working for you? 

    One last thought, we all should stand united,  because devided we fall….     

  • I’ve seen the comments here on concealed and open carry. There is 1 scenario that hasn’t been posted here regarding both types of carry. Say you walk into a restaurant and look around as you are SUPPOSE to. You notice the patrons acting weird and quiet and say you were open carrying. It just so happens that you have JUST walked into a robbery and the criminals, “who you have not identified yet” see your gun and start shooting. You are dead, ok.

    Now, let’s say you walked into the same scenario again with your gun concealed. They take you hostage and frisk you but doesn’t frisk the ankles. I’d say you would be in a pretty good situation to take out the perps without much trouble if done when the time is right. I personally would like to open carry but my wife, “who carry’s too” does not like the idea and thinks we should remain low key to not draw attention. After much deliberation with my mind, I have come to a conclusion. I favor concealment over open because the Pro’s out-way the cons on concealment vs open. In my opinion. At any rate, I am so thankful to our Founders for the insight and suspicions of a Tyrannical government and what it can do,,,when the masses aren’t armed.

    You all be safe and be alert. You never know when it’s your time to act but when you do, do so with conviction and deliberation.

  • Bob Glover

    I don’t open carry for the same reasons the author stated. I have no desire to advertise to everyone around me that I’m armed. There is a reason that the card in my wallet reads, “Concealed Firearms Permit.” I really should not be required to have the permit; but that’s a topic for another discussion. In Las Vegas, where I live, the police are inclined to shoot first and ask questions later. The civil suit brought against the LVMPD by the members of Erik Scott’s family went to trial this morning. Scott was a U. S. Military Academy graduate who was shot and killed last July by several officers at a Costco store a few blocks from my house. His crime? Carrying concealed, allowing a hysterical store clerk to see his weapon, failing to immediately lie on the ground, being loaded on opiates…all real bad ideas when you’re a CCW holder, but not serious enough to warrant the death penalty without benefit of a trial. I have no desire to follow in Scott’s footsteps and be shot by one of these cowboys.

    • Anonymous

      So because you’re afraid of gov’t agents breaking the law (& possibly killing you), you are afraid to exercise your rights?
      How’d that work for blacks voting in the south?
      The proper remedy is to control the illegal actions of the gov’t.

  • I agree with you 100% regarding carrying concealed.  I just retired from 33 yrs of being a police officer and agree with you that most LEO’s are not up to date on the most recent carry laws.  Also, why bring attention to yourself.  The whole point to conceal/carry to to protect yourself and loved ones from harm and using a firearm is a last  resort.

    • Anonymous

      But seeing a firearm will make criminals leave that person alone. Read the FBI studies! That protects me without the ‘need’ for an attack at all.

      • Ciscochrist

        In some cases yes. However, in some cases, like a planned heist, just the opposite is true. When the perps enter with concealed weapons, and see you armed they will move into position to eliminate you first. Casing a place immediately prior to armed robbery is very common (especially when it’s in big money – like an OTB or other high-cash carrying place).

        Yes, it’s true a OC firearm will dissuade unarmed hooligans, without question – I’ve seen it myself. Just don’t assume that all bad guys are going to run away scared when they see a gun. If you don’t believe it, just look at the number of LEOs shot in the line of duty, while uniformed. There are bad guys who shoot at people with guns, don’t fool yourself into believing otherwise.

  • Tom1776866

    I dont feel it’s smart to advertise, thats why they call them CCW.Theres always someone bigger and faster than you and do you want your weapon in the wrong hands. Check your ego at the door

  • Beeznest

    Well I would have to partially agree with Jason….. Yes it is true that open carrying does draw attention. I live in Virginia as well, and I carry 24-7. I open carrry often, but mainly concealed. You have to use your head with this right… I will not open carry in crowded stores or similar places where if my attention is on other things, or there is too much going on around me. True indeed I have open carried in crowded stores before and the funny thing is when I did get to the checkout I found myself almost cupping the butt of my gun and constantly looking around me fearing that I was almost vulnerable to someone grabbing my gun, that uncomfortable feeling led me to conceal instead of open. Think of it this way…. Open carrying is like playing poker with the world, only you are showing everyone your hand before the bet takes place! On the other hand I always open carry while I drive or have my firearm within reach, occasionally I have to go places by myself that are frankly bad areas and I do open carry. At home my glock 30, or my kimber custom 1911 are always on my side in plain view. Bottom line, use your head…. It’s the actions of all us that paint this picture!
    BB from VA

  • Tommyjames49

    Not only do I go along with everything you said, but I also use a simple Uncle Mikes holster and have removed the straps for faster access.  I carry it inside the waste band as a cross draw.  This way if someone wants to attempt to take it away it won’t be a surprise as it could be if carried on the side or in the middle of the back.  I carry the Bersa 380 and practice my draw by clicking off the safety as I reach for the weapon, so when it comes out and my finger goes in the trigger its game on.

