Caching the Snubby Revolver

Caching the Snubby Revolver
Caching the Snubby Revolver

I recently finished reading the book, Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People. It’s not a gun book, but a very entertaining read about the life of a gambler. In the book, he mentions that throughout his gambling days he always carried a .38 Special snub-nosed revolver in his pocket. I imagine there are still plenty of gamblers you can find in seedy bars who have this gun in their pocket today.

But then again, so do a lot of Americans, myself included. The particular snubby I have is a Smith & Wesson model 642 Centennial Airweight. The fact is, the .38 Special snubby revolver has been around since the late 1800’s and is still one of the most popular firearms in the world.

This particular gun happens to be on my mind…

Because it’s one of many I have stored throughout my house (in a quick opening safe.) And just the other day when I was near the safe containing this gun, I heard a knock at my back door. Now, nobody ever comes to my back door, let alone my front door, because most people don’t know where I live.

So when I heard the knock, I quickly opened the gun safe and slid the snubby revolver into my pants pocket. I then stared out one of the windows and didn’t see a criminal or anything requiring my gun, but merely my neighbor. She was having trouble getting into her house and needed my help.

Besides the ability to easily carry it around in a pants pocket, another reason I love the snubby revolver is that it’s an easy gun to cache. It can fit in the smallest of containers and can quickly be buried in a place you find appropriate.

Plus, the snubby revolver is a (relatively) cheap gun that you can get for around $300-$350, so I don’t mind caching one and having it get a little beat up or weathered. (Even though I recommend mylar bags for caching guns and ammo.)

What’s more…

There are plenty of used snubbies that you can get for even better prices if you look around. Also, speaking of caches and snubbies, here’s a little food for thought: With everything that’s going on with guns and politics imagine if the government came and tried to take your guns right now. (I know many people believe it’s very far-fetched, but humor me.)

If the government knocked on your door this afternoon, are all of your guns in your house are all of your eggs in one basket? Again, just food for thought, but maybe you should consider getting a snubby revolver and caching it in a safe place.

With that being said, if I were going to add to my snubby revolver collection today (donations are always welcome), I would stick with Smith & Wesson and Ruger as in my eyes they make the best. And as far as ammunition, the ammo that I’m using right now is Winchester’s PDX1 (130 grain, jacketed hollow point.)