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Everyone is entitled to their own version of fun, but frankly I’m sick of all the half naked women holding guns on Facebook and similar sites. I don’t take issue with people who want to look at women holding weapons. I’ve said before, I see nothing wrong with taking sexy photos for your partner. People are entitled to look at whatever gets them revved up (as long as its legal). I’m also not knocking XXX sites. That’s where those photos belong. My beef is with groups who portray themselves as gun enthusiast communities but who often post the afore mentioned images just to increase their follower count.

Many gun toting women have, at one point or another, run into a person who assumes we are less than capable of handling a gun, simply because we are female. When at the range, we’d prefer to impress with our skills than with our curves. At my range, where I know almost all of the employees, I appreciate the respect I receive. Still, it would be nice to walk into a gun store and be treated more like an equal and less like a child who has wandered away from her daddy. The issue is, photos of bikini-clad models holding guns do nothing to help us be taken seriously as shooters. In many cases they perpetuate the idea that a woman with a gun is an uneducated hazardous joke and should only be considered in a sexual light.

I imagine some might argue, “We’re not idiots. We can tell the difference between a serious female shooter and a model holding a gun.” My response to these people would be, “Great! Then you’re not the object of this rant.” However, I have another concern and it affects all of us shooters; The models in these photos are often improperly handling their weapons, with their fingers on triggers and the like. This may mislead new shooters. Do you want to slide into a lane next to a newbie who doesn’t know and follow the four rules? When groups represent themselves as a knowledgeable source for shooting information and then display these pictures, people can get confused.

As for arguments about children stumbling across these images on Facebook and the poster’s right to freedom of speech, I find these arguments misguided and unintelligent. It is the responsibility of a parent to protect an impressionable child. Further, freedom of speech does not have anything to do with Facebook speech and besides, just because it is legal to act in a certain way, doesn’t mean said action is right.

Now that you’ve allowed me to make my points I release you to go and spend your days looking at naked people holding whatever gets you off, puppies, tire irons…whatever. My only request is that, before you click “like” on another Sexy Gunner page, or “share” another bikini/gun photo, you consider our female shooting community as a whole.

P.S. As I delve deeper into the online/gun community I have had conversations, related to this topic, that reveal that many different perspectives are floating around out there. I fully intend to explore the topic from another slant in the very near future.

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Gabby ArmedCandy is humbly honored to be the first female writer at USA Carry. Compared to the site's other writers, Gabby's interest in firearms, yesterday, but once introduced, she fellinstantly in love with the gun world. With her new passion ignited, she began a female-focused blog and community called ArmedCandy. Gabby hopes to inspire others to learn and explore as she shares her growth and experiences. You can also find Armed Candy on Twitter and Facebook
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Bill Cavalieri

Gabby I agree that there are too many websites, and not just gun websites, using pictures of scantily clad women to get our attention. It is demeaning. I have to ask though, isn’t your “armedcandy” screen name demeaning as well, or is candy your actual name?


Good point. I have thought about it a lot and I would have to say, “No.” Appreciating the beauty of women is not, in itself, a negative. “ArmedCandy” as a name, is intended to signify that woman are strong and beautiful in many ways and that “strong” and “beautiful” don’t have to be mutually exclusive terms. The name also plays on the less complimentary term “arm-candy” which highlights a woman’s presence as merely “a nice object at which to look”.

(Generally, we women go enjoy being considered attractive.)

Trevor A

Do you honestly think that just because the pictures are posted that the poster doesn’t respect women?


maybe they just don’t know what the word means


I think this may be the first time I’m sadly going to have to disagree somewhat with Gabby just as Bill and Trevor did.   Her “rant”, as she describes it, is trying to make the point that she resents women not being taken seriously.   Yet, her very website name (Armed Candy) and some of her articles (Pink Guns) really have me scratching my head as to where she’s coming from now.   In some instances she wants to look the other way with some of the feminine twists and then all of a sudden she now has outrage over other aspects of it.

You can’t have this both ways.   “ArmedCandy . . . Pink Guns” . . . but make sure you take me seriously?   I would discourage woman 100% of the time for selecting pink, just as I would 100% of the time discourage a male for picking a blue gun.   I realize a pink gun was not her personal preference but she’s defending women for selecting it.  

I’m sorry, but the shooting world is just not going to take anyone selecting a pink gun as being as serious as a more traditional choice.  I’m also not going to get my bowels in an uproar over a pretty girl posing with a firearm.   We have Hollywood male hunks posing with firearms as well.   Why the outrage all of a sudden if it’s a female?   Both genders do this right or wrong. Expressing outrage if one gender does it but not saying a word about the other is puzzling.   You’re a great writer and addition Gabby and I really like a lot you have had to say, but I think you may want to rethink some of this topic.


