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The Last Training Opportunity

The Last Training Opportunity

“Unload. Show Clear. Hammer Down.” Wait – SCRATCH THAT! “Unload. Show Clear. Take your last training opportunity.” I’ve followed the commands “Unload;  Show Clear;  Hammer Down” a hundred times on ranges in Falling Plate and other competitions and training scenarios.  It translates roughly to: Eject your magazine, show the RSO or instructor that your gun…

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Femme Fatal Holsters’ Corset Holster Review

Femme Fatals Holsters’ Corset Holster Review

The age old frustration by the female shooter inevitably comes back to being “I can’t find a holster that works for me!” How can we carry without looking pregnant or like we’re walking like a duck, without having to wear our boyfriend’s oversized flannel shirt to work, and while keeping the firearm safe from the…

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