  • I’ve only read the first 19 comments and it’s nice to see thought-out replies as opposed to “hate mail”. I’m a Michigan resident and over the past 2-3 years I’ve been an active member in a couple organizations that have been tackling several open carry issues, i.e; prompting police depts. to educate their LEOs on the legality of OC; having 911 operators/dispatchers properly trained in handling MWAG calls; eliminating illegal city firearms ordinances that don’t comply with Michigan’s preemption clause; DESENSITIZING THE PUBLIC to the sight of openly carried guns, etc…

    That said, I do promote open carry. I’m also aware of the cons to carrying openly as opposed to concealed. There are things to weigh: element of surprise, attempted gun grabs, draw efficiency, public reaction, comfort, unwanted attention, etc.  As some have stated, it comes down to personal choice. I’ve concealed before for the SOLE reason of being able to let my guard, or situational awareness take a little break. Similarly to driving for extended periods, it may not be physically difficult to OC, but it IS (and should be) mentally taxing, keeping your guard up 100%. Simply, I offer a high-five to anyone who carries, concealed or otherwise. I don’t think it’s my place to critique how someone else carries, as i don’t think it’s anyone else’s place to critique how I carry. Just carry and be vigilant. The more sheepdogs, the better. Nuff said.

  • Rambling Man

    Jason, I have a lot of friends here in North Carolina that open
    carry; however like you I don’t.  To be
    honest it makes me uncomfortable to go into a public place with people who do
    open carry.  I believe it is societal conditioning
    that affects me.  Basically we are
    conditioned form birth to think of people carrying a pistol on their hip as “old
    fashioned”, something done in the old west and not needed in the modern age.  


    Of course if like me you conceal carry then the contradiction
    is clear however it does not change the fact that it makes me uncomfortable to
    walk around with a gun on my hip.  As society
    becomes more anti-gun and the message that is given is that in our modern society
    people don’t need to carry a gun the feeling and agitation at open carry will
    continue to grow.  Not sure I like that
    but I am hard pressed to see a way to change it. 


    By the way these same social messages spread by movies, TV,
    media of all types is also changing the feeling of self-defense both in the
    home and out.   Most people show with gun
    that are not police officers or military are usually depicted as criminals or
    nut jobs.  This slowly has the effect on society
    to change the norm and make it less palatable for people to own guns or defend
    themselves or their property.  In its simplest
    terms the message is that in the modern civilized society we should depend on
    the Government to protect us.  That was not
    he case 50 years ago when popular culture (media of the time, movies, books, Newspapers
    ect) showed a man defending his home or his family in a positive light.   That is something we need to change or in 50
    to 75 years (maybe as short as 20 years) we may well find ourselves, as gun
    owners, being on the wrong side of popular opinion.  Or I should say the gun owners of the time as
    I will likely not live to be 110 years old J

  • Anthony Bowers

    Please do research before writing articles next time. OK? Thanks. 

  • Danomcconnell

    I was working an assignment in New Haven, CT and was walking from my hotel to get an early dinner. It was still light outside (about 6 PM) and I was about 1.5 blocks from the hotel. Ahead of me three (3) men were watching me aproach. They separated, one taking the building side of the sidewalk, one taking the middle of the sidewalk and one close to the curb; and they started walking toward me. I’m no genius, but I know a mugging when I see one. As they got closer I stopped, opened my jacket and let them see the pistol I was carrying (I have a CT Permit). They stopped, got back together, crossed the street and left me alone. Synopsis: They started the act because they thought I was unarmed. They stopped the act because they found out that I was armed. Question-1: Would they have started the act had they seen from the beginning that I was armed? Answer-1: Seems very unlikely since they left as soon as they discovered I was armed. Question-2: Is it better to wait until an act has started, and then have to react – hoping you have enough of an edge to cope? Question-3: Is it better to difuse the act before it happens, by making it clear that you are not a soft target? I carry both ways – concealed and open carry. The deciding factors are: what I’m doing, where I am going to be located, what I’m wearing. I do not limit my options – and I train, train, train, train with every method of carry that I typically employ. By the way – The incident I described above, happened in front of Yale University…

    • I am confused, Danomcconnell.  Why did the bad guys, regroup, plan their attack better, come back and take your gun and shoot you with it?  Isn’t that what is supposed to happen when they see you carrying a gun?

