New Orleans Residents Buying More Guns

New Orleans Resident Buying More Guns
New Orleans Resident Buying More Guns
New Orleans Resident Buying More Guns
New Orleans Resident Buying More Guns

Violent crime is encouraging New Orleans citizens to purchase guns at an increasing rate–including a number of first time gun owners.

Long time residents are commenting on how crime is the highest they’ve ever seen and are looking for personal protection.

A string of violent crime in New Orleans has some families searching for their own personal protection. One Marrero-based company is seeing a spike in people wanting firearms.

“It’s the first gun I’ve owned in my life, the first one I’ve ever bought. I’ve shot guns as a child with my dad hunting,” said Jimmy Gueydan, who showed up at Bayou Dragon shooting range in Marrero.

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Tony Kammerer

Just hope the city doesn’t try to confiscate them again.


It’s a shame to see many of our cities on the same path of decline because of the rise of violent crime.   Gun sales are increasing in many other jurisdictions as well for very much the same reason. The collapse of our economy has not helped.   I agree with what Tony just said in that we have to hope our ability to protect ourselves is not taken.   In fact, that ability needs to be expanded to every law abiding American and right now!

rev. dave

Hmmph!  After the conviction of 5 cops for murdering civilians after Katrina, they’re probably buying them for protection against police as much as against criminals.


The more people legally carrying is a fundamentally good thing. 

Take the most law-abiding section of society, run a complete background check on them, train them, and then give them the responsibility of being ever vigilant of their surroundings and actions.

Seems like a good thing to me!