California Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws

California Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws

California Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws

The California state Senate voted 28-8 Wednesday to exempt itself from the pointless gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace. Legislators apparently think they alone are worthy to pack heat on the streets for personal protection, and the masses ought to wait until the police arrive.

This is just one of many bills Golden State politicians used this legislative session to set themselves apart from the little people, the ones who pay their inflated salaries. Annual compensation for legislators averages about $140,000, not counting luxurious perks such as taxpayer-funded cars and free gasoline. By comparison, the average Californian earns $50,000 a year, and the unemployment rate is 11.9 percent – far above the national average. Exact salaries for state assemblymen and senators are obscured by the use of a “per diem” payment scheme that shelters a significant chunk of income from taxation.

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  • Albk

    Residents of CA brought it on themselves but they can also remedy the situation if they really want to.
    what more can be said…

    • CA Marine

      No, we didn’t. I’m at fault because of how stupid people voted in california, then you’re equally at fault for the national elections. I don’t appreciate the high unemployment, the cost of everything going up and being forced into a government healthcare program. I’ll be stopping by your place later to get even.

      • That is crap Marine. Threats like that will get you no where, whatever the hell your occupation

        • Jay Hanig

          Obviously, the appreciation of sarcasm goes above your pay grade.

        • antiscreed

          What a friggin idiot.

      • mark

        you know, if those like Pelosi, Feinstein, boxer had not fought so hard to hide the truth about Obama, we would not have this a s s in the WH. but CA. needs to take out the garbage.. and no one but you an do that…

  • pastor t

    Sorry!…but you get what you vote for!  Unless it’s like gay marriage and when the majority of people in communist California vote against it, a liberal gay judge can say…sorry…what “we the people” want doesn’t matter!  So I’d say the best answer might be to MOVE! Before they create a law prohibiting you from leaving that disturbed state.

    • Anonymous

      So would a conservative gay judge.  What I never understood is that both parties have their wedge issues is opposed by most people instead of running on things that matter.  Big banks are out of control and our trade policy is making us a third world country.  Meanwhile, both parties are paid off by big business and tick people off people on non issues.  Most people don’t care about gay marriage and most people oppose more gun control.  Go figure.

      • Anonymous

        Big business, banks run everything, blah blah blah… you may fancy yourself as being something other than a Leftist, but the anticapitalist (and therefore, anti-liberty) Left dictates your idiotic talking points.

        Banks are so shot through with the tentacles of government control (something like 160+ regulatory agencies to answer to) that they might as well *be* the government.  But make no mistake, it’s the government and its advocates driving the bus, as has always been true throughout history.  If they are all a bunch of Orren Boyles, that doesn’t alter the fact that if such men didn’t exist, the regulatory state would bring them into existence.

        • Anonymous

          “Banks are so shot through with the tentacles of government control”

          The opposite is also true. Many of the legislative decisions that negatively impact one business are lobbied for by a competing business. In the end, they all end up with a bad deal and the legislators laugh all the way to the highest paying bank.

          The “free market” is in desperate need of some self awareness. It is lobbying for “socialism” one minute and complaining about it the next.

        • Dennis Johnston

          Seerak…………You sire are absolutely correct! Great post.

    • nunyabiddles

      Voting is a sham, are you high?

  • Herbstnebel2ss

    What do you expect from liberal democrats? Hypocrisy is their standard.

    • Anonymous

      I know some gun toting liberals, like me.  I tend to think it is a urban/rural or elite/rest of us issue.  That is why the Democrats lost the rural and working class vote since LBJ.  I was hoping Howard Dean would fix that but he has been drinking the Brady Kool aid lately.

      • Anonymous

        I bet this came up because one of the legislators finally visited an urban area. They probably thought that some harmless, dirty, tight-pantsed hipster was a dangerous thug, out to rape their babies. Who knows, maybe they actually encountered a real gang banger. Either way, their response was the natural desire to arm themselves for better protection. Unfortunately, they don’t think their voters should have the same ability to protect themselves from their boogie men.

