Certified Illinois Firearm Instructor Applications Available

Certified Illinois Firearm Instructor Applications Available

Certified Illinois Firearm Instructor Applications Available

The Illinois legislature has passed a concealed carry law that will allow residents to carry a concealed firearm. Residents will have to take a course on gun use and safety, though, and the state will need concealed carry instructors. The state is now taking applications from people interested in becoming instructors.

Concealed carry instructors have to be legal residents of the U.S., have a high school diploma or a GED, and be at least 21 years old. They also have to qualify for a concealed carry license in Illinois. All the instructors will pass a course and get an instructor certification. This can be from a law enforcement agency or an agency approved by the Illinois State Police.

You can get information about becoming a concealed carry instructor from Illinois State Police Website. First, you’ll have to be fingerprinted. Go to a licensed Live Scan vendor, and bring a copy of the Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor Fee Live Scan Authorization Form. This form can be downloaded and printed from the url above. When you are fingerprinted, the vendor will give you a transaction control number, or TCN. You have to have the TCN for your application to be valid.

The next step is to open the online Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor Approval Application, that’s also at the above url. You can complete and submit the application online, but you’ll also have to mail in a photocopy of your concealed carry instructor certification, and possibly also a photocopy of a firearm owner’s identification card. If you successfully complete the course and the application process, you’ll be listed as an instructor on the Illinois State Police website.

Once there are enough concealed carry instructors, residents of Illinois will be able to take the training to carry a concealed firearm. In January of 2014, people will be able to get applications from the Illinois State Police. People wanting a concealed carry license have to meet several requirements. They have to be at least 21 years old, have a valid firearm owner’s identification card, and have no arrest record for the last 5 years. They also have to submit a valid application.

People wanting a concealed carry license also have to complete 16 hours of firearms training, including safety practices, marksmanship, taking care of a firearm, and the laws regarding the use of firearms. Then they have to pass a shooting test. This consists of 30 rounds: 10 rounds from 5 yards, 10 rounds from 7 yards, and 10 rounds from 10 yards. Once the application is completed, it should be approved in 90 days. The concealed carry permit will cost $150, and be good for 5 years.

Illinois is the last state in the U.S. to allow concealed carrying of firearms. Many state leaders opposed concealed carry because of gun violence in Chicago, but a federal court ruled that the Second Amendment requires Illinois to pass a concealed carry law. Now Illinois residents will be able to take instructions and apply for a concealed carry license, the same as residents of other states.

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  • COPhotog

    What I don’t understand is that IL will not offer reciprocity with other state CCW’s, yet several states will be honer Illinois CCW.

  • AnonyÓðinn

    My last comment was deleted by moderator for no reason so here I am trying again. Basically, reciprocity is an issue in Illinois as COPhotog has mentioned. In addition, Illinois has some fairly broad brush (and arguably unconstitutional) AOT / involuntary civil commitment laws, that can be used against anyone even if they are not mentally ill and pose no danger to anyone. I recommend Nevada instead, where I am considering moving if things go further south (as it appears they will soon here in California). Nevada has reasonable laws that protect the rights of people from being involuntarily detained, court review is required, and other protections that pretty much beat out other states. Regarding the CCW instructor issue specifically, do a google search for the term: douglas county nevada ccw instructor — you’ll find a treasure trove of info, the top link should be something like ‘Forms (Permits/Documents)’ – click on that and you’ll find a link to the no-fee process for NVSCA CCW Training and becoming a CCW Instructor.

    • G50AE

      Does this organization issue CCW Instructor’s Badges?

  • Brian Konopa

    There are a couple references to a “course” for instructors. I have looked at the State Police web site and have not seen any information about a course. If someone knows something different could you please post the information?

    • ChicagoGunSmith

      There are a few acceptable instructor certifications, including the NRA. If you are thinking of being an instructor, you can contact a local TC. My TC is Rocco from Black Flag training. He can give you the 16 hour course to get you set up.

  • G50AE

    I think all IL CCW Instructors should be issued and regularly wear a CCW Instructors Badge. This will let everyone know that they are the real deal and have been through the proper training to be CCW Instructor.

    • ChicagoGunSmith

      I was in an argument on my facebook business page with someone accusing me of being a fraud, saying I wasn’t authorized to teach carry concealed. I was the approximately 52nd instructor authorized by the Illinois State Police.

      • G50AE

        So you see my point. If the State of Illinois would have issued you a CCW Instructor’s Badge, this argument could have been avoided all together.

  • Dassey Miles

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  • Sacrificial Lamb

    Illinois is Controlled by a few there in Cook County that have their own agendas. Sad.

  • ChicagoGunSmith

    As of yesterday September 30th the Illinois State Police released a press release stating, “You may begin to train carry concealed immediately.” They also followed up with, “Applications for carry concealed permit will be available January 5th.”.

    Yay, I’ll be teaching CC classes real soon!

  • MarthaJernigan

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  • dreed7235

    I want to become a concealed carry instructor. I am a active duty military member stationed at Scott AFB in IL but am a resident of TX. Will I have to change my residency to IL in order to get a FOID? Do I have to have a FOID to become an instructor?