      • Ciscochrist

        It would be far more likely for them to just call the police and report your firearm brandishing. They could repeat the events exactly as you stated – you were not yet directly threatened, and other than paranoia had no reasonable cause to really suspect a mugging. I am not saying they weren’t muggers – perhaps they were. But the first rule is the rule you broke… AVOIDANCE.

        You could have casually crossed the street and moved on. Had they crossed then to intercept you, you have a case building for you of threatening behavior. Had you then stopped short, and they moved into position to block your passage – now you have a case to tell them, or in some states (like mine) show them, that you are armed. At this point their malicious intentions can be assumed. You still cannot pull your weapon, however, as it is not yet a life-threatening situation. In AZ a threatening display (as long as it is not leveled at them) is legal in this circumstance.

        In any case, showing them a gun under the circumstances you state is brandishing; it’s illegal, and it could end in a justified shooting with you dead.

        You make the author’s point perfectly – most people carrying are simply not prepared or educated well enough to do so safely. They have the right – and I believe they should keep it – however they would be better suited to get some level of training first.

        Carry on!

        • Frank Castle

          20/20 Hindsight is always so easy! Danomcconnell’s method seemed to work just fine. The criminals did NOT attack and sure, they would call the cops….NOT! They probably have other fish to fry and don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

    • LongPurple

      The scenario you described illustrates why I would never want to see OC made illegal in any state, even though I would probably never OC myself.  I do not know how CT would view your actions, but NJ would consider you to have  “brandished” your gun in violation of the law, by merely making it known to potential attackers that you were armed and prepared to defend yourself.  The same legal viewpoint seems to prevail in many other states, which “permit” concealed carry with an arbitrary, capricious “may issue” law in place
      Establishing the Constitutionally protected right to carry openly as something the states cannot forbid under the 2 A. destroys the foundation of these asinine “brandishing” prohibitions.  It would be difficult for even the most talented double-talkers and hair-splitters in certain state Legislatures to rationalize laws that forbid such “brandishing” of weapons, when the Constitution protects the ”brandishing” of weapons openly carried in a manner that clearly reveals the presence of a gun.

  • The Gun Man

    Lots of good info here and questions BUT the awnser is all of these is the same as it has always been, #Training”. If you want to open carry train for it and if you concel train for it. I do both types of carrying depending on the situation. I train and train others to do the same. Do not think that showing your gun will keep you safe, Train and practice drawing both ways.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say the writer is a very practical person.  Whether you choose to OC or CC it’s a personal choice and BOTH are practical.  Instead this guy tries to say that OC isn’t practical, but I guess that shouldn’t be surprising when one is a CCW instructor as their money lays in getting people to CC since OCing almost never requires a permit.  Some other things:

    1)  He completely ignores the fact that OCers are almost never targeted for crimes and there’s even been several reports of criminals either going somewhere else or waiting for an OCer to leave rather than attempting to rob a place with an OCer present.

    2)  He ignores statistics that show gun grabs on law abiding citizens simply don’t happen.  Hell, even the FBI reports show that only 2% of officer injuries come from their own weapons and yet they are constantly interacting with dangerous people.  So why would one expect someone who tries to avoid dangerous people to suddenly have an issue with it?  Sure it “can” happen, but statistically it simply doesn’t happen and even if more people were to OC it isn’t likely to become a real issue.

    3)  He fearmongers.  A citizen shouldn’t be scared to exercise their rights because law enforcement doesn’t know the laws (and this should say something about how trustworthy our law enforcement is.  How can they uphold the law if they theirselves don’t know it?).  Also if people don’t OC then other citizens won’t ever get used to the idea and you end up with a circular problem.  Now I understand that helping to break down barriers isn’t for everyone, but if someone doesn’t do it then they will never come down.  Also the name of the article itself basically sends the message that only crazy people OC.

    4)  He ignores the fact that looking like “everyone else” mean that you look like just another victim.  Why would you want to look like a victim if OCing were to deter the criminal before they ever attempted to commit a crime (and it has been shown to deter them)?

    5)  He acts as if training can remove nearly all of the added time that concealing a weapon adds on.  The truth is that it depends on how you conceal for how much time you can shave off with training.  The deeper you conceal a weapon or the more clothes you wear (such as in winter) the more time it’s going to take to retrieve it and while training will help, it will still be longer than if you were to train to OC (naturally if you train your CC draw but don’t train your OC draw you can potentially get your CC draw down to a faster time than OC simply because you aren’t used to the OC draw).

    I’m not here to say that one should only OC (they both have their uses, though I would argue that OC is more “practical” in most, but not all, situations regarding actual prevention of crime), but this guy seems like he has something to sell you.  And that something is likely his CCW class; or a Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) class as it’s technically called in Utah.

    Stay safe and choose whichever carry method you are more comfortable with and is legal.

