Minnesota CCW Holder Shot By Police

Minnesota CCW Holder Shot By Police

Minnesota CCW Holder Shot By Police

Falcon Heights Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis, was the scene of a police involved shooting on Wednesday, July 7th. Officers pulled over 32 year old Philando Castile, allegedly over a broken tail-light. As events unfolded, officers shot Castile several times. According to his mother, Valerie Castile, Philando Castile died at Hennepin County Medical Center two hours laster.  A press release form the Saint Anthony Village Police Department indicates that the shooting was officer involved, and that the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating the incident.

According to several accounts, Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her four-year-old daughter were in the vehicle during the shooting. Reynolds was reportedly taken into custody. Video live-streamed by Reynolds after the shooting shows the interior of the vehicle. Castile, shot and bleeding, writhes in pain in the driver’s seat while an officer holds him at gun point. The police officer, distraught, screams, “Fuck! . . . I told him not to reach for it! I told him to get his hand out . . .”

Reynolds explains that Castile held a valid Minnesota CCW permit, had informed the officer that he held a permit and he was carrying, and that he was reaching for his ID per the officer’s orders.

Officers can be heard yelling further expletives after taking Reynolds into custody.  Later in the video, Reynolds, in custody, reiterates that they were stopped for a broken tail-light, that Castile informed the officer he was licensed and carrying, and that the office instructed Castile to produce his ID before shooting him. She describes the shooting officer as “Chinese . . . about 5’5”, 5’6” and a half, heavyset guy.” Reynolds further notes that her daughter witnessed the entire thing.

Over 200 people gathered at the scene of the shooting, with more attending a protest against police brutality at the Governor’s Mansion in St. Paul later that evening. The Governor’s office had yet to offer a statement at the time of this writing.


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Michael Jenkins is a writer and editor based in Wilmington, North Carolina. He is a lifelong reader, gardener, shooter, and musician. You can reach him at opencarryjenkins@gmail.com.
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There is no excuse for this shooting.

Berend Baas



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Curtis Johnese

If it happened like she said there is no excuse.


The story says there’s footage of the incident. The claims are the guy was following directions to produce his D.L. and CCW. Not only that there was a significant other and a kid watching in horror .


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Steve Cee

I can understand why cops are overly cautious and over react, considering they have been targets of random assassination and targeting. However, this guy was too quick to pull the trigger, and did not appear to be under any immediate threat. Perhaps he did not have the proper temperament to be on the streets in the current environment. In hindsight, the victim should have had his hands on the wheel and not moved until instructed. We don’t know what led up to the shooting, only a video after the fact. it certainly does not look good at this point.


Per the account of the incident, the victim was instructed to produce his permit, and was shot for doing so. I am not sure what type of bias crime/hate crime penalty enhancement statute that Minnesota has on the books, but when this officer is convicted in what appears to be an open and shut case, the enhanced penalty should be applied.

Curtis Johnese

This sh,.!t has got to stop. If it went down the way she said it did then the officer should be prosecuted. The officer once notified that he had a gun and a permit should have told him not to reach for his gun and not to reach for his license but to slowly step out of the car with his hands up so he could be disarmed and then tell the man to get his license out of his pocket. I haven’t seen the video, all I’ve seen is news briefings on tv so I don’t know what happened but from the news , which is Fox News , the only one I trust, they said he was told to get his license and he was shot. If it happened that way then the officer is in trouble. They need to train those officers on how to deal with CCW holders better than that. Where I’m from you do exactly what that man did, when the officer approaches you immediately notify him that you are armed and with a permit and the law states he is to disarm you before proceeding with further instructions. I have a CCW and I hope this never happens to me.

Scott Stewart

Good example of doing what you are told to do and getting shot for it. A better approach in my opinion would have been to ask if he could exit the vehicle with hands raised while he told them exactly where his weapon was located so they could retrieve it and his CCW. After a further pat down and everybody was comfortable we could resume with whatever needed to transpire with the broken tail light. Everybody goes home safe and sound. This was a horrible shooting.


I agree. I’m retired law enforcement and also a strong advocate for the rights of concealed carriers. The officer also had a better choice. If the officer was apprehensive of the young man, all he had to do was call for backup BEFORE instructing the young man to do anything. We do need to get the officers version, but that young lady does seem quite credible. If the young man informed the officer he was a valid concealed weapon carrier, then he did what is so often recommended for the officers safety by informing the officer. If the officer then asked him to produce a license and gun permit anyway . . . and then shot him for doing so . . . then this officers career may be over.


