Why Bunkerville, NV Was Good For America

Why Bunkerville, NV Was Good For America
Why Bunkerville, NV Was Good For America
Why Bunkerville, NV Was Good For America
Why Bunkerville, NV Was Good For America

Bunkerville, NV is about 90 minutes south of my house. I didn’t head down there during the recent standoff with the cattle rancher and the BLM, but like many people, I was watching everything unfold with interest.

To tell you the truth, I don’t agree with everything the rancher is doing but I love seeing someone stand up to the federal government and having the government back down. Plus, this shows once again why the Second Amendment and firearms are so critical to our country’s freedoms.

I’m willing to bet that if there weren’t 200 or so armed militia members protesting with the cattle rancher then there’s no way the BLM packs up and gets out of the area. Just imagine if we lived in many other countries without the freedoms we have.

We’d be 200 people just standing around and the government would get it’s way like it always does in Russia, Venezuela, and every other country without the freedom of speech or right to bear arms.

Again, I don’t necessarily agree with the cattle rancher, but thanks to the Second Amendment they can continue to try and work things out and the federal government won’t simply be allowed to round up all of the cattle. In other words, the Second Amendment forces the government to have dialogue, and in this case, forces the government to think about its policies.

What amazes me most is how the anti-gun crowd doesn’t understand this simple aspect. They don’t understand that without firearms we’d probably still be British colonists… or we wouldn’t be the United States of America but might be the Confederate States of America… And had we made it past all that without firearms, we might have been invaded by the Japanese during World War II.

I am forever grateful for this country we live in and for all of the freedoms we have. I love the fact that this past Saturday I was able to go to my shooting range and enjoy working on drills to better protect my family and myself.

And I’m grateful every single day that I have the choice to walk around carrying a concealed firearm, that I’m self-reliant, and that I’m the one responsible for my family’s protection.

The bottom line is, as someone who’s been fortunate enough to travel all over this world, I can say without a doubt that as many problems as this country has it’s the best country on earth and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And the Nevada cattle rancher did a great job of showing us this and forcing the government to re-think how it handles things.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Earl Needham

“We’d be 200 people just standing around and the government would get
it’s way like it always does in Russia, Venezuela, and every other
country without the freedom of speech or right to bear arms.”

You mean like California, New York, Connecticut, etc.?


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Robert L. Rice

will SOMEONE,please explain to me,WHAT gives the US Government,the RIGHT to call land in the different states, GOVERNMENT LAND,instead of land that belongs to the various states??? did the FED government buy this land???,or JUST TAKE IT??? and WHY does the EPA and BLM have the power to make states do what they want??? IF the gov. goes after Mr Bundys land ,that his family has been using for over 100 years, AND that he pays STATE user fees on, that (in my opinion) is what MIGHT start a second civil war….because WE THE PEOPLE,are not going to stand for the govt screwing over Mr Bundy and family…..AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

james lagnese

The third amendment should have prohibited eminent domain as well.


Guns may have stopped this confiscation of cattle. I think our government is trying to settle this peacefully.

IF Mr. Bundy has paid grazing fees to the state, how did he manage to forego paying the Fed for so many years? This is a situation that will be settled in court, trying to make him also pay the fed.

Personaly I think if he can prove his family has used this land since 1837, he has a right to keep using it!


The blm has been collecting the money from all the ranchers and using it to buy their farms with their own money. Bundy is the last, all the other ranchers were run out of the business by blms bad management.

Steve Parker

I enjoy reading Jason Hanson’s articles however I don’t agree with his stance in this article. It is my understanding that Mr Bundy has refused to pay the grazing fees to BLM that he originally agreed to as a condition to putting his livestock on it. Whether or not you agree BLM has rights to charge grazing fees, the fact is it is the law and Mr Bundy’s continued refusal to honor his agreement to pay the fees triggered a response from BLM. How many of these armed supporters would show support for a bank robber cornered by police because they may not believe in banks? I find it interesting that a former government employee (CIA) would condone civil disobedience in the name of second amendment rights for someone who has been defrauding the government. If I bought and financed a car, then didn’t pay for it, someone would come and repossess it to recover their loss. How is this any different than what Mr Bundy had done?