  • Carsontech

    This “article” reads like a Facebook status. I see no information other than the author telling everyone he carries concealed. Please stop with all the stupid arguing and carry your firearms anyway you like. Stop trying to persuade people on which way is better, and start persuading them to carry, if they don’t already.

    If someone is carrying openly, let them!  If someone likes carrying concealed, let them!  Don’t write silly articles unless you have real world data to share. Leave this opinionated, open carry bashing, in the forums. Or better yet, don’t bash any method of carrying.Of course, this is a free country, you can do what you want, but please don’t make the 2nd amendment supports who open carry look bad by throwing out myths in these, so called, articles. What if a few people stumble onto this article that don’t carry, or even like guns (sheeple, as most call them)? Your just turning them away from our 2nd amendment cause even more.

    • Alnrn78

      I agree 100%. If I have been guilty of doing what you describe, I apologize and will be more aware in the future of what yous which is the truth.

    • LongPurple

       Personally, I’d like to see about a 50/50 split between OC/CC.

      My ideal scenario would be like the mythic example of the dilemma of Scylla and Charybdis —- where criminals who, like ancient sailors, try to avoid dashing themselves on the rock of Scylla by avoiding a potential victim who OCs, are trapped in the whirlpool Charybdis of their chosen victim, who CCs.

    • Ciscochrist

      I seriously think you misunderstood, or did not completely read the article. Which makes one wonder how prepared you really are to be open carrying. Your response makes it sound like it’s as casual as ‘what shirt do I wear today?’, not a serious responsibility.

      If you don’t carry responsibly you are doing our cause more harm than good.

  • Mannster

    I agree with you! I believe in the element of surprise. Your reasons are the same that I would not open carry, unless I’m at my business or property and I just happens to be convenient. Open carry is a job option to have.

  • JustinC

    I open carry almost every day here in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, etc. I don’t get messed with. Stores I go into don’t freak out. People I walk next to don’t cry and scream– in fact EVERY time someone does say something, it’s always positive– “Hey what model is that?” “Are you a cop? No? Oh, cool, I didnt know you could carry..”  “Maybe I should get a gun.. I remember one time I was attacked and really could have used one..” etc.

  • I say, if your only option is open carry, take it. Just like with any carry, you will have to live with the 24/7 realization that any encounter is a deadly encounter, or could be (including misled LEO’s on guy-with-a-gun dispatch). 

  • Although I have a “permission slip, aka CCW. I open carry most everywhere. OC is much more comfortable, but one of the best things about it is when you are in line at the market, and some dude says hey ! “I used to have a 92 FS… in fact I still have some custom grips.(hands out his card) You end up meeting him at the range, get a new shooting buddy out of the deal, and a set of grips. Has that happened to anyone while they were CC? 

  • I’ve had a CCW for around 10 years, and have open carried for 5 or 6 years.
    I don’t want to have to get into a situation – so I carry openly.
    I know that twice, some possible perps decided that what they seem to have had planned was not a good idea after all. This happened once while CCW and once while open. Both times, letting the potential perps see the weapon was enough for them to beat-feet out the door.
    I carry in a shoulder rig, left-hand because I ride a motorcycle, yes, I’m a big bastard, but I’m old, crippled, and use a cane (custom made, by me, laminated hard-rock maple w/ purpleheart head) May God Have Mercy on anyone who attempts to wrest my weapon away from me ….. because I won’t.
    The only times anyone has said anything was;
    1) a couple from England who ask, “Why” – I simply stated, “This is Wyoming” and followed up with citation of the LAW
    2) a woman from Belgium who got upset, her husband who talked to me for over an hour and left with a better understanding and a new dedication to provide for the protection of his family (they were on a motor tour of the US, camping in remote locations with not so much as a baseball bat, just a kitchen knife or two)
    3) some guy who sat behind me at a restaurant for an hour, then whined that my weapon was pointed at him the whole time ….. his comment was “what if it had just gone off”. I told him that the Second Coming was much more likely, he said he did not believe in that either.
    4) an 85 year old lady, very prim and proper, who came to my table at a restaurant to say “Thanks” and who smiled so sweetly as she opened her purse and showed me a glimpse of her nickle plated 38 revolver. ( I nearly spotted and did snort my coffee)

    I have had LEOs tell me “Thanks”, and I have had LEOs ask me what I thought I was doing – I explain that I am simply exercising my God Given and Constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to provide for my own protection and my social duty to provide same for those around me (including them)
    I carry the CCW regs with me at all time, as well as the Constitution and Title 10.
    I carry openly in the courthouse, City police department, and County Sheriff’s office, all of these places you cannot carry concealed – I like living in Wyoming.

