10 Easy Christmas Gifts for Gun Owners

10 Easy Christmas Gifts for Gun Owners

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly something to get for that gun owner in your life. Whether he or she is a concealed carrier or just a proud gun owner who likes to go shooting and hunting, there are always some items that will fit nicely beneath the Christmas tree this year.

In the spirit of giving, we’ve come up with a list our writers and editors thought would be perfect. We’re not going to lie: this list was made specifically for their significant others and family members and we figured our readers would appreciate it as well.

1. Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Web Belt with Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Metal Buckle

For those in your life that need that added bit of security around the waistband, Fairwin Tactical Belts are amongst the finest. Perfect for concealed carry or outside the waistband, this is the type of gun belt that stays snug and secure. The heavy duty buckle gives a sense of reassurance as it’s clipped into place. Perfect for that gun owner that likes to have one good gun belt for any occasion.

2. [2 Pack] Super Bright 500 lumens LED Flashlight powered by 1AA Battery, Pocket-Size Zoomable Torch with CREE LED, IP65 Waterproof, 3 Light Modes and Pocket Clip. For EDC, Camping & Emergency Use

Life’s an adventure. You never know where it will take you. But, assuredly, you’ll probably need a good flashlight. These flashlights are great for stowing by the door or bed stand. Fast, versatile, reliable, and advertised at 500 lumens output, the gun owner in your life is bound to appreciate the added preparedness of two extra flashlights.

3. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets Double-Sided Gold/Silver (5-Pack) Plus Bonus Survival Whistle, Best for Outdoor, Camping, Hiking, Survivalist, Shelters, Hunting, First Aid Kit

You don’t have to imagine a worse case scenario — Mother Nature can do it for you. Winter is a brutal time of the year and getting stranded on the side of the road is definitely not on anyone’s “to do” list. These mylar blankets are thin, light, and portable. Stow one in your gun owner’s car for safe keeping. Keep another one in a backpack. Put a few in some stockings. These are simple gifts that are too often overlooked.

4. Professional 11 in 1 Emergency Survival Gear Kit Outdoor Survival Tool with Fire Starter Whistle Survival Knife Flashlight Emergency Blanket etc for Emergency Outdoors Survival Gear or Gift

It’s not just newbies who get stuck in a jam. It can happen to any of us. Having a handy, complete survival kit that includes everything a person needs to get out of a tight spot isn’t just a good gift for Christmas — it’s a great way to show you’re seriously thinking about the other person’s safety. This is another great present that can fit under the tree or in the stocking. It’s a great gift for that gun owner who likes to go out on a snowy day and go shooting in the woods.

5. Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear

Why the heck not treat that gun owner in your life to a tactical Christmas stocking. A great tongue-in-cheek way of letting that person in your family know you appreciate their fine taste in gear. It holds quite a bit of loot and has molle webbing to attach extra goodies. If you’re worried about it falling off the nail on the wall, it attaches by a sturdy carabiner and it has a rugged rubber handle grip. The only hard part will be concealing it from your concealed carrier.

6. Hazard 4 Patrol Pack Thermo-Cap Daypack

Sternum strap, waist strap, and modular design help make this pack an easy sell for any gun owner. Whether it’s hauling range equipment or hunting gear in and out of an area, a pack like this that can hold up to 45L without breaking a sweat. It’s made out of Cordura, so that’s a huge plus for reliability and durability.

7. Peltor ComTac III Hearing Defender Electronic Earmuffs (NRR 20)

Peltors are considered one of the premium brands in electronic hearing protection. That gun owner in your life will certainly appreciate a solid, good headset that allows him to maintain situational awareness while still protecting his hearing. Peltor tactical headsets muffle the sound of gunshots while still tuning in for other noises like people talking or range whistles. There’s never a bad moment to consider upping your hearing protection with a Peltor.

8. Splatterburst Targets – 12 x18 inch – Silhouette Reactive Shooting Target – Shots Burst Bright Fluorescent Yellow Upon Impact – Gun – Rifle – Pistol – AirSoft – BB Gun – Air Rifle

One of the best things a gun owner can do is practice his or her marksmanship and safety. Nothing helps this out better than a target that is responsive to shots. At distances of greater than 20 feet, it can be really hard to see the impact of rifle and pistol rounds on a regular paper target. Having a target that reacts to rounds with a fluorescent burst of yellow helps the shooter know what he’s doing right or wrong. The 50-pack is a great deal and it’s a great way to let the gun owner in your life have some fun after the holidays.

9. Ade Advanced Optics Reventon Series Strobe Green Laser Flashlight Sight for Pistol Handgun

When something goes bump in the night, you want your loved one or family member to have the assurance that the first gun he or she reaches for has illumination and a laser. This is the perfect gift for that nightstand pistol you depend upon to be on point. Complete with a flashlight and a green dot laser, this pistol laser/light combo attaches to the M1913 rail system found on many pistols on the market.

10. Trijicon RMR Type 2 3.25 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight

Close quarters or medium, it’s nice to have a red dot sighted in. Trijicon RMRs are some of the industry’s finest red dot sights on the market. The 3.25 MOA is perfect for close to medium range targets and fits on any Picatinny rail mount system — typically found on most modern sporting rifles (MSR).

We hope you enjoy our wishlists and find this helpful when you’re out there shopping for that gun owner in your life. As a bonus, we wanted to throw one more out there for consideration:

BONUS: GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe

While we always advocate carrying a handgun on you, whenever possible, where ever possible, sometimes it’s just not convenient or possible to do so. For those that need quick access to a handgun but can’t afford to leave it in the open, this is an excellent choice. If your significant other or gun owning family member has to sit at a desk all day or work behind the counter, this gun safe is the perfect solution for them.