Shocking Video of “Failure to Notify” in Ohio

Shocking Video of "Failure to Notify" in Ohio

Shocking Video of "Failure to Notify" in Ohio

Canton police are investigating an officer for his conduct during a traffic stop in June involving a concealed carry permit holder.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry posted video of the incident online Wednesday.

“I think it’s important for citizens to understand that the behavior demonstrated on the video is wholly unacceptable, and it violates many of our rules, our regulations and standards we demand of our officers,” Chief Dean McKimm said Thursday.

The officer on the video, Daniel Harless, was placed on administrative leave in June and has been on sick leave since Monday, McKimm said.

The results of the investigation will be presented at a disciplinary hearing, the chief said.

“The city administration, in conjunction with the police department, recognizes the seriousness of this matter,” McKimm said.

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Original story: Ohioans for Concealed Carry

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  • Wvjohn45

    I’d love to hear about this so called “police officer” getting fired and sued!

  • Ballistics Pro

    This is what happens when you have cops that think they are above everyone else.  The cop also has a gun and its pretty obvious they both need to go back to training.  With all the concealed permits out there they first need to ask the driver or occupants if they have anything to say.  Not to mention the fact that they didnt follow protocol and he is trying to blame the driver for his own stupidity.  OFF THE FORCE makes honest cops look bad.

  • LPC1625

    If he’s so “tired” of what he considers “bullshit” then just give him the rest of his life off from the job.  He can go be a mall cop and threaten to throw his keys at perps.

  • pastor t

    Cops like this are the reason people hate police!  I am amazed the licensed INNOCENT citizen kept his cool like he did.  I would not have.  The concealed carrier would make a better Leo than the out of control nut wearing the badge.  The only thing wrong here was the failed police work of these two leos.  What if instead of being an honest citizen this guy would have been a criminal?  These two keystone cops would have been dead!  Since they were not smart enough to check the driver before they stuck their head in the vehicle or while they were busy harassing the other two.  If they keep their jobs Ohio is nuts!   Although the money the CC will get from the law suit should make it all feel better…listen to the threats this out of control leo uses… I smell MONEY!

  • pastor t

    I Hope we can get an update on this article when it is available.

  • Anonymous

    well all cops are not the same!!!

    • Anonymou343535871

      That’s no excuse for these cops’ behavior

    • Bonefish101

      Bullshit, most are arrogant fuckwits!

      • Armed in Chicago

        Agreed. Some are good but most suffer from “Im better than you” syndrome.
        Especially in chicago where they believe no one except them should have guns.
        I hope this guy sues the livng hell out of this cop and the department.

  • Rpmevents

    Yes, if there is legal action, I would love to hear about it.

  • Jkburford5987

    being in law enforcement and also federal this is appauling! This cop should lose his job for his temper and threats against a person he has sworn to protect! This man should be  appologizing for nothing! FIRE THIS INCOMPATENT, NON PROFESSIONAL LOSER!

    • Former cop lover

      Mr Jkbuford. As a police officer you should be terrified of the fact that some of your peers are like this man. It is cops like him that take friendly citizens on the police’s side, and puts them over on the other side of the fence.

  • Billhoxy

    These fellas need some training, especially the hot head know it all guy. His patner appears clueless and adds no value, I can’t figure out why they didn’t secure the scene first….clowns.

  • Pjwoogie

    Obviously, Danny boy shouldn’t be in law enforcement.  He is arrogant and ignorant, and like one famous comedian likes to say, “You can’t fix stupid!”  His behavior is indefensible, and Canton PD and the local municipality are in for some court action I’m sure.  Don’t know the parties involved, but nothing about that stop said danger to me, not that it still couldn’t pop up.  And that’s from somebody who does only surveillance work 6 days a week.  Watched lots of cops too, but like everything else, you’ve got good cops and bad cops.  That cops get their egos stroked by acting like they know more than they know is well known, but this guy is done. 

  • JDH

    Niether officier was watching the other’s back…looks like they both(ooops,the one is a loose cannon and shouldn’t be on the force) could use some instruction on how to conduct a traffic stop.If this is a reflection of the police force,they all need some instruction!!

    • tinker bell

      To officer (lower case) Dan –  “stupid is as stupid does”……. You’re not a typical police officer and a disgrace to legitimate LEOs.  Your ‘outrage’ is to coverup your failure to follow accepted procedures and protocol. Perhaps you should consider something a little less stressful for a career…….cutting grass, housekeeping, day care ( oh wait – he has no patience or judgement skills), WalMart greeter (no – unable to demonstrate ANY people skills.  Your future fields of employment opportunity appear to be quite limited…….good luck.

  • Robertceckerjr

    WOW!  What an incredible lack of self control, not to mention an absolute lack of professionalism. How did this guy ever make it into law enforcement. It kind of makes you wonder about Canton’s screening process. It did appear that the other officer was trying to calm him down and diffuse the situation. But he did not do enough to keep the situation from escalating. If I had rolled up on a fellow officer acting in this manner, I would have definitely let him know that his actions were totally outside the law and totally unwarranted. This officer definitely needs a career change. I  sure hope the Canton PD takes the approppriate action regarding this bizarre and unwarranted behavior of one of their LEO’s.

    • Anonymous

      How’d he get this job? I’d be really interested to find out what his Marine service record was. Seems to me he’s got some PTSD going on.

  • David

    This “officer” abused his “authority” and clearly assaulted the driver, both verbally and physically. This is the typical arrogant and bullying behavior that most perceive law enforcement officers as having. And there is a wonder why most have a very negative view of law enforcement as a profession. This video demonstrates how officers think that the “governmental and legal authority and powers” granted to them allow them to make up their own set of rules as they go. All the assumptions and delusions that are formulated in the mind of an officer are considered fact above reproach and question.

    The “officer” was a bully from the time he exited the vehicle until the end of the tape. He got out of the care full of delusional assumptions that he considered as the only possible conclusion. Every word from the mouths of any of the citizens was a lie and met with aggressive verbal hostility and insults. The driver was incredibly NEVER even approached for the first 5 minutes, as the bully officer exchanged meaningless bantor with the female BEFORE ever properly and fully evaluating the environment (i.e. the driver and other passengers).

    However, the driver had his CCW out in his hand, and was following instructions while waiting to be approached. He was told to SHUT UP and just sit there as the other officer rifled through the back seats.

    Finally, the driver is approached.  It is simply amazing to watch the officer finally recognize that the man has been attempting to hand him his CCW permit from the very beginning, and react with contempt that it must be something insignificant. Then, when he finally realizes what it is and what the man has been trying to tell him, he twists the entire situation, of which he was in complete and entire control, to somehow BLAME the poor man for failure to inform!

    After which, he arrested the man, placed him inside the car off camera, and his verbal berating of the man could be heard for several minutes as he attacked the man’s intelligence, and threatened bodily harm several times, as well as threatened to stalk him in order to pull him over in the future at ever opportunity for bogus arrest and impounding of his car.

    All this occurred SIMPLY because the officers did NOT follow intelligent protocol for a stop and search. The driver was not even approached for 5 minutes, as the other officer was actually searching the car with the driver seated and belted in STILL. The first thing out of the officers’ mouths as the approached the car and “persons of interest” should had been was to ask if anyone had anything to tell them, or was anyone armed. This would have properly set up the appropriate protocol and hopefully maintained a non-hostile confrontation. But, it is clear that the personality of this rogue officer would have never facilitated this.

    This officer is a CRIMINAL hiding behind the legal authority of a badge and gun. I hope that justice is served and he gets some jail time that he was so liberal at threatening to give to the innocent citizen.

    The other officer is an accomplice. He had the legal duty to at least attempt to rein in his partner. He did nothing but watch and permit. You can see who must be the superior in the professional relationship. This means that the aggressive officer must even bully his partners.

    Really… I cannot say enough… To cops out there everywhere.. this type of guy is what gives law enforcement a bad name…

  • David

    I forgot to mention… the most incredibly stupid thing was that officers KNEW that this was being taped, yet the behavior was STILL so over the top…

    This clearly demonstrates that the aggressive bullying officer considered his delusional perspective and behavior as normal and righteous.

    I mean, how do you act like this maniac in front of a camera that you know can be used as evidence against you? You would think that the camera would make officers extra careful since all is being recorded.

    How can you conduct such a poor stop, then threaten and intimidate someone (with violence and jail) because they are exercising their legal right to carry a concealed firearm? How do you not consider that every word and action is being captured as you criminally commit assault and battery behind the presumed protection of the badge? This is insane!

    Aside from the seriousness of the situation, it is extremely comical to watch from an objective viewer’s perspective. There is no doubt that every “person of interest” in the video was following every officer instruction to the letter. It is clear that the first thought on the driver’s mind the ENTIRE time was of his duty to inform the officers of his license to carry. It is also clear that he was refused the opportunity to even spoke unless spoken to.

    There is also no doubt the intent of the officer was to simply alleviate his late shift boredom by bullying and harassing innocent people. There is no crime in giving someone a lift. Even alleged prostitutes, petty criminals, and dirt bags need rides. Nobody has to explain themselves as this citizen was made to do, for no other reason than to satisfy the warped sense of authority and power of this rogue officer. There was absolutely ZERO wise judgement used here on the video.