    About the only time I carry concealed now is when I’m riding, because I won’t ride without full leathers.

  • Truckie

    To answer your title question. No.

    We each carry as we see fit, and for as many reasons as their are stars. I personally carry both ways. 

  • ArmyRanger

    I usually don’t open carry for the obvious reasons of security, surprise, and I don’t want to get hassled by the cops every time I step out of the house. I think that there are a lot of guys, you know the type, that want to prove they are a real man by carrying the biggest gun (probably because they have the smallest d**k). They usually have huge guts and haven’t shaved in a week, and look like they just got out of bed. However, I believe there is a place for open carry, where legal. I live in a wealthy suburb with a lot of progressives, and most aren’t familiar with the law. I open carry on my nightly walks about once or twice a week. I have had the cops called on me three times. I do this to try and educate my neighbors about our gun laws and to hopefully de-stigmatise guns and their owners. I have been asked a few times if I was a cop and that gave me an opportunity to talk to them about Michigans open carry law. I already knew most of the cops from my town and they have never given me a hard time and the chief is pro gun, so they don’t hassle me, they just talk to the caller and tell them the law.

    • Pissed off @ idiots

      You said…..”I think that there are a lot of guys, you know the type, that want to
      prove they are a real man by carrying the biggest gun (probably because
      they have the smallest d**k). They usually have huge guts and haven’t
      shaved in a week, and look like they just got out of bed.”  What a self serving bigoted remark.  Have you ever seen one of these stereotypical bums you speak of?  I seriously doubt it because for the most part, those of us who do open carry are doing our best to destroy any STUPID myths perpetrated by pompous jerks like yourself!

    • Pissed off @ idiots

      You said…..”I think that there are a lot of guys, you know the type, that want to
      prove they are a real man by carrying the biggest gun (probably because
      they have the smallest d**k). They usually have huge guts and haven’t
      shaved in a week, and look like they just got out of bed.”  What a self serving bigoted remark.  Have you ever seen one of these stereotypical bums you speak of?  I seriously doubt it because for the most part, those of us who do open carry are doing our best to destroy any STUPID myths perpetrated by pompous jerks like yourself!

  • I live right on tip of tn. nc. virgina they honor the tn. perment but my biggest problem is the cheerkee &Jeferson nationl forrest that have there on laws about guns any advice I,ve asked everone I can but they keep me going around in circles anthing would be apreciated

  • Where can I find an up 2 date map coc and laws  espcialy national forrest I,d heard some of the laws had been changed

  • Carrying open deters more crimes from happening than carrying concealed. It’s also easier to pull the weapon when needed without the added effort of pulling from a concealed body location. Open carry is more practical because you don’t have to dress up in added clothing to conceal something larger than a compact. So, I suppose this is all opinion.

  • Tmtmtl

    Police open carry and no one jumps them, most of the time, becasue they no they will shoot. The problem is, most people that open carry are doing it for show. Most of then probably would pull the trigger anyway. Either way, the average criminal won’t mess with someone they know is carrying anyway. But then again, it’s not the average criminal you have to worry about.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t open carry for all the reasons Jason mentions plus having to deal with Nervous Nellies. I realize that this is about carrying a pistol openly but, a short story:  One fine day of shooting my AR-180 at my local outdoor range came to a close with me deciding to clean my rifle on my Work-Mate under the shade of my garage door.  My “neighbor” saw me lift the unloaded piece out of the trunk of my car,  screamed like a woman, and took off running down the street yelling “He’s got a gun…He’s got a gun!  Needless to say, the local mounties showed up within about 20 minutes to end the threat.  By that time, my rifle was safely back in it’s place and I was enjoying a beer in front of the TV.  It took all of about 10 seconds to end the officer’s (all 5 of ’em) concerns…Just sayin’

  • Xleo

    You guys dont get what the author said. If ur running around OC ur dead meat if the criminal decides to act out. You will never get the chance to pull ur weapon since ur laying there dead. It happens that fast. Author Hanson I feel just like u do abt open carry, but guys by all means OC since it takes the heat off me doing my CC. Yes Im retired LEO and Im going on my experienced gut feeling. I can see it all go down and the story in the funny papers tomarrow morning. People look different laying vertical on the ground then they do standing. Even people you know and have dealth with before. You guys talk junk abt me all you want but I know where I stand while you exercise ur freedoms. Criminals and death is serious business. Just like that Kenny Rogers song you got to know when to fold them and know when to show them. Well ur already showing ur hand so the criminals knows to either walk away or blow ur head off before u can jerk ur weapon. You will be dead before you hit the ground.

