Ohio Bill to Remove Several No-carry Zones

Ohio Bill to Remove Several No-carry Zones
Ohio Bill to Remove Several No-carry Zones

A local lawmaker wants to allow Ohio gun owners to carry guns in colleges, churches, day care centers, and government buildings.

The bill would also eliminate the requirement for gun owners to carry their permit along with a firearm.

This legislation, if passed, would expand on the bill that passed last week allowing guns in bars and restaurants serving alcohol as long as the gun owner isn’t drinking.

State Rep. John Adams, R-Sidney, is proposing House Bill 256 for the third time and believes it could pass this session with the House back in Republican control. Previously, the bill never passed a committee vote.

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I think the issue in Ohio is that even if this bill passes many businesses are volunteering to placing the “No Gun” signs up everywhere because they think it will stop robbers and muggers from bringing guns in their establishments.  I think more education is needed for local business owners, CEOs of major chain stores, churches, etc.  They should learn that the criminals don’t follow the little signs on the business doors.  They do what they want to do.  They are just hurting the law abiding citizens that are trying to defend themselves, family and friends.  Ive heard rumors that local PDs are going around supplying and encouraging establishments to put the “No gun” signs up around town.  I think that should be against the law.  Why is it legal to have our tax dollars spent on under-funded police departments that are using up their resources to take away our 2A rights instead of fighting crime?

Isaac Addison

I wish florida would adopt “in colleges, churches, day care centers and government buildings”. I feel most people with the concealed weapons permit are responsible and know that carrying is a privilege!