Nevada Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:

Shall Issue To Residents and Non-Residents

Example Las Vegas Resident/Non-Resident Permit:

Nevada Concealed Weapon Permit


Example Blue Card:

Nevada Blue Card Front

Nevada Blue Card Back

How Do I Obtain a Nevada Concealed Carry Permit?

Here is a summary of the steps you will need to go through to obtain your Nevada CCW Permit. For the exact laws, please refer to the Concealed Firearms section of NRS 202.365.


Step 1. Meet Requirements

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Can legally possess firearms
  • Has no outstanding arrest warrants
  • Has not been convicted of DWI during the last 5 years
  • Has not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime involving violence during the past 3 years
  • Has no criminal cases in progress that upon conviction would prohibit the issuance of the permit
  • Has not been admitted to a mental health facility voluntarily or involuntarily in the past 5 years
  • Has completed the application process and paid the required fees
  • (legally possess a firearm is described as no felons, domestic violence perpetrators, illegal aliens, adjudicated mental incompetents, drug abusers, etc.)

Step 2. Obtain Firearm Training (Usually a course specifically for CCW Permits)

Step 3. Qualify with the weapon or weapons you are adding to the permit.

Step 4. Get Documentation and Payment ready

Step 5. Go to your local CCW office (insert correct wording) and begin the last step of submitting your application. They will also take your fingerprints and take your picture.

Step 6. Wait! Now the paperwork starts. They do a background check, process everything, and then mail your CCW Permit to you in the mail.

Application Fees:
New Permits: $105.00
Renewal: $70.00
Duplicate or change: $25.00

County Information

Consolidated Municipality of Carson City
Carson City Sheriff’s Office
901 E. Musser Street
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 887-2500
Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm
Link to application:

Churchill County
Churchill Sheriff’s Office
73 1/2 N Maine St
Fallon, NV 89406
Office 775 423-3116
Fax 775 423-6689
Open Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm
Closed weekends and holidays.
CCW Info:

Clark County
Hours = Monday – Friday (excluding holidays), 8am – 3pm.
CCW Info:

Douglas County
Douglas County Judicial and Law Enforcement Building
1625 8th
Minden, NV 89423
Call for hours
CCW Info:

Elko County
Elko County Sheriff’s Office
775 W Silver St
Elko, NV 89801
Phone (775) 738-3421
Fax (775) 753-9845
Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Esmeralda County
(775) 485-6373
Call for info, not verified

Eureka County
County Justice Facility
Eureka, NV 89316
(775) 237-5330
Call for info, not verified

Humboldt County
Sheriff’s Office
50 West Fifth Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
(775) 623-6419
Monday thru Friday 1 P.M. until 4:30 P.M.
CCW Info:

Lander County
Lander County Sheriff’s Office
#2 State Route 305
Battle Mountain, Nevada 89820
fax 775-635-2577

Lincoln County
Pioche, NV 89043
Lincoln County Sheriff Office
(775) 962-5151
Call for info, not verified

Lyon County

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office
30 Nevin Way
Yerington, NV 89403
Phone: (775) 463-6600
Fax: (775) 463-6610
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
CCW Info:

Mineral County
Mineral County Sheriff’s Office
105 S a St # 4
Hawthorne, NV 89415
(775) 945-2434
Call for info, not verified

Nye County
Nye County Sheriff’s Office Headquarters
1520 E. Basin Avenue
Pahrump, NV 89060

Pershing County

Pershing County Sheriff
395 9th St, Lovelock, NV
(775) 273-2641
Call for info, not verified

Storey County
Storey County Sheriff
26 S B St
Virginia City, NV 89440
(775) 847-0959
Call for info, not verified

Washoe County
Washoe County Sheriff
911 Parr Blvd.
Reno, NV 89512
(775) 328-3030
CCW Info:

White Pine County
Dan Watts
1785 7th St E
Ely, Nevada 89301
Call for info, not verified


Open Carry:
Unrestricted under state law; cities such as North Las Vegas regulate this aspect.


We try to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible but due to changing laws it is your responsibility to verify all information. The information on this page is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to this Web site, emails or any of the links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between i156 LLC and the user or browser. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of i156 LLC.

  • Hrmarty

    Good info for ccw

  • Kelly

    Is this permit good for any hand gun or do you need each gun listed?

    • timf10

      Nevada permit is good with any type you qualified on i.e. revolver or semi-auto. Used to have to list each semi you wanted to carry, not any more.

