Philadelphia Man Carrying Gun at Home Shot by Off Duty Cop

Philadelphia Man Carrying Gun at Home Shot by Off Duty Cop

Philadelphia Man Carrying Gun at Home Shot by Off Duty Cop

We don’t know exactly what happened yet, but it appears that Josh Taylor was carrying his gun between his and his neighbor’s house, prior to a planned shooting range trip.  When he was going back to his house, an off duty cop across the street helping someone move saw him, ran over, drew down and demanded Taylor drop his gun.  Taylor (perhaps foolishly) ran inside his house instead where the officer shot him in the chest in front of his children.

A 23-year-old man shot in the chest by an off-duty Philadelphia police officer was in a medically induced coma Tuesday after sustaining severe liver damage, his fiancée said.

The Monday afternoon shooting left the family and neighbors of Josh Taylor with many questions about the officer’s actions, insisting that the officer was not provoked and shot Taylor in his own house in front of his children.

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  • The officer’s statement sounds pretty fishy.

  • FlBlue

    Philly seems like a place where you need to be armed just to protect yourself from the cops….

  • Anonymous

    From what the eyewitnesses have to say in the article, it sounds like the Off-Duty Officer has a lot of explaining to do; 1) Why did he confront Josh in the first place – Open Carry is legal in PA; 2) Why did he shoot Josh without provocation and without warning…
    I hope Josh recovers fully and sues the Philly PD and the officer in question for his injuries and subsequent disabilities.

  • No way I’d ever ever even visit Philly.

  • Rlrork55

    Fry the bastard!!

  • Lightspeed68

    He needs to lose his job since clearly he doesn’t care about the people he serves.

    • Harleychixx

      Actually… He should lose his job because it seems that he is completely uneducated, uninformed or mislead in Pennsylvania’s (carry) laws.

      I am a citizen of Philadelphia and licensed to carry. Why do I carry?
      A.) it’s my rights as an USA citzen
      B.) MOSTLY because I am a female living in a section of Philly deemed highest in crime/violent crime/murder.


      I don’t make a salary to know that… This guy was… So why didnt he know that? Is the PPD hiring under qualified,, over reacting, over ego, power hungry, type people to represent our law enforcement system?

      Cause honestly…. If I felt that out law enforcement officers were qualified and trustworthy of protecting myself and other citizens…. I wouldn’t have to carry myself. (I still would… It’s my right, but I wouldnt feel I HAVE to).