Florida Open Carry Torpedoed, Some Positive Changes

Florida Open Carry Torpedoed, Some Positive Changes
Florida Open Carry Torpedoed, Some Positive Changes

Following a national trend, Florida is poised to adopt three new laws pushed by gun rights advocates. But the most controversial measure — allowing people to carry guns openly in public — was significantly watered down Wednesday.

Groups ranging from the tourism industry, to retailers and law enforcement had fought the open carry law but dropped their opposition after Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, introduced a compromise.

The amended bill protects people with concealed weapons permits who “inadvertently” flash their weapon in public in a non-threatening manner, but still prohibits the open display of firearms.

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How is this positive? We want open carry!


How are there any POSITIVE CHANGES to an open carry bill that would remove the open carry part of it and make it an accidental show bill. We would like to have the right to carry our weapons open and freely the same way police officers are allowed while on duty. Some times a split second is the difference between life and death. I would hate to have to pull my weapon but if the situation where to require it I would hate to try and dig though a jacket or ankle holster to try and get to my weapon. Like I said some times a split second is the difference between life and death.


good point that you made!


Typical coward politicians. I’m certainly going to let every one of them know they will NOT get my support in the next election.


and hopefully we dont get a worse one to replace him