Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?

Did you know that in 1987 the state ofFloridaissued the first concealed firearms permit? Ever since then we’ve been trying to perfect the whole “concealed” part, which includes making smaller and smaller firearms.

These days there’s an endless array of pocket guns such as the Kel-Tec PF9… the Glock 26… the Kahr PM9… and the snub-nosed revolver, to name a few. But just because a gun is small enough to fit in your pocket, does that mean you should carry one there?

Well, the advantage of pocket carry is that it’s comfortable.

You don’t have a gun on your hip or strapped to your ankle that might cause you a bit of discomfort. Secondly, if the hair raises on the back of your neck and you feel like you’re in a dangerous situation you can reach in your pocket and have your hand on the gun without anyone being the wiser.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, those are the only advantages of pocket carry and there are a lot more disadvantages. First off, it’s tough to draw a gun from your pocket while sitting down. Just try reaching in your front pocket and pulling out a large object while you’re driving. It’s not easy to do. 

Next, and the biggest problem of all, is the gun itself.

The itsy bitsy guns that fit in your pocket are obviously more difficult to shoot and have a heck of a lot more recoil. Plus, there’s the confidence factor. If you’re ever in a gunfight and your life is on the line, do you want to draw a tiny gun from your pocket that’s more difficult to shoot? If you can honestly answer yes and have practiced with the gun, then go ahead and carry it. However, if the thought of drawing a Seecamp .380 from your pocket makes you shudder, then find a gun you’d be willing to bet your life on.

If you do find that gun, then always use a pocket holster. Never, ever carry in your pocket without one because something could get in the trigger, plus the gun could get all kinds of gunk and lint in it.

Also, practice drawing from your pocket in front of the mirror. You’ll quickly realize that you have to have your hand flat (in a spear shape) to get in your pocket… you’re not going to be able to have your hand in a fist.

Lastly, make sure you’ve got the right type of pants on. Most jeans pockets are too tight and you’ll have a giant bulge in your pocket. You’ll likely have to wear either Khaki’s or some type of cargo pants. Of course, before you stroll out of the house make sure you don’t look ridiculous and or that the world can tell you’ve got an abnormally large object in your pocket.

That brings me to my final point. I know this is common sense, but since there are a lot of knuckleheads in the world, pocket carry is for pocket guns. In other words, if your full-size 1911 is protruding from your pocket, it doesn’t qualify as pocket carry.

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  • pete

    Speaking of knuckleheads…. The plural of khaki is khakis, not apostrophe.  And its not capitalized.  Dolt!

    • Newc1717

      Really, that was worth saying? Wow!

      • Newc1717

        Misspelling of kahki’s?

  • Brduke

    We are all different, with different likes and dislikes. IWB, pocket…as long as you carry.

  • Jason Miller

    A .380 in my pocket is much better then a .4o on the nightstand at home.  I carry all the time with my Kel-Tec, I only carried sometimes with my Glock .40.
    Also I carry the Kel-Tec in a wallet holster in my back pocket, and it’s easy to draw.

  • James Dunne

    the pocket draw, given the right rig, is 2x as fast as a ccw belt rig draw. That is plenty enough advantage to make me give up even owning any more belt guns. I’ve owned about 100 of the larger pistols over the years, but I am no longer interested in them. If the pocket pistol aint enough, what yo uneed is an M4, not a somewhat larger pistol!  🙂 When driving, it’s very simple to just put the pistol under your thigh. there is no need for a holster that allows better access while sitting. With slacks, I can easily access my front pocket while sitting, but then I am not a lardass, either.

  • White Doberman

    I have a S&W 1911 SC bobtail. Its a great carry gun, but I’ve recently been seeing the S&W Bodyguard. I’m really interested in this gun for exactly what the article is talking about, a pocket carry. Anyone have thoughts on the pocket guns available?

    • BG380

      I have the S&W Bodyguard .380 (as opposed to the .38 revolver). Carry in a SmartCarry holster. Very fast to get to if you dress in the right way. I am usually dressed business casual with my shirt tucked in. With the spare mag in the pouch I carry 13 rounds on me. My wife can’t even tell I am carrying until she “checks”.
      It is possible to draw while sitting in the car, but it is not as fast as from a standing position. If I have any concerns at all when I am driving I move it to a holster in the door pocket.
      The Bodyguard is very accurate at 25 feet and shorter. The laser is a nice add-on, but probably not useful. It takes too long to engage it. Their design just can’t compete with the Crimson Trace grip lasers for simplicity to deploy.
      Love the gun. Love the holster. I would recommend the pair to a friend.

      • Anonymous

        Greetings from the OKCorral:
        My wife has a S&W Bodyguard but it is the 5 shot snubnose 38 Spec. revolver (w/laser) but then she does a purse carry where no draw is necessary.  She just drops her hand into the bag and shoots from its pocket.  In that manner there is no need for chambering a round or pushing a safety latch.  Her gun is hot all the time.  I am also mindful of what I learned years ago about auto’s.  You have one shot.  A revolver has as many as the cylinder will hold.  Nonetheless, I do carry an auto but doubt that many of you lads have every seen one.  It is a Remington 380 UMC.  One of the sweetest small calibre hand guns ever made.  I call it the SSS (Sam Spade Special).
        Old Gringo Ralph 

      • White Doberman

        †hank you!

  • hyphenfinkle

    What would happen if you shoot your gun at the crook from your pocket?I suppose powder burn maybe but in an extreme emergency could it be done or would it blow your leg off?