Guns and Alcohol Don’t Mix, but Guns and Self-defense Do

Guns and Alcohol Don't Mix, but Guns and Self-defense Do
Guns and Alcohol Don't Mix, but Guns and Self-defense Do

I’m familiar with the awful consequences that can result when guns, booze, and testosterone intersect. I lost a close friend several years ago in a Dayton-area nightclub shooting.

The degenerate who shot Derek had a prior record for shooting someone and was carrying a weapon illegally when he fired blindly into a crowd after being denied entry into the party. My friend, a well-respected journalist, died on the spot.

That loss helped form my opinion about the question of legally concealed weapons in places that serve alcohol: It’s risky public policy. Loaded drunks toting loaded guns in venues full of strangers strike me as unnatural disasters hanging on hair-triggers.

But here’s my problem: I’m starting to believe that legislation recently passed in the Ohio House and Senate that allows concealed carry in places that serve alcohol is a public safety measure that could grow in importance as Ohio’s cities become less well-policed.

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