  • sungunner

    I understand that current regulations have been changed to allow a person to qualify with a semi-suto pistol to be able to carry ANY semi-auto, and to qualify with a revolver to be able to carry ANY revolver.  The handguns you qualify with do not have to be the ones you plan to carry.  Therefore, the list of guns and serial numbers shown on the permit is now replaced with SEMI-AUTO and REVOLVER.

  • Roxx

    Can the NV non-resident permit be renewed by mail?

    • Ronkurz

      No, you must come to Nevada and take a new update class.

      • Bloomingtonhpss

         For a new Non resident permit do you need to come to Nevada for the permit?

        • WilliamDahl

          You have to file the paperwork at the Sheriff’s office. They will take your fingerprints. So, yeah, you really need to come to NV to do it.

          NV is actually a pretty nice state and even Vegas is not that bad, other than the fact that they allow people to smoke in the casinos. I don’t gamble, but I have been known to go to some of the restaurants in the casinos and to do that, you need to wade through quite a distance of toxic cloud tobacco smoke to get to the restaurant. Lately, I’ve decided that it is just not worth it and I go elsewhere (i.e. non-casino restaurants that do not allow smoking).

  • Fred

    Your gun rights are always under attack by the vile Democraps. Lets vote them out of office.

    • Vegas

      See, you say that but it’s really not true. If anything, gun laws are actually getting more and more relaxed across the country.

      No offense, but don’t believe the NRA’s bs about Dems coming for your guns.

      (Full disclosure: I’m a Democrat who lives in Nevada, owns a handgun, and regularly carries it openly. Not all of us dirty liberals are afraid of guns, and more than a few of us own them ourselves. Just a little public service announcement.)

      • Steve

        Vegas, nobody’s worried about you, it’s the people you put into office we don’t trust.  Do you really believe Barack Obama is NOT out to take firearms away from law abiding citizens?  Of course, we don’t trust you either.  What with your cheesy attempt to take the focus off gun grabbing democrats and try to make it an NRA propaganda thing…

        • jl

          Steve – You do realize who’s behind the Brady campaign, right? Brady was injured during the assassination attempt on Reagan. He’s a Republican. You do realize who signed the ’68 GCA into law? St. Ronnie. The only legislation that Obama has signed into law concerning firearms has EXPANDED carry rights. LaPierre is a loon and a fool. Of course it’s NRA BS. NRA-ILA is nothing more than a front group for the industry, to increase sales.

          • marymarymarymary

            Was then, this is NOW. It is happening at the UN as I type.

          • Steve must have Rose Colored Glasses on. He’s blinded by the drink!

          • You’re probably one of the people who still blame Bush for obama’s mess.

          • Joe

            its been going on in the UN for 13 years and it means nothing to us…. it can not override our rights.

            btw there has been many bills just like this passed and none effected us.

          • milehisnk

            Reagan wasn’t president in 1968…How did he sign the 1968 GCA into law?

            No, he signed the 1986 FOPA into law. It included an amendment that was defeated, but democrats attached to it anyways, claiming it passed on a voice vote. The FOPA otherwise was a good bill that set the standards for interstate transport laws and such, but the democrats attaching the machine gun ban screwed it up.

          • Shawn Willden

            Reagan did sign FOPA in 87, which included the Hughes amendment (machine gun ban). And he campaigned for and signed the California law banning open carry when he was a governor. Reagan was a good president, on balance, but his position on firearms was weak.

          • GunTotingLib

            Reagan also supported the assault weapons ban of 1994. He wrote an op ed in the NYT calling it for its passage, personally contacted republican congress men lobbying for their vote and one republican congressman has publicly stated it was Reagan’s contacting him that made him change his vote to yes.

          • YabbaDabba

            It makes me feel really good to see a pro-gun liberal. There are too many anti-gun conservatives. Fundamentally we all have the right to keep and bear arms uninfringed!! It predates the constitution. The constitution only defines what the government cannot do, it does not “grant rights” as is often misinterpreted even by SCOTUS. The second amendment is in place to protect all the other amendments and keep the balance of power in the hands of the people. We are a Republic, not a democracy and our Electoral college makes sure that the Urban citizens get an equal say. This last election demonstrates why the electoral college is in place. We are the only country in the world that is “for the people, by the people, and of the people.” The PEOPLE are the ones that should have control, not the government. It exists to serve the people, when it stops doing that it needs to be replaced with people that do serve the will of the people. I am not anti-government, I am pro-people, pro-freedom. Big difference between freedom and peace.