I agree with Steve. Mr. Bundy entered into an agreement to pay for the grazing rights. The problem is he simply stopped paying and continued to have his cattle graze there for free. This was a grazing rights property issue. It was ridiculous and irresponsible for several hundred ignorant yahoo’s to show up with assault weapons as if they were itching to shoot another American if things didn’t go as they wanted. THIS is what gives our firearm industry a bad name. The vast majority of firearm owners are responsible and will not shoot or even threaten to shoot someone over what grass a cow should be eating. This is not an appropriate time or place to brandish firearms and Jason of all people should know better as Steve has so well pointed out.


Steve Parker and Cobrawing, before you post, please get all the facts. He stopped paying the fees becuase the BLM was using the money to force out the other 52 ranchers in the area, not to manage the land. Sounds like the BLM committed the fraud. It is not about the Bundy’s, cattle or the land, it is about standing up to big government and their crooked ways.

Bee Sap



I think it is despicable that the government and its agencies shut these other ranchers down. Who showed up first, armed to the teeth (armed rangers, K-9s, helicopters, snipers and Blackwater security operators), tasering and assaulting protesters. C’mon is right!


Curl . . . with all due respect, the reasoning you are using is not good. You’re reasoning that since he didn’t like what the government was doing with the money it received from him, that gave him the right to stop paying. Then by that same logic everyone else should stop paying taxes merely because we don’t like what the government may be spending it on. Got news for ya . . . the government is squandering ALL of our money on all kinds of silly stuff.

The introduction of firearms in a dispute over what grass a cow eats was irresponsible and all the misplaced patriotic flag waving doesn’t make it sensible. We have people right here on this forum who are itching for every and any reason to start another war within our nation. This kind of juvenile cowboy antics is exactly what the liberals want us to engage in and exactly what hurts our conservative adult cause.

We have the upper hand with sensible behavior . . . lets not allow the quick tempered among us to blow it for us. What is needed now are level headed responsible adults who know how to hold their fire and their tempers. I think you’re a level headed guy Curl. I too feel for Mr. Bundy as you do, but he entered into an agreement that he now regrets. This needs to be resolved civilly and peacefully . . . not by his calling everyone to arms to the fence line.

Jim Isbell

someone forgot to tell you that the introduction of firearms was the 200 armed agents that come BEFORE the Patriots arrived……..


correction: Bundy did not “enter into an egreement” with BLM.. BLM unilaterall came along, claimed jurisdiction and control (remember, Bundy family had been using that land for a nundred years before BLM existed) and demanded the fees, promsing to use them for certain “improvements”. Those “improvements” turned out to be the financial ruin of the other fifty two ranchers that USED to be in that area. Bundy realised he’d been had, and refused to continue supporting the thugs that were not living up to their promises… and should not even exist under the laws of the Constitution.


Correction: Bundy absolutely entered into an agreement . . . one he should not have entered into because more than likely that land WAS his family land! It was totally stupid what he did in even starting to pay the feds grazing rights for land that may well have been his! However, he Danced with the Devil and then after a while it bothered him so much that he stopped paying. It matters little that he didn’t like what the feds were doing with the money. Hell, I don’t like all the entitlement money or foreign aid given away by my government either. What he simply needs to do now is settle this peacefully . . . not cry for a call to arms to rush to the fence line with weapons to threaten to shoot other human beings over which grass a cow is eating!


Wars have been fought over less…


your choice on how you go out…standing or kneeling….none of us gets out of here…breathing….Semper fi


You all forget something: BUndy’s family had been grazing on those lands, under treaty rights established in the beginning (about 1870 or so) for a hundred or more years. BLM never should have had control ove r that land, as it rightfully should have gone to the State of Nevada when it formed. BLM came in well after the land uses had been established and unilaterally demanded the fees.. on the promise the funds would be used to improve the land to make the rahcing activites more prifitable. They did a few things early on, then began using those funds to drive the ranchers out by regulations, imposing costs, drastically increasing the demanded fees, establishing the turtle preserve, and bankrupting all the other ranchers… they now are trying to bankrupt Bundy. THAT is why he stopped paying the fees… that, and the fact it finallly dawned on him that FedGov, and BLM, have no place under the Constitutioin to own or manage any lands under the “authority” of FedGov. THAT is why he tried paying the fees to Nevada and/or Clark County. THEY are the rightful landowners. Bundy also has right to the land under adverse possession, and another legal mechanism I can’t recall just now.. based upon the long standing and un-contested use of the lands for over a hundred years.

Leon Singleton

Ummm…Under treaty with whom??? This will get funny quick.