    • Teknoid

      Gee, if OC is as bad as you say, I’m sure you have tons of links to news articles that describe events like you state. Care to share some…

      I thought not, as I can not recall seeing a single incident like that. From my personal experience, most people don’t even notice the weapon. I frequently OC while working. My “uniform” is very inconspicuous, with nothing but a company logo above the shirt pocket. I rarely see anyone even give it a look. Most criminals would be even less likely to notice, as their attention would be on their objective.

  • Xleo

    Well i posted earlier my thoughts on open carry and some here just went on the defense concerning their open carry. This is to say i do support the 2A but in the same breath I was trying to get across to those who do oc be darn careful of others near you because we dont know what they might do but always expect and be prepared for a worse case moment. Anyway we are all going to do what we think is best for ourselves. I say to all here join the NRA because they are the ones who fight for our freedoms concerning the 2A. Its the best thing you can do for either OC or CC. As a group we stand stronger then alone. An so I end saying I do enjoy these open fourms debating individuals thought on gun issues.

  • Hermannr

    Almost all state and local law enforcement require their officers to OC.  If OC was so dangerous do you think all these law enforcement officers would be required to OC?

    I personally know from my own experience that OC Does Deter.  When someone obviously intent on doing me harm all of a sudden runs away when he sees my Holstered handgun, all of a sudden he had something else very important to do somewhere else.  I was shot at enough, and shot at others, enough to last a lifetime in Vietnam.  I am very happy to deter that from happening again.  I have no desire to shot anyone.  (not that I would not if it became necessary)

    Most criminals are lazy bullies.  Too lazy to work, and willing to pick on an old (defenceless?) man.  As soon as they see the old man is not as defenceless as they thought most would rather go for easier pickings.  

    The real difference between OC and CC is, for the person with criminal intent, the guy OC shows he can defend himself.  The CC guy must “display” his weapon to show he can defend himself.   If you read some state laws the “display with the intent to intimidate” is very dangerous to your freedom.  If you pull a weapon on someone that you are in fear of, would that not meet that meaning?…” with intent to intimidate”  (BTW:  that is straight from WA RCW code) If you happened to be mistaken, and the person was not a threat>>>>>>

    The intimidation factor of OC is just as effective…but it does not meet the “intent” part, so is very legal.  I have OC’d for over 40 years and have never had a problem with someone trying to key in on me and attack me BECAUSE they knew I was OC.  The only reason I ever conceal is because I am wearing a coat and it’s winter..

  • Thetruth

    Author is an idiot.

    • Frank Castle

      Awesome remark…..sarc! Look in the mirror and realize you are talking about yourself!

  • Mick in AZ

    Since this article was written, another legal open carrying individual was shot and killed with his own gun, by a 17 year old who grabbed it in line at a convenience store. The youth then shot a lady at an ATM, before being apprehended by the police. The owner did NOT have an adequate retention device for the gun, and it is interesting to note that he DID have a concealed carry permit.

    I agree with the author, and I think he is being misunderstood. He’s not saying DON’T OPEN CARRY. He’s also not Anti-2nd Ammendment. But if we want to see gun control laws abolished, we have to start being smarter, not just loud mouthed idiots, spouting off at all intelligent discussion. Those types of individuals are what is hurting our cause.

    The author’s point, from his substantial time in the CIA, is that if you are open carrying only do so with full awareness of your surroundings. Be on constant guard for your weapon. Please are trained to do this – and even still, a large number of police deaths occur with their own weapon. Next time you are speaking to a police officer, start staring at his gun, and watch what he does (please do not do this while carrying). His training will kick in, and he will place his hand over the butt of the gun, and shift his weight, angling his holster away from you, preparing for a grab. Most will never even miss a beat in the conversation. In any case the statistics show that the poster who said, “If open carry is dangerous why do all police…” was flat out wrong. It is more dangerous, and cops are usually the first people shot at in a criminal situation, AND they have a high fatality rate with their own guns. This is the entire reason retention devices were invented and still developing in the first place.

    The other point made was subtle, and perhaps beyond the grasp of most readers – but it was just as valid. If you are carrying, to a criminal you pose as much of an intervention threat as a police man. If they have intent to commit armed crime they are going to first shoot any uniformed armed individual, and then, immediately following, you. In many cases, it will just be you shot, before you know what is happening – as they will probably enter with the weapons concealed, in order to identify the targets (and get the drop on whoever has the cash, and an emergency call button or phone).

    Are you really prepared for this? Some of us are, without question. We never put our backs to a door, we carefully examine all people entering, and our minds kick off the ‘what-ifs’ every time we enter a new establishment. Most of us who conceal carry regularly play the “Who’s carrying” game. My wife and I do constantly. She or I will spot the individual, nudge each other, and give the slightly raised eyebrow look to each other. Anybody who is open carrying should be at least this diligent, if not more.

