Don’t Get Shot While Helping Others!

Don't Get Shot Helping Others
Don't Get Shot Helping Others
Don't Get Shot While Helping Others!
Don’t Get Shot While Helping Others!

Merry Christmas!

In a minute, my family is heading to the nearby ski resort to take our 16-month-old daughter tubing and to do some snowmobiling. (I have a strange feeling my wife won’t trust me with our daughter on the tube, but I’ll soon find out.)

Since it’s Christmastime I’m going to keep today’s post rather short and give you just a quick funny thought:

Every year, my family sponsors a less fortunate family in our community (we usually find them through our church). We help them out with Christmas gifts, Christmas breakfast and dinner if they need it. I know a lot of folks do this too and I believe this is a great tradition for anyone that has the means to do so.

Well, a close friend of mine sponsors a family every year also, and they involve the entire family (he has 6 kids and 23 grandkids.) He says it’s a wonderful family event that especially shows the grandkids the importance of helping and serving others.

My friend even goes as far as to have someone dress up as Santa Claus and have “Santa” and the entire family deliver the gifts to the family they’re helping out. He said this year they all arrived at the person’s home ready to deliver the gifts but the homeowner wasn’t there.

The grandkids were sitting in the car because it was cold while all of the adults were in the driveway trying to figure out what they were going to do. They didn’t want to just leave a huge stack of gifts on their porch out in the open but they also didn’t know how long they would have to wait for someone to come home.

All of the sudden a car came down the street and stopped at the bottom of the driveway. The driver started honking the horn and yelling at them to get out of the driveway.

My friend said the person was incredibly mad, until one of the women in the group quickly ran up to the driver and explained they were there to drop off the gifts for the family. The angry family in the car was obviously embarrassed and quickly apologized.

Apparently, they’d had problems with their neighbors loitering and drinking in their driveway and the family thought the neighbors were having another “party” in their driveway.

Now, my friend joked that at first the woman was so mad he thought she was going to run them over or pull out a gun and shoot them. Clearly, that didn’t happen…

But my point is, never forget how strange life can be and always stay vigilant. Even though, if I had to guess, if you get gunned down delivering Christmas gifts to a family in need you’ve got a guaranteed pass to heaven… I still wouldn’t chance it though… so keep yourself safe wherever you go and whatever you do this Christmas.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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So True Jason. Periodically over the years, delivering ‘Angel Tree’ children’s gifts to imprisoned parents households, countless of us fully understand that of which you speak. Nothing like experience, to learn by exposure/involvement, the unpredictable, often irrational whims of society.


This story almost fulfilled the “No good deed goes unpunished” credo. Seriously, if you believe in a Savior and a Satan, then you must also keep in mind that while you are working for the Lord, the enemy will do anything to frustrate or to destroy your good works.

Mark Cline

I have to do this, Jason: No one gets a “guaranteed pass to Heaven” by doing something perceived to be “good”. We are all sinners, and our works are dirty rags to Holy God. We cannot do enough “good” to buy our way to heaven, and we do not earn a place by dying for a “good cause.” The wages of sin are death and the only “pass” we get is through the saving grace of God through His sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the blood price required for the remission of sin and, thereby, redeemed us to Himself. He said that HE is THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life and no man comes to the Father except through Him.

To say that we might earn a place in Heaven by martyring ourselves places us on the same footing as Muslims. I cannot stand on that sand. I will not stand on that sand. I will die standing on the Rock, Jesus Christ, and move into His presence rejoicing in His salvation.

Tom Barber

Yeah. The same thought crossed my mind, Mark. I’m HOPING Jason already knows this, but if so, he certainly misspoke here. Still, his word of caution is appreciated!


He did not mispeak. You just take things too seriously.

Tom Barber

Occupational hazard. I’m a Baptist minister.
But I’m not ALWAYS serious.
I once went hunting with a couple of my deacons. We were just getting ready to enter the woods when a giant eight-pointer stepped into view just ahead of us! Naturally, we all fired at once, and the buck went down. We couldn’t decide, though, which one of us actually killed the buck, so we decided to ask the game warden if he could sort things out. He immediately declared that the fatal shot came from my gun. He said, “It had to be the preacher. Look for yourselves: the shot went into one ear, and out the other!”

. . . or not. 😉


Are you kidding dude….lighten up Francis.


Jason, do you ever get the sense some people don’t have a clue how to “lighten up” occasionally? Keep the articles coming, and Merry Christmas in the true Christian spirit of the day.

Don Garmany

To Shinypartsup, you are soooo right about some people not having a clue on how to lighten up, as several of the people here commenting have proven. My take on Jason’s “pass to heaven” was tongue in cheek. And yes, you CAN be religious AND have a sense of humor. Merry Christmas to all of you and may the Good Lord Bless you.


My wife and I also have the opportunity to deliver Christmas baskets and toys to those less fortunate. It brings great joy to see the smiles on the kids faces, and the adults too, when they otherwise would have little to nothing. I wish we could do more. Needless to say, these address aren’t in the best of neighborhoods. The only thing I can say is Semper Vigilio!!!

Reno Fidel Rodriguez

Merry Christmas Mr. Hanson. As other people have stated your good works do not get you into heaven. Here is the verse that backs it up: God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. (Ephesians 2:8, 9 NLT). God bless. Always enjoy reading your articles. I learn so much.


I enjoy reading your articles and am always amazed at the know it alls that always have to find anything to criticize. Your articles are good and enjoyable to read. Don’t worry about the downers who inevitably appear to tear someone else down to make themselves feel better.


Santa needs body armor.


A santa was shot in DC. Santa these days need body armor.


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