    What we all witnessed on tape was the self-destruction of a career over a NOTHING traffic stop. These people were pulled over on the side of the road minding their own business. As we see from the charges, no drugs, or other illegal types of contraband, were found. In fact, no criminal activity of any kind was apparent from the video. The simply decided that these were dirt bags that he was going to illegally harass.


  • Rich


  • Greg505

    It is truly sad that this guy passed muster to become a police officer. I’m embarrassed for all. Scary as hell. I can’t believe he passed a psychological exam to carry a gun and allegedly “serve and protect”.  ” I should have stepped back two steps and put 10 rounds through you”  Sounds like the psychological profile I need protecting me.  This man represents “law and order”? More like psychological disorder. A bully hiding behind a badge to demean and subjugate.

  • Anonymous

    This guy has no business ever again having any kind of police authority, Threatening to execute a guy who is not even touching his weapon, and promising that his buddy will be a witness? Witness to what, murder? Pretty clear the promise was that the other cop would lie for his buddy.

    This guy should be permanently barred from ever carrying a gun, officially or as a CCW holder himself.

    He wants to talk about all the danger he is exposed to. Dumbhead. The FIRST thing any rookie cop should know is to secure all the personnel — that means approaching and checking the driver. Failure to do THAT is what gets cops killed, not a CCW holder who is just sitting there.

  • ts

    The officer knew that the stop was being taped so what this say to me is that this type of behavior is acceptable to his department and maybe some random tapes should be taken from the department and viewed to see how often this happens on other stops. If this type of stop is condoned by the department, how can you blame only this officer, however this officer needs to be terminated he demonstrated every poor attitude, a total lack of judgement as well as not once did he demonstrate any protocol for a traffic stop and is lucky to have left that stop with his life. If the driver had been a criminal he could have easily shot the officer in his loud mouth several times instead of sitting  quietly while the officer searched the car. 

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect to our finest, is this police officer on steroids? He is clearly having a bad day. The driver seemd like he was cooperating. Are we missing something here?

  • Glenn

    This officer screws up and blame the guy he did not even ck the driver for about 5 mins then the other officer is ck the back told the guy to shut up what the hell is he soppose to do this officer needs to find another job

  • centcom

    I’m tired of hearing the argument that 99% of cops are good cops. If this incident had not been videotaped, would the partner have turned in his out-of-control fellow cop? Yea, right. Police departments are rapidly becoming militarized. Do you honestly think it is to better protect you and your liberty?

  • pastor t

    This is an ominous video and should be taken serious.  Because at some point we are going to hear about or see the video of an officer like this berating, belittling, and threatening an innocent citizen like this, only he won’t be sheepish like this man and then there will be real fire works!

     At some point an innocent citizen will have to defend himself against an out of control officer like this and it will really put the 2nd amendment in the spotlight…it’s coming!   

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  • Ironsocttie

    Gotta love them dash cams.  This guys needs a new line of work.

  • Inamianbedmin

    “Officer suspended” Was the best thing I saw in this post. Thank goodness. Poor, innocent driver.

  • Barry Rogers

    The office obviously has some anger management problems and some deep personal problems as well. He obviously doesn’t belong in law enforcement. 

  • Steve001968

    The threats of physical assault alone are more than enough for a criminal conviction. Pressure needs to be applied to make sure that happens with no pleas. Let the cop either plead guilty to all charges or go to trial and explain it to the jury or judge as he chooses.

  • Morons like this piece of shit do not deserve to be LEO’S they deserve to be behind a desk in some jail in Pakistan or Iraq. This guy is a disgrace to any uniformed branch of state, public, or federal service. I hope this guy ends up cleaning port a toilets all his shitty life.  

  • Anonymous

    The officer is clearly out of line, he clearly has a block on his shoulder and wants to show everyone that he is a tough guy witha horrible mouth on him.  I realize that officers must be careful and must be forceful in their job, but they can do that and still be civil.  All said, the driver should have stated that he has a weapon when first approached.  While students taking the classes are instructed that they must inform the officer when first approached, I feel that this situation should be rehearsed by each and every person before being awarded a concealed carry permit.  The instructors should act out this particular situation with each and every student, and strees to them just how important it is that they follow instructions. I know that this does not happen in all classes, but it should.  They should also incorporate this video and make it a part of every class so that it can be practiced.  I have seen blogs by permit owners saying that they will not tell the officer unless they feel it is important, and that must be changed.  If that permit holders were to become an officer, they would see how important it is to immediately inform the officer, and they would change their mind.
    Proper procedure was not followed by the officer nor the permit holder, and both should be punished for their offenses.  The officer should also be sent to a seminar on how to deal with the public, as well as how to talk and not use foul language.  Most important, all concealed carry states should use this video to train students so this does not happen again.

    • Lance

      If you listen to what he’s saying, he TRIED to inform the cop on multiple occasions.  He was told in no uncertain terms to SHUT UP!

      The permit holder performed admirably.  He did NOTHING wrong!   The cop is 100% at fault, the permit holder is 0% at fault in this.

    • J C Knutson

      If a mad cop screams at you to “shut up” and interupts you everytime you try to tell him something, most people would comply rather than risk infuiating him more.

  • If this so called cop is not fired over this, then sued by the Jerry Gordon in Civil Court, and the City of Canton to boot, then there is no God.  The cop is totally out of line and I suspect one of those crazies who go to work in law enforcement for the purpose of legally being the bully he is.

    The whole gun control crowd is doing their best to prevent people like this driver from getting a permit  for personal protection…they should be focusing on the hiring practices of the Chief of Police for Canton…and perhaps getting his ass fired for having a loose cannon like this sorry excuse of a human becoming a cop…and a real danger to society…the society he is supposed to protect.  This cop would have blended in real well with the Nazi’s Brown Shirts…

  • Bootsdeal

    I know of no reason why this blow-hard idiot should ever have been hired as a cop in the first place — oh wait, people who are too stupid or too lazy to have productive jobs always become cops or postal workers.  This guy is living proof that cops cannot ever be trusted.  Even law-abiding citizens must always be on their guard around cops.  They can be more dangerous than the criminals.  We  CHL holders, as well as any other law-abiding citizen, must always be very wary around cops — too many of them think they’re the gestapo.   The only thing this poor guy did wrong, that I can see, is be in the wrong part of town when a loser cop was out trolling for a sucker to stop and harrasss.

    • Sgtyoung85

      I’m lazy and stupid because I’m a postal worker? I am also US ARMY RETIRED with combat experience. Like many postal workers. Watch what you say a lot of us are veterans that has served this country to make sure your azz can remain free. Do some research before you open your mouth.

  • MJD

    WOW, this is disturbingly amazing and appauling.  The lack of respect this “officer” (and I use that term very loosely) shows for his fellow human beings is incredible.  I praise the poor “apprehended” man for his patients, and he still continued to call this jerk “officer” “sir” is incredible.  I hope they fry this “officer” and his partner for being complicit, and I hope the Canton PD uses this video as a training aide on how NOT to interact with the public.

  • Jbrinkerhoff2008


  • BeenThereToo !

    This happens everywhere – we live in a “Police State” every state!!  Far TOO Many Cops are so focused on CREATING Arrest Scenarios, whith little or no Real consearn for citizens rights — More interested in covering their / each opthers AZZes with pretend protocol – and Making numbers for their departments!   “Have-A-Nice-Day-Officer/s”

  • W0ui

    Personally, I believe a (lack of training) lawsuit would be in order against the department.
    Additionally, a civil suit against the officers for any number of reasons would be in high order.

  • Jemachm3

    I have utmost respect for the law, but I pray that asshole gets fired, sued, banished from law enforcement, and can’t even get a job as a mall cop!
    The defendant was totally respectful. Thank God for videotape! It beautifully works for BOTH sides. I wish the defendant nothing but the best in this case!

    • R Borts

      Im really surprised they didnt destroy the tapes

      • I could be wrong but I believe the cops don’t have access to the dashboard cam tapes. I don’t even think they’re recorded to tapes. I think they get recorded to a hard drive. 

        • Rdc2co

          Officers typically don’t have access to the recordings. Older vehicles (esp low-budget depts) still use VHS tapes. Newer vehicles have digital DVRs. Usually only a supervisor has access to the recordings. You will also see more and more cops with body-worn cameras- meaning attached to their uniform in some way.
          To everyone, please don’t make generalizations about ALL cops. Yes, you definitely have some bad apples in the community, however there are some who are very good, too. I work with some that are nothing but bad news- even we don’t like those kind. I also work with some that are very, very good to each other and to citizens alike.
          You are all correct when you say that this officer has absolutely NO BUSINESS being a cop. Make no mistake: you are correct about that.

        • N3wxgz

          This is very true my friend. I used to install and maintain the equipement in LEO vehicles. The recording devices( older as Rdc3co has said later) are secureed generally in the trunks and only the Sups have the keys to change the tapes and the newer digital units can be accessed thru some of the radio systems direct back to the station and the hard disk can be retrieved at the end of the shift. The officers cannot access these secure devices.

      • Steve001968

         They are secured so that the rank and file police don’t have access to the actual recording. There is also probably a documented chain of custody so if something goes missing or gets erased someone is accountable. It should also be a felony to damage or attempt to damage the recordings, although it probably already is as destruction of evidence.

  • Tinmannx

    Suspended? This shithead should have been fired. He is a loose cannon. He wants to kill someone. Get rid of his partner also, because he didn`t do anything to dampen the situation. I hope the driver gets a great lawyer and sues the balls off of everybody involved. These kind of “cops” make the good ones suffer.

