MA Bills Will Punish Gun Owners, Advocates Say

MA Bills Will Punish Gun Owners, Advocates Say
MA Bills Will Punish Gun Owners, Advocates Say

Republican lawmakers and gun rights advocates testified yesterday that a series of gun control measures promoted by Democrats — requiring imprinted serial numbers on firearms, “microstamped’’ bullets, and annual limits on gun purchases — would punish lawful gun owners, increase costs, and hamper a 5,000-job industry.

“In order to try and curb and curtail the violence, we’re penalizing those that are not the culprits,’’ said state Representative Daniel Webster, a Pembroke Republican. “I would suggest to you that in the vast majority of cases, people that are misusing guns are doing it when they don’t have licenses to carry.’’

Critics of stricter controls on gun ownership and purchasing blamed black market transactions, Mexican drug cartels, and even the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for enabling criminals to access guns without licenses, and they argued that any additional oversight could put gun ownership out of reach for lawful citizens.

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Today’s AP ‘News’. “[B]Portable Pools [/B] (alone), kill a child every five days in warm summer months in the USA”.

 Can you imagine the outcry, downright outrage and demand for ‘registration and confiscation’ if ‘Guns’ did that much carnage? Doctors in some areas must now ask if you have a gun in the house? They should ask if you have a POOL of water..


i agree with your statement. My wife just had our 2nd kid and she was asked the same question. Furthmore, what does that question have to do with what your there for? I can understand if it was a “gun” incident, but if your going to get a normal check up or u break your leg what relevance does it have?? just another way the government is snooping in on our lifes. There are other issues that could be addressed in the nation than asking us “that question”.

Troy Milton Sellards

i lived in Boston for 14yrs. I had guns i just kept my mouth shut( but ) that is no way to have to protect you family .theirs places in Boston where the chicken shit cops won’t go .but if the cops catch you on  Washington st. look out.