From my understanding of the situation the grazing fees were supposed to be used to better the grazing lands for the benefit of the payers. Instead the BLM continued to use the funds to buy out the cattle men and take over the land. When Bundy would not go along with their demands he became the bad guy. When Bundy did not see any improvements on the lands he stopped paying the fees and instead was willing to pay them to the state and not the feds.

This example is typical of places like California where millions of dollars are collected to pay for highway maintenance and improvements and the funds go into the general fund and are used for many things in addition to highway maintenance. Then when the highways are going to pot (no pun intended) they want to collect more highway taxes because they don’t have enough money to fix the highways because the state has used the money for other things.

Bundy was faced with the same challenge with the grazing funds which were collected to improve the grazing lands not force out those raising cattle.

So why were they trying to get the land under their control? That is a question that Harry Reed and his son should be answering. What is their interest in controlling this land? Perhaps the fact that Harry’s son is attempting to profit by selling land like this to the Chinese to a solar power plant. Of course Harry is upset as his son will not be able to make the big bucks that he is attempting to get.

No matter how it is sliced there is no reason in this country to bring in 200 armed men to face off a few farmers raising cattle. That sort of action is happening more and more in this country.


BLM never attempted to “buy out” the other ranchers… they regulated and harrassed them into final surrender, running them bankrupt by spending the grazing fees and more until they all but Bundy have given up and gone elsewhere. The land was already under Fed control… directly contrary to the Constitution.

That land ias been, illegall, uder federal control since before Nevada became a state. It SHOULD< per the policies set up with federal purchase of those lands, have been ceded to each of the states that formed from that land. It never was. It still should be. Federal ownership of lands outside the Disgrace of Columbia is contrary to the COnstitution. It says so in plain language. Nevada, and all the other western states with federal lands within them need to rise up and take control of all that land.


tionico . . . you’re entitled to your own opinions but you’re not entitled to you’re on made up facts. Please review all the reports of what ACTUALLY happened here because you got this badly wrong. Mr. Bundy absolutely entered into an agreement with the government because by his own admission he WAS paying those grazing fee’s that they requested and paying them for quite a while. What happened was he simply became upset over the arrangement and stopped paying. Look, we all feel for Mr. Bundy and I’m no lover of ANY of the violations of our rights and Constitution that our government is doing all over the place . . . but in THIS case Mr. Bundy indeed owns a good deal of the mess he created. He danced with the Devil and now that Devil has burned him. Lesson learned.


It looks like there is another principle stopping the BLM from suing Bundy that I recently read about. Prescription principle which states that land used by another without action by the land holder results in the land being lost by the owner. I have a good friend in Washington state that out of the goodness of his heart let his neighbor travel across his land to his place even though there was another entrance to his land but less convenient. Eventually the neighbor took the situation to court and now owns the land that he was allowed to use with nothing being done by the owner. I hope that Bundy uses this principle to keep using the land. He does not want to own the land but wants to use it for grazing his cattle. Apparently long ago he attempted to pay the grazing costs to the state and they would not accept it. What a mess!! Too bad that we don’t have people who represent us rather than themselves.


@ Jason

even if you do not agree with all of Bundy’s stand”’by NOT going there, since you are closer than most, and going to a range for practice…Hell you may have gotten some ‘live fire’ practice….I may agree with a lot about which you write…I do not understand why that you did not STAND for your FREEDOM…..when you are really impacted more where you live than most….imho

Jim Isbell

I am thinking of making a bumper sticker that says “Remember the Alamo and Bunkerville NV”

Or maybe, “Cliven Bundy was Right and so am I”

Being legally correct and being Morally right are NOT necessarily the same thing.

The internet helped stop another Ruby Ridge or Waco from happening. But
we came as close as a firecracker to having another revolution. If the
Bureau of Land Management had not backed
down and one shot had been fired accidentally or one firecracker lit
off, 200 federal agents could have been dead and what was left of 1000
citizens would have been labeled as terrorists with nothing left to
loose. Had that happened, with today’s internet, the number in that
crowd would have swelled to 10,000 over night. Then what happened next,
with the National Guard of Nevada at less then 10,000 strong, would have
been a scary thing.

