What if the Newspaper Exposed Your Address?

What if the Newspaper Exposed Your Address?

What if the Newspaper Exposed Your Address?

Last week I was interviewed by the Huffington Post about marriage and guns. The interview was about how spouses handle it when one spouse is into guns and the other is against guns.

I’m not going to go into the interview here because awhile back I wrote an article about “How to Make Your Spouse to Like Guns“.

But the reason I mention the Huffington Post is because yesterday at the very top of their website was the headline, “Targeted Anger: Staff at paper that pinpointed gun owners threatened, intimidated.”

If you’ve been following the news lately…

Then you know that a New York newspaper, called The Journal News, released the names and addresses of over 30,000 people who were gun owners and who had their concealed carry permits. Among the names released were judges, police officers, and people in hiding from an abusive ex-spouse.

Obviously, I strongly disagree with what the newspaper did and the irony is that they’ve received so many threats they’ve had to hire armed guards for the building. The lesson to be learned from all of this is something I’ve been preaching about and doing myself for years.

Put simply, do not have the address on your driver’s license or any other mailing addresses be your home address (if legal in your state). I know in the state of Virginia you can have a P.O. Box on your driver’s license (I used to have that) and in the state of Utah it just has to be a physical address. In other words, you can’t have a P.O. Box, but you can have a UPS Store or Mailboxes Etc. store.

What I personally have now…

Is a UPS store on my driver’s license and then I have a series of P.O. Boxes and UPS stores for where I receive my mail. (Some are on the east coast and some are on the west coast since I do training in both locations.)

As a gun owner I think it is so important to never have your residential address revealed. This is because not only do the anti-gun people now know the address of these New York gun owners but now so do the criminals.

In fact, one of my contacts is a former Hells Angels gang member and his particular gang specialized in gun running. He told me that one of the ways they got guns was to break into people’s houses that they knew had guns.

I do realize you may have had your residential address on your license and other documents for years now, but slowly move things over to a UPS store or P.O. Box. Simply make a few calls a day to your magazine subscriptions or mortgage holder and give them the new address to start sending your mail.

This is a simple act to do and may keep you out of the public eye if your personal information should ever be released.

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  • Cobrawing

    Well I’ll say this loud and dirty . . . I am a PROUD firearms owner and I’m not about to hide under a rock merely because some obscure newspaper foolishly printed information that quite frankly is readily available to anyone via the Freedom of Information Act.

    I’m not about to hide like some COWARD in my own country. I am a proud firearms owner and I have every right to have my correct address on my license and legal documents. The foolish advice being given in this article suggests a person who feels a need to HIDE or conceal their identity. That clearly works for this eagle scout author, but I was not raised to live in fear and I will not start now. I’m a proud and legal firearms owner and this is just as much my country as it is the gun grabbers!


    • Christopher Embardino

      ^ says the guy posting under a pen/username. I agree, it’s not illegal to be a gun owner and we should be proud and not fearful in our own country, but i think this is useful information for people that may not have thought about this and may actually want to partake in something of this nature – say – the people who were in protective hiding and applied/ received a CCW. Those are the people i really feel for. I would go so far to say that if, indeed someone broke into those homes listed, there would be a large number of heavy and well secured gun safes so the need is probably not there for all the work it would take. I was unaware of the policies though and might look into something like this in the future be it for friends, or just in conversation.

      • Cobrawing

        Well you clearly take issue with me because I post with a username? I was aked to chose a username to use this platform. My real name is John Boyer and I’m NOT hidding from a thing! I served in Vietnam and nearly 30 years in law enforcement and believe me I don’t hide or run from anybody . . . especially this government! Many here post under usernames other than their own so I have no idea what you’re attempting to suggest. If you want everyone here under their real names then submit that as a demand to the ownership of the site.

        You say in your response that those who were hiding in protective custody in the area where their names were exposed are the ones you “REALLY” feel sorry for huh? Well, I REALLY feel sorry for ALL of them EQUALLY! Not a single gun owner there deserved that (protection program or not). That newspaper was totally irresponsible in what they did to ALL of those people. I also see you find it “usefull” for gun owners to possibly follow the instructions being given to hide themselves. Well, I think now is the time for gun owners to do anything BUT HIDE! It is time for us to remain not only visible but vocal. Put as much on the line for our country as some of us have and then perhaps you’ll feel different. I guess we just agree to disagree.

