Arkansas AG States Open Carry is Legal

Arkansas AG States Open Carry is Legal

Arkansas AG States Open Carry is Legal

According to the Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, as long as you don’t plan on using a handgun illegally, then open carry on your person and in a vehicle is legal per to Act 746 of 2013. She gave her opinion on Act 746 of 2013 in a letter while trying to clear up confusion for gun owners who want to know when and where they can legally possess handguns as well as for law enforcement officers.

She also states four other points in her letter:

  • Any person who carries a handgun should be aware that a law enforcement officer might lawfully inquire into that person’s purpose.
  • Whether an officer has reasonable suspicion will depend upon a number of circumstance-specific factors which can include:
    • the demeanor of the suspect
    • the gait and manner of the suspect
    • any information received from third persons
    • the suspect’ s proximity to known criminal conduct.
  • Other statutes prohibit possession of a handgun in certain circumstances regardless of whether a person has the intent to use a handgun unlawfully. Those statutes still have full force and effect.
  • A private property owner or occupant is still entitled to keep handguns (and other firearms) and persons with handguns (and other firearms) off his, her, or its property.
  • The laws requiring a license to carry a concealed handgun still have full force and effect.

Her statement stems from a man who was found guilty of illegally carrying an open weapon on August 27, 2015. He was sentenced to 1 year probation, 15 days in jail, and a $2,160 fine.

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