          • GunTotingLib

            If you are pro people that you should be pro president by vote of the people. The electoral college was put in place way back before the two party system because our founding fathers figured no one would ever get a majority of the electoral votes and they would be able to see that no one crazy became president. The the congress and Senate would have the last say as to who became president.That is why Our electoral college failed this election.I it was designed to make sure con men like Trump never became president. And the electoral college gives more power to Rural citizens while taking power away from Urban citizens. each of our votes should count equally.

            As far as keep and bear goes. we have a human right to be armed for self defense and the defense our your family and as a last resort our country.

            As far as …”The second amendment is in place to protect all the other amendments and keep the balance of power in the hands of the people.”… well that is just so much bullcrap. Nowhere in the constitution is the right to take up arms against our nation to defend the bill of rights or to mount an insurrection to put down tranny, given to the people. Actually to the contrary , the constitution specifically demands congress call up the militia to stop anyone that attempts to do that and Geo Washington did just that in his first years as POTUS

            Congress shall have the power …”To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections “…Article I , section 8

            I support the power of one man ,one vote to elect the people to serve our democratic republic. I support the right of the average citizen to keep and bear in the name of defense, with common sense restrictions. I support death to any man who takes up arms against this nation.

          • YabbaDabba

            That is not why the electoral college was created. It was specifically created to make sure that a high density population cities do not control the country because rural areas would not be be represented. This last election proved the value of the electoral college in spades. We do not have a democracy. We have a Republic. This country is not controlled by popular vote aka “mob rule”.

          • GunTotingLib

            The electoral college was not created ” to make sure that a high density population cities do not control the country because rural areas would not be be represented. ” that was not even an issue then. It was created because our founding fathers did not want to turn over the selection of the president to the people without a control mechanism to keep folks like Trump from becoming POTUS. That is why the president has to get a plurality of the electoral vote instead of a majority. With several candidates running they figured no one would get 51% and they would get the final choice. That was the reason senators were appointed and not elected by vote of the people for the first 125 years. Senators were not elected by a vote of the people until 1912.

            And yes we are technically a constitutionally protected representative republic, but we practice democracy on several levels. And we elect our representative leaders in a democratic fashion, all except the president. We should elect our president by popular vote, so that the votes of farmers count the SAME as the vote of a city dweller. The electoral college gives low pop states disportionate power and allows the POTUS to be elected by how 6 or 7 swing states vote. In the remaining 40 or so states our votes do not count at all.

          • YabbaDabba

            50% of the population I’d ib dense cities which means that the “garner” would NOT get a day in a majority vote situation. Our founding fathers were not making rules based on what was in America at the time. They were making decisions based on what they never wanted repeated. If you want a democracy, go somewhere else. We have a republic and that is not a technicality. It was by careful design. You sir need to review the 12th Amendment ratified in 1804.

            “It is important to remember that America is composed of 50 very independent States, governmed by rules of a “Republic”. It is not a “Democracy” where decisions are made by the majority vote.

            You have been poisoned by liberal ideas that do everything they can to erode the principles of a Republic. Benjamin Franklin specifically feared the erotion of the Republic.

            You like to throw about phrases like “every man’s vote should count equally” but that is a common “politically correct” type of phrasing that actually is contradictory to the truth. In mob rule/democracy your vote only counts if you are with the majority. The electoral college created a way for people across the country, not just in high-denisty population areas to actually have a say.

            The people of this country voted Trump, not LA, NYC, and Chicago.

            Liberalism is. a cancer much like Islam ideologies and the muslim religion.

            You think the electoral college failed, but understand that John Adams, founder of the Democratic Party and liberal extremist was elected by the Electoral College.

            The democrats voted 100% against the 13 and 15th amendments and more than 70% against the 14th amaendment. They passed only because the Republicans voted for them 100%. These are the very foundation of civil rights. In fact, the democratic senators watched one senator beat almost to death another democratic senator who believed blacks should have rights and be free. It was woodrow wilson watching the first screening of a film in the whitehouse (sadly about black men attacking white women) that led him to re-kindle the almost dead KKK. Wilson was a democratic president. This rejuvenated the KKK. Planned parenthood was founded by Margaret Stanger a wife of the KKK (and many of her women friends, all wives fo the KKK). Planned parenthood was developed to extinguish non-white babies. The 19th amendment was the women’s suffrage movement, voted against by 70% of the democratic congress. Only the Republic congress got it passed. If you want to talk actual numbers, facts, and detaisl and not the liberal bullshit your spouting I can do it all day.

