LAT on Unintended Consequences of California Open Carry Ban

LAT on Unintended Consequences of California Open Carry Ban
LAT on Unintended Consequences of California Open Carry Ban

What if we passed a gun control law but it led to more people carrying guns on our streets? That may be exactly what happens if a bill passed last week by the California Assembly becomes law.

AB 144 would prohibit the carrying of visible firearms in California cities. It was inspired by the spectacle of gun-rights advocates showing up last year at Starbucks shops with their handguns prominently displayed. That’s legal, as long as those guns are unloaded.

If, however, California bans what is called “open carry,” the state will probably have to loosen the standards for people to have permits to carry concealed weapons. In California, gun owners can only legally carry a concealed firearm, loaded or unloaded, if they have a permit. And in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, “concealed carry” permits are very difficult to obtain — arguably too difficult if AB 144 becomes law.

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Christopher Parks

My thoughts as well, if CA bans open carry.  Likely to be helpful for concealed carry, especially since a recent ruling from a judge.  He said loosening CCW isn’t necessary since people can OC.  Now they can’t (or soon won’t).

Glad I live in a state that recognizes the Second Amendment of the Constitution.


It’s a sad state of American affairs when we refer to Americans exercising a Constitutional right and engaging in perfectly legal behavior as a “spectacle.”


More than actually carrying on your person, CCW also makes carrying a fire arm just easier because of all of the half-baked laws designed to trip up law abiding citizens.

I believe a CCW allows me to carry in a glove compartment, concealed in a special pocket in my seat, or in my computer bag on the floor.

All of these things are illegal without a CCW.