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Getting Intimate with Violence™: Innate Goodness

Getting Intimate with Violence™: Innate Goodness

I had a chance to speak with Jim Bowsher in the recent past. He built the “Temple of Tolerance” in Wapakoneta, Ohio. His “temple” is an amazing world of architectural and natural stone configured into an almost mystic adventure land he uses for local children to come and just be children, free from outside structure…

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Getting Intimate with Violence: Part II

Getting Intimate with Violence: Part 2

Violence is a tool. That's it........Thanks for reading....... OK, I’m just kidding. Just as a gun, which is a tool, is praised and demonized for the results of its use; so goes the reputation of violence. A mother hawk brings food to the nest to feed her young. "She is so beautiful and caring. How…

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Getting Intimate with Violence: Part II

Getting Intimate with Violence: Part 1

There is a lot of discussion on the subject of tactics. That word, tactic? It’s used A LOT! A tactic is a plan, procedure, or expedient for promoting a desired end or result. Tactical is the word used to describe the nature of something used in a tactic or set of tactics. This can range…

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Defensive Intelligence - Connecting The Dots (Continued)

Defensive Intelligence™: Connecting the Dots (Continued)

A laboratory rat was subjected to electric shock accompanied by an audible tone.  Very soon, after repetitive tone/shock cycles it displayed obvious fear to the tone, even without the shock.  This is a simple example of an auditory association.  But even after the auditory cortex was removed from its brain, effectively rendering the rat absolutely…

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Defensive Intelligence: Connecting the Dots

Defensive Intelligence: Connecting the Dots

I had just come to a stop when they pulled into my driveway directly behind me.  Their headlights were set to high beams and I couldn’t see them for the glare in the rearview mirror.  Chris was always showing up in a hurry, vehemently telling me to “get ready, we’re going out”.  By the time…

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Proper Sight Picture

Front Sight, Squeeze, Follow Through

This sounds like very basic instruction for a novice shooter. You may expect to hear this in a concealed carry class or a basic firearms familiarization course. What many fail to understand about this saying, this concept, is that it applies to every level of shooting. There is a plaque at the U.S. Training Center,…

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Defensive Intelligence, The Foundation

Defensive Intelligence, The Foundation

If you “Google” self defense in your given city, you’re probably going to see a list of martial arts schools. Rarely will you see a school that blends unarmed and armed tactics with a firearm. I know you can get training at a dojo for nunchaku, swords, etc. But those are not things you are…

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They Don't Feel Safe

They Don’t Feel Safe

I am in a position that doesn’t lend to making friends at work. Because of what needed to be done, I fully expected this and this is what I do. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I have experience understanding what it takes to make a place profitable and a major part of that…

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