How to Avoid Getting Attacked in Your Car

How to Avoid Getting Attacked in Your Car
How to Avoid Getting Attacked in Your Car
How to Avoid Getting Attacked in Your Car
How to Avoid Getting Attacked in Your Car

Recently, a man and his wife were driving through Brooklyn, NY. They were sitting at a stoplight when a group of 10 teenagers started crossing in front of them. The light turned green and the teenagers were still in the road when the man honked at them to move out of the way.

As soon as he honked, the youths started kicking and pounding on his car. He got out of the car to assess the damage and they turned their attack on him. He was severely beaten by the pack of teenagers and according to the news, he had a fractured nose, broken septum, and multiple bruises on his body.

As the driver was getting beaten, his wife began dialing 911 as she was dragged from the car and beaten too. Thankfully, the couple didn’t have any life threatening injuries and they survived the attack by these 10 kids.

Stories like these are becoming more commonplace, such as the incident that happened in Virginia when a man was stopped at a red light and someone threw a rock at his car. When the driver got out of the car, he was attacked by a group of 100 youths. Thankfully he survived too.

The fact is, when groups of teenagers (or any group for that matter) get together they often do stupid and dangerous things. That’s why every time you get in your car you should first lock your doors. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving 2 miles to get milk, get in the habit of locking the doors as soon as you get in your vehicle.

Also, it should be obvious that you should never get out of your vehicle if it comes under attack. If kids start kicking your car or someone throws a rock at your car, hit the gas pedal and get out of the area. If people are blocking your forward movement then either run them over (depending on the severity of the situation and whether your life is in danger) or throw it in reverse and back up.

Drive to a police station or someplace safe, call police and only assess the damage done to the vehicle at that time. If you have no way out and you feel you can’t go forward, reverse, left or right, then it’s time to draw your firearm. If a group of people are surrounding your car then simply displaying your firearm will often get them to disperse.

Of course, you never draw a gun just to display it, you draw it because you believe you might have to use deadly force to save your own life or that of a loved one. And if the group of attackers starts smashing your windows and you or your loved one are about to get dragged out of a vehicle then that would be the time to defend yourself with a firearm.

Remember, you can easily shoot through your front windshield just as easily as a side window. So if people are smashing your car or threatening your life and they’re directly in front of you, you don’t have to wait until they’re at your door to protect yourself.

Besides using good situational awareness and hitting the gas pedal to escape a dangerous situation, don’t forget to practice drawing your firearm in your vehicle.

Do this in your garage with the garage door closed (so your neighbors don’t get spooked) and with a safe and empty weapon. Make sure you can quickly get to your gun while seated from wherever your carry position is. You should be able to draw your gun in your vehicle in two seconds or less, just like you should be able to do it in two seconds or less while standing.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Larry Jones

Unfortunately these poor folks in the article would have been fully prosecuted in NY thanks to Bloomberg and the rest of the idiot lawmakers in NYf they had a gun and used it.


Another reason NYC, and the state of NY, for that matter, is off our list of places to go on vacation. California dropped off a couple years ago, and Colorado dropped off last summer. For starters, I will only go places that accept my Texas CHL. Luckily, that takes in the whole Gulf Coast and the heartland of the U.S. Mexico? Canada? Senor, I don’t wish to go there, eh?

Mrs. M

You can OPEN CARRY in Colorado. However not sure if that’s only for legal Colorado residents or not.

Keith Brockmiller

The main reason that, if you value your freedom, or life for that matter, New York is the last place you should live


New York – Chicago – D.C. – Baltimore…actually, too close to call. Just let them tie for last place!


If I lived in New York State again I would carry a firearm in spite of the law. I did so when I lived there before, and I would do so again.


The family in the Range Rover that was recently under assault by the bikers, comes to mind. TI associate is active Xe (Blackwater), including ‘Omega Defense’. Associate practices driving at high speed at every opportunity…. In Reverse!