  • Anonymous

    Just to add to my previous comment, I agree that most of this was the fault of the officer, but I don’t think anyone can say that the permit holder was not part at fault, because it is his responsibility to inform the officer. 
    Maybe because he is shy, nervous, or doesn’t speak up so as to be heard, no matter what, bottom line, you can’t change the fact that it is his responsibility to do what is necessary to inform the officer.
    Now, throw the book at the officer.  If the officer will not humbly apologize to the man, the public, and seek the help and training that he needs, boot him.

  • Maggie Broyles

    That LEO apparently has mental problems or someone peed on his Post Toasties that morning.  I hope I never run into an officer of the law that acts this insane.  Artical said he was on sick leave guess he is seeing a therapist which is much needed in his case.

  • Tom1776866

    LEO is not your friend, how many times do you have to be shown you cant trust anyone. And we pay the wages of these people! I promise you these cops dont do this when they have no badge and gun. I shoot with cops all the time and a more arrogant bunch( beside the military) ive yet to meet. It’s the ‘ us and them’ mentallity, and if your that way – your not my friend

    • Longrider952001

      Thats why when cops get shot I don’t care fuck them and there familys they are just as bad as the crooks if not worse.I hope  he gets a good lawyer and sues the prick, the p.d., and county and state for hiring a no good SOB like that.

    • Bigguns

      Tom and Longrider. I am not a cop and therefore believe I can respond with a certain amount of nutrality. I have spent the better part of the last 25 years in the protective services industries. I have worked with and in conjunction with law enforecement at all levels from local to federal and I will tell you that incidents like this are very few and far between! Two of my very best friends are in fact cops. Respect goes both ways. While the Officer in this video was way out of line and his back-up did nothing to help the situation not to mention that procedure was thrown way out the window. (All suspects should have been removed from vehicle and secured before any officer searched the vehicle.) The driver should have made a greater effort to identify himself as a CCW holder.

      Several years ago I was in a pretty severe accident (Other car was totaled) The VA State Troope doing my accident report asked me to sit in his vehicle to do the report. I actually interrupted him to inform him that I was in fact a licensed carry holder, I handed him my permit along with my license. He politely asked me to leave my firearm in my vehicle before I did the report with him for both of ours safety. While I didn’t have to do this legally I complied due to the professional way he handled the situation.

      True I have met a couple of A*#hole cops in this time they are few and far between. And yes I do shed a tear for them and their families when they are shot! I personally find some of your comments offensive and just as out of line as the Ohio Officers conduct. LEOs are often under a tremendous amount of stress and again while I don’t condone this officers conduct in any way and do in fact believe that he went way over the line and yes should lose his job. I also believe he should afterwards be put into mandatory anger management councelling.

  • Fortycal_sig

    That roid-ranger rent-a-dick needs to go to jail.

    • Pepper Roney

      I think it’s funny that the cop is so in fear of a law
      abiding citizen… and discounts them as criminals…

      True story…


      In Reno Nevada, a cop was on a traffic stop…the driver
      declared that he was armed and had a CCW… (Legal carry)…the officer panicked
      and called out the driver at gun point and laid him in the felony prone
      position. No threats, no cause for this action… just blind fear!! While prone
      and hand cuffed the officer secured the firearm and began to make it safe
      except that he didn’t know what he was doing and accidently shot a round off,
      almost hitting the driver.

      Question; is the gun evil? Or is a law abiding citizen
      that is arm just plain evil… because the video I watched and several more
      examples like the one in Reno are norm… I am afraid to announce that I have a
      gun…in fact driving while armed is my most fearful state…

      There are two types of cops… the ones that understand
      that they serve the public and look at things in the spirit of the law and the
      chip on the shoulder…too much meat in the head types that think everyone is a
      crook… especially if you exercise your rights and carry.

      • Buckeye196899

        After watching this I have to ask, after the officer threatens the man, wouldn’t he be authorized in pulling his firearm in fear of his life ,  if he still had it? 

  • Zbot007

    I REALLY hope this cop loses his job. What he did was criminal; making threats to “put lumps” on that woman if he saw her again tonight. Threatening to stick his gun to the mans head after he was in cuffs, talking to him like a total prick. This cop should have his right to carry a gun revoked permanently. “I shoulda pulled my Glock 40 and put ten rounds in your ass”… “I wouldn’t have lost any sleep.” What a piece of shit this officer is! His effecting of this stop was ass-backwards to any reasonable textbook stop. The cops didn’t even ask permission to search the vehicle and did it anyway. They violated this guys rights EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

    • Joyg

      This officer must have worked real hard to pass the psychological

      exam – he should never have been allowed to have a badge. He was totally unprofessional and was too busy being a bully to attend to his job. He just ordered the folks around and interupted them when they attempted to talk. He should definately loose his job.  He reminded me of my abusive EX husband.  I hope he doesn’t have a wife and/or children who have to put up with his behavior.  If he does, someone close to them, please help her/them get away from him before he kills them. 

      The citizens certainly should not have to deal with this jerk. 

      The second officer was not doing his job either.  Although he was not agressive toward the people being questioned, he did nothing to intervene in the actions being taken by his partner.  I kept wondering why one of them didn’t go to the driver while the other watched the two additional people.  If retained, he needs retraining.

  • Twobanger

    I feel bad for the other officer, he will go down the toilet with him!

    • I don’t feel sorry for him! Not one little bit! Suposedly he (the other officer) would be in the catagory know as “one of the 98%” that are good cops”…. “Heros”, one of those that “put his life on the line everyday to protect the public” Those great “First Responders” blah, blah ,blah…You have heard all the acculades given to people in uniform, just because they are in uniform. Yet this Cop was witness to this Bozo Cop (partner) comiting crimes right in front of him and he didn’t lift a finger to serve the public. No I don’t feel sorry for him one damn bit! The Blue Code of Silence, negates all of those automatic accolades we give LEO’s They want Respect they need to Police their own! 

    • Bonefish101

      Fuck the other officer, he is as guilty for not intervening.

  • Mpaul

    The officer has littleman syndrom he doesnt appear to know the law.Id be willing to bet if the citizen was taking the gun out to give ro the other officer that idiot would have shot him dead.

    • Bigtom

      To Mpaul saying “Id be willing to bet if the citizen was taking the gun out to give ro the other officer that idiot would have shot him dead.”If you are stopped by the cops and have a ccw you should NEVER EVER try and touch your gun or try to take it out and give it to him unless you have alrdy told him about your ccw and he asks you to touch it.If your dumb enough to pull out a gun for any reason while a cop has you stopped you deserve to either get shot because the officer thinks your pulling a gun out to shoot him or if your lucky enough to not get shot have your CCW revoked and have charges filled against you.

      • Ex Sniper

        I agree with Bigtom. NEVER touch unless asked, keep your hands on the wheel or visable at all times

  • Fred

    Seems to me the only one being aggressive, threatening & menacing with bodily harm was the cop.
    Yes he should be terminated but also he should be charged with brandishing for saying “you want me to take mine (gun) & stick it to your head”
    This cop is a disgrace from the get go. He’s also quite lucky. If the driver wanted him dead, his own incompitence of not securing the drive before searching the car, would have gotten him killed.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what was wrong with that officer. With his threat to empty his Glock 40 into the driver this officer should be charged for the threat and removed from the force. He is not officer quality and should not have the responsibility of carrying a gun on his hip when his self control verges on hysteria, particularly where the situation was created by his own procedural mistakes.

    His ridicules rant about being in danger because this law abiding citizen didn’t announce, is beyond belief. A non-law abiding citizen would have kill the officers by the 2 minute point.

    I continue to be amazed that some officers think those who carry are in some way against them. Those who have carry permits should be viewed as an asset to the police.

  • Bowhuntr69

    This is so amazing ,they were so excited to get into car to search it that they did care about checking driver first ,, Give me a break 2 cops and they both out of control ,when the one started to loose it the other should have jumped in and handled it ,I blame both cops

  • Dniro592006

    Hes a dumb cop that thinks he is kojack and trying to impress the Canton police force with his irrogant bullshit Hes the one that needs his gun taken away

  • Sophijo_46

    Officer was unstable. Maybe Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Needs help and should be off the street.

  • Sophijo_46

    Officer was unstable. Maybe Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Needs help and should be off the street.

  • Iwork4pepsi

    “Stupid human being”, the reference being made towards the driver, does this cop think he’s God?  How much more evidence do you need to fire this cop?  Can’t the driver press charges of intimidation or something, I mean he threatened his life how many times? This cop needs a permanent vacation from duty. Funny how civilians are arrested and incarcerated during an investigation, but cops are put on paid leave. This cop needs his badge stripped from him, and blacklisted as an authority figure forever. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to run the grill at McDonalds. He’s got a serious chip on his shoulder and needs to spend some time behind bars while going through anger management classes. He needs a few classes on how to speak to fellow human beings too. Fire him now, then press charges against him!

  • Iwork4pepsi

    “Stupid human being”, the reference being made towards the driver, does this cop think he’s God?  How much more evidence do you need to fire this cop?  Can’t the driver press charges of intimidation or something, I mean he threatened his life how many times? This cop needs a permanent vacation from duty. Funny how civilians are arrested and incarcerated during an investigation, but cops are put on paid leave. This cop needs his badge stripped from him, and blacklisted as an authority figure forever. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to run the grill at McDonalds. He’s got a serious chip on his shoulder and needs to spend some time behind bars while going through anger management classes. He needs a few classes on how to speak to fellow human beings too. Fire him now, then press charges against him!

