Sneaky Pete Holsters Review

Sneaky Pete Holsters Review
Sneaky Pete Holsters Review
Sneaky Pete Holsters Review
Sneaky Pete Holsters Review

You’ve decided to carry your gun concealed. You like your IWB holster, but you can’t always use it, depending on your outer garment and the attire needed for your intended destination. You want a holster that looks stylish, doesn’t attract attention and maybe you’re going to a social function that you can’t wear a shoulder or waist holster and you don’t carry around your ankle (that’s kind of a long reach, anyway).

Let me introduce you to the Sneaky Pete Holsters. They are available in ballistic nylon and leather. The leather holsters look like you’ve got a large cell phone strapped to your waist and are very nice-looking. They are available with clips or loops to fasten them to your belt, all dependent upon your preference.

Sneaky Pete Holsters makes the holster to meet the size of the gun you intend to carry, and they have several selections regarding the belt attachment device and some other useful features. They also have a few other nifty items available for purchase such as their bullet bricks, belts and magazine holsters.

I’ve personally been using a Sneaky Pete to carry both my Ruger SR9c and my LC9 guns. Since the two guns are both very different in size, I do have two separate holsters. There are some restrictions you have to follow in order to use this holster. Since they are custom fit to the gun in question, you cannot add things like pinky extenders, lasers, extended magazines, etc., after you order the holster. They will not fit into it. However, on the ordering page online, they do ask for most models of guns, what accessories are installed. For instance, my LC9 has the laser, I made sure it was noted in the order process (which is a simple pull down menu) and it fits just fine. They are available in both right and left handed varieties.

The holster itself is well made. Heavy stitching is evident everywhere, and the interior is made of leather as well (at least on my two leather holsters). The closure flap is held down by two medium sized magnets, which do a surprisingly good job of keeping it closed at all times. There are two matching magnets in the closure face of the holster the meet with the flap. It actually takes a little effort to open the flap, so you have to decide to open it, it won’t open all on its own. The sides appear to be plastic reinforcements covered by leather to retain the opening of the holster. Inside it, you’ll find some factory installed dividers to keep your gun upright and secured in place.

Sneaky Pete Holsters Clips
Sneaky Pete Holsters Clips

I personally like the clip version. I have a few other holsters with those clips made out of leftover M60 tank parts. You know the kind. Where they cannot be pulled off by Hercules and they’ll slit your wrists with the sharp edges of the metal. Pete’s are thankfully better. The clips are riveted on, and then covered in leather up to the top of the clip. At the bottom edge, they are beveled so they don’t slice you or your belt when taking the rig off or putting it on. The edges of the clips won’t cut you, either. I like that kind of attention to detail. All too often some ‘manufacturer’ slaps together some industrial parts sewn into a piece of leather to make a few bucks. You buy it, you hate it and there’s money down the tubes. That won’t be the case here.

Like anything, you’ll need to practice drawing from the holster. I’m very comfortable drawing from mine, and have never had any issues with the gun catching on anything either on the way in or out of the holster. I would recommend a two-handed draw with this holster, the same way I would with a loose outer garment such as a shirt. I’m right-handed, so I sweep the magnetically closed flap upwards and hold it with my left hand while drawing the weapon out with my right. I find it to be fundamentally the same as wearing a loose fitting over-shirt. However, because the holster is so inconspicuous, personally, I find it much easier to deal with than many of the waist band holsters. There is no concern for printing, nor is there any fear that the gun might drop out accidentally (by being pushed up when seated).

Sneaky Pete Holsters
Sneaky Pete Holsters

Overall, these holsters are quality made and fit your weapon of choice very well. I use mine more often than most of my other holsters. I have yet to have someone approach me and ask what it is. I think that says a lot. My only gripe at this point is, I can’t get a holster that accommodates my Ruger SR9c’s pinky extender. That would make the unit wider, but, what’s another 1/2” or so? In the photo to the right, this shows the size difference between my LC9 and SR9c holster (yes, I know the LC9 holster is a bit scratched up, I use it. I’m sure a little boot polish will make it as good as new!). Here you can see that each holster is sized for the gun it is intended to support. The LC9 holster is on the left of the photo. I will mention that my Kahr PM/CM 9 fits nicely in the LC9 holster with the extended magazine with just the slightest wiggle room at the top. Not ideal, but it certainly works. Pete does make a holster especially for the Kahr PM/CM9 without the extended magazine. Maybe they’ll read this and do a little re-tooling. Either way, I highly suggest you get your hands on one of these. It’ll make your EDC easier than all that shirt stuffing you’re doing now.

To view more information or purchase one visit Sneaky Pete Holsters.

