Iowa Newspaper Publishes List of Carriers in Polk County

Iowa Newspaper Publishes List of Carriers in Polk County
Iowa Newspaper Publishes List of Carriers in Polk County

Cityview, an independent newspaper out of Des Moines, has published a list of everyone with a carry permit in Polk County.  Over 5,200 people have applied for permits just this year.  Naturally, people are upset about their name being published.

Source: DM City View

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pastor t

I’m sure this “news” paper meant this as an intimidation tactic. Too bad they picked the wrong group of people to attempt to intimidate. The reason we carry is because we will not be intimidated!!!!!


Polk county has never wanted to issue carry permits, this must really be eating them up. Little did they realize, people from other counties were carrying while in their communist liberal county!

pastor t

I’m from Scott county and I’ve carried in Polk! Hopefully over 5,200 people will make it clear they and all their friends and family will not be buying that looser liberal “news” paper!


I live in FLA and have a CCW for years here. My family will be moveing to WDM next year and I will immediately obtain a CCW permit. As it stands now I can carry concealed legaly in IA as of 1/1/2011. I have carried for years legally and shoot regulaly and haveing lived in IA I can tell you first hand it aint no better there when it comes to your safety!


I love it! Being from Sioux County and having my permit, I can assure you I will carry my LCP with joy when I travle to Des Moines from now on.