  • LoLhumans

    When will we have police that police the police for our safety? who will save us from these out of control trigger happy ego children with badges?

    I have a friend who is a cop. Off duty he pulls red lights, takes U-turns in spots that say “no u-turn” he speeds and hes more or less arrogant about it. I ask him “how can you uphold the law if you your self continuously break it?” his response was “im not going to get a ticket, im trained to know when its OK, the signs are there for safety.” And its true, every time he gets pulled over he walks away with no ticket, if they even pull him over, his car is registered to the police station.

    Long story short, They dont care for laws, they just want that badge to make them feel important.

    I remind my friend every time i see him, that the only power he has, is what we allow him to have.

  • Rogtmd

    That cop doesn’t deserve to carry a weapon and his mouth should be stapled shut. He has forgotten that he is a PUBLIC SERVANT!! I hope he never “serves” again. Also, if he has a problem with CHL holders, he can move his abusive rear end to some liberal state that doesn’t allow the good guys to carry weapons…….or better yet….how about Great Britain.  What an uber-jerk.

  • Tomd1rx

    This past June I was stopped on I-95 by a Virginia State Trooper . I immediately informed him that I had oladed weapons in my vehicle and he was  completely professional bbout the situation. The difference between the officet I encountered and this idiot is my officer let me speak before he ke any other action on his part. This officer sholud be fired and prosecuted for threatening this man.

  • Phil from the West Side

    This cop has the GOD complex. He thinks he’s GOD and he means to prove it. Having grown up in a home environment where my mother ran a boarding house and allowed K-9 cops to use spare bedrooms to doze until they we called, I was able to talk to these men in depth that most people don’t get to do. I was told by one cop that they get to the point that they can’t stand anyone except another cop. SOMEHOW, the US needs to remind these  men that WE the PEOPLE were mandated by the CONSTITUTION, THEY were mandated by US. The Supreme court has upheld the fact that cops have no legal responsibility to protect us. Then they get mad and all shakey because a lae abiding citizen carries a gun. I was raised in Atlanta. I have carried a gun since I was 18. Back then, you could get a permit at 18 to carry but you couldn’t legally own the gun. I have prevented 3 rapes, several domestic battery’s and several other things that I won’t talk about. I have also been in the shoes of the man in the video. AND IT PISSES ME OFF to be treated that way by some smart ass with a badge.

  • Longly-48967

    That asshole gives all pigs a bad name!!

  • I’d like to know what this shitty cop was hopped up on. That lunatic should not have been allowed to take the damn police test, never mind be given a gun to carry. A hot head like that would get away with killing someone.

  • Guest

    Both these cops are morons and need more training and some anger management training. Both these cops need fired and give police bad names. This cop should also be sued for harrassment and threatining the driver. This cop has no business having a gun or a badge.

  • Benny

    Please tell me that this officer is not still on patrol.
    What ever happened to excellence and professionalism in law enforcement? It’s
    not the armed citizen that will get a cop killed, it’s this very “over the top”
    mentality and sheer lack of professional bearing such as this officers which

  • Daniel Shearer2010

    I’m 9 minutes into this video and I already want to kick this cops ass! This man should never be allowed to work in law enforcement again! You see he’s done it once, he’ll do it again. All we ever see are LEOs getting slaps on the and being put on AL or sick leave, the guy is still getting paid! LEOs need to be taught a lesson when something like this happens. Take his pay, take away HIS right to carry a weapon and to wear a badge. Off topic, some LEOs don’t even know the laws, others just choose not to follow them. For those LEOs out there that do the right thing, kudos. For your brothers that don’t, what a shame. I’m so disgusted I can’t imagine watching the rest.

  • Gun Store Owner

    I own a gun store and a large portion of my business is selling to LEOs, the problem is that with any job when you are dealing with the scum bags of the earth, it eventually gets to you.  Even the guy working behind the desk at Kinko’s has a bad day and flips out.  But Law Enforcement officers need to remember that they are representing the City and their behavior can either Honor or Dishonor their badge.
    His behavior and the things he said is uncalled for and he should be punished.  Some people are not meant to be police officers.  All police officers need to remember that the law abiding citizen has just as much a right to carry a firearm as they do! 
    Check the statistics, more crimes are are prevented or stopped from gun carrying citizens than police!

  • Davet

    Should be fired and never allowed to have a job that deals with being a public servent or allowed to carry a firearm again.The officer has major anger issues and needs help before he hurts somebody.

  • Twobanger


  • Sledgehammer12

    I can understand cops needing to be careful, but this guy is totally out of line.  I can promise this idiot that he wouldn’t have treated me like that.  I must say that any time I have been stopped that the cops have been cool about the permit and my weapons, although I have had to make a fairly aggressive effort to get the first word in and show my permit.  This should be stressed in classes….
    as you hand him the permit with BOTH HANDS.

  • This is an incredible example of negligence and misconduct on the part of the police officer. Thank goodness it was a law-abiding permit holder rather than a person that carries illegally for protection because of other criminal activity that they may be involved in. Had it been the latter the officer probably would not have had a chance to pull his Glock, let alone put 10 rounds in the guy (if a civilian were to make such a statement they would be charged with criminal threat of violence, or terroristic threats – I hope that is added to whatever other punishment is levied against the cop).

    Here is a learning point: In Utah there is no longer the requirement to notify a LEO that you have a concealed weapon when pulled over. This changed when they allowed any one over 18 that can legally possess a gun to carry a loaded handgun in the car with or without a permit (2010). However, even though the requirement is not there it is a good idea to disclose that information at the earliest opportunity. As soon as a drivers license is run it will tell the LEO that the person has a permit, so why not show cooperation before that. It is always a good idea (regardless of legal duty) to show LEO that you are cooperative and concerned for their safety. A simple, “I have a permit and I am armed (or not armed, although if you have a permit why not be armed?),” should put them at ease unless the LEO is a tool like the one in video.

    I still don’t understand why there are cops that don’t understand that it is not the person that respects the law enough to get a permit that they need to worry about, it is criminals.


      Thats a simple one to answer. Watch the video. Some “officers” feel that they should be the only ones with guns. And in my sad State(Illinois) they are quite vocal about being anti CCW.
       To bust their balls I go into the station each time I renew my CCW(s) and have the desk officer check them on LEADS/NCIC to see if they are valid. The image of the officers jaw beginning to slack when the info comes across the screen is PRICELESS. Then I collect my permits,smile and walk out of the station. 

  • Tom B.

    I just called police chief  McKimm at 303-489-3111. Got a recording, but left a very long message as to my feelings to this situation. I suggest you do the same. Officer Daniel Harless should be fired immediately. He is a detriment to society. Protect and serve, my ass.

    • Watching the Watchers

      EXCELLENT! I did a google search from Mr Harless as well and should Canton PD NOT take any action I AM going to post all his personal information for the world to see. This clown needs to be fired,sued and jailed. 
      I would LOVE to see ALL CCW holders(we are all in this together people) Call the chief and complain until either the voice mail blows up or he fires this clown. There can be NO OTHER punishment for this loose cannon. He does not belong in Law Enforcement what so ever.

  • Anonymous

    For any Officer to come unglued as he did is not only unbecoming as an officer but it shows his complete lack of professionalism, control, understanding of the duties and responsibilities that an officer should have.
    We don’t know what happened before the officers arrived at the scene. They don’t seem to be under any diress so we don’t know how much stress the officer was under, but the second officer also has some degree of control and he should have taken the first officer aside and told him that he was loosing control. As such I feel that the second officer should also be facing disciplinary action so that he never lets this happen again.
    While we as concealed carry card holders have responsibilities that we must meet when confronted by officers. We must also be given the opportunity to state or express the information to the officer and the driver was never given the opportunity to do so.5 minutes elapsed while the first officer dealt with the girl outside the car. When he (the driver) was questioned and he tried to give the officer the required info, he was shouted down, threatened, belittled and arrested. In reality the passing cruiser should have arrested the first officer and taken over the case

  • Ohioans for concealed weapons asks for help in defending the case. I see no need for help, the video speaks for itself.

  • Gunguy101

    The reason the cop is so pissed off is because he and the other one realize they are the stupid ones by not approaching the driver first thing and obtaining info, Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

  • R Borts

    It seems to me the truth is what the officer was saying but it should have been said about him,he is a totally irresponsible prick,he should lose his job and be thrown in jail for what ever he can be charged with,just like they would have done to any civillian. This video pisses me off  so much,some words to describe MOST COPS(SAID WITH DISRESPECT) is ARROGANT,SELF CENTERED,LIARS,CRIMINAL,MURDERING,UNTRUSTWORTHY and the list goes on. I hope that cop goes to jail for a long time,but he wont and that will make me hate cops even more 

    • Anonymous

      Once again, all cops are not like this one! There are nut cases in every work place. Dont go there u know there are. And the people who clicked “like” to this comment are no better then that cop

  • As a former LEO myself, I found this officer to be totally unprofessional, and his procedure to be so far out of any policy I have ever seen, it sickens me.  To begin with, he should have taken the driver out of the car first, rather than being so gung ho to harass the passengers.  In addition, officer 2 searches the back seat of the car with the driver sitting there, unsecured.  When the first officer does address the driver, he is so aggressive, he actually forbids the driver from identifying himself as a CCW licensee.  He proceeds to denigrate and demean the driver, threatening to shoot him, and then threatening to violate his civil rights under color of authority in the future.  In my contacts with people carrying firearms, I never found anyone who really posed a threat, and while I have addressed people with a drawn sidearm, I never talked to someone as this officer did, totally uncalled for.  If I were the chief of his department, the officer would be fired and sitting in a cell, himself.  If he had pulled that crap with my wife or myself, the outcome would be tragic, indeed, as we are both former cops.