          • GunTotingLib

            The electoral college was not created ” to make sure that a high density population cities do not control the country because rural areas would not be be represented. ” that was not even an issue then. It was created because our founding fathers did not want to turn over the selection of the president to the people without a control mechanism to keep folks like Trump from becoming POTUS. That is why the president has to get a plurality of the electoral vote instead of a majority. With several candidates running they figured no one would get 51% and they would get the final choice. That was the reason senators were appointed and not elected by vote of the people for the first 125 years. Senators were not elected by a vote of the people until 1912.

            And yes we are technically a constitutionally protected representative republic, but we practice democracy on several levels. And we elect our representative leaders in a democratic fashion, all except the president. We should elect our president by popular vote, so that the votes of farmers count the SAME as the vote of a city dweller. The electoral college gives low pop states disportionate power and allows the POTUS to be elected by how 6 or 7 swing states vote. In the remaining 40 or so states our votes do not count at all.

          • James Killian

            Explain the discussion then in the Federalist Papers, News paper editorials, letters of the of the Founders and other items.
            There were dominate populus cities and States.

          • YabbaDabba

            The ’86 FOPA was signed into law only because a group of senators headed
            by Charles Rangel debated the issue and “recommended it” behind closed
            doors. The truth is, most of the senators were against it, but Charles
            Rangel lied and promoted the recommendation as a “yes” at the very last
            minute at 5am in the morning and none of the senators involved knew it
            until it was too late. They complained and demanded the recording of
            the “closed door” meetings and it was mysteriously gone. A few years
            ago (around 2010) they found the recordings in a whitehouse staffer’s
            office as they were “cleaning house”. The recording proves Rangel lied
            and that the vote was a “no”, but nobody wants to stand up and reverse
            it because of the money involved and the power involved in having it
            passed. These recordings have been added to the library of congress and
            may be obtained for verification.

          • Gray

            You mean the Hughes Amendment to the 1986 FOPA.

          • YabbaDabba

            No I do not.

          • Gray

            Then you are wrong. The Hughes Amendment is what Charles Rangel debated and recommended behind closed doors. The 1986 FOPA passed the Senate by roll call vote, 79 to 15.

          • George

            The ’68 Gun Control law was signed into law by Lyndon Johnson. Just FYI… 🙂

          • LBJ – the racist president.

          • YabbaDabba

            The democrat.

          • YabbaDabba

            LBJ was the one who undermined the conservative party. He said “I will tell you how to get the American Public to vote Democratic for the next 100 years” and he did it. The way he did it was to get staunch liberals to “switch parties” and become republicans. People like ben-night-horse-campbell and others like McCain. By poisoning the conservative party with extreme liberalism it unbalanced the the shift of power from the people toward the government. Today we have greedy people in government on both sides that do not care about the people. Trumps successful campaign (one of the cheapest in history and least-funded) was a clear demonstration that the American People still have a voice. But not for long. We must keep the momentum going. Do not alien each other on common values and work to resolve long-term issues in a way that works for everyone.

          • 00devon

            You do realize that Reagan was not the president in 1968 and so NO he did not sign the Gun Control Act into law…

          • Gray

            Lyndon B Johnson was President in 1968, so why would Reagan be signing the 1968 GCA?

        • marymarymarymary

          Got that right. Wake up will be when it is too late.

        • GunTotingLib

          well, out of Reagan, Romney, and Obama guess which one has never signed a law restricting guns?

          • Jeff Bills

            So my guess as to why Obama has never signed a gun-restricting law is because none has made it thru Congress….but he keeps threatening to enact Executive Action…whether he can or not is irrelevant, the mere threat is enough to upset many folks…..

          • GunTotingLib

            And exactly which of his threatened executive actions scare you?. He has threatened none that would stop any lawful citizen from buying any lawful firearm. AND my point stands, BOTH Romney and Reagan signed gun legislation that restricted the rights of lawful americans from buying or carrying lawful firearms.

        • RexCraigo

          Just not real smart are you?

