What Are Your Concentric Rings of Security?

What Are Your Concentric Rings of Security?
What Are Your Concentric Rings of Security?
What Are Your Concentric Rings of Security?
What Are Your Concentric Rings of Security?

When I worked for the Agency I was based out of Headquarters in Langley, VA. What most people don’t realize (unless you live in the DC area) is that the CIA has a sign out on the main road that says, “George Bush Center for Intelligence.”

In other words, the headquarters to the CIA isn’t hidden and anyone who wishes to can easily find it. This is why the CIA has a vast amount of physical security and why they perfectly execute the concentric rings of security.

But what are concentric rings of security?

In short, concentric rings of security means a layered defense around a certain object or place. And, as you pass through each “ring” or layer of defense the security level increases.

Let me show how this applies to you and how you can use the rings in your own life…

Let’s say you live in a single family home, which many people in the U.S. do. The first ring of security might be a white picket fence or some other type of fence around the perimeter of your property. If you happen to live in a gated community the first ring would be the gate that must be opened for someone to drive into the community.

The thing is, a criminal can easily jump a gate or a fence, which is why the outer ring is typically the weakest even though it is still a good idea to have this outer ring to “slow” criminals down.

For the average homeowner, the second concentric ring is the exterior of your home. Do you have security cameras? Do you have lights on motion-sensors? Do you have an alarm sign in your front yard? Do you have an alarm sign sticker on your sliding glass door into your home from your deck?

Continuing with the second ring, is your front door locked? Do you have a solid deadbolt? Do you close your garage door even when you’re at home? Are all of your windows locked?

The third ring of security for your home is your “safe room.” In other words, if someone jumps your fence and kicks down your front door, where do you go with your family?

Do you have a room that everyone can huddle in that has a cell phone to call police and, more importantly, has a firearm that can be used to protect your family?

Remember, as a criminal passes through each ring of security it’s supposed to get tougher on them to accomplish their task (whatever task that might be.)

So, if their task is a home invasion and they’ve jumped the fence, kicked in your front door, and are about to kick in the bedroom where you and your family are hiding, then in that room you need to be prepared to meet them with the ultimate force.

After all, if they bash down the bedroom door and your wife and kids are there but you’re unprepared, you may have just let your whole family get murdered. (It may sound harsh, but it’s true.)

This is why, in my opinion, the final ring of security should always include a firearm. The firearm is the great equalizer and it’s the only thing that gives the 18-year-old girl a chance against the 32-year-old, 200-pound, knife-wielding rapist.

Of course, the final ring of security can also include a solid wood door for your safe room to help you avoid having to use a firearm in self-defense, which should be everyone’s goal – avoid if you can, but be prepared to fight back if you have no choice.

So, if you’ve never given thought to the concentric rings of security and how it applies to your own home, give it some thought today. Think about how many layers of defense you have, and how you plan to stop a criminal if, heaven forbid, they make it through every single layer and are standing in front of you and your loved ones.