        • Christopher Embardino

          I empathize with you, Cobra, as the vast majority of the men in my family have put in military service. It is time for our voice as gun owners to be heard more now than ever. You’re a passionate person and i admire that, and you embody the spirit that people expect from a true minuteman and law enforcement personnel. However, i was merely pointing out that you chose a user name, rather than your real name (as a unser name) which is ironic taking into account your first post. I would also like to point out that i wish i could have “put as much on the line” for this country but i was physically unable to. For reasons still unknown and not fully explained to me, i have been medically disqualified from military service. This does not disqualify me from taking pride in this great country as an educated human being. That being said, the newspaper was well within it’s rights to do what they did. If you’re for one part of the Bill of Rights, you should defend as fervently the others. This does not mean what they exercised proper judgement in doing what they did and that’s the true sadness — that we can officially no longer trust any outlet of media in this country to exercise judgement before acting. For this reason, it may be prudent to exercise OUR judgement to take the advice of the above list, not to hide, but to use for protection. As our sidearms and rifles would protect us from a physical threat to our lives and livelyhood, so would a paper trail protect us from armchair legislation and would-be criminals who would seek to turn our physical protection into tomorrows headlines. Besides, while they’re raiding my fake address, it gives me more time to reload and aim.

    • kittyhawk63

      Excuse me sir, what’s your home address? If you refuse to answer this question, your reply is a bunch of hogwash. BTW, what world are “you” living in?

      • kittyhawk63

        Edit: I don’t necessarily disagree with you; I was just being tacky. I apologize. As a Vietnam veteran, I thank you for your service to our country.

  • Just tell me where and I’ll post my damned name and address for all of these clods to see.
    Doesnt bother me at all, but we all know that they were just trying to cause problems for gun owners with these maps.
    The people I feel sorry for are the unarmed single moms who will be offered up as defenseless sheep by these maps.

  • Producer2

    Firearms ownership is really about discretion, not ego.

    As the line from the movie Collateral goes: “Don’t call attention to yourself.”

    I live in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, which has a lot of gun owners (280,000+) which up here almost automatically means you have a permit to carry. Fortunately, permit information is confidential.

    The vast majority of people who know me have no idea I have firearms – or that I’m a NRA certified instructor – It’s none of their business unless they are a range buddy.

    So you can ‘be loud and proud’ if you want to be regarding firearms – but discretion is often the better course of action. Also, ‘deep carry’.

    true story – a year or so ago I was at a local Utah permit course, and during a break, chatted with an older fellow who was a Harley biker (not Hell’s Angels type.) He remarked his did a cross country trip out to California (including into Canada) carrying a .45 ACP the entire time. I suggested that could have gotten him in trouble. He just shrugged.

    Bottom line – know the law and stay within it. And no one should know you own/carry – unless you absolutely need to use your ’emergency equipment’.

    One more thing – a house alarm (ADT type) is piece of mind for the well-equipped.

  • Blognegeezer

    If they tried this in New Mexico, one of the prominent names would be our Lawyer/Prosecutor Governor Suzanna Martinez, followed by a hitherto quiet, number of Representatives and State Senators (who Are armed). Knowing the makeup of our state government, in a state on the border with violence prone ‘anti-gun’ (except for Eric Holder’s ‘gun running’) Mexico, I would imagine that any ‘news’ entity that was so naive? (I’m being kind), would suffer some unforeseen Collateral damage to it’s ‘Circulation? Rent a cops would not be much help… unless they had some very deep pockets to buy lots of ‘news’.. lol

  • Well first off you contact an attorney and put them under retainer, so you can sue if you are burglarized.

    Then get a list of everyone on or is associated with the paper, their finical information, net worth, address, credit rating, any criminal history, and list their entire family, then put this information on the INTERNET of good places to rob as they are not armed, and see how they like it…

  • VSanity

    I doubt a criminal is going to requisition the authorities about who has a gun… That is the difference between this info being “available” and this information being plastered on the internet for ALL to see. I say any security the paper tried to hire should have refused and let them fend for themselves.

  • Robert G.

    Let it be known, that I will defend myself, My family, My property and others who are being attacked. That will give criminals fair warning to stay away from my property.

  • LongRifle1864

    Nevada had a similar intrusion when the local fish wrapper (anti-2A, wanted to nail the Gov., but had failed so many times) went after a past Governor renewed his CCW under questionable circumstances. The state courts held that there were no elements of privilege under NV State Law (NRS). 7 months later when Legislature met, one of the first laws passed and enabled [i]was the creation of privilege[/i] for CCW holders. Except for Las Vegas (East L.A.) Metro area, the only reporting done is via the Feds [i]Brady Bill[/i] held in perpetuity despite federal law (F-4473) & the State Dept. of Public Safety, where the records are required to be destroyed within 6 months, unless there was a real reason to decline the individual- criminal issues, DVs, etc.

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