Outrageous Chicago Gun Range Rules Revealed

Outrageous Chicago Gun Range Rules Revealed
Outrageous Chicago Gun Range Rules Revealed
  • $4000 license fee paid every two years by the range.
  • The Police Commissioner may deny a license for a facility if there’s been “a substantial number of arrests” within 500 feet of the facility. He may also deny a license that “would have a deleterious impact on the health, safety or welfare of the community in which the shooting range facility is located.”
  • One a shooting range is denied a license, it can never be a shooting range again, even under new owners, without “clear and convincing evidence” that it such licensing won’t have a deleterious impact.
  • A written plan of operation must be submitted to city, speaking of how to minimize deleterious impact, including providing security personnel, restricted hours of operation, outdoor lighting, display of signs, and “other reasonable restrictions.” Failure means you lose your license.
  • If you’re an operating range, and one of your employees gets into trouble with the law, such as an ordinance violation involving a firearm, the entire range could lose its license.
  • Range must hold a $1,000,000 insurance policy

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