John Bolton: Gun Control a Top Goal of Obama 2nd Term

John Bolton: Gun Control a Top Goal of Obama 2nd Term
John Bolton: Gun Control a Top Goal of Obama 2nd Term

Former Ambassador John Bolton suggested Friday that Barack Obama is laying the foundation to push an ambitious gun control agenda if he wins a second term.

Trying to make his background relevant to an audience of gun activists, the former ambassador to the United Nations and dark horse presidential candidate accused the administration of using its own failures in the war against Mexican drug cartels as a pretext for more gun control.

“We can understand that, as he likes to say, he’s playing the long game, and that ‘leading from behind’ means waiting until he’s elected to a second term when he faces no further political constraints and his true agenda can come to the floor,” Bolton told thousands of gun owners at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting here. “And I believe right at the top of it is [to] increase gun control at the federal level and at the international level.”

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“And I believe…” So Bolton is offering opinion only. I hate such attempts to whip people into frenzy without substantive facts and details.

Calvin Redding

There’s ample evidence that Obama is anti-gun, personally. The fact is the healthcare bill used up too much of his political capital and there are a lot of blue dog democrats that don’t want to pass gun control.

If Obama survives reelection then he has ‘nothing to lose’ and then I think we’re going to see some problems. You can do a lot without leglislation. We have what, three separate import bans based on executive order alone? The ATF can easily reclassify all sorts of firearms, especially imported ones, in a manner that makes them illegal to bring into the country.

The “gun show loophole” which of course is just a private transfer of a gun has been a target of theirs for a long time. I don’t think the average person really understands the ramifications of that being prohibited and I don’t see them beating down the doors of Congress to stop it.

It’s a mistake to be complacent about this because they certainly haven’t forgotten about us.


When in Illinois Obama was heard making the statement he wants to disarm America. 


So, basically we’re screwed for the next 4 years no matter who we vote for…