    But let’s be honest – individuals like the gentleman who was shot at the convenience store, mentioned above, are simply not prepared. They have a constitutional right to open carry – but without more training and experience, they probably shouldn’t. Carrying a handgun is not something to be done with a cavalier attitude; it should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

    I thought the article was reasonable and balanced.

  • Dennis Sirman

    Good and bad on this one. True thugs could target the open carry fellow just to get the gun. Not necessarily a “grab”, just ambush him or confront him. In this case the visible gun has brought on a problem. I live in an open carry state but you need to pick and choose when and where. Common sense comes in real handy. It is certainly good to have the “right” to open carry, just as it is to have concealed carry. The biggest issue I see is carry in your vehicle. These rules are not necessarily in agreement with the rules outside the vehicle. Yet threats often occur when you are in your vehicle. A separate weapon and ammo locked in your trunk doesn’t do much good. The “castle doctrine” should apply to your personal vehicle.

  • Open Carry or Conceal Carry, just carry.

  • Oshikuru

    I agree with what this guy says about open carry, but some people also have to realize that not everyone is able to obtained a concealed carry permit. This is especially true if you’re not a resident or citizen of the United States. I would love to conceal carry but cannot for this reason.

  • sir charles

    very good points

  • I would ONLY open carry in a situation such as a border state allows open but doesn’t honor my ccw permit. But concealed is the best way cause if bad things happen and your open your the first target

  • mickey_meador

    Well written article and many good comments. I think there are very good arguments for both open and concealed. I’ve always felt more safe when I see someone open carrying. Maybe it’s because I know that’s one person who is not a robber or thug! All the others I have to wonder about.

  • Jake W

    Here’s my argument for any kind of carry.
    If you want to carry a certain way, do it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.

  • Richard Spalding

    there is a happy medium here. its a shoulder holster. you can carry concealed or openly if you wish. it also makes gun grabs a little more difficult.

  • Ricky

    I would like to know since I live in Virginia could i also open carry a shotgun strapped to my back in plain sight as well not just a handgun at the side

  • jay money

    “I don’t want him to know that if the situation calls for it he’s about to see the business end of my Glock”

    Rather than deter a possible crime by letting would-be criminals know that you’re armed, you’d rather get to shoot someone. Seems solid bro.

  • Robert

    Oh the notorious element of surprise. The element of surprise is soley an offensive action not a defensive one. No tactical training ever teaches someone to hide or hide your ability to act defensively as a defensive action its an offensive one. The element of surprise will most likely force your hand to use force not prevent or stop it.

    A gun grab, cite one case of an actual gun grab of an arm civilians gun. You can’t because it is a fictitious impractical argument by the anti-open carry crowd. Yes gun grabs happen to armed persons in uniform, but as a result of the perp from trying to evade arrest not just because its carried in the open.

    Again a say cite one actual case of an armed citizen being the first one targeted during a convenience store robbery or any other robbery for that matter. Even the most ignorant criminals have a self preservation mentality and allmost always have some kind of rudimentary plan and unless the place has armed guards, they aren’t planning on there being armed civilians, therefore when and if they see an armed citizens they have to rethink their plan.

    Here is a scenario for you to ponder. Say you and you loved ones are walking in the park when two shady gangster looking teenagers appear walking towards you. Do you draw your weapon for suspicion they may rob you instead of them just walking to church, of course not, that would make you the criminal. Or do you wait until one of them has a knife to your loved ones throat then draw if you think your faster or do you comply, then most likely loosing your firearm along with your wallet giving the bad guy a good laugh with his friends how you brought a gun to a knife fight and lost? Lets say you chose to draw and you are successful at stopping them, now your a victim because you have to live with the fact you killed someone instead of deterring the crime by showing your ability to meet force with force beforehand? But thats not practical?

    You say you carry for practical personal defense yet your justification for concealment are both impractical and fallacious.

    Im not trying to bash anyone for choosing to conceal, I carry both open and concealed at times, but I can’t stand it when people try to justify and convince others to do the same based on fictitious impractical information put out by people that live in a hollywood movie instead of reality.

  • Herman Vogel

    Not to mention, when a Meth head comes into the Same business as you are in, and he is there to rob it,,,YOU are the First obstacle in his way,,,and if he comes in from behind you,,,guess who gets the bullet in the head. That’s why I only carry concealed. (They push me aside and walk past,,,then his ass in MINE). And when I do, liberal Idiots don’t write letters demanding the business restrict MY constitutional rights. This is NOT the 1880s, everyone open carried back then and that didn’t turn out well. Besides. in every group there is always some “Good, bad and ugly” wannabe that carries a .45 cal thumbbusters and makes it unsafe for EVERYONE because it is a single action,,,which If dropped, WELL go off.