      • marymarymarymary

        You have no idea that the UN is right now –in Sept. 2012 trying to force us to give up our guns and deny our second Amendment right to bear arms? Oh YES—Hillary under the direction of 0’b! THEY ARE COMING! Do you live under a rock? ummm– LETS SEE NOW—THEY ARE democrats! Better be hoping that you will always be able to carry——-it will depend on your vote. DO CHECK OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE UN. Dictating to us, against our rights. Wake up.

        • Shawn Willden

          The UN has no authority to regulate guns in the United States.

      • Mudpuppy

        Do you feel as big an idiot as you look, now that BHO has said he is coming after the guns? Thank God your name is not Miss Cloe

      • If you don’t belive the NRA then how about NAGR ( that’s – National Association of Gun Rights.) They will give you the actual bill so you can see for your self!

      • ratchetmaster

        guess you have been proven WRONG!!

      • thebronze

        Vegas • 11 months ago

        “See, you say that but it’s really not true. If anything, gun laws are actually getting more and more relaxed across the country.

        No offense, but don’t believe the NRA’s bs about Dems coming for your guns.

        (Full disclosure: I’m a Democrat who lives in Nevada, owns a handgun,
        and regularly carries it openly. Not all of us dirty liberals are
        afraid of guns, and more than a few of us own them ourselves. Just a
        little public service announcement.)”

        Oh really? How’s that working out now…

      • 5CCG


      • asoro

        thats you, and maybe your friend, But SB O bumma would love to take every ones guns, And thats the truth, it makes me sick when he lies his ass off to buy votes than changes he mined. and then putts it up your butt. if you are a Liberal you need to see a doctor, Your not a real American, Liberals seem to hate there country for some reason or another, they want to see us become Socialist and this country will never become that as long as true Americans are still alive, drop you Liberal way of thinking pal you will be better off, can’t undrstand why you would want to be in the same company as that S.B. that stole the WH. for the 2nd time, to many dumb people in this country today you all better wake up.. and Soon !!

      • BruceMichaelGrant

        I was born and raised in Massachusetts and served much of my Naval career in California. These are two of the most anti-gun states in America.
        In MA you need a permit to even purchase and own a gun. This permit may be revoked at will. Possession of an unlicensed and unregistered gun in MA is an automatic minimum year in prison.
        CA is now sending SWAT teams to the homes of gun owners who according to the state are no longer able to possess firearms. The criteria for such a decision is vague and flexible and no prior notice is given to surrender these guns.
        If you personally experienced such statist enmity toward your basic civil rights you wouldn’t be so cavalier about Democrats’ agenda.

        • Joe

          Cali is not sending swat to homes….. The wives of gun nuts are calling in and turning in their husbands to get them out.

          you have nothing about cali right….

      • xman1337

        So, the last 2 democratic presidents have been singing the praises of banning guns. One succeeded and one still has plans in the works. If you like carrying and owning a pistol or any gun, you’ll stop voting for these idiots. Reform your party.

      • Mud Pupp

        Now that Obadman and his Core have come out and admitted they want every gun, you just look like a kool aid drinking fool.

      • InconvenientTruthsYouHate

        The last two years have pretty thoroughly vindicated Fred and everyone else who “wears tinfoil hats and believes the NRA crap”. I hope you and the millions of other gun-owning leftist apologists have learned your lesson.

      • Steven Rhodes

        Not you personally, but those fools you vote for would take them in an instant.
        Example? Tick Segerbloom, not long after being sworn in, introduced a law to outlaw “red metal bullets”. Do you know what that means? Copper bullets.
        The bill, luckily went nowhere, but we have seen his mindset.
        If you outlawed copper lead would then be easy, you could use your sidearm like a short bat I suppose.

      • Lenny Arnoth

        Try living in California , The handgun roster is getting smaller and smaller and the stupid bullet button for the AR15,,, All thanks to a democrapic rule

      • Dellinger

        The vast majority of dirty liberals are coming for our guns. Stop lying to yourself and the naive. If you believe otherwise you’re only fooling yourself and misleading anyone uninformed enough to believe you…

        The goal of all progressives (American socialists) is total controls and this can only happen with the removal of my beloved Constitution. Government is supposed to be afraid of it’s people not the other way around. So keep telling yourself you can have your cake and eat it too….

    • JT

      Sec. 512 of P.L. 111-24 (CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTABILITY RESPONSIBILITY AND DISCLOSURE ACT OF 2009) lifted the 94 year ban on firearms in national parks.
      Sponsered byRep. Carolyn Maloney [D-NY14] and signed by Barrack Obama
      That’s an expansion of gun rights. Obama has not said nor done, nor proposed anything restricting gun ownership or use.

