Gun Researcher John Lott Fires Back at Media Matters Over Stand Your Ground

Gun Researcher John Lott Fires Back at Media Matters Over Stand Your Ground
Gun Researcher John Lott Fires Back at Media Matters Over Stand Your Ground
Gun Researcher John Lott Fires Back at Media Matters Over Stand Your Ground
Gun Researcher John Lott Fires Back at Media Matters Over Stand Your Ground

Rabidly anti-gun group Media Matters (whose founder has an assistant illegally carrying a handgun to protect him in DC) ran 25 articles criticizing John Lott since January 2011 and 32 articles on the NRA in the month of April 2012 alone.

Lott has responded with a striking and well-written op-ed piece in Fox News.

Read the article here: Fox News

Photo Credit: John Lott Blog

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I’m glad he stood up for himself and a fine job he did!

rev. dave

If only I had the skill to send every Google search for “media matters” to  a page reporting on Brock’s illegal gun possession.  BTW, shouldn’t that have landed Brock in jail?


so, am i to conclude that to protect oneself and property is ok for “them” but not for me? i think not. i live in “fly over country” here in tennessee and am tired of government telling me that i cannot defend my self. they cannot defend me 24/7… i can, and will.


this maybe on or off topic depending on how you read it.. but here goes,,, i am all for stand your ground and castle doctrine,,, everyone states  how this zimmerman case is about how the stand your ground  law is at the forfront of this…. from what i have read on this case and by zimmermans own statements ,,,,, he was in the wrong and should in fact be charged with a  gun crime….  first from what ive read he calls 911 ,, the dispatcher tells him hes not to pursue this kid,,,  strike one against him.. second  ,,   it was also my understanding he was not officially a nieghborhood watch …  strike two..  and third  he aproached or tried to detain … strike 3 and it ended up with him using lethal force……..      fact is everything goes back to the fact he persued this kid after being instructed to not  follow this kid…..   as far as im concearned a kid was killed,,, we will never know whether he was innocent or not as the kid is dead,,,, but  to use lethal force in an inceident where you the gun owner was the persuer  has nothing to do with stand your grand as that situation was never and issue… and since there was no domicile involved , castle doesnt either….  this is a situation where a person decided to make a bad choice and unfortunately a person was killed…. but zimmerman made the bad choice and should pay for his error in judgement…  this has nothing to do with stand your ground or castle ,, its a situation of bad choices and judgemnent on his part……… 


Hi Bozz!   I see you posted this under two different articles here.   I thought I’d chat with ya for a second.   First, let me say I appreciate your thoughts.   You may take a ribbing from a number of folks in here, but this is America and ALL viewpoints need to be respected.   As for the Zimmerman Case.   I personally prefer to take a wait and see how it all unfolds position before I leap to say he was wrong (or right).   I think we can all pretty much agree this had a tragic outcome that never should have happened.   I have problems with HOW Zimmerman handled this but I’m not going to pre-judge him too quickly until more info. comes out.

Cases like these always seem to happen right when we’re all getting closer to better concealed carry rights.   It’s either a controversial case like this or some mass school shooting or something and we get knocked all the way back again.   In that regard. Zimmerman didn’t do any of us any favors.  But like I said, I’m going to wait before I judge him.   I don’t think he woke up that morning wanting to hurt anyone.

I think he unfortunately stuck his neck a little too far into something and it went horribly bad for him from that moment on.   He may well have been actually defending his life at that point, even though he may have contributed to the problem.   Thanks again for your thoughts as the tent here should be large enough to accommodate all positions.   Good chatting with ya!