  • ronb28135


    When the bad guy comes in, it is because he doesn’t know there is anyone there to shoot back. After he announces his intentions then you have other considerations before your gun can go bang. Will your gun be snagging on your jacket, will you be pissing or dirtying your pants, or, not dropping it on the floor, shaking so bad you can’t aim or point accurately, and especially if the bad guy or his partner sees you trying to grab your piece and blasts you before you’re into the play. If everything goes according to your plan. Good luck.

    I prefer a revolver, but, once in a while I carry a Springfield 1911, cocked and locked. But usually only at Michigan Open carry, Inc. picnics, lunches, dinners, and seminars, not on the street.

    If your logic holds up, then bad guys should be staking out gun stores and robbing people of their guns who are carrying their purchase(s) to their cars. That’s a lot safer than robbing people with guns on their hips.

    It’s better to open carry. Let them know you’re there. These guys aren’t stupid and aren’t going to take a chance on going out in a body bag. They will leave you alone. Concealed carry is an invitation to bad guys to put the CCW person and others into peril. If the bad guy knows there is a firearm there he’ll go pick an easy target without the risk of being shot for his troubles.

    In so far as one walking up to you and demanding your firearm. Why would he, he already has one of his own, and maybe he worries that potential victims have a back up piece? My buddy carries a little .22 mag. revolver as a back up well hidden in a pocket holster.

    In-so-far as the recent Portland Oregon incident. That doesn’t count. If the victim was open carrying, so what. Portland is in bullet free Multnomah County. The bad guy knew he could get it without an argument. He knew the county idiots on the county commission had enacted an open carry “no bullets in the gun” law.

    In Michigan we haven’t been able to document a single case that an open carrying individual has had his firearm taken from him. Police are a different story. The bad guys that go for a policeman’s firearm have so much to lose if arrested it is worth it to them to take the chance.

    Please, if anyone has a documented case of a bad guy robbing an open carry individual of his firearm in an area where the OC person can have bullets in the gun, please share it with us. Multnomah County Oregon doesn’t count.

  • Jay Kay

    My advice: Be smart, pick where you carry, conceal carry in stores and stuff (I don’t condone it, but if you’re arrested for cc without a license, you aren’t doing it right) and open carry is best around the property or at work, especially on, say, a ranch, or in the woods on a hike. Use your brain, mates.

  • Roy Payne

    I open carried when Missouri only allowed OC without a permit. I refused to put myself on the radar of an overbearing, anti-2nd amendment government. Now we have passed Constitutional Carry (goes into effect on Jan. 01) and I will carry concealed most of the time. I carry a S&W SD9 in cold weather and a SCCY CPX2 when it’s warm. I still OC at the range or when hiking out in the nearby woods because I like the feel & comfort of that holster.

    As for someone taking it from me when I am open carrying, they’d have to know exactly how my holster works and I doubt that most gun grabbers would.

    As for thinking a bad guy will just turn and walk away or try another target when he sees an open carrier in the place he plans to rob? I’ve watched dozens of exactly this type of video and most perps run up the sidewalk and in the door with their gun in hand. They don’t walk in casually and observe the customers before pulling out their weapon. So yes, if a stressed out, hopped up perp rushes in and sees me with a gun on my hip, I may well end up dead before I can draw.

    So if you live in an “Open Carry Only” state, then by all means, go ahead and openly carry. But if you have the right to carry concealed (and I believe we only need the 2nd Amendment to give us that right), then it’s just smarter to do so.

  • Herb Fraley

    I am a retired weapons instructor for the state. This is a hot topic and will always get a lot
    of opinions. To each his own. I don’t care how you carry. If you are at Wal-Mart
    and some nut wants to kill some people just to get himself on the News. The nut
    has his weapon in his jacket pocket with his hand on it as he looks around. You
    have on display your side arm. The nut walks up like he is shopping puts his
    gun to the back of your head and pulls the trigger. The nut won because you
    didn’t know he even had a gun. This is not the old west and it is not a quick
    draw contest. I’m going to set this topic on fire with my opinion. When I see
    an open carry I see an unsecure person. I have many years of open carry experience but I was always in a uniform. Look at all the police being killed today because they didn’t’ know the person walking
    by was armed. Think about it.

  • Phil Evans

    No hate mail here. If you oppose putting people in jail and/or fining them for carrying openly, then you are on our side even if you personally would not carry openly. No one is trying to force anyone to conceal or carry openly. It’s all about choice and liberty. The government needs to learn the meaning of “shall not be infringed”.