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Firing Range Etiquette

Firing Range Etiquette

As a newbie to the firearms culture, I have little knowledge of the etiquette expected at the local firing range. My personal experience is solely with indoor firing ranges as that is what I have available to me. I’m not talking range safety here, which is a completely different topic. Of course being friendly and…

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The ABC's of Gun Cleaning

The ABC’s of Gun Cleaning

About a month ago I had a very good friend of mine have a negligent discharge of his firearm just as he was preparing to clean it. He shot himself. Thankfully his injury was only a flesh wound in the palm of his hand. After making sure he was alright and after poking fun at…

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Purchasing My First Firearm

Purchasing My First Firearm

My first purchase of a firearm was similar to my first time getting to third base with Emily back in the 8th grade. I was nervous, all thumbs, and had no idea what I was doing. That being said I was excited. It has only been within the last year I have developed an interest…

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