Dear Cobra,
The topic of this article (half dressed women posing with guns) doesn’t bother me half as much as your statement above “I’m sorry, but the shooting world is just not going to take anyone selecting a pink gun as being as serious as a more traditional choice.” I honestly don’t think the half naked modle sof either gender affect how an individual perceives a gun owner all that much. Just my opinion.
I am sorry that is YOUR opinion. It goes back to women not being taken serious in a majority male world. Most (not all) of the men I know and shoot with (Thank God) do NOT care what color someone’s gun is, male or female, they care about how well you can shoot said gun. Neither of my guns are pink, although my 9mm does have the Ruger logo done in hot pink.  BUT I am very feminine, have several pink accessories (range bag, ear muffs, etc) and have been known to wear my favorite heels to the range before. Did any of that make me shoot any worse? No. If I decide tomorrow to go purchae a pink, or green, or purple gun, or God forbid, that sweet AR15 I was looking at online last night that was zebra striped, will it decrease my shooting ability? Not in the least. Will the “males” at the range think I’m “less” than them, maybe…for one of two reasons. 1) They are pigs. They are the type that no matter how much better (or equal) a woman can do something, they think all women are below them to a point. or 2) Because of my “color” of choice of equipment….that opinion will last just long enough for me to unload the first clip. I’m not conceited. I speak from experience. I know what I can and  can not do, and I also know color of the weapon will not change that.
I think women as a whole, are slowly but surely changng men’s and society’s opinions on the range. Most women anyway. I’ll let you know how many men want to shoot my zerba striped AR after I purchase it. 🙂 Nice chatting with you.


I want photos of you with you new baby! Sounds awesome!!! (tasteful photos of corse)


Thank you for your comment and your support up until this point. I hope I haven’t lost you for good.

As I see it, the main issue here, is, as you put it, “You can’t have it both ways.” Why not? The world is not so black and white sir, there are shades of gray everywhere; Especially when dealing with people and morality. It would be nice if there were a binary code response for dealing with every moral question. But the fact that we do not think in 0s and 1s is what separates us from computers.

All ArmedCandy wants, is to welcome women into the shooting world. That may mean, pink guns for sale and nude photos kept on xxx sites rather than Facebook, but that doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

I’m not asking men, not to be men. We accept you just the way you are; Women are different from men. That’s a fact that need to be accepted too.


Hi Gabby!   You will never lose my support.   I would like to respond to you because I think you and I can have a good intelligent exchange.   My response also clearly contained a statement that I wouldn’t recommend a blue gun to a male either.   I think you and I can find some common ground here.   A firearm is a tool, very much like a lot of other tools.  I’ve never seen a female or a male enter Home Depot and ask for a pink or blue drill, hammer or saw.

In the case of a firearm there are very practical reasons for selecting these tools in neutral tones.   In a firefight or in merely carrying them, we don’t want anything flashy, neon or bubble gum in color because they tend to draw unwanted attention.   However, there’s another reason why as well.   Children tend to mistake such items for toys and it’s not hard to understand where that can lead.   Yes, how well one shoots is more important than the color, but as I’ve stated the color of a tool designed to save your life can be an issue.   I’m not saying it always will be, but it can.   Again, I very clearly stated I wouldn’t recommend a blue gun to a male, so I’m trying to be consistent with both genders.

You do raise good points that life does have shades of gray.   In fact, that’s a statement I often say myself LOL!   So I was glad you repeated it as well.   Also, I pointed out that we have the male Hollywood guys with sexy gun poses as well and the same outrage should be there as well and NOT just on the female gender.   Firearms are serious items and should NEVER be used as sex objects by either gender.  I think in that you and I also agree.   We need the same outrage for any gender that cheapens our sport and our weaponry.   I think we can both agree on that as well.

If there are people out there wanting pink or blue or zebra stripes with multi-color ballons on their firearms then God bless ’em!   This is still American and they can do anything they want with their weapons.   I just think the shooting world does take their tools a bit more seriously.   I know for a fact that you are a very serious participant in the firearms sport and again I really do like your articles and I think you’ll write a lot more that are great.   I hope no real offense has been taken because none was intended.   Keep on rockin’ . . . peace!


Wait… are you saying there are women that DON’T wear bikinis when shooting? 

That can’t be true.


I hope its true, there are a couple of girls that come to our local indoor range, nice girls, very good shooters, but its the last thing in the world I’d want is to see them in a bikini


In general women in scanty costumes with guns scream juvenile.  If we 2nd Amendment believers want to be taken seriously  we need to behave like adults


My wife does not like the wiggle and jiggle bikini models either. I agree that there is both a time and a place for such things, but not in a public forum that small kids can access such as youtube in the general population, or some of the other gun sites…

Kevin Dooley

Personally, I try not to look at scantily clad women because I believe in keeping not just my body, but my heart and mind purely for my wife – I am kind of fed up with something I believe very strongly in (a healthy 2nd Amendment and gun culture) being portrayed this way. I was actually dismayed to see Recoil’s second issue have not just more scantily clad women in the ads from normal manufacturers, but an ad for an adult “toy”/porn website. We have a hard enough fight ahead of us without lumping us in with white trash car shows, or worse yet, porn.