      • marymarymarymary

        Is he stopping the UN from dictating to us? Dictating that we give up our second Amendment right? NO—he has sent Hillary to sell us out.

      • So you’ve never heard of Fast and Furious? Never watched the news when Odumba surrounds himself with children telling everyone how bad guns are and we need to take them away from American Citizens. Never heard Obumba say we need to get guns out of American’s hands after Sandy Hook. Do you live in this county? Do you own a TV? Do you have a brain? Its you morons that make me sick. Your stupidity is astounding. I don’t know who is more the moron. You or Harry Reid. Both a couple of stupid A$$’s

        • Guest

          BTW.. why is it so hard to get ammunition after Odumba came into offic??? Idiot

  • Kartua28

    I would like to know if and where you change your address at?

  • Planning a trip to Las Vegas driving from GA. What are the laws concerning carrying a firearm in a vehicle?

    • Vegas

      In a vehicle is fine without a permit, concealed on your person is what the permit covers.

      Just be damn sure it’s the first thing you mention if you get pulled over.

      • Dave Richards

        That is incorrect. You cannot carry at all in north Vegas unless you have a concealed permt. Not even in a vehicle. Then it has to be on your person. You cannot carry in North Vegas or Boulder city. And in Boulder city you can’t even carry with a permit. The last thing you want to do is mention you have a gun in the car. Why bring attention to yourself? Unless you are doing something wrong and they have a right to search your vehicle, keep your trap shut.

    • Smeltzer, TX Lawyer

      I’m pretty sure Vegas gave you an accurate summary of NV law, but your drive to NV involves interstate travel as well. This implicates the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA).

      Specifically, this federal law protects you in your vehicle during interstate travel without a concealed carry license, provided that the gun is unloaded and locked up in an inaccessible place, and that the gun is legal at both your point of origin (GA) and your destination (NV). Since neither GA nor NV has many restrictions on what types of firearms you can own, you’re fine. However, if you want the gun loaded and accessible during your travel, you need to make sure that each State honors your license(s) and/or doesn’t require a license, at least for possession in the vehicle (such as AZ & TX, respectively). 

      Good luck and enjoy your travels.

  • Kartua28

    Getting a Florida permit is easy if you already served in the Military of the U.S., all you need is military proof. That with the Nevada permit would take care of all the states. There are Gun Shops in Las Vegas that train you to receive Florida, Utah & Nevada CCW permits that will allow you to go into around 32 states!!!

    • JT

      Having served in the US Navy for 6 years, that is a terrible idea. You know how many dishonest people join the military? You know how many thieves, rapists, and murderers we have? I myself was a victim of theft from another sailor. I know a couple other guys who had money stolen from them from active duty sailors. Just because you serve, doesn’t mean you are a good person. There are very little restrictions to get in the military. No major felonies, get a minimum score on the ASVAB, don’t have any major health complications or handicaps, and be able to pass a drug test.

      I only want sane, competent, responsible, and honest people who can actually shoot, to be able to own guns. You pass a safety course, a range test, and an easy psychology exam, and there you go, you can have the type of gun that your proved capable of handling.

      • You’re exaggerating. I was in the service during Viet Nam and even though they were still drafting men they still had to learn to shoot and if they lived, came back home a better man!

      • Reporter?

        JT – FL still does the background check; don’t make so many assumptions and then make ridiculous statements about how everyone else’s ideas are terrible and yours are brilliant.
        And from the context of all of your comments, it sounds like you need to move to another country that is NOT governed by the U.S. Constitution. Seriously, move to the U.K. please. Our founding fathers fought hard for independence from England and you are trying to pull us back in! And BTW, I’m a 24 year Navy vet myself.

      • WilliamDahl

        Sounds like you have fallen hook line and sinker for the leftist anti-2nd-Amendment propaganda and are well down that slippery slope that will eventually lead to firearm registration and eventual confiscation. The is NOTHING in the 2nd Amendment that allows for ANY restrictions on our rights to bear arms. No exceptions whatsoever.

  • Vegas – public service announcement my but. Democrats have always been after your guns. Who do you think is pulling the strings of Hand Gun Control? Sarah Brady herself. A Democrap!!!

  • My permit lasts till 02-27-13, what I want to know is when can I renew my permit?

