Police Perspective on Open Carry

Police Perspective on Open Carry

Police Perspective on Open Carry

PoliceOne is a popular law enforcement news website and they recently ran an article on how to approach open carriers.  It is good insight for anyone open carrying to understand how law enforcement views you and how we can work to be a good ambassador for the second amendment.


Open carry is gaining momentum in areas of the country that won’t allow concealed carry permits, or where those permits are so highly restricted as to be all but impossible to obtain. Debates and arguments for and against open carry are fueling increasing concerns and outright alarm on both sides.

Proponents for open carry argue that government officials in certain areas of the country routinely deny issuance of concealed carry permits and generally have an anti-gun or elitist mentality. Proponents argue also that in so doing, the government denies the right of self protection to the individual, which has in turn, helped to spark the growth of open carry as an alternative strategy for self defense.

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  • Smileycj305

    Well, having been a Police Officer, and now, licensed to carry concealed,
    I do have thoughts about open carry… As an Officer, although under different
    circumstances, meaning my State at the time, did not have any provisions for
    issuing a permit to private citizens… Do now, but not then, so anyone with a
    weapon exposed, was automatically a person of interest… There were times
    that an open cary was allowed, and almost expected.. Deer season, being one
    example.. during those times even an open hunting knife was allowed, in spite
    of the fact that a Dirk, Dagger, or any other fixed blade knife, on the belt was
    a prohibited carry weapon…and some would go into “Convenience” stores and buy
    items of need for the day out in the Deer Woods…that being said, some would
    have a pistol on… Watched but usually not harrassed… STILL, a person of
    interest..And all the time it was illegal as an in town carry…
    Out of sight, out of mind, is one thought… Not to say that the good guys have
    them out of sight as opposed to any of the bad people, but a weapon out in the
    open, not accompanied by a badge on or near the weapon, raises a lot of
    eyebrows… Any Law Enforcement Officer would be on the alert, regardless…
    I am not certain if open carry would be as much a deterent as concealed..
    In the first place, one of the reasons “the bad guys’ are more careful, is because
    they DON’T know if someone is carrying or not… Open carry would eliminate the
    hesitation..And allow a bad guy to plan for the weapon, and accompanying
    confrontation… There are those, regardless of record or other psychological
    maladies, that are permitted to carry, that only behave because it’s against
    most CCW provisions, to allow weapon to be seen…. WITH open carry
    there would, definately, be some that would flaunt, and act a fool…
    So, in general, I am not really an advocate of open carry.. fearing it could
    cause more harm than good….but that is only MY opinion…

  • serving in Iraq

    i am against the national concealed carry for law enforcement.
    There are different laws in every state and if the officer is out of his jurusdiction then the same rules should apply,
    If they have it than normal citizens should be able to have national carry.

    • Tuckerzz

      First let me thank you for your service to our country. I respect your opinion but would like to disagree on the strategy. I think it is unwise to call for the curtailing of someone else’s freedom to carry just because yours are currently restricted. It would be far better to argue that an officer outside his/her jurisdiction is just a citizen like you and me. If they can carry concealed in all these locations, then we should argue for, and elect individuals who will, make these freedoms (which are currently curtailed in contradiction of our protected constitutional rights) available to all citizen.