This article could have been titled “Try and Have all Vital Info When Traveling In and Around NYC.” The back story is that it was a mob of black teenagers, (though one was only twelve years old) that racially profiled a white couple in a car and was looking to start the fight that occurred by loitering in front of his vehicle under a green light provoking a response.

World New Daily has a better account of it but I can’t find link now. Based on the book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” this phenomenon is happening a lot all over the country quite frequently. Main street media will not report on it as a racial issue and LEO’s simply deny the racial angle and classify the attacks has something lighter.

I certainly would not have confronted them by blowing my horn even if I had been carrying concealed. I would not have gotten out of the car either. An adult pulling out a gun or pepper spray on 10 angry racially-motivated black teenagers has no possible good outcome for anyone.

My point is, while traveling white, stay as aware at a red light as at a checkout counter in Walmarts. A crazy muslim might drive a car into one and try and kill you. What if you were carrying concealed and after a guy drives his car through the front of Walmarts, gets out of his car and comes running at you with a bat screaming allalu ackbar?

Steve Harmon

Thanks, good advice.


What about using one of those pepper spray grenades? When a crowd starts to surround your vehicle, you can then pop the top on one of those cans and throw it out the window fast. There about $17.00 for a 2 oz can and it’s suppose to disburse a crowd.


A legal chemical weapon is available to you. My Sweetheart keeps a can of wasp spray at home. It has a range of twenty-five feet and is a foaming spray. A visible stream that turns into a foam when it hits the intended target. Good for crowd control too. Best of all, when you get to the Judge, (and you will get to see one eventually if you use it) remind them that you used a non-lethal method of self defense.


The danger in that is you may simply aggravate them further. Self defense shouldnt be half hearted. If you can roll your window down and spray someone with mace, then they probably dont pose enough of a threat to do much of anything. This isnt a fight, dont meet force with equal force, meet force with overwhelming force. If someone presents you with grave bodily harm, you have every right to meet them with lethal force, and doing so is the only way to guarantee they wont stand back up and finish what they started.


Wasp spray is not something that will just aggravate them further it will stop them in their tracks. From what I am told it will temporarily blind the person and the only solution is to get to a hospital and get an antidote. It is the recommend self defense in areas where a gun is not permitted or much too likely to get you thrown in jail rather than the criminal. It requires no permit and no anti gun fanatic can make a fuss about it. Just claim that you have a problem with wasps and hornets.

It is several times more effective than mace. People have been know to withstand the effects of mace. No one has ever been able to withstand the effects of wasp spray.


Okay, so you blinded the “youth” ( {disgusted} Oh, we are SO delicate in identifying the actual problem) on your side of the car — and all the rest of the pack? They’re not blinded, they’re just angry! (It WAS fun, now it’s payback…) If you’re in your car and under threat — drive off — OVER the attackers if necessary! You’re sitting in a heavy, metal, propelled weapon — trying to ‘convince’ attackers to go away is dangerous.


you leave yourself vulnerable to charges of illegal use of a registered pesticide… read the label. Of course, the odds of getting slammed with that are fairly slim…. best “excuse”: keep it in the bag from the hardware store where you bought it, as if you’d absentmindedly left it in the vehicle. Then, under attack, you noticed it, and since you were in fear of your life you used what you had.

Best to avoid areas where you can’t lawfully defend yourself.


If someone is going to attack me then I wouldn’t be worrying about pesticide charges but I wouldn’t be using wasp spray if my life is in danger.


Wasp spray is good for spraying one person, I’m talking about a crowd that surrounds your car and just before they start pounding on it, roll down the window enough to toss out a can or grenade of tear gas. The kind that spins around and fogs the whole area. As soon as a opening in the crowd breaks, then drive away. If they start breaking the windows and reaching in, then I would start shooting. I’m sure after the first shot the rest of the crowd would start running and leaving an opening to drive away. The main thing is to get away and I’m thinking of ways to get away once they have your path blocked.