IMO, to paraphrase, much to do about nothing.


I’ve never observed a female (un)dressed as you describe out in the field, woods, range, etc, and actually working on her skills at arms. Thus, the whole genre of images is a fake. I treat it as such whenever I come across it, which is far too often. “sex sells”… but WHAT does it sell? Nothing I’m interested in. I want information on the quality, features, capability, of any given firearm to help me decide whether this mightn’t be something I should investigate further. The “chick” never comes with the gun, nor does the gun help “get” the “chick”. Grow up and get real. Most females who would rent their figures for the creatin of such fantasies aren’t worthy of much attention anyway. Most times, I’ll take the gun…..


Thank you!


Far too often some boy friend decides to should how strong and powerful they are ny handing a 44 Magnum or a 12 gauge shotgun to their girl friend after they had demonstrated their “great skill” just to get a woman to do something “funny.”
Such women should be wearing clothes, eye and hearing protection and clothes to prevent hot brass burns. Better to introduce all new shooters with a .22 rifle or handgun. Shotgun, a light target load in a 20 or 12 gauge gun that fits the female frame, maybe a kids model. A proper introduction and a successful hit on target and not a eyebrow cut from a scope or being bashed with the barrel of a 44 or .500 when fired. Funny, ha ha not.
Women can be the best thing about shooting, but if they are hurt by being the butt of a piratical joke, they can become a vocal opponent looking for a new “gentile” boy friend.


I hope the ad agencies are listening!!


I totally agree Gabby. As a subscriber to Shotgun News, I am visually assaulted on a regular basis by the cheesy advertisements from Parabellum Armament LLC of Cincinnati, OH. Their ads regularly feature a model who seems to be aspiring to be the featured dancer at a second rate strip club. Are they trying to say that their guns are as cheap and trashy as the model they use? Or do they think their customers are a bunch of stupid Neanderthals who think with their testicles? Either way I’m offended.


I hope the ad agencies are listening


I agree that images of people handling weapons should show safe handling skills but i don’t see a problem with scantily clad women modelling with firearms. I do not take a circular saw or a nail gun less seriously because a pretty woman is holding it. I see it as a plus, I get to see two of my favorite subjects in one photo.

2nd amendment believer

I get tired of it too….women in their 30’s-50’s trying to act like they are in their 20’s and doing the Charlie’s Angles pose. With or without guns in their hands I think it is childish. Not a play pretty. You want to be taken seriously…act it!


Surely there are more important things to worry about than scantily clad women posing with guns. Or for that matter, the color someone chooses for their weapon.

If someone is a good marksman, or is obviously working to improve their skills, they have my respect no matter what color their gun is.
@Kevin Dooley – Wow. I guess what you’re saying is that you can’t look at scantily clad women without lusting after them. I commend you for doing the right thing (not looking) but you might want to seek help. White trash car shows, indeed.


Hi Gabby, My wife was watching some movie in the living room and I walked in on one of the “action” scenes with a very pretty woman, underdressed, and firing a weapon. I stopped and commented, “Cool! That’s a Beretta PX4 Storm .40 Cal Pistol. Neat Gun!” Then I went on with what I was doing. She just shook her head and said, “That’s my man.”


A few years ago I was talking with the NRA’s Chris Cox abut something the NRA should do. I said they needed a woman shotgun team doing all the shotgun sports, trap, skeet, sporting clays and armed with SPAS 12 shotguns painted pink.
They never did it and a SPAS 12 can’t be imported anymore. Legislators are generally stupid and ignorant about the real world. They see a KungFu movie and butterfly knives become a felony to possess. They see a movie like Clint Eastwood’s bank robbery movie and 20 mm cannons become “crime weapons” and now we have more guns outlawed.


I could not agree with you more. It is sad to say but, sex and sexy sells and it sales everything. A clasic example is the winner or the Ruger/NRA million member challenge. The young lady who won the challenge chose to post a picture of herself with her back turned to the camera and head looking over her sholder. Her rifle was over the sholder with her finger inside the trigger guard. When I first saw this picture, I said “really”. This is who Ruger and the NRA want as there representative.

Dan Oblak

I’ve always considered the automobile ads on TV that feature scantily-clad models to be false advertising. If those chickies don’t come wit the car, the ad is insulting (to my intelligence). If they *do* come with the car, they better pack a sandwich because I only stop for gas when I absolutely have to. (Maybe TWO sandwiches.)