When do Home Invasions Occur?

When do Home Invasions Occur?
When do Home Invasions Occur?
When do Home Invasions Occur?
When do Home Invasions Occur?

Do you know what time of day the majority of home invasions occur?

Well, it isn’t during the night when you’re home asleep. Instead, most home invasions occur during the day while people are at work. I bring this up because this morning I got a call from my brother who lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

He called to tell me that he was finally getting an alarm for his house. The reason is that he works for the city and knows a lot of guys in the police department and he hears about all of the home invasions that occur during the day.

Of course, Salt Lake City is not an anomaly, home invasions occur during the day in every city across this country. In fact, when I was working for the Agency, I remember hearing about an employee who got arrested for breaking into homes during the day. Apparently, he was some kind of pervert and would break into the homes and steal women’s clothes and underwear.


The good news about home invasions during the day is that most people are at work, so you may lose some possessions, but no harm will come to you. However, with summer being here, that’s changing for a lot of households.

Kids are home for the summer and some of them may not leave the house at all. (Especially if you happen to have teenage boys who are addicted to video games and won’t leave the house until they’re forced to return to school in September.)

If you’re one of the families that are going to be home during the day now, it is critical you put some home security in place, if you don’t have it already. If money is tight you don’t have to do anything drastic, but alarm systems are rather inexpensive these days and you can have the alarm on while you’re in the house during the day.

If you really can’t afford an alarm system…

A cheap alternative is a doorstopper alarm. I use these all of the time when I am traveling and staying in hotels.

In addition to getting an alarm, make sure your house looks occupied. Park a car in your driveway, but make sure the garage is closed. Most criminals just want quick loot and won’t bother you if they think you’re at home. However, the true psychopaths will, which is why you need the alarm and, of course, a firearm.

Personally, I carry a gun in my pocket when I’m at home. I realize most people probably don’t want to do that, so at least have a firearm close by in a quick opening safe.

An alarm, a gun and an occupied-looking home are truly simple measures that anyone can take. With the economy still in the dumps and people desperate for money, home invasions aren’t going away anytime soon, so please take care of yourself and your family this summer.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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james lagnese

Home invasions or burglaries? When I think of home invasions, I think of assailants purposely invading a home when people are present to do nefarious things to the occupants, like rape, and forcing them to empty bank accounts etc. As far as leaving a car outside, I wouldn’t do it where I live now if I was going to use the car…Arizona is hot this time of year.

Michael Rowe

That is correct. It is not a home invasion if there is no-one home; that is a burglary.

Matt Kaufmann

A burglary could escalate to a home invasion if a burglar isn’t thwarted when he finds that there are indeed people home. According to the DOJ, 60% of home invasions involve rape and 38% involve some other type of assault. And given that 1 in 5 homes will experience a burglary or home invasion…. Yikes.

Tony Kammerer

Also very useful to have a motion sensing flood light near your front and back doors so that it lights up anyone who might step up close to your entrance in preparation of an invasion. Funny how cockroaches aren’t fond of being lit up.


cockroaches…. hahaha thats funny

T.L. Tyrrell Sr.

There is some thought that the increase in home invasions, especially in upscale neighborhoods, has to do with many of these folks having a higher level of security than in the past. Safes and other secure devices are being used for valuables when the residents are away making it unprofitable for a burglar. That makes it necessary to invade the home when the occupants are there so they can be forced to “open the safe”. A gun to the head of a spouse or child is an excellent motivator for anyone to unlock the safe.




Sooooo….how did this all work out?


Another great article Jason. Quality doors and locks can easily cost just as much as some of the stuff inside that a thief wants to take. I don’t want these being destroyed either so good home security begins with “exterior” early warning motion sensor sounding devices! I also routinely leave a living room light on at night so a potential thief in the neighborhood will think someone is up and downstairs. Leaving a simple small radio on during the day when you’re away near your door can also make your home seem occupied. The expense of these are minimal when you consider the alternative that could happen.

Blogen Geezer

Rio Rancho NM, across Rio Grande from ABQ NM. Upper mid class neighborhood often burglarized, mid day, attractive middle aged woman home alone. Two young Hispanics kicking/bashing her front door. Woman called 911 and while on phone with dispatch, door breaks in. She drops first one with two 9mm rounds, second perp is hit by third shot, turns and runs. Even ‘before’ police arrive, the dependency addicted Feral ‘Family’ of the mortally wounded ‘recipient’ is over him on the front lawn, angry at the woman, vow revenge?They have ‘smoky’ excuses, as to why they were so close by. Career Repeat Offenders just working at their daily ‘job’. No charges filed.


good article, and I would like to add while every single one of my neighbors homes have been broken into, doors kicked in, my home remained untouched. I dont have a video system in the home, and I dont have an alarmy system, what I do have are some wonderfully loving, dogs who LOVE TO BARK! the typical gangsters who have committed the breakins are for some reason AFRAID of dogs. Read into that what you will. But, I would not trade a pound of gold for my German Shepards (hell, one is a guide dog, who would kiss them if they came in)


Like Ted Nugent said, a DEAD offender is not a REPEAT offender.


home during the day my pistol is on me or close at hand at all times-its a jungle out there!


Things in Puerto Rico are about the same. Lately carjacking is increasing. I sleep with a .40 or 1911. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worse.

Pj LaFaille

It’s always on me, whether I’m home or out. and very close at night. I’m not giving any bad guy the upper hand period.


thanks i didn’t even think about a doorstopper alarm. i will be getting one now good article


If you’re at work, it’s not a home invasion, that’s called a burglary.