Michigan Pharmacist Fired for Using Gun to Stop Robbery

Michigan Pharmacist Fired for Using Gun to Stop Robbery

Michigan Pharmacist Fired for Using Gun to Stop Robbery

A Pharmacist in Benton Harbor is suing Walgreens after he was fired for shooting a concealed weapon during a break in.

Jeremy Hoven was working as an overnight pharmacist at the East Napier Walgreens in Benton Township. On May 8th, two masked men walked in with handguns and took one of the floor managers hostage.

“I feared for my life,” he said.

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  • Lollyb33

    This is my uncles nephew, the NRA is paying for his defense. There were many other robberies at this pharmacy before this one, and an employee was assaulted in the past also. I hope he prevails!

  • pastor t

    Good luck Jeremy!  Since this incident I have never stepped foot back in a walgreens and I will never do so again.  I’m also glad to see you didn’t take the path of weakness and cowardice that the liberals at walgreens are promoting.  Your actions saved lives including your own.  Notice when citizens are prepared and act, it’s the criminals that are left running for cover!  Looks like they even recovered an illegal weapon from one of the fleeing criminals!  What more proof do you need that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is a good thing?

    • Alduane

      Interesting how people blame Liberals for everything anti-gun. Walgreens is a corporation looking at blanket policies to protect themselves from lawsuits. They aren’t acting like Liberals, they’re just acting in their own self interest. We shouldn’t simplify the issue by using labels.
      I’ve been in this Walgreens and appreciate what Jeremy did. Companies with polices that prohibit people from being armed only encourage robbery. If more criminals had to wonder if their victim was armed they might think twice, after all it was a policy to negotiate with hijackers that brought the Twin Towers down….

  • Tepin

    The company cites a non-escalation policy? I didn’t see any
    escalation in the video, only the use of equal force in self-defense. It is
    interesting how Walgreens expected Jeremy to rely on the goodwill of two masked
    gunmen for the preservation of Jeremy’s life.

  • Good for him, should be considered a hero.  BUT I will say if he fired at the robbers, WHY/HOW did he not hit them?  Part of the responsibility of carrying is to not shoot carelessly, if you’re gonna shoot it has to reach the intended target or he could have opened up a whole new can of worms if he had hit an innocent patron. just my .02

  • Anonymous

    good for him but i think walgreens will win this one though

  • Anonymous

    First, kudos to the store employee.  He may very well have saved his life and the the manager’s life. 

    Second, if life could be so simple as for Walgreen’s to be happy with the outcome.  Maybe some more of their employees would start carrying while at work.  They might even offer CWP and self-defense classes at company expense.  Yeah, right!

    In a another potential robbery, in the future, an employee might get shot and then here come the ambulance chasers.  It isn’t about justice.  It’s about making money and winning.  I don’t agree with Walgreen’s action of firing the employee but I understand it.

    Before you let yourself be angered by my cynicism please understand that I believe that the employee was right draw and defend.  The store simply can’t appear to take a position of condoning a gun battle in their store.  It’s part of the check and balance that keeps nuts on both sides under some reasonable control.

    Personally, I’d rather be carrying and not need the weapon than need the weapon and not be carrying.  I say do what you have to do when the situation comes to you and may your aim be practiced and true.  Then, let the aftermath fall as it may.  Regardless of the Walgreen’s management action, this lends more argument to citizen self-defense than it does to an anti-gun stance in my opinion.

  • Karle

    Well even tho it was a good paying job and all…….looking for a new job is a LOT better than the alternative …..I think it’s time we push legislation to make it ILLEGAL for companies to take this sort of action against any employee acting in self defense……leave all the other crap out of it just a law that says one cannot be fired for acting in self defense……

  • Gcooper2

    It really makes you wonder what walgreen’s priorities are.  having employees that are safe and sound or victims?  Amazing that this would be the outcome of someone saving others lives and his own.  I agree with others that questioned why he didn’t  hit one of the armed robbers; however, how many of us have faced the business end of a weapon???  one doesn’t know how one will react till the situation happens.  If he HAD hit or killed one of the robbers he would be sued by their families or the robber hit; and we all know how that usually turns out.  The criminal wins.  I hope the pharmcist wins, but I would still be looking for a better job.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t sound right to me to punish someone for protecting themselves. I think Walgreens will most likely be a bigger target now that the fact their employees can’t defend themselves.

    • stevecrowell

      That’s what happens in the taxi industry. We have the highest fatal assault rate of any American worker. They tell us to “give it up” every time. They still kill the drivers at higher rates than anyone else. The no-resist/compliance policy obviously doesn’t work. In New Orleans it became common knowledge that drivers can shoot back, that was when the murder rate went from 13 in three years to ZERO for 13 yrs.

  • Alduane

    I don’t blame him for missing and I don’t assume he didn’t practice. Practice targets don’t move and don’t shoot back, I can only imagine the stress at the moment this happened. The important thing is that it ended the robbery and no innocent people were hurt.

  • Alduane

    I was just thinking,  if the floor manager that was taken hostage had a gun they might not have got as far as they did.

  • Shane34652

    If more pharacists had the balls to carry at work more criminals would think twice before robbing them. Glad to see a robbery foiled and best of luck in the lawsuit. If Walgreens wins my money will go to CVS