Maybe this would have been prevented had the individual been wearing his CCW Badge.


Not all states require you to notify the police you are armed just because you are in contact with them.
Just because it is reported on Fox doesn’t mean it is what happened inside of the car. Everyone is relying on the woman’s side of the story. She is more than slightly biased and we have not seen video of him being shot as many people claim. Everything in the video is after the shooting. At least the video I have seen. If there is another one floating around showing the officer give him an order to reach for his ID then he shoots him it changes the game.
While the man is lying there and the woman is narrating the video the officer yells that he told him not to reach for it. Some will say he was covering himself and was laying the groundwork for a defense. Some will say that was a verbal reaction in the heat of the moment and it reflects truth. I go with the second one. Most people that are involved in a shooting don’t have the presence of mind to start making things up on the fly to support wrong doing within seconds. My guess is he was TRAINED to tell people not to reach for their ID upon being notified they are carrying and that is what he did.
*NEWSFLASH* The police really are not out there executing black males just because it’s a fun and easy thing to do. Our society needs to really consider WHY black people have more contact with the police in the first place. Then they need to be honest about the lack of fathers among blacks and the gang/prison culture as well. THEN the black people need to make some changes. We have had a black president for 7 years and he has not stepped up to the plate to address this in a loud and thunderous way. He should be out sitting on steps with young men while his wife is doing the same with the girls. If they really want to change things they need to mentor people and not blame others for a perceived injustice. Almost every time one of these things is investigated it turns out there is no racial bias, no hatred or malice. Almost EVERY TIME! Our president doesn’t really care about black people. I think he actually likes when these things happen because it stirs unwarranted hatred of the police and gets the anti-gun nuts going.


very sad story, the right way is to have your foid/ccw permits, and drivers license ready before the police approach the vehicle, and tell them you have your permits and are carrying and how do they want to handle the situation. move slowly and carefully.


So you are supposed to undo your seat belt (invited the officer to site you for not wearing it), make sudden moves to your pocket (inviting the accusation that you were concealing drugs), and do all this while still driving (possibly serving as a result, inviting the officer to concoct a reason to run a field sobriety test just to harass you) instead of placing the blame where it belongs in this case which is on the officer.

Jim97365 .

When the police are more dangerous than the criminals, where do we go from here?

james lagnese

And with a lot of Youtube gun channels and the NRA et al silent. I hear the crickets chirping.




If this happened the way the woman said it did then this is another reason why you do not even mention being armed if it is not obvious and visible. Not all states require you to notify the officer if you are carrying unless asked. When I was pulled over for speeding I simply sat there with my hands on the wheel, said nothing and the officer did all the talking. He never asked me anything about being armed and I never volunteered it. My state does not require this and it is a good thing. As soon as an officer sees a gun or hears “gun” they move into street survival mode and you are more likely to be killed. If you are required to notify upon request or upon contact the best thing to do is to be very still and wait for commands. Most likely they will ask where the weapon is and try to separate you from it if needed. They may only be giving you a warning anyway and could decide to back out without further contact. Anything can happen.
We don’t know what happened in the seconds before the video started. People want to believe the officer told him to reach for it and then shot him. Why? It seems reasonable (for some reason) because of the narrative that has been portrayed by the government and much of the media. The officer stated he told him not to reach for it and this contradicts what the woman stated. People need to realize that they can actually watch a video and see something that is not what they think it is. People are so trained to react in shock they will jump to a conclusion without facts and say “I saw the video”. Video can be deceiving and often is. It often starts after an incident and is narrated by a biased person. This very often sways the viewer to think they have seen something they have not.
In this case, if the officer told him to reach for his ID and he was following commands, he was wrong to fire on him unless something changed in an instant (he saw the man handle the weapon). Simply out, we don’t know what happened in the seconds before the video started. People are assuming a lot of things that are not on this video.

james lagnese

That’s true. Unfortunately that guy paid with his life. The best way if you have to declare is to hand over your CCW with your drivers license. Then the conversation can begin. Otherwise, STFU.


But to shoot into a car like that?? It’s a miracle the woman and child weren’t injured. I’m a newbie to carrying, and have no idea how police are trained in these matters, but what is several shots to the arm about?? The man died slowly and gruesomely. Horrible and frightening.

james lagnese

Through the arm and into the chest, I would imagine. Probably hit his heart.


I declined to watch the full unedited video, but I heard he slowly bled out to unconsciousness and news reports said he died at the hospital.


So I hear now no ccw. No holster and car stop was based on bolo for armed robbery.