Yes, tear gas grenades are available to the public. 2oz, 6oz and a very few larger are out there. That is a choice. I, on the other hand, like wasp spray. It does work on crowds and if you don;t. like it try Bear spray. That is very effective. Pepper spray is just an irritant.

Aulton H White II

That is why only criminals carry in NYC. Honest people are prohibited from defending themselves.


That needs to change but can only happen when the people who live there wants it to change as was the recall of the two anti-gun politicians in Colorado.


Easier said than done. Houston has a modern history of mayors who tax the middle class in order to give to the wealthy developers and the “poor” (including illegal aliens). The last three elections, and the current one, have had true reform candidates, but they can’t get enough money to get their message out.

The current incumbent is the one who made Houston a sanctuary city and gives free lunches and afternoon snacks at 450 lunch stands to anyone who says they’re 21 or younger all summer long. Her administration gives building permits to any apartment developer who avoids the super rich areas, regardless of existing infrastructure. Her leading opponent has spent $2 million on a campaign, but he had not paid property taxes in over five years–until he decided to run for mayor. One of them will win. I’ve given money to the reform guy, and I have his sign in my yard, but he gets no notice from the local network affiliates. He has no chance. Again.

My point? Big cities, and states, are hard to change unless you’re super wealthy, like…Bloomberg? It’s easier to just get out, like the taxpayers of Detroit did.


Obama ‘Regime’ has definite plans (Mao like, ‘five year’ plans?) to reverse that ‘fleeing’ trend. Removing the attractive perks, such as Freedom, safety and suburban country living, replacing them with the re-distribution taxation penalties, that will financially force the less financially secure, to re-enter the govt subsidized cities.

Note the loud and relentless political/media attacks, levied on the reportedly ‘unfair’ consumption’ of resources, by the residents of the semi-agrarian ‘burbs’. Urban renewal is akin to Mao’s historically disastrous ‘Great Leap Forward’.

Of course Mao eventually came to realize that ‘Down to the Countryside’ was more sustainable…. through attrition of population. Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ (various, radical stages) eliminated tens of millions of perpetually dependency addicted ‘breeders and eaters’ (including their ‘enablers..teachers and professors) from unsustainable urban density. Soon the cycle must be repeated, to relieve urban congestion and pollution. As is said , “Nothing lasts forever”. History repeats…repeatedly.

Anthony James

your life and they’re directly in front of you, you don’t have to wait until they’re at your door to protect yourself.

Aulton H White II

But you know in reality that will not happen. In NYC, as well as other major cities and major Democratic States, they believe it is guns that cause the crime instead of learning that it is the criminals that cause the violence. I know I am talking to the choir here.

Properly trained persons in the use of firearms for the defense of one’s home and person is the natural right of all. It is governments that keep taking away our rights to defend ourselves and homes.


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Another Disabled Athlete

AHHhh – What was he thinking? 10 to 1 are v-poor odds even if you are (legally) armed.
Imagine being on safari and a pride of lions, hyeenas, baboons, whatever were surrounding you car – Would You get out to disburse Them??
Seems like video game induced – poor judgement!!
The lock & escape is the correct and best advice. jm2c


Maybe but as is the case with most pack animals you make an example of the alpha(shoot and kill him) and the others normally will tuck tail and run.


Often times leaders of gangs don’t take part in the shenanigans, they watch their flunkies do the work then take all the rewards. I guess you could almost say they (leaders) are smart.


What was the guy thinking . . . getting out of the vehicle? Most people have a phone with camera these days. Take pictures of the mob attack, honk the horn repeatedly to draw attention from others nearby, slowly begin to move the vehicle forward or backward and then step on the gas IF they don’t begin to disperse or their intensity of attack picks up. This isn’t a game, this could be be a life or death situation.


