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“Weapon” - Defined

“Weapon” – Defined

A weapon, as defined by Wikipedia, is a tool or instrument used with the aim of causing damage or harm (either physical or psychological) to living beings… By definition, firearms and electronic alarm systems are both weapons. A firearm is a tool used with the aim of causing Physical damage or harm. An alarm system…

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Alarm Responses

Alarm Responses

In an evaluation of one of my products a concealed carry instructor recently wrote: But what about when the person is not present? The pistol pad is an intrusion detection device, but not an intrusion/theft prevention device… There are indeed criminals bold enough to break into houses that have alarm systems because they know full…

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Alarming Information

Alarming Information

Quality electronic alarm systems and quality firearms have three primary things in common; they both are reliable, neither is cheap, and one-size-does-not-fit-all. An alarm system is a compilation of electronic components arranged in a manner to meet your specific requirements. Those components are supposed to be installed in compliance with All Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)…

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