  • 67stang

    The dispatcher should be fired first of all.  Then, that officer should be stripped of his badge and sent to jail.  There was absolutely nothing in that situation to warrent that type of behavior.  For him to say he could execute that man and not lose any sleep, proves that he should never be allowed to wear a badge or carry a gun.  The second officer should also, at the very least, be severely repremanded and demoted for not taking charge of the situation before it escalated to the point of threats to the civilian.

  • Anonymous

    Janet Napolitano  should watch this. It would show her a prime example of who is the terrorist in the USA. If anyone seeks mental counseling, they will be prohibited from ever owning a firearm…according to the latest blurbs from the anti-gun crowd in govt. Recently read that 150,000 ex-military are now in this category.

    This officer should be subject to a regimented series of mandatory mental evaluations. End of problem. His steroids, watching his self escalating out of control intensity, my guess they could be involved? (proven cause of intense mood swings and violence) will then be forced to seek another outlet. Cage fighting might be more his entertainment. Of course that often results in forevermore respecting other people, especially if you are seriously out gunned a few times while in the cage.

    We had one like this in ABQ NM a few years back, Jumped the counters and robbed banks on his days off. NM Ninja Bank Robber per FBI. Shot and killed an unarmed night security guard, while stealing yet another of his favorite cars. Also killed an informant threatening to rat him out. Used a ‘throw down’ to cover himself at the scene. Several other ‘unsub’ crimes were being investigated. He is still in state prison.

    The NM APD officers that went on a multi-state crime spree are still ‘serving time’. Several murders are attributed to them. Bob Davis (repeat escapee) and his APD pals. The list goes on. They call it ‘The Thin Blue Line’ for a reason..

  • Smithjcs370

    These Officers are so wrong on so many things. Very unprofessional as well as violating the citizens rights. The officers should get retrained or fired. At the very lest time off without pay. If I conducted myself like that on my job I would have been fired on the spot. If an Officer ( who carries many different types of weapons) has no more self control then that he should not be a Officer. He is a danger to the public.

  • Kmillard

    I really can’t believe some of the things you people are posting on this site. Yes I agree the Ohio Officer handled that situation the wrong way and should be disciplined at the very least. Informing any LEO that you are armed makes so much sense it isn’t funny. I’ve been carrying for quite a few years here in Texas and have never failed to inform when I’ve been pulled over, and there have been several occasions of that. Informing the officer makes for a safer stop for all involved and is the right and safe thing to do! If you think that you shouldn’t be required to do that then you probably shouldn’t be allowed to carry a handgun. My opinion is all I”m saying. And to those out there that think LEO and the military are just a bunch of arrogant individuals, I think you all should move to another country. One where the military and LEO are almost nonexistant and see what kind of life you’d have there.  You certainly wouldn’t be voicing your sorry assed opinions online and I can guarrantee you wouldn’t be licensed to carry in any of those countries.

  • Hans_giebenrath

    I really think this might be pertinent. This is from the Ohio Revised Code. Note that, when committed by an officer performing official duties, this is a fifth degree felony. If it was me in handcuffs listening to the officer’s tirade, I would have felt that I was in danger of serious physical harm.
    2903.21 Aggravated menacing.
    (A) No person shall knowingly cause another to believe that the offender will cause serious physical harm to the person or property of the other person, the other person’s unborn, or a member of the other person’s immediate family.(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of aggravated menacing. Except as otherwise provided in this division, aggravated menacing is a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the victim of the offense is an officer or employee of a public children services agency or a private child placing agency and the offense relates to the officer’s or employee’s performance or anticipated performance of official responsibilities or duties, aggravated menacing is a felony of the fifth degree or, if the offender previously has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to an offense of violence, the victim of that prior offense was an officer or employee of a public children services agency or private child placing agency, and that prior offense related to the officer’s or employee’s performance or anticipated performance of official responsibilities or duties, a felony of the fourth degree.Effective Date: 04-10-2001

  • Trahron51

    The cop is a complete moron.  Should never be allowed to wear the uniform again.

  • Andyling

    This is exactly why we must all have permits to carry if we can.
    There are crazy people(cops or otherwise) all over the place.

    We empower cops through legislation and they are there to protect the
    public’s safety. They have no right to be any more superior than an average joe
    like all of us. If anything, they have to be circumspect of the law that they are
    trained to uphold. Not trample on it. I feel extremely sorry for the driver.

    I agree that the notification procedure the Ohioan must go through is unfair and
    is demeaning. No one should be required to volunteer unless the officer asks to.
    I will not show my concealed gun to anyone unless I am asked by the proper
    authority under lawful circumstances. I will use it to defend myself against anyone
    who will pull a gun on me. This includes cops if they are deemed to be breaking
    the law. 

    This righteous officer, in my opinion, broke all the civil laws in treating the driver
    the way he did. Extreme verbal abuse, high-handed and unprofessional conduct
    are just a couple of things he should be cited for his termination.

    He should be dismissed and permanently barred from owning and weapons.
    He should also be required a psycological evaluation and to receive treatments,
    even if he had to be incarcerated. He appears to be a threat to the society.

    This is not good for most of the professional officers who truly are servants of
    the public. I am truely shocked by this traunt officer.  

  • Mjroho

    With all do respect to the state of Ohio and the city of Canton, I certainly hope this is not what they consider a “Professional” police officer acting in a “Professional” manner performing the way he was trained. I don’t think the officer would have appreciated the passenger referring to him as”Hoss”. Another case of an arrogant, hot headed individual who has no business wearing a badge. His gun belt is obviously too tight, cutting off the circulation to his brain! If indeed he has one! Should let this officer go to East L.A. and work for awhile. Might change his attitude!

  • Stevefschultz

    Gun or not permit or not that officer should be fired for treating a person that way. The officer more then once threaten the person life. The officer made per judgement on that person before even talking to him. this cop is a bad cop

  • D69gns

    i’m a cop and i would like 5 minutes with this sorry excuse for an officer. this is a perfect example of a puffed-chest idiot making other cops jobs harder. he never should have gotten a badge. no excuse for this

  • Mama4crafts

    Those LEO clowns, now you see what they are all about!!!!  They need to be fired and jailed for the crimes!!!  That was total BS!!!!  Gotta love that dash cam!!!

  • Sims444ss

    I hate frivolous lawsuits, but this wouldn’t be frivolous. This guy should sue the cop persoanlly and the police department. The very first words out of his mouth (before the police officer cut him off) were, “I’ve got a carry…” To put it mildly, this police officer’s behavior is disgraceful and is emblematic of why so many people have little respect for police officers.

  • Pshaw6139

    This is a IM a BIG SHOT cop but has no clue and should be fired and put in jail for wanting to kill this man because he had a gun.This is not being a police officer is about so I sure hope people do not look at all cops as I see this wannabe cop.This is so sad to see and he will get away with it we all know that. BUMMER 

  • Steve Stokes

    As a former law enforcement officer, I am appalled at the actions of the “active” officer  and the “inaction” of the second officer in this video.  The vehicle stop was conducted totally ” Not by the book”.  The “active” cop should have gone immediately to the driver as the “inactive” cop should have approached the other two persons.  If this had occurred as stated (and “by the book”) , the driver would have had the opportunity to inform “Mr. Active Cop” of his CC Permit and most likely there would not have been a problem.   Unless “Mr. Active Cop” wanted to still go off as he did in the video and be the really unprofessional officer that apparently he is.  I think that his attitude influenced the second officer in  his inaction during the situation.  The second cop should have pulled the first officer aside and calmed him down or at least called a supervisor to the scene.   They both were wrong in their handling of the situation.   The “Active ” cop_should be FIRED  and  SUED by the  CC Permit holder.     “Inactive” cop should be repremanded and sent to refresher course in vehicle stop procedures.   Like others have said:   “If CCP holder had been a violent criminal, one or both cops would have been dead.” 

    • M Bishop

      I agree. As a former LEO I feel this officer is a disgrace to the the profession.  Unfortunately the majority of LEO who are dedicated professionals are tainted by the actions of idiots like this.

  • Steve Stokes

    Relieved of his duties+   Does that mean he was fired. Sure hope so.  Thanks for the update.

  • Bob

    This officer certainly deserves to be fired.  Everything he did was un-professional and violated his rights in every respect.  I hope he sues the department as the department has let this guy loose on the public.

  • Brtgbs

    This officer keeps repeating that the pedestrian “is stupid”. The officer is obviously the stupid one – he is unreliable, does not know procedure, is drunk with power and is not qualified to perform his duties. Reprimanding him is unacceptable; he should be discharged, placed under survaillance and given mental evals! HE WILL NOT PASS!!