Soon it will be shoot and walk off ! No more calling 9/11 they fail , And then DHS and National Guard or UN peace keepers with Turret mounted Machine Guns patrolling the Ghetto Black Hawk down M F Yaw GD Boonie Rats !




Shoot and kill the attackers, keep your mouth shut to the cops except to say that you feared for your life and avoid NYC.


Unfortunately we see the recent incident in New York city with the bikers. They want to blame the driver for running one over as he was trying to escape them. If he had a firearm and used it when they sought to pull him from his vehicle, I’m sure today he would be prosecuted for doing so. Of course that is NY.


This is what happens in the LIBERAL parts of the country which refuse to allow Carry Permits. I don’t say “shoot them all” but, a weapon in the hand gives tugs pause for thought before attacking.


“The fact is, when groups of teenagers (or any group for that matter) get together they often do stupid and dangerous things.”

Scare tactic much? This is really bad generalization.

Sam Spade

Unfortunately Jason, if we tried that in Canada we’d get more jail time that our attackers. Up here, you can legally own a handgun, but getting a permit to carry it for self-defence (even if your life is under threat by criminals or gangsters), is next to impossible.


You have forgotten one very important safety discussion in this article. When practicing in the garage with the garage door closed…..dont turn on the car… is a litigious society we live in and it bound to happen….;-)~


i would like to add that ,yes you can shoot through your windshield but it will fracture and you will not be able to see out of it to drive,so if your goal is to eliminate the immediate danger and then drive off you are better off to shoot thru your door window glass,it will break and fall out.where as the windshield will not and a single shot thru the windshield will render you unable to see through it to escape.


Actually, when you shoot through the windshield, it leaves a pretty clean hole because of the safety glass. As long as you don’t shoot a whole bunch through around the same area you should be ok.


Tell ya about an experience I had at 30 years old. My car was broken down, and I didn’t have a credit card to rent a vehicle. (In those days they didn’t hand out credit cards like they do nowadays.) I went to “Rent a Wreck”. They would take a $100 deposit. The car was a mess. Fumes got inside, so I had to keep the windows down. The windows were very hard and slow to crank down. The car was also hard to get in gear. And the paint was bad. REALLY bad.

After work one sunny day, I stopped at a gas station and waited for a pump. A bunch of about 12 teens, up to about 19 years old were hanging out at the station, drinking. They took one look at my car and started laughing. One jumped on the hood of the car and started making like an ape. I waited. When he jumped off, I drove out of the station. I didn’t want to get out of the car to pump the gas. He must’ve resented it. As I was merging onto the major highway (55MPH speed limit), he suddenly lunged through the car hitting me in the head repeatedly, as hard as he could. It was all I could do to get control of the car. I bent way over towards the passenger seat to avoid his blows. The car careened part way onto the median. I could hear other drivers honking and yelling at me to “move the car”. What idiots. Like I could do something about the situation. Anyways, for an instant the guy backed out of the window. I sat up, and tried to close the window. The instant I did, he was back through the window hitting me. He backed away again and put his hand on his back pocket and taunted me to come out. I took my foot off the brake, and hit the accelerator, speeding down the median. I got to a business up the road, and called the police. An officer was at the scene in a few minutes, and I pointed out the gang at the gas station about 300 yards away. He was obviously afraid to confront them. He held me there for 1/2 hour till they all had left.

A few days later this creepy character spotted my car in the neighborhood and chased me in his car. I gave him the slip. I started finding a different route to and from work. About a month later there was a report in the paper about a double murder, complete with pictures of the suspects. The guy who attacked me had pulled his car alongside two black men with their white dates, while they were on the entrance ramp to the interstate, and shot the black men dead. The guy who attacked me got a “deal” with the state for turning in his buddy.

I bought a pistol a short time later. But I think a can of mace might be a better approach in most cases, unless facing a homicidal maniac, like I encountered.


