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How to Spot a Bad Neighborhood

How to Spot a Bad Neighborhood

We’re a mobile culture. The days of folks living out their lives in the same neighborhood they grew up in are over. Most of us move, travel, or relocated several times throughout our lives, and this may put is into unfamiliar territory. So as we journey through this thing called life, how can we identify—and…

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CCW Threat Assessment - What's Your Biggest Priority?

CCW Threat Assessment – What’s Your Biggest Priority?

As a concealed carrier, you’re already aware that situational awareness is your best friend.  It’s how you know what’s brewing before it comes to a head.  But how do you decide what’s the most important?  This is an ongoing struggle for most concealed carriers - but for a few, it ends up being the difference…

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How to Avoid Getting Knocked Out

How to Avoid Getting Knocked Out

Even though it’s already been in the news for weeks, it still seems like you can’t turn on your TV without hearing about the latest victim of the “Knockout Game.” In fact, I was in California over the weekend doing a seminar when someone told me it had recently happened to a man in his…

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Don't Get Shot Helping Others

Don’t Get Shot While Helping Others!

Merry Christmas! In a minute, my family is heading to the nearby ski resort to take our 16-month-old daughter tubing and to do some snowmobiling. (I have a strange feeling my wife won’t trust me with our daughter on the tube, but I’ll soon find out.) Since it’s Christmastime I’m going to keep today’s post…

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Situational Awareness at Church

Situational Awareness at Church

I happen to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon.) I tell you this because of an interesting thing that happened to me last week at church. You have probably seen the Mormon missionaries riding around on bicycles in suits with their nametags attached to their front pockets. Well,…

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Speed Reload

Running Full Capacity

So there you are with your firearm drawn to the Low Ready Position after having just stopped two assailants who tried to run up on you with knives for no apparent reason at all. Your heart is racing, your mind is working overtime, your hands are sweaty, and if it wasn’t for all that fabulous…

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