Obama Nominates Anti-gun Activist to Country’s Second Most Important Court

Obama Nominates Anti-gun Activist to Country’s Second Most Important Court
Obama Nominates Anti-gun Activist to Country’s Second Most Important Court

In case you were thinking that Barack Obama’s hatred of the Second Amendment was subsiding, Obama has now nominated — to the country’s second-highest court — an avid leader in the effort to destroy firearms manufacturers using frivolous litigation.

The nomination of Caitlin Halligan — formerly the solicitor general of New York — to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals would put a rabid anti-gun activist in a position where she could do maximum damage to the Second Amendment.

As New York’s solicitor general, Halligan was one of the chief lawyers responsible for New York’s baseless and politically motivated efforts to bankrupt gun manufacturers using frivolous litigation.  In so doing, Halligan proved that she places liberal political activism above fealty to the law.

Halligan’s public hatred for firearms was only matched by her zealotry inside the courtroom.  In a speech on May 5, 2003, Halligan called for “handgun manufacturers [to be held] liable for criminal acts committed with handguns.”

Certainly, no other manufacturer of another item — whether it be cars, baseball bats, or anything else — would be held liable for the criminal misuse of its product.  And, as Halligan well knows, the application of that principle to firearms would surely eliminate the manufacture of firearms in America.

It is also significant that a Washington-based anti-gun group openly took credit for coordinating anti-gun suits such as Halligan’s.

After attempts of legal extortion of the firearms industry were repudiated by a bipartisan vote in Congress, Halligan’s office signed a brief calling for New York courts to declare the federal Gun Makers’ Protection Act “unconstitutional” because it supposedly overstepped Congress’ powers.

This, at a time when Halligan would no doubt hold the anti-gun ObamaCare is constitutional because there are no effective limits on Congress’ powers.

Finally, Halligan, in written testimony submitted to the Senate in connection with her nomination, attempted to conceal the extent of her anti-gun animus.

Halligan’s failure to provide information that would clarify her statements, thus keeping her testimony from being misleading, constitutes “fraud” against the Senate.  As such, the only role she should play in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is the role of a defendant.

We have to stop this Presidential court-packing scheme.  But we don’t have much time — the Senate could be voting on this anti-gun nominee this week!

ACTION:  Contact your senators and urge them to vote against the Halligan nomination.

Click here to send your Senators a prewritten email message.

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Chicken Feet

For what it is worth Halligan has stated that she will not go against the 2nd amendment.


Her saying she will not go against the 2nd amendment is probably worth nothing.  She’ll probably just “interpret” it in such a way as to distort it’s meaning.


The “FOUNDERS” were quite clear on what to do when the Administrative, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government fail in their responsibilities, and perform and promote acts of tyranny against “the people”. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. This is precisely why we have a Second Amendment. These Obamunists need to recognize their peril should they continue to strip us of our freedom and to erode our constitution. Yes, I am a three percenter. There will be no more Wacos.


Both her and Obama need to go


That “Hope and Change” bs is NOT working for me!


Another case of the Obama administration attempting to sabotage our freedom by placing an incompetent politician in position to make decisions for the citizens that are beyond their ability. Obama and his staff of lackluster politicians MUST GO!