I will no longer travel to NY even tho it is a short distance for me.
I will not order anything that originates in NY either and make sure any
online spending does not see its way to NY as best I can.

If NY gun owners are serious about getting things changed they need to

look at recalls.

Mrs M

Yep, they did it in Colorado.

Jamie Boo

Step on the gas and run their asses over.


Speed shooting would’ve ended there fun. Learn it!


Best advise don’t live in these Nazi cities move if you can to a place where you are free.


The push to outlaw guns in the hands of private citizens is immoral. Taking this privilege away from law-abiding citizens amounts to politicians giving criminals the right to kill as they wish.


What the Hell, US Carry doesn`t have the BALLS to say this was a (the “N” word) BLACK on WHITE crime, That makes YOU NO BETTER THEN MSM, just say it the way it is…….


Good advice and some good comments; some useless banter. Only caveat from me is that the front windshield angles and is different material than side windows. A shot out the front will deflect downward slightly so aim between the eyes. The comment about the windshield shattering is correct; you will have a hard time seeing out the front if you shoot. I’d use the vehicle trying to hit the mob members at an angle so they don’t get under the wheels (e.g. avoid direct hits if you can). Shooting out the side window opens the window so I would reserve that until the window was broken or someone had a weapon serious enough to break it if I don’t. Save your ammo as long as you can because you might need it to escape if they disable your vehicle. A vehicle is a thing that can be fixed, don’t get all emotional about someone pounding on it; if you feel there is is a threat to a person then act.


good article – Once in the car, I usually take out my gun and place it in the center console for easy and quick access


Carry a gun and don’t get out of the car to assess damage! That is just stupid. You have a pack of wild brats out there and you think they will respect you? You can assess damage once you get away. If in a Stand Your Ground state, shoot the knees out from under them.


To ‘govtrumbull’- I was raised in NY State. I wanted to go back there to live (I live in So. FL, and have since
1959, with the exception of MT from ’63-’64, and 8-1/2 yrs. in Central America in the 1970s). I called the Sheriff of Otsego County (where I was raised) and told him about my intentions. When he learned I had Class 3 and other types, he told me- “Sure you can live here, and you can VISIT your guns whenever you want- they’ll be at the Sheriff’s Office.” A beautiful state, but under SOCIAL control.


hey r ! i agree with u ,, see more info here,, able44.­c­o­m


Should’ve ran them over!


I keep hearing shoot, shoot, mace, bug spray, shoot. What happened to the running over people option? Seriously, you are driving a car, you can argue 9mm vs: 40 vs: 45 all day long but 4000lb of steel totally redefines stopping power! Drive away, if the crowd of aggressors is between you and safety, well, it sucks to be them! Any of them that you run over probably won’t attack any more cars, ever. I know it’s not always an option, you may be hemmed in by traffic or something but if it is an option it should be the first option. Those of who carry defensively are, IMO, at risk of falling into the “gun is my only option for defense” line of thinking. Remember, your mind is your primary weapon, everything else is supplemental!


Here in CA it his illegal under all circumstances to fire a gun at someone from your car.

Jerry Lee

I think you should double check that…however, this is a law: It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale.


I did double check it. That is the law in CA.

Mrs M

If you are sure the attackers are teenagers, is it going to be okay to draw and shoot?

Anthony James

So if people are smashing your car or threatening.


It is important to realize that the use of a vehicle
constitutes “deadly force” and all the conditions necessary to justify the use of a firearm must be present, as well, when faced with the option of plowing over someone. That is to say that you CAN articulate that a disparity of force may exist when faced with a crowd of teens acting violently against you, your vehicle or the occupants of your vehicle. Your training, experience and understanding of violent acts against motorists may tell you that your life is potentially in danger and therefore justify the use of force. Mentally prepare yourself to survive a situation such as this so your moral compass doesn’t prevent you from doing what is necessary to save yourself or those in your sheath of protection. Be Safe!

Dave Windsor

Sights On Solutions