LAPD Wants Tighter Regulations on Toy Guns

LAPD Wants Tighter Regulations on Toy Guns

LAPD Wants Tighter Regulations on Toy Guns

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is proposing that the city require BB-gun replicas of actual firearms to be brightly colored so that police officers don’t mistake them for real weapons.

The proposal, which the Los Angeles Police Commission will consider Tuesday, comes after two shootings involving officers and people with replica weapons, including one in which a teenager was wounded. Under the new rule, all such toys sold inLos Angeles would have the “entire exterior surface of the device white, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink or bright purple.”

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  • guest

    You know, you can paint a real gun those colors also. Why don’t you teach your cops how to do their job. Oh right it’s the LAPD.

    • JD

      LAPD does need a little more restrain sometimes, remember the old joke ‘what goes bang, bang, bang, freeze? LAPD’
      I do armed security and have had to draw down on a few people and although I do not have such a high LAPD training I can tell a toy from a real gun for the most part.


    The replica gun business would go out of business & they would no longer be replicas.

  • ConcealedCarry

    We all know that criminals would not be able to figure out that you could easily kill a cop with a dayglo orange Glock. Stupid criminals!