  • Anonymous

    Fitting considering that the current law was passed by a conservative held assembly and signed by Ronald Reagan because the Black Panthers did what the Tea Party did to Obama. The difference was that the Black Panthers were standing up to corrupt and racist police forces that were common in that “liberal bastion”.  Gun grabbers exist on both sides.

    • antiscreed

      You are full of crap and have no idea of what happened.

  • WHAT A BUNCH OF  C R A P !!!!  How, HOW do ‘those’ people elevate themselves to such a f***ing degree~~~ HOW??!!!  And further, how and WHY do people keep taking it!!??  I am a little ticked off about this…..


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  • Anonymous

    How about this for a law. “All laws passed by the legislature, shall apply to the members of the legislature.”

    • mark

      you know that is a law in the constitution I believe……

      • Greg Sitler

        Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

        “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

        This is old though, I think it was voted down….of course.

        • bsroon

          We DO NOT want any constitutional convention of any stripe until the political prostitutes are removed from office. If we open that door with the fools and tools of the wealthy maggot class (living off the rotten corruption they create in this system) the entire thing will be totally gutted and all power/freedom will go to the idiot rich.

        • Andrew Egan

          Someone should slip it in with their pay raise bill

      • milehisnk

        Nope. There’s been a lot of email BS about making it a 28th Amendment, but it’s never been voted on, it’s never even been proposed.

    • Bud

      I agree, how about this if all the folks that spend hours on these comments (including myself) joined together and started bombarding the Governor, congressmen, senators and representative’s with phone calls and emails strongly encouraging them to LIVE BY THE LAWS THEY ARE MAKING AS IT INCLUDES THEM TO, repeal all of the unlawful gun laws in existence today, reign in the law enforcement and hold them accountable when they use excessive force, balance a budget and start making laws that are: Of the People, By the People For WE the People HAVE WOKE BACK UP to the fact that we voted them in and they are not doing a just job!
      We hired them, pay them with our hard earned tax dollars and by God they work for us!!.
      Do any of you remember voting them in to take away our Liberties, to falsely imprison, take away our freedom of speech, protest, the ability to defend ourselves, take away freedom of unlawful search with out a warrant? I KNOW I never voted for that.
      Join a protest movement, get on the phone and computer and start letting these corrupt leaders know Enough Is Enough!!
      I want to say this to our government, “What Did You Do With The Constitution? We Like it!! Bring it Back or Go Find A New Job!!
      I send many emails per month to our corrupted, not trusted leaders, I leave them phone messages to. I belong to Oath Keepers. When I joined the Army in 1962 I took an Oath To Defend our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. That Oath means something to me but it apparently does not to the leaders we have elected because they also took the oath then pass laws like this!.
      Please join me, each and everyone of you and send them an email followed up with a phone call today, right after you’ve finished here!
      If we all do this at least 3 times a week It Will provide a change because we have -put them on notice in the words of constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall, “I will not stand idly by”.
      When you get a few minutes go to youtube and type in her name and hear the Constitution come back to life!

      • Paul Daye

        that sounds great, but a lot of people ‘ know their representatives e mail, phone numbers, a lot of people in america are lazy, and wont phone, write, or e mail. I took that oath also, the first time in 1985 then, 4 more time. 29 years in the navy, so I know what you mean.When these people are running, they will say anything to get elected, then go on with their own agenda, or that agenda of the people that are controlling them. We the people need to wake up and start doing something, something more than we are doing now, its very easy now days to research the internet and get any information, I.E. representatives, work email in D.C phone numbers, mailing address. I am going to look up oath keepers and start there. thank you for you service, your patriotism, and the information you shared

        • Jackie Morrison

          even if you do contact your congressman all you get is a generic letter back saying the congressman is on your side but never mentions what you have a problem with or what he or she will do about it

    • ffr5155

      How about equal protection under the law…14th amendment

    • Jackie Morrison

      what really scares me is that whoever is elected president will most likely fill two and maybe seats on the supreme court, can you imagine the court with three more left wing flaming liberals on it?
      I say three because I believe Ginsburg will most likely retire or die within the next four years and justice Thomas announced a week or so ago that he was considering retirement.