  • Browngrizzly

    This right here is a fine example of someone who has no reason to be armed or in a law enforcement type position!  This fucker needs to have his gun priviledges stripped immediately for life and needs to be convicted of a felony!  The man being stopped was more than compliant, tried to tell this douchebag he had a permit, and did everything he could to protect everyone involved in the situation.  The victim was totally stripped of his constitutional rights and this piece of shit cop should be charged as a terrorist for not upholding the constitution of the United States.  I hope that PUSSY gets his ass canned and goes to jail.  Pass this sickening story on to all Second Amendment brothers and sisters across this great nation people need to be educated on this!!!  ( Excuse my language but this has pissed me off and warrants a little free speech about now!)


    This “officer” is an example of why people dont like police. Im SURE this man is either a)single  b) beats his wife and/or verbally abuses her or  c) lives with mommy. Making threats to kill some one when there is no clear and present threat to his safety SHOULD cost him his job AND the victim here NEEDS to sue this officer personally AND the department for this mistreatment. I am very pro police(was for 20+ years) but there is no way I can back this officer on this stop nor can I back any of his actions. The number for the Canton OH Internal Affairs Department is1 330 489 3377. I suggest ALL CCW holders call and voice concern over this clear abuse of power by a clearly mentally unstable person who should,in no way shape or form be allowed to carry a gun or a badge. This is CLEARLY an example of how NOT to be the police.

  • Benarnoldjr

    I want to see the follow-up where this cop does his own perp walk.


    And the more I view this the more I wouldnt bat an eye if someone shot this cop dead. He is not I REPEAT NOT an example of all law enforcement. I would love to see this jagoff (sorry had to say it) work Englewood in Chicago on a friday saturday night with this attitude. Trust me,he wouldnt see Sunday. If he is married I feel sorry for his wife having to put up with his “holier than thou” attitude.
    Officer, I hate to say this but I hope you collect your lunch one day. Couldnt happen to a nicer guy.
    “prick” and “asshole” barely define the sad way you present yourself. You are a disgrace to the badge and Need to be fired,incarcerated for Civil Rights Violations,and sued until you are broke.

    You sir are the epitome of the word “jagoff”

    Retired PO from Chicago.

  • These officers could have wound up DRT (DEAD RIGHT THERE) as the tape does not show them fully securing the scene by NOT clearing the DRIVER.  Sloppy work all around.  Some folks just shouldn’t be cops.

  • Ruffrideus

    Like everybody has said; the driver tried to inform the officer and he just did not want to listen to him. I just finisned my CPL/CCW class and not only was it stressed by the question when should to inform a LEO but, shown in a DVD by the owner of the business.

  • Spike_dawgg

    Prick cops like that are why so many people dislike and distrust ALL cops. This cop is out of control and needs to have his badge and gun taken from him. He’s not protecting society, he’s a danger to society. I hope he gets his ass handed to him as he’s fired from his job. He should never work near people again. Psychotic.

  • Fireman3855

    thank goodness for the camera !!! no judge would believe this if it wasn’t recorded. lets see how long for justice to be served now that the shoe is on the other foot. why did the other ‘ officer ‘ let this go on. he is equally to blame for what transpired by allowing it to continue.

  • Ruffrideus

    This is a very good example of a hot headed officer looking to get into something or someone. The incident could have been avoided if they had done one thing. Simply clear the car. I am not a police officer and the first thing that I woud have done was to approach looking inside to see what is going on. Then I am asking is there anything or anyone that can hurt me? At this point, I have given the driver and everybody in the car the opportunity to speak. This officer needs to be gone yesterday. As everybody has said; there are so many things wrong with this. What was your probable cause for the stop then stating traffice on a car already stopped. Everything they said was a lie and they were stupid. You let a witness leave the seen. The officer threatened to pull the guy over without cause every time he saw the mans car on top of threatening to take the mans life on video and audio tape. I’m going to pound you in the head. I am just out done with this. It appears that the only two stupid people on this video where the two police officers. Mr. out of controll and Mr. I don’t have to much to say. Look out Canton,OH. That image coming at you is a huge lawsuit. 

  • Tango Down

    Having served as a federal agent, I have seen a great many things and I’d like to say that this is the first time I’ve even seen anything as disgusting and out of control but sadly, it isn’t!  The main officer was obviously looking for action that night just based upon his initial conversation prior to the incident.  This officer does not deserve to be simply fired or dismissed.  He has done too much as evidenced on this dashcam video for that.  He is guilty of Terroristic Threatening on many counts to say the least.  If this officer were to be allowed to go back on active duty, the city of Canton will be opening themselves up for a amssive lawsuit with this kind of “shotgun justice” roaming the streets.  Furhtermore, he needs to banned from ever being allowed to carry a weapon, which as I understand the CCDW laws, he would be if tried and convicted of these crimes.  To be quite honest, his actions are very much like those of BATFE agents i used to know in the 80’s. 

  • Bounty Hunter65

    This cop needs to have the street sweeping job. He should loose his job as a police officer due to his conduct and language. He paid absolutly no attention to the driver immediately after the stop. How could the driver have notified him immeditely of the concealed carry permit? The cop needs to find other employment.

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  • Sswells36

    First… in all fairness the driver should have made a better effort to announce he had a CCW…. and I would hazard a guess that it was most likely a prostitute in the car with him….. That being said… that is some of the worst police work I have ever seen. Without a doubt that man not only has no business as an LEO but should be stopped from ever carrying a CCW himself. Suspension will not be enough.. the community should be outraged…. and demanding his dismisal. It is a sad thing that his type makes it so much harder for a good cop to do his job.

    • Steve001968

      It wouldn’t have mattered how many times he tried to inform him the cop was too busy running his ignorant mouth to let anybody get a word in edgewise.

  • dodad

    I hope this cop fries. Somebody  should tell him that he works for us, that he is not a superior being because he wears a badge.

  • 82scout10

    Somebody needs to find a new line of work. Geez……Brother!

  • DJ Koncel, Wisconsin

    I think this officer realized after the fact that he made a rookie mistake in not securing the driver before a search of the car, which could have been deadly.  He “tunnel visioned” on the female & male passengers because of his preconceived notions about them.  These officers can thank their luck stars that the driver was a law abiding Concealed Carry and not a perp of some kind.  A real perp would have had an opportunity to either drive away with the other officer in the back seat or certainly could have pulled the weapon.  I think the officer realized his lax in not securing the driver first and thereby realized the danger he & his partner were in because of HIS STUPIDITY, & I believe that’s why he acted so irrationally.  An officer acting under fear can be unpredictable,  his dander was certainly up!  I give credit to the driver for keeping his cool, the potential for a violence in this case was right on the edge.  But we can all learn a lesson here.  Cops are wired differently and react to certain moves, suspisions or sense of danger.  It’s what keeps them ahead of the game on the street and keeps them alive.  We as CWC must be in tune to that, stay calm and be as benign in our words and actions when confronted by police as possible.  Many officers across the country are not in favor of CWC and we must not give them reason to keep that opinion.  I too think this officer needs to be relieved of duty, perhaps retraining could be attempted, but I saw many areas of lack of professionalism in this clip.  Blame should be shared by dispatch also in this case.  Here in Wisconsin, we are new to CWC and I know such instances could potentionally happen here too.  This could be a great lesson to CWC’ers.  A suggestion I’ve been given by a police officer friend of mine, is to when stopped for anything in your car, put both of your hands on the top of the stearing wheel as the officer approaches.  As soon as he/she begins the conversation, inform him that you carry and wait for his/her instructions and carry them out exactly.  His suggestion to officers, is to take control of the weapon until the stop is complete.  Mutual understanding and RESPECT is paramount in these situations.  If the right to carry a concealed weapon has been granted by any state’s lawmakers, law enforcement must respect that fact, whether they agree with it or not.  On the other hand we as CWC’ers must realize the sort of people that police encounter on a daily basis that are a threat to them and we, the public, and the dangerous job that they do.  They all want to get home to their families after their shift too.  Take time to fully realize the responsibility that CWC is.    

    • J C Knutson

      Ther is another victim of Cop Number 1.  That is the second officer.  Cop 1 placed his partners life in jeopardy by the actions or lack of actions at the beginning of the stop.  Officer 2 should be angry enough to file his own charges against Cop 1

  • Rdc2co

    Using that much profanity like the officer did and having that kind of attitude is grossly unprofessional and makes all of us look bad. Making threats, threatening comments and/or innuendos is a felony in most states. I’m not from Ohio, but if I was DA, I would charge the officer instantly. The CCW holder has the right to be very upset and should be compensated and/or charges of any kind dropped. I feel badly that this happened.

  • Devildog1971

    I am a retired LEO who has taught at a state academy and for a federal law enforcement academy, and i am shocked even marine corp drill instructors do not do a fraction of his diatribe after the 1970’s .  A ADA stress leave is what he is probably up to now to help himself with the criminal prosecution.  then there will be the offer not to prosecute ccw carrier if he agrees not to sue,  should the officer continue at his job my instinct is no my forgiving nature is diferent the second officer should be suspended he has a duty although he is probably junior to the one with the mouth,  i really hate to see a LEO prosecuted but iam glad i am not the one making the decision but yes he did screw up

  • Steve001968

    I guarantee you that if, by some miracle this cop keeps his job, and ever pulls this particular motorist over again it doesn’t matter what he charges him with or what evidence there is, once the jury sees this tape they will conclude that the cop harassed him and planted any evidence that exists. This cop could catch this motorist with a kilo of heroin packaged for distribution with the motorists prints on it and it won’t stick now. If the cop ever sees this motorist again the cop would do well to go quickly the other way.