    • timf10

      Go renew it sometime in February. If you do it earlier, it will be due 5 years from then.


    why do you need a permit to exercise a Constitutionally secured right?
    And don’t use the term “regulated”, that means trained according to the nomenclature of the 2nd amendment.

    • JT

      If you are not capable of handling a firearm responsibly, why do you own a firearm in the first place?

      I do not want crazies with guns. I do not want felons with guns. I do not want people who can’t shoot to own guns. Let me add information to that last one. Lets say I’m at a 7/11. A guy busts in quick, grabs me from behind, puts a gun to my head, and tells the cashier to give him money or he shoots me. The cashier, happens to be carry a gun, he pulls the gun, points, and shoots. Now, if the guy can’t hit the broadside of a barn, what are the odds of only hitting the thief? Seriously, if he can’t shoot accurately, I’ll take my chances with the gunman. Otherwise, the cashier might shoot me, the thief pulls a shot off quickly into my head because he panics, and returns fire at the cashier.

      A permit shows that you are educated and proved that you are capable of handling the firearm. No crazies, no felons, no would-be heroes that can’t shoot.

      • Palmer

        You don’t need a course to be capable of handling a firearm. Just the
        same, you don’t need a course or a permit to open carry (at least in my
        state, and I know many others like this).

        You do the background check when you first get the gun, not when you get a concealed carry permit. The rest of your argument falls apart after that. If you could get a gun without a background check but didn’t need to get a permit, any of those “crazies” could get a gun, carry it without a permit and shoot you. Someone with violent crimes, disabilities, etc. can not legally get the gun in the first place. Learn what you’re talking about before you try to produce an argument, because it made no sense and contains such anti-logic it made me want to literally facepalm.

      • singlestack

        Who cares what you want or not? “The cashier might shoot me…”. Then again, he might not. Be positive.

  • redneckinsac

    The fee for new applications has been lowered to $97.50.

  • JB

    The fingerprinting really freaks me out – does that bother any of the rest of you? Maybe I’ll just open carry, cuz I don’t really want to give the FBI my prints, and apparently NV shares the prints with the FBI.

    • JT

      Why are you freaked out?
      Have you committed a crime?
      Are you very lax with your guns, leaving them out in the open, never locking them up when not in use?

      If you’re a law abiding citizen, who owns a gun legally, and is a responsible gun owner, you have nothing to worry about.

      • Dco

        Those cameras they are putting up all over can’t possibly bother you, can they? You don’t mind the random searches of your person that police are going to be allowed to perform like they do in NYC, do you? You aren’t breaking any laws are you? Then you have nothing to worry about. Let the government steal away your privacy and individual dignity; because you have nothing to hide, right? You are naive at best, JT. The government shouldn’t be able to take away other rights because they are “allowing” us to have the right to bear arms. They can’t allow us to have a right. We’re born with it. The 2nd Amendment keeps them from taking a natural born right from us. Wake up you slaves. JB is on the right track.

    • WilliamDahl

      I’m ex-military and have had security clearances, so my fingerprints have been taken and put on file *numerous* times. In some states, they even require a thumbprint for you to get your driver’s license. If I had not already had my fingerprints taken this many times, maybe I would have an issue with the supposed loss of privacy, but as it is, I don’t really have any room to complain. I guess the only complaint that I *do* have is that they keep taking them (and charging me for it) even though they have so many copies of them on file already. 🙂

  • reggie

    Really, I cannot think of one law that has been passed in the past 4 years affecting anyone’s gun rights.

    • az carrier

      Nevada site should be up dated with the new laws in place.2015 no more blue cards, Expanded self defense, Las Vegas cant enforce their own rules on county or state parks, Car carry leagal w/o permit., Expanded Resaprosity,

  • nnv ccw

    Can I conceal carry in a bar or casino in Reno if I have my permit for the intended purpose.? Does it matter if it is posted not to even ccw people?

    • If there is a sign that says no firearms you can not enter any business. BUT there has to be a sign in every door window or otherwise you could’ve came through a door that had no sign! C.C.W. holder for Nevada!

  • Reporter?

    NV no longer requires you to qualify on each individual handgun you will carry concealed, you now only qualify in the class of handgun; semi-auto or revolver. Much more reasonable.