I dont think Harry Reids comment that “it
is not over yet” helped to stabilize anything. The man is a fool, no, I
will say that differently, he is a damned fool.

someone at the top realized that having 200 dead federal agents and an
army of pissed off citizens that was armed, outnumbered the National
Guard and had “nothing left to loose”, was not a good scenario. Yes,
the National Guard has tanks, helicopters and sophisticated weapons.
But do you think the majority of them would have followed orders to fire
upon their neighbors and fellow Nevadans? I dont think they would
have. The National Guard is sworn to carry out any “legal order” from
their superiors and they are carefully educated on the lessons from the
Nuremberg trials. You can swing by the neck for following an order
from your superior so you need to make that determination on your own.

If the National Guard had been called out, then that 10,000 man/woman
army would have grown even faster. There were people in that group that
came all the way from Connecticut with their “illegal” assault rifles
to help Cliven Bundy. This is what the Second Amendment was designed
for. To allow the people to resist an oppressive government, just as
they had at Lexington. This time, with the Second Amendment still
intact, it worked to preserve our Free nation to remain Free. We must
be constantly vigilant to preserve the Second Amendment intact and
un-changed if we are to preserve our nation.

Is Bundy in the
legal right under our current legal environment? Maybe not, but that
does not say that our current legal environment is right. Is Bundy in
the moral right? The charges against him are being misrepresented, the
reasons for going after him are being misrepresented, and the methods
used are not justified.

First, the Bundy family has been on
that range since 1875, long before the BLM even existed. The Bundy
family was legally grazing their cattle on otherwise worthless land
until 1993 when the US Government decided they would charge ranchers to
graze there and when Bundy said, no you wont, they withdrew his long
standing grazing rights and declared him a criminal. Thus it was not
through any action of his own, but by government edict, that he became a

Second, the reason that BLM decided to go after
Cliven Bundy in April of 2014, after 20+ years of court action (Courts
that are owned by the US Government and therefore NOT impartial) was not
to protect a Dessert Tortoise, but rather because Harry Reid wants to
build a Solar Farm on the land…..which by the way will require the
Tortoise to be removed first. Harry Reids relatives and political
friends are in high places in the legal departments of the company that
wants to build the Solar Farm and at BLM. Now do you get it??

Third, since when do we use armed force to go after anyone that is not a
danger to the public. Bundy was not resisting at the point of a
gun….not until his son was Tasered and his daughter tackled to the
ground and then others came to his defense. Which of us would not
defend our children when tactics such as these are used? The BLM, IRS
and all other government bureaucracy’s, that are not charged with the
control of violent criminals, should be DISARMED except as to their
personal arms that are guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Our taxes
should not be going to pay for the arming of Government thugs. Even the
BATF agent that inspects my business (I am a Federal Firearms licensee)
does not wear an open carried firearm. He may carry concealed, but he
doesnt carry openly as a threat. Many of our current bureaucracies arm
their “inspectors” just to show how large their penises are!

“You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free.”
Jim Isbell

Marlina-Michael Richards

Cliven Bundy is Right and so was Nelson Mandella


What does mandella have to do with this? Needless interjection of useless information.


That rancher is a thief pure and simple and those militias very misguided in supporting him. Our taxes remain high because of thieves like him. I am disappointed the Feds didn’t stand up to the situation. Some kid around here gets caught with a couple of “Mary Jane” cigarettes on him and he goes to jail. Steal acouple million $$ from the Feds and you get nothing. I will not waste my support for the 2nd Amendment on a thief.


Mike, our taxes remain high because the waste and out of control speading by the government and its agencies. Sounds like government is stealing our money. The people there supporting the rancher are true Patriots, apparently something you don’t know anything about.


I guess we have different opinions of what constitutes a true patriot. And you know nothing about me.


Other than your bad attitude?

Marlina-Michael Richards

Was the Boston Tea Party not stealing from the Government? I don’t see where Cliven Bundy did anything that could be considered as egregious as throwing crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.

Leon Singleton

Just crates of racism?


The Feds would’ve lost a few hundred agents if they had stood against them and we’d be arse deep in a SHTF situation. Stand together or fall alone.


you need to ‘study’ your complaints a little more …very good info on the net…seems you have based your comments on emotion not facts..and by the way federal courts always back the feds…state courts give you a chance…and the 2A you do not support at all if you side with the feds ..ever…imho

james lagnese

Are the Hage’s thieves too? Luckily they had the support of Sheriff DeMeo and a Judge. This kind of crap has been going on for a long time. I cannot understand the legal positivism some people take over this incident. we started a revolution with the brits over a 3% tax. Today, people just let bureaucrats roll over them because authority is always right. IMO there’s too much respect for authority in this country and it’s been like the parable of boiling a frog. Turn up the heat slowly and the frog goes to sleep. We become used to any incursion into our privacy, taking our money and infringing based on political and religious beliefs. Since 9/11 it’s been all downhill in this respect and the sleep of the general population continues. Along as they have their iPhones and can live their lifestyle, they’ll take anything uncle sam dishes out.