  • Sadge

    This is just another example of Government employees forgetting that they serve the people which should be treated with respect unless there is a reason to act otherwise.

    This officer has extreme inferiority complex which he tries to take out on innocent people around him.  Maybe he wasn’t breast fed long enough…

    “He” shouldn’t be given the responsibility of carrying a weapon or acting as an officer with such a short fuse and total disregard for the rights of the public.

    Fire him.

  • Ridemslow

    Typical of city type cops all over the country, not all but most. Canton has a history of bad cops too.

  • pizza_pablo

    I saw this on youtube. The lead police officer verbally threatens the female with assault and verbally threatens the driver with shooting him. Totally uncalled for and very unprofession, not to mention, criminal.

  • Gary

    This video totally disgusts me…..I am a Vietnam Veteran and I have a CCP .  I pray to God I never have an inexperience like this…..This Cop was totally out of line.  I respect officers of the law, but this idiot did nothing to respect that profession.  I am ashamed that he was allowed to be an officer of the law….he has no business in this profession…..what a egotist!

  • Smileycj305

    I am a retired Police officer, and this cop is a total ass… He did not handle the situation in
    a reasonable mode, he failed to get information, that would have been available, and was
    attempted three times by the driver…and in so doing would have eliminated the problems
    and behavior exhibited by, said officer… He behaved like a petulant little kid, with a whiny
    day going on… I have seen a lot of officers that had no need to be in charge of anyone, at
    anytime, and this boy just went to the top of the list…. Police Officers are charged with
    effecting compliance, citing violators and in general, protecting the innocent… Granted,
    at times it is a very difficult job… It is difficult when you are doing everything right, and
    trying to be neutral… I would understand if the gentleman was being rude or obnoxious,
    but in this case it is obvious that he didn’t have time to be any of those things.. The
    officer was upstaging him in the dumbass department… In my mind, with or without
    criminal charges being filed, which in my mind should be… That Officer should never
    be allowed to be in a place of authority, ever again… I haven’t been on the street in
    a Law Enforcement position for several years, but what he did went passed stupid..
      I was night watch commander for several years before I retired and in all those years
    we only had one Officer behave in a like manner, and was discharged immediately…
    As rookies, it is not unusal for Officers to take things in a personal fashion, until it
    occurs to them, finally, that it is a job, and only a job…. usually 6 months or so and
    then they settle down… This guys never got out of ROOKIE… or just evolved into
    scary…. I don’t have to ability to effectively describe the revulsion I have for this man…
       Obviously I have a permit, and as luck would have it, only stopped one time.. and
    the Officer was a gentleman in every way… I was driving my truck, and I matched the
    description of a vehicle that left the scene of an accident… He approached and was
    calm, and level headed… asked to see ID, and allowed me to advise that I was
    armed, and looked at my permit, and license, and I was on my way in less than
    two minutes… Thank Goodness I didn’t run into an ass hole like this one….

  • Fhfhffhhf

    Many LEOs act this way, I have absolutely zero pity for them.

  • Larry Pate

    That officer needs his smart ass fired and sued in every court in this NATION!! What a dam idiot and fool!! Larry

  • Anonymous

    I pray these fellow’s are truly Blessed with all they have coming on both counts , I know there are some officers who are against guns an against anyone other than them carrieng them , problem is Many of the CHL holders have more fireing line experience the many of the cops do , I have had guns both handgun an rifle since I was 5 years old an am 47 now an I know of no one that has any less business with a gun that the cop that I seen here , he shouldnt ever be allowed to own one with that type of mentality an sure never have a badge , I have known in my life 4 well deserving officers of respect that i would trust , but many more that were No different than the criminals they were out to arrest , I commend any Good officer but i absolutly detest ones like this one ,t

  • Rickd248

    I’m willing to bet this officer started out as a good officer.  After watching cases go down the tubes because of some little thing not done while trying to keep some punk from bashing in his head, law enforcement has just about the highest divorce rate, suicide rate and drunk rate as any other job in the USA.  I put in 14 years before my wife asked me which I loved more.  I knew I was in trouble when I had to stop and think about it.   You will get no argument from me, this man needs help and he needs it bad.  Just the training I’ve had I can tell he is on the verge of suicide.  Listening to that tape it’s very hard to find it in your heart to any kind of forgiveness.  I can tell you first hand that he is living in his own hell.  He needs to be taken out of the field and send to some instution that can help him.

  • Anonymous

    seriously do we need the cursing? this is just a disqusing forum and to express our views

  • The Pope of Portage Lakes

    too many steroids for this cop.

    • Sledgehammer12

      Steriods don’t make normal people into idiots.  Roid-rage is a fallacy.  If your already an idiot they make you more of one though.  Just because he is a large idiot doesn’t mean he uses steroids…… And if your worried about the effects of testosterone, better cut your balls off..

  • Anonymous

    As a former Law Enforcement officer, this is the most disgusting thing to see or hear.  Try to be a little professional.  You also need to seek counseling for acting out, You make us all look bad. You do not own the world or your turf, as you might think.  If this man was criminal you just might be deceased.  Don’t forget the driver comes first, and talk about civil rights?  Your making it harder on the other officers.  I would not call you brother, Mr. Lone Wolf, your partner should be embarrassed by your action.    Enjoy your vacation now, which you should have taken weeks before.  Not the easiest job in the world, and 90 percent thankless.  In the end rethink your position.  
    Everyone makes mistakes try not to make the same one.  Not everyone is a scum Bag!

  • Ylz 62

    If this cop doesn’t lose his job, I think that the Canton Police Chief should be investigated for competency himself. This was the most unprofessional action that I have ever seen by a police officer. His partner should be sweeping floors in the barracks, he is not any better.

  • Sledgehammer12

    This  man is mentally ill.  He is more than likely this way secondary to the stress and trauma linked to his job. He passed his initial psych screenings becaue he was sane at that time.   This is a true example of a mental casualty who could have been helped if the mechanism were in place to recognize and treat his condition in a timely manner.   You can’t tell me that his colleagues and superiors had not seen this behavior escalating over a ling period of time.   Even though I am angry over the situation, I still believe that with proper pshchiatric evaluation and treatment, he could again become a trustworthy LEO.  The same applies to troops returning from war, etc.  

    Remember that we don’t like it when individuals behave in an extreme manner.  Whether it be a cop, soldier, civilian or criminal.  Some of the angry and extreme commentary on this site reminds me that many folks act out when angry.  Try to look at the big picture.  We want these guys to be tough when it serves us, so in return we must be supportive if that very service injures them in any way, mentally or physically. 

    This was a bad scene, but in the end it is the fault of the system and its managers, not the individual officer.

    PS: I am a physician, not a LEO, and am generally uneasy with our current, overly zealous, law enforcement and criminal justice systems. 

    • Shocked

      I couldnt agree more. It is frightening that this man exists, let alone be a police officer. The thing that scares me most is there are many more cops like this than you know. Unfortunetly, if I was the CCW holder in that video…Id be dead because I would have used some choice explitives about his mother.

    • Shocked

      I didnt really read your posting oops. On second thought, I couldnt disagree more with you. This cop is completely out of his mind, it is his fault, and no treatmentr should be performed. First he should be off the force, second he should be put in jail for the various threats he made for a good long time. I always say I am more afraid of the police than the criminals. This video completely justifies my belief

      • Sledgehammer12

        You obviously have zero education or insight pertaining to mental illness.  ANY person can be pushed over the brink, and almost all non schitzophrenics can be brought back.  Cop was wrong, but his behavior is the result of a screwed up system.

        You seem to advocate as much punishment as possible, probably with anyone who you disagree with.  This is the result of pent-up anger. Our system sucks because too many angry critics, who are more than ready to over punish (just like this cop over reacted),  but not willing to put the time into reasonable thought, prevention and correction.

        PS a video should never be the sole means for forming an opinion…ala Rodney King.
        And think of all of those nice people that stood up for him by rioting.  Again, typical angry over reaction.

  • Vet

    Wow.  I think I missed the part where he was protecting and serving.  I’m a Veteran diagnosed with PTSD and I can’t see treating people like that.  He needs to spend some jail time while getting some anger management.  Jerk!

  • Bass077

    That police officer was on drugs. He was looking for a fix not arresting somebody. He using something to bulk his muscles also. Keep in police not at my job sure they need a towel boy. He can load the printers with paper.

    • Sledgehammer12

      Only skinny wimps say things like “he/she uses steriods” etc. when referring to muscular men or women.  I have trained drug free all of my life, am 5’11” and 235 lean pounds at 50 years old.  This type of commentary really gets old for those of us that have worked hard at physical prowess.  Was the COP acting out improperly? YES.  Does he need major help?  YES.  Does he take drugs?  No way to know without testing.

      PS:  The majority of the general public thinks that we concealed carriers are overboard and nuts.  Aren’t you tired of stupid generalizations?

  • StopCorruption

    Hello Officer Shit-for-Brains,
    You need a warrant to search someones car in the first place so I wouldn’t blame the poor guy if he blew your head off. I’d like to see how tough you are without your gun, stick, pepperspray, taser, flashlight, and your corrupt badge. Try to put lumps on my head and you’ll find out your police academy hand to hand combat training isn’t shit.