    Thats what Gov. has become they vote for their personal gain not for the people. I NEED TO CARRY A GUN BECAUSE I CAN NOT CARRY A POLICEMAN. What happens when something like the LA riots happen. Sorry you only get 10 rounds those gang bangers with 100 round mags are breaking the law but its not our duty to protect you so we will wait till its over. OR lets send the gaurd in to take the legal guns from law abiding citizens away like katrina.

    • Russ Hamilton

      Mr Right like so many others you are so wrong. Not wrong exactly but just off course. The NRA and people like you keep discussing what the politicians want you to discuss, crime. Crime and criminal pose no existential threat to mankind. Only government’s pose that sort of danger and that is why you have fallen prey to continually talking about a subject, crime, that almost does not matter. When you have the likes of Stalin killing 30 million, Hitler killing 10 million, Pol Pot killing 2 million with Mugabe, Amin, Taylor and the like along for the ride it becomes apparent that the problem with guns is that there are not enough of them in the hands of citizens of other countries and the world. Self defense from criminals is but a happy side effect of the real reason the second amendment was penned. By itself though it is difficult to justify yet gun owners and organizations keep falling into the same old trap. When you have a president un constrained by the law and willing to send the IRS against innocent people and to smuggle guns to narco terrorists, the only thing keeping him from sinking to the level of any despot is the arms we bear. That sort of influence is felt far down the line even unto countries without gun ownership but with relatively good freedoms. With the United States leading the free world, the U.K., France, Germany, Japan have been very unlikely to sink into dictatorships or oligarchical tyranny. All because America with all of her citizenry armed has been able to remain free and lead the way. So please, enough of the crap about criminals and self defense, what is a burglar or an active shooter compared to Hitler or Idi Amin ? Please pass this on,,we might still win if we focus…

  • Mark

    so, you put yourselves above the people of the state, not a surprise to any but those in Ca. you all have been doing this for years. With those like Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Waxman, Jackson, ect. You all have been ripping those who voted you into office the whole time.

    So Hey ,Californians, are you going just stand idly by and let these people delare they are better then the common man/woman????? I hope not, but then yeah you will…. NO B A L L S California

    • Seal the borders and we can turn this ship around. Until then, not going to happen.

  • Can we get a bill number, so we can see exactly what the bill does or doesn’t do?

  • Tyler M

    What a f***in joke. See what vote rigging combined with incessant corruption leads to? Destruction of a once amazing state!

  • CA Patriot

    So, as a Californian what can I do to change this?

    • Join CalGuns & NRA. Get your friends and relatives to do the same. I’d say write your representatives but given how far Left most of them are it may be useless. Mine are so far left that they’re halfway to Hawaii.

  • Excuse me? But just who in the hell do those Senators think they work for? Are they better than the people who elected them to office? Not only do they think they can exempt themselves, but they tell every other Californian that they’re second-class citizens, and not worth being given the rights of self-defense. What’s next, the Senate votes to award themselves titles of nobility, such as “Duke”, “Marquis”, “Baron”, “Viscount”? They can’t have “Prince”, that’s already taken by the man from Minnesota who wrote “Little Red Corvette”.

  • karen

    we the people should be voting for this and not the people that are in the senate,of course they won,i would vote for myself too,our government is corrupt!

  • You have just witnessed a transition from politician to nobility for these Senators. Which one of them gets to claim which title? I think a naked mud-wrestling contest in the middle of the Sacramento City Square with all of them participating should determine the titles each one gets. I cannot believe that the people of California are going to swallow this from the people who are supposedly THEIR public servants. Hubris at its extreme. Congratulations, California, once again, you lead the way in stupid political stunts.