wrong: we did NOT start the first Revolution over a tax of any amount. That war was started through an attempt by the King to disarm the Colonials, who had drawn that very line in the sand, and past which they would NOT be pushed…. they would NOT lay down their arms. THAT is what started that war. Research it. Lexington and Concord were the fourth and fifth “powder raids” (m,issions to seize arms, munitions, powder, shot) staged by General Thomas Gage, the king’s appointed overlord for the Colonies. Those two raids were set for the same day, one extended mission. The Colonists had got word wel ahead of time, and fourteen thousand of them had taken to the field, well armed and equipped, to push back the British Regular Army sent out to disarm them. It did not go well for the Lobsterbacks that day. The Colonials did their job well. And continued pushing until the final battle at Yorktown when General Lord Cornwallis sighed the unconditional surrender, loaded his troops onto British Navy warships, and sailed back home to leave us in peace. Unfortunately, that same spirit of domination is alive and well today, and was plainly seen out in the scrub desert of Nevada.

james lagnese

And what precipitated? What was the initial cause of the upheaval? Confirmational bias leads to jumping ahead at best. Remember the circular letters? This was before what you describe. Critical thinking counts.


Jason, if you can’t get behind Mr. Bundy and his family, then you have not carefully followed the events of this situation. Fisrst, READ your Constitution.. pay particular attention to the section that clearly spells out the limits of federal ownership of lands. Start there. Then other details that will follow wil fall nicely into place. You obviously do not know the full story because you have not cared to. This land grab is every bit as heinous as that land grab that gave rist to the SCOTUS case of Kelo, one of the more insane SCOTUS decisions ever…. and which was met with meek silence across the land. The fact that this situation has become so publicised, and so vigourouslhy opposed, gives me great hope that more citizens are arising from their slumber. Kelo should have been met with a far more vigourous opposition than Bundy.

Nor do I trust the courts to resolve this any more ethically or morally than they did in Kelo. Senator Reid has been masterminding this solar generation project, along with his son, has the help of his former staff buddy, now head of BLM, the local county commissioners are all in Reid’s back pocket, and the courts seem to be as well. Based on the sellout by the SCOTUS in Kelo, even if it finally wanders up the food chain to that august body of black-bathrobed hooligans, Bundy will likely see about as much justice as did Mrs, Kelo.


” They don’t understand that without firearms we’d probably still be British colonists… or we wouldn’t be the United States of America but might be the Confederate States of America… ” OMG you have a screwed up understanding of history, but that is what happens when the victor gets to write the history books and teach it to our children. The US Government invaded the CSA at the direction of a tyrant to force the southern states back into the Union at bayonet (and gun point). You really must understand history before making such uninformed comments. A good start would be to read The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government written by President Jefferson Davis.


As a northerner from Pennsylvania, I have to agree Confederado. Confederate States wanted nothing but to seceed and govern themselves.. To exercise the very same rights that we declared in our own declaration of independence.

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Nothing in our history even comes close to the egregiously misrepresented revisionist history of the civil war that is taught in the classrooms of today’s schools. It is shameful. Most people, as I assume is the case for the author of this article, don’t know enough to even question it. The civil war was NOT about slavery and Lincoln is the worst abuser of the constitution in our history.

Mr Hanson you should not make such comments unless you understand the history behind them. Of course if you did, you would not have done so.

Mr Skeptical

If you think that this ordeal is resolved, think again. The powers that be will never leave opportunities to garner revenues open ended. They will be back in greater numbers, and their tactics will be far more surreptitious.

We as the American people must remain vigilant, not just in front of our flat screens, but out everywhere.


your choice on how you go out…standing or kneeling….none of us gets out of here…breathing….Semper fi

peewee h

here’s the deal, this obama administration is so willing to offer hezbollah, the muslim brotherhood and other 2 bit chump terror outfits a seat at the table to sort things out diplomatically ie kiss their ass. but when it comes to an american citizen with a simple money dispute, the citizen is harrassed and threatened at the barrel of a gun of many government goons


Maybe if Bundy was a muslim……………

Marlina-Michael Richards

The Confederate States reference was a poor analogy. First of all, the right to bare arms gave the Confederate States the power to attempt to secede. Secondly, the Confederate States of America, once they abolished slavery, which was underway before the war, would likely be a greater overall country than what we have today when you include the Northeast and California.