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Rob is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and firearms enthusiast. He spent 3 years in the U.S. Army during the Reagan years. He travels the world as a technical consultant working in the field of aviation. When at home he can be found at the range, on his Harley or somewhere off road in his Jeep.
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Joseph Couture

I have been wearing my Sneaky Pete holster for several months now and love it. I live in Florida where shorts and a t-shirt are the height of fashion year round. I clip the holster to my belt and off I go. No one has ever even given it a second glance. They just figure it’s a cell phone case or something like that. Even going out in slacks and a polo it fits right in so carry on.


Buyer Beware……
I too have a Sneaky Pete (leather) for my Wather PPS and love it as well. However when I went to purchase the nylon version of this very fine holster for my M&P compact 40, I wasn’t so lucky. I tried to work with their customer service folks, but after awhile even their manager stopped responding.

I have two issues with them:

First, it seems that these holsters are designed with the bottom “corners” not sewn. While that in itself isn’t an issue, they don’t cut the cloth long enough to tuck the unsewn bits inside the holster. This leaves a rather large “flap” of material (about 1.25 inches) at the front and back bottom flapping in the breeze.

The second issue is that I ordered the holster to fit an M&P compact “with a factory laser.” That option was one of the menu picks off their website. Select M&P compact, Select Factory Laser, Select woven Nylon, etc… The issue is that M&P compacts ONLY come from the Smith & Wesson factory with a crimson trace laser grip (or no laser). This makes the Crimson Trace laser Grip the “factory laser” for this gun in my mind.

No matter how I presented my case to them, the “customer service” folks (even the CS manager) would only repeat the company line that they don’t make holsters for Laser Grips. They would not RMA the holster for the unsewn edges, or their error in advertising.

Again, buyer beware!


I’ve had it for a year now. I like it, but I’ve found one thing I don’t like. The holster clips goes between

a belt loop. When getting into my pockets, I have to push it back or forward. But, it really doesn’t go back far enough to allow easy access to my pocket, clip hits the belt loop. I sometimes don’t put my belt thru that loop so I can push it back or move it forward when needed. I put my wallet in my right rear pocket…so I’m moving the holster around at times. I’ve never had anyone give it second looks, including police, all but one time. A guy asked what it was and I said it was my man bag. I recently was having a discussion with concealed carry methods with a sales lady at the store. I asked if she could see my pistol. She said no. I told her it was in plain sight…she looked and says, “that’s it?” She thought it was a tablet case or something. My gun doesn’t get all sweaty and rub my skin and I like that. Now one for my 1911…

Andrew Rowzee

I agree they should make one for a full size 1911 I emailed and asked. But I settled for one for my P320 compact. 🙂

Will Antico

Those sneaky pete holsters, can they fit a Glock 27 ? Also how comfortable are they to wear ? Are they expensive ?


I find my Sneaky Pete the MOST comfortable holster that I have EVER worn.
And the ballistic nylon holster is very affordable, actually less expensive than my IWB holster and definitely less expensive than my fanny pack style.


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I just bought the Sneaky Pete holster for my Glock 27. The Glock does fit nicely, but I’m gradually getting used to wearing this type of holster.

Steve C

When will sneaky pete make a holster for the s&w 45 shield?

Max Wasatch

The problem I have with this type holster is 2-fold:

1 – It looks like a mobile phone holster. Mobile phones are very popular with thieves because of how much personal information is stored there. Is it a good idea to make your gun a more inviting target?

2 – It is clearly branded as a Sneaky Pete product with the SP logo. This is not quite as bad as everything produced by the NRA blatantly having an NRA logo on it, but could get there.


I have the same concern that someone thinking it holds a phone or tablet may try to steal what they think is a phone or tablet. The magnetic closers are secure enough for everyday use but could very easily be lifted by a thief who would then be grabbing my gun and not what they thought they would be grabbing. I would like to see a better system then the magnetic closers.

David Everett

I had the very same thought as your #2 point, Max. I would think that they’d want to put their logo on the backside (or inside) of their products. Seems like that would be a little more “sneaky” to me.
Also, as their products become more popular, it seems like a law enforcement officer would have a valid reason to question you upon seeing the SP logo. If SP only makes gun holsters in this particular shape, then it’s obvious what you’re carrying, right?
However, one way SP can get around this is by making products that look similar but are designed to carry other things.


I don’t think a law enforcement officer who thinks you have a weapon would have a valid basis for PC to search you on the holster alone. Unless there is some evidence that the weapon is in the holster… Its like having hypodermic needles. Sure, some people may be shooting heroin, but others are just injecting insulin. A police officer doesn’t have the right to compel a search on the basis of a hypodermic needle – even if you refuse to tell him you’re diabetic, or decline to tell him you have insulin on you. The search would be illegal. JