Election Day – What It Means for Us

Election Day - What It Means for Us

Election Day – What It Means for Us

Today, we go to the polls… However, not nearly as many of us will go as should be going. I realize voting isn’t the most exciting thing in the world and that nobody enjoys standing in those long lines…

But the thing is, it’s an important right that we should exercise and people all over the world wish they could have the same opportunity that we do today.

It should come as no surprise that I’m a Republican, even though I believe the majority of politicians (both Democrat and Republican) are crooks. (Side Note: 37% of Senators are lawyers.)

It appears as if the Republicans are going to gain control of the Senate, which will hopefully lead to more things getting passed, including the Keystone pipeline. However, since anything can happen today, there’s obviously a chance that Democrats maintain control and Republicans don’t win as many seats as predicted.

If this happens, I believe we will have another huge run on firearms and ammunition because people will be afraid the Democrats will introduce several new anti-gun bills (which is highly likely.) Prices will skyrocket once again, and finding ammo will be difficult just like it was several months ago.

The thing is, a critical part of being prepared in life is to be in such a state of readiness that you are not affected by the political landscape or the trends in society. What I mean is, if Democrats crush Republicans today, I thankfully don’t have to quickly go out and buy an AR-15 or try and buy thousands of rounds of ammunition. I already have plenty of firearms and enough ammunition to last me a lifetime.

The world can do whatever it wants (since most of it is out of my control), and I will always chug along and be as prepared as I can for whatever happens. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your current “preparation status” take a few minutes today to write down what you need to change and then take immediate action.

Also, if you don’t have as much ammo as you wish, you may want to head to Walmart ASAP, before the day is over.