Marlina-Michael Richards

Everybody dissagreeing with Cliven Bundy saying that he is breaking the law should also admit that they dissagree with Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and every one of our founding fathers, all who were disobedient to the law.

Jeffrey Jessup

In any fire fight, everyone is fighting to survive and help the buddy beside him trying to survive. I can’t help but think that the BLM agents that were there were doing the job they were being paid to do by their employer. They are US citizens with families trying to do the job that they were hired to do. Do I think bad judgement is used by individual law enforcement officers at times? Yes I do. Would I defend myself if anyone including law enforcement were trying to kill me or those around me? Yes. Do I think a fellow American should be killed in the performance of his duties? No. We have a judicial system for a reason and we vote for those that we depend on to enact laws that we hope represent our own beliefs but that can not always be the case because we don’t always agree and we live in a country where the majority vote is supposed to mean something. If you don’t like the laws as written then vote for those that agree with you, influence others to do the same peacefully. Run for office yourself or support your choice for office by campaigning, contributing, etc. What you don’t want to be quick to do is rise up in arms to kill your neighbors because you my find that there are more of us that will rise up to stop you than you realize. If you want to get an unintended result of having government try to disarm us, then continue to use arms to threaten violence in response to them upholding laws passed by the people. I want to keep all my weapons for my own defense and those I love so I would appreciate a peaceable solution to the Bundy situation and any others like it they may occur. Would I fight to keep my weapons? Yes but within the legal system that we all agree is still the best country on earth and if you don’t then you should move to the one you do and let the rest of us enjoy life, liberty, and justice for all. As far as solar farms on land in Nevada are concerned. I do think clean energy is very important, and I think that the overall good of the people has to be considered. What would employ the most tax payers that are trying to support their families and not be on government assistance? What would add to helping the economy more? What would provide the most benefit for the current and future generations of Nevadans and Americans? Not being an economist or environmentalist, I don’t really know the answers to those questions but I do know the direction I would probably vote. How many of those that showed up with guns to support Bundy would be willing to spend as much money and energy supporting his legal fight if they believe he is right?

Leon Singleton

Why is a racist deadbeat some national hero?
The BLM, whose supposed mission is to preserve public lands, has always cut sweetheart deals to special interests for the exploitation of said lands. Near royalty free mining and oil operations, grazing etc.
He is grazing on PUBLIC LAND, so my tax dollars go to support his ranching and he says well piss off America, because I believe in MY FREEdom. What BS. I bet half the folks that think this guy is the next Jefferson, bitch about the welfare, which basically this guy is on until he pays up…Like the rest of us.

Leon Singleton

Funny, I guess the moderator really really believes in freedom of speech,


I find it funny that CITY folk who know sh!t about farming or grazing rights and the fees that go along with them and that put 52 of 53 RANCHERS out of business are now experts about RANCHING and INHERITED land rights? Since 1875 his family has set up infrastructure as in wind mills, watering holes and cisterns benefiting wildlife and cattle for over 130 years, before Nevada was even a state!

Let’s be honest the state of Nevada wants that land for their own interests mainly solar farms and solar manufacturing! The tortoise thing was a means to rob the ranchers of that land! just like the Striped Bass in and around The Hamptons, the Spotted Owl in Washington, The Black footed ferret, The Polar Bear and the wild Mustang! It is a land grab to put the working class people out by denying them their lively hood and then buying their land at pennies on the dollar! For either minerals, metals, timber or gas or for development! It has been the game plan since the robber barons stole the Adirondacks from New Yorkers! Claiming that the logging was destroying the Hudson river putting the lumber jacks and timber outfits out of business while they bought up the land for their summer retreats, for a song!

First we were told it was about a tortoise, then he was a tax cheat, and lastly he is now a racist! Only the US government would spend $5 million dollars to collect on a supposedly $3 million dollars worth of taxes; giving them a deficit of $8 million! seems they have not forgotten the only thing they are good at WASTING MONEY!

I guess fascists who do not know their ass from their elbow about the Constitution or property rights are know going to tell a man who knows about both that he is UN-American? Too Fu@KING Funny!