National Groups Weigh in on Maryland Concealed Carry Case

Attorney Alan Gura is currently fighting a case in Maryland over the state’s may issue (which is usually no-issue) concealed carry law.  Let’s hope Alan comes up with another victory for Maryland’s gun owners.

Here’s some excerpts from a Baltimore Sun article:

“When individuals enjoy a constitutional ‘right’ to engage in some activity, a license to engage in that activity cannot be conditioned on the government’s determination of their ‘need’ to exercise that right,” Woollard’s attorneys wrote in a recent court filing.

“The state … cannot reserve for itself the power to arbitrarily decide, in all cases, whether individuals should be able to carry guns for self-defense. That decision has already been made for the state, in the federal constitution.”

The permitting process in Maryland is overseen by the Maryland State Police, and Col. Terrence Sheridan is named as a defendant. Applicants must have a clean record and must prove a substantial reason for needing to transport the weapon. Investigations by the state include checking personal and business references and consideration of whether the applicant has alternative options for protection available, according to court papers.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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Get on with it ya slackers…quit delaying the ability to acquire a CCW. Time to become a “Shall-issue” state like the others.


I can carry in almost all other states, except the one I live in. It would seem the powers that be would rather have a state of victims. My simple message is this, watch how you vote, because I watch how you vote and guess how I’m gonna vote when the time comes.


You MD residents NEED to Organize an take to the streets, there has to be a Pro-Gun organization in MD, if there isn’t one put one together, If there is one….there not doing there job, start another one. Don’t join the communist ranks of NY,NJ,MA,CA. Your time is running out.

Henry in MD

There are several pro-gun groups in Mayland. Maryland Shall Issue, Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland, MD State Rifle and Pistol Club all fight to at least prevent more onerous gun laws. MD is a very liberal state politically. There is no 2nd Amendment in our constitution. Until MacDonald v Chicago ruled that the 2nd Amendment is incorporated to apply to all the states, we didn’t have a prayer. Even now, they’ll probably just stonewall like DC & Chicago. The problem is that the 2nd Amendment shouldn’t have been incorporated. It should have been re-affirmed as the natural inalienable right that it is. It was listed only to ensure that everyone knew it was an inherent right, not a “Right” created by the Constitution.