  • bst49

    Try living in California and see the panic at the gun shows and firearm stores. Ammunition is extremely diffiicult to get. wonder why? because this Presidents administration is more interested in good people control not the criminals. According to Obama and the left wing zealots we have in politics……. We’re
    not supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few “crazies”.

    >>>> But the acts of a few American “crazies” is enough to judge
    all Americans who own guns.

  • Ruger454

    For travelers to Nevada from states that Nevada does not honor their concealed carry permits, how to Nevada state troopers, police and sheriff’s deputies react to an openly carried, holstered handgun? I understand that OC is unrestricted in Nevada, but what’s the real story on the ground? I will be in Nevada next week and need to know. Thanks, all.

    • BruceMichaelGrant

      I live in AZ. OC is common and cops have NO problem. I’d expect NV cops to have the same attitude.

  • norm

    why don’t Nevada honor all stats

  • norm

    for got the e in states

  • Randy Wright

    laws are changing in neveda, blue card is going bye-bye, and once you get a concealed permit you can carry any hangun you want

  • Dan

    You just watch, it will be the Republicans who successfully restrict gun ownership. Don’t be foolish enough to think that Republicans can be trusted any more than Democrats regarding your rights. The NRA can prevail against Democrats but is more vulnerable regarding Republicans in a situation like the next Sandy Hook or a mass mall shooting which will certainly happen eventually.

    • DroneAlone

      Yet every bill limiting our second amendment rights have been drafted by democrats.

      The leftwing extremists in the democratic party seem hell-bent on destroying the second amendment.

  • Truth

    Reading these comments is just plain sad. What a bunch of ignorant anti-American Nazis. Liberals are the ONLY true blue blooded Americans who defend freedom, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. Right wing Repubs only try to tell everyone else how to live their lives. Interfering with personal freedoms is not American… And Repubs interfere with personal freedoms. Un-American Nazis plain and simple. We should get a boat, load the bunch of you on it, and send you back to England.

    • DroneAlone



      We ain’t got no facts.

      We don’t need no stinking facts!!!

      Don’t you have a city to occupy, food stamps to pick up or someone’s rights to infringe lefty?

  • Jmp

    I’m looking for legit info about open carry in NV.

  • jeremhe

    A buddy of mine got he’s ccw about a couple weeks ago and I asked if they asked a proof of citizenship he’s reply was “no” they only asked for he’s nv drivers license, I went to turn in my papers and they asked for my US passport to prove that im a citizen I showed them my passport and she told me she can’t accept it because it’s expired and I told her that she’s telling me to get a new passport that will cost me another $140 to get a new one where I already showed her that im a citizen.

  • dp

    Price of a CWP in this state can be considered highway robbery. What a scam !!!! No wonder potential criminals don’t have one.

  • How do you qualify with a handgun if you are out-of-state?

  • RETUSAF1995

    I just turned in my application for a CCW. I think the info for the weapon you are carrying is not on the back of the license because hand guns are no longer required to be registered in Clark county and they didn’t ask me what weapon i would be carrying. I could be wrong, i’ll find out when my license shows up.

    Good for 27 states!!! Eat your heart out NY and NJ!!! Plus right now i’am carrying hollow points too in my Beretta!

  • bob gagne

    I openly carry, but seem to get more and more funny looks. Anybody else experiencing this?

  • bob gagne

    Live in reno

  • bob gagne

    anyone here?

  • Steven Rhodes

    Just realized this all looks 3-4 years old.
    Is it true now, February 20, 2016, that I can use whatever firearm I want to qualify and carry whatever I want?
    This is for concealed carry in Clark County, Nevada.

  • Lilboogie

    I second that my democrat brother, I am very strong about our 2nd Ammendment Rights, I’ve never once seen any evidence or actual fact that Obama has threatened our right To Own and Bear Arms, the extreme rightwing (KOCH) brothers are creating all of these lies to get the republican vote so they can continue on with their adgenda, READ between the lies. Lines my friends

  • Joe Menn

    Obsolete info. Blue cards abolished and State preemption enhanced in 2015. You no longer have to qualify with each gun on a permit (abolished before 2011). Guns are no longer listed on the permit. You no longer have to qualify with a revolver and a semi-auto separately (abolished in 2011).

  • Mike Coster

    The info above is way out of date. Blue Cards in Clark County were made illegal and records of them to be destroyed back in 2015. Further, CCW permits no longer list the “approved to carry” models for the permittee. Its simply a permit for CC, and covers revolvers and semi-autos, period.