    • Ex Sniper

      I agree, I never heard Mr. bad ass ask to search the car. As far as the other cop. this all reminds me of the Penn State, Jerry Sandusky shit and nobody opened their mouths.



  • Pepper Roney

    I have
    encountered many a cop that was very similar in demeanor. In fact I’m going to
    court on a speeding ticket where the cop was very aggressive. I should be able
    to win the case…but video would have made it an open and shut case…

    The only
    reason we are having this discussion is we have video. The funny part is the
    officer was nailed by his own video…now that is a rare occurrence indeed.. We
    all have video phones…use them!! to help protect us from the meatheads…
    Hopefully soon we will have every officer with their own video like that POV that’s
    on TV.

    I also have
    met a majority of outstanding and level headed officers…so don’t think for a
    minute that I don’t appreciate what officers do…it’s a tough job…and for
    those that know how to be servants of the people… hats off and thanks for
    keeping me safe while I sleep at night…

    Power corrupts
    the small minded and the evil at hearted.

  • Anonymous

    Its a shame LEO’s like this one paint a picture that really isn’t representative of the majority. This officer needs some serious therapy.

  • Sledgehammer12

    BE SMART, don’t give COPs any excuses.  Be insistant on showing your permit.  Use your head as to who you let ride in your car, and who you associate with at all times, but especially when you’re armed.  Cops are just people, they’re typically not well educated, have average intelligence at best, and are underpaid for a stressful and dangerous job.  Don’t expect them to have great reasoning and decision making skills, especially under pressure.  Wanna fix it???  Raise the bar on qualifications
    (physical, mental, and educational), which means we’ll have to pay them alot more.  You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

    • Pepper Roney

      A police
      officer can, and often does make up probable cause…I know, I was a cop and
      witnessed that on many occasions.. Also showing your permit does not always
      lead to a fun loving cop’r…in fact I have directly witness or heard from
      reliable sources when doing just that actually caused more issues… like a
      felony prone and gun point!! When I was a cop, and a citizen sated they wear
      carrying CCW, I would state,” don’t pull you gun and we will not have a problem”…sure
      I would check to see if the CCW was active and valid…but is anything else

      Does being
      placed on the ground and hand cuffed like a felon reasonable. Are law abiding citizens
      that evil?? Officer safety you say? A holstered firearm is unable to harm the
      officer…if the citizen states that he is armed, why the anger and fear on the
      officer’s part…

      The reality
      is a good portion of the officers would rather you not be armed…and that you
      just call the police…because you know,  that in the end, the office is really just an
      armed historian. Don’t you dare get in the way of his job…taking pictures and

      So, die in
      place and don’t even think of defending yourself…the court will take over and
      spend millions trying to prosecute the defendant and maybe, just maybe the aggressor
      will get off and kill again…and the officer will feel safe that another law
      abiding citizen is out of the way…

      An armed
      citizen is the friend to the law…and should be treated as such… shame on all
      law enforcement that do not think so…

      • Sledgehammer12

        I smell what your steppin in my friend.

  • Tim

    This is happening all over the US.  The law enforcement officials are letting their jobs get to them and taking it out on everyone they deal with.  We need better leadership in law enforcement and a change in the current climate within. 
    No breaks should be given to these scumbags.  The citizens they have sworn to protect definitely do not get any. 

  • MooseJaw82

    This Officer is an animal……threatening and day dreaming aloud about killing a citizen? This is frightening to me as a concealed carrier and this so called “enforcer of peace” should lose his job.

  • Rcuevas1974

    His partner was also wrong for not pulling aside the prick officer and tell him to calm down or let him conduct the rest of the stop. The cop assisting new that the first cop was way out of line and should have put a stop to it, but instead he allowed it to happen and should be fired with the first cop.

  • Rcuevas1974

    Typo, sorry.  I meant to write putting a stop to it in the first line.

  • Jose S.

    I’m surprised the officer didn’t throw him to the floor and beat the shit out of him…

    The guy placed the officer in extreme danger, hope the guy learned his lesson.
    I hope the courts come to this conclusion.

  • Guest

    Fire this piece of shit cop.  He and LEO’s like him give all decent LEO’s a bad name.

  • CharonPDX

    Wow.  Just, wow.  The police officer equates “an armed civilian speaking” with “an officer pointing a gun at someone’s head”…  He makes the assertion that somehow a LAW-ABIDING armed citizen “gets cops killed.”  Uh, no, sir, due to YOUR ignorance of procedure, if the driver had wanted you dead, you’d be dead.  The fact that you’re NOT dead is proof that what the driver was doing is NOT how cops get killed.

  • Bart Zinstedt

    This incident is the reason why the rest of us seeing this video will not trust any cop for a long time.  Stories like this one stick in memory forever.  And the rest of you LEOs should take note.  The kind of behavior demonstrated by this LEO is probably the reason why some have been KIA in the past and why more may be in the future.   At the very least there could have been shots fired in both directions.  If the driver hadn’t been the type that was so cooperative this so-called “officer” could have been shot.  God knows, he would have deserved it.  Had that occured the consequences would have been tragic all around; for the other officer whose life would have been endangered as well as the others involved.and certainly the driver.  I don’t think I coulod have stayed as passive as that guy.   

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  • Madmike113

    Good cop bad cop how do we know when the lights go on? It’s the reason we all feel fear when pulled over. They (LEOs) need to police themselves!

  • Gary

    As a former LEO and now retired, I have to say that the officer’s demeanor was appalling. I’d like to back you up brother, but I just can’t. Sorry

  • guest

    that cop was realy out of his mind. I think he was embarassed because he diddn’t pull all of them all out and ask or chk them.HE SHOULD LOOSE HIS JOB AND THE WRITE TO CARRY ALSO.

  • James Hoy

    There is no place in the USA for an asshole cop like this one. I hope they not only take his job from him I hope they throu the book at him for terristic threatening. This person calling himself an officer should never be allowed to be behind a badge again, not even a unarmed security gard at a junk yard.

  • Kwengenroth

    This is the kind of guy who got beat up in highschool and has to flex his muscles and flash his badge to make his ego feel better. Talk about insecure, probably kicked his dog when his wife left him too.

  • Rlouder1

    I couldn’t believe the way this stop was handled. This guy should never have been a LEO. He defanantly should not be one after this. He has some anger and physco problems.

  • That cop is a menace.  A dangerous, incompetent man.  He should be serving burgers and unplugging toilets.  The whole situation was a complete mess, and he was responsible.  Violent piece of trash.

  • CdnAtLge

    It is truly sad to see another Police Officer who cannot control himself in public. The Streets are hard enough without idiots like these giving the Good Cops a Bad Name. It would also be good to see his partner be sent back into Training to learn the right and wrong and to learn how to call out a fellow cop if needed…

    Come on Guys and Gals, if you see your partner loosing it then it is your responsibility to Stop them from getting worse. Otherwise you are as bad as them and should not have the honor of wearing that badge.

  •  At my CCW an older woman (60 plus) told a very similar story when she was pulled over.  This shit happens way too often.  Welcome to fascist America.

  • Jeffncarla

    Has this officer been FIRED or not? Completly out of control!

  • Anonymous

    This is extremely unprofessional behavior. Do away with this chump.

  • Essphoto

    Dude needs to lay off the roids!

  • Dante45

    good way for the next cop to catch a bullet from a psycho. When people see videos like this it puts good cops lives in danger. Now, I understand why you hear the defense from brothers in the hood that they were scared of the police so they shot first, legitimate claim when you see situations like this play out. what a punk. get off the job if you can handle it, stop taking steroids.

  • Now that the judge threw the case out, when is the lawsuit? I’d like to see that trial.  The prosecuter after seeing the video should have dropped the case (in the interest of justice). But to drag this guy through a trial and the expense that came with it just because they were trying to cover their asses is out of line.

  • Bw

    That cop should first, lose his job and second, never get to carry a gun again, he obviously has some personal issues that need to be addressed.

  • Stevemann_20

    That awful!!!! I hope they fire his ass

  • Sean1994

    Having friends that are LEOs I can certainly say that very few officers are like this. While I can definitely understand the concern that law enforcement has to deal with in regards to conceal carry firearms, the aggressive officer’s handling of the traffic situation was far less than correct. I am disappointed to also see that his partner did not take the initiative to calm the active officer down. The problem, however, should not be focused just at the fault of the officer primarily; instead the law related to a civilian informing the officer should be addressed. Civilians should be allowed to interrupt an officer’s current order of silence if and only if the confirmation of a CCP is not obtained prior to the officer approaching the driver. All other laws requiring following the officers orders after informing said officer should then take place. I feel that this would greatly lessen the worry most LEOs have and allow for scenarios like this to hopefully never happen again.

  • n67

    I hope too this cop looses his job! He was idiotic ,never allowed teh man to speak a word, and then arresested on the most stupid charges ever. He even arrested just on not properly at first showing the permit when he did. He just was not allowed to speak! He was abused verbally by cursing and wishing death aupon him. He is an irate cop that has extreme violence and anger issues. He should be defintly revealuated at the minimum b ut I doubt that will change anything he seems more the type that would be arrested then be the cop. Horrible. IF noone finds him in fault in all of these ways and more they should then make sure he ios fired! Fired from all law enforcement at any phase or any other city,state or however.