    • I’m sure that the ChiCom Yee was right up there protesting this move…..yeah sure he was. Commiefornia has THE worst hypocrites ‘leading’ this state down the toilet.

  • WilSpeaking

    Not surprised they (CA gov) did this, only surprised they let us find out so soon…

  • CaCAV1

    this just means we carry and own with out the gov knowing about it. One day they will all wake up surrounded by armed citizens and those citizens will destroy the now corrupt gov.

  • d g

    Fuck California, that just proves they knew they were useless before and after. Other then Illinois it is the worst governed state.

    • GoodSir

      My home state: the People’s Republik of Massachusetts is not too far behind.

  • Vinnie Mac

    i didnt vote for them! you guys need to understand that these retards
    have their base concentrated in a couple of braindead and/or self
    righteous cities, and people like us can’t do anything about it short of
    lynching them, blowing up their cars, and bombing their buildings.
    within “the system,” no matter how much we support our rights, no
    matter how we vote, no matter how many local liberty loving lawmakers we
    get into power, we just can’t win within the system. the future holds
    only two choices for now: either we split the state so we can be in our
    charge of our own home, or start to shed blood. I don’t want violence, but
    they’re leaving us no other options if things keep going like this.
    Here’s praying that the pendulum swings the other way, and that that
    never has to happen.

  • dan

    you get what you vote for..and sadly you still suffer if you did NOT vote for asshole politicians…imho

  • 11B30_INF

    No one believes more firmly than we do comrade that all animals are equal. We would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?

    ― Modified quote of George Orwell, Animal Farm

  • Jason

    Someone needs to set a date this spring to get America together to protest this shit. IT’S GONE TO FAR !

  • Jack Carmody

    Glad I moved out of California. The Illegals and the illegal alien politicians have screwed California up!

  • Russ Hamilton

    No it is not. It is talked about a lot as another potential amendment.

  • JJTX


  • Amy Wilson

    The Senate vote is illegal; it’s a violation of federal law to create two sets of rules like that. All the good people of California have to do is challenge the ruling in the State court. They won’t,of course, because it’s California. Which is why I wouldn’t live there.

  • Bill

    Vote them out of office. Then they might wake up. They pass laws we don’t like oust them.

  • Marc Lawrence

    Does anybody know what bill this is? I would like to look it up.

  • David Shrader

    How about Revolution by ballot or bullet!

  • Guest

    These people really are the cream of the crap, aren’t they?

  • agentinsure

    there is no limit any longer to the depravity and contempt shown by elected officials. The day is coming they will face a rebellion by the masses

  • 1inidaho

    So glad I left that shithole.

  • Pat Fox

    this is the very reason 20.000 good hard working, tax paying, law abiding, legal citizens left this failing state last year!! “2014” and this is why California is billion !!! in the hole !!! and has 37% of the welfare recipients in the nation, with the highest number of illegal aliens in the nation, highest taxes too !!!and lets not forget the 3rd highest “serious” crime rates in the nation and this folks is the liberal democrat, giveme ~ giveme, state, this type of legistration creates !!!!!

  • larryaschro

    This is proof of tyrannical bullshit, American’s heed the words of Thomas Jefferson, and consider what these senator jerks are doing: “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”

  • ……

    Just another reason I left California and never looked back….

  • George White

    Unfortunately, the citizens of California have allowed this to happen. They have only themselves to blame.

  • Steve

    Governments exempting themselves from the laws that they enact is a sign that you live under tyranny!

  • Douglas Self

    That’s always been the gist of it. DISARM the law-abiding general populace, but the ‘favored’ and their bodyguards can pack. Our (thankfully) retiring Senator, Ms. Feinstein, has had a Concealed permit ever since the Milk-Moscone assassinations back in ’78. Understandable for her, but she thinks that the rest of us don’t deserve our Second Amendment protections. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.