California Lawmakers Seek Concealed Carry Permit Exception


Currently, California law requires you to prove “good cause” if you want to get a California concealed carry permit.  Unless you are working in a profession like cash delivery, jewelery sales, etc (and sometimes not even then) your odds of getting a concealed carry permit are pretty low in most counties.

There is now a movement underway in the form of SB 610 to explicitly define legislators as having a dangerous occupation worthy of automatic permit issuance.  It seems concealed carry guns are “ok” for the political elite but not for everyone else in the state.

The irony is that some of the state senators behind this have also voted down attempts to expand California’s gun rights for ordinary citizens.  Indeed the author of the proposal, Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani, was involved in microstamping bills back in 2010 and another 2009 bill that would have limited people from the smaller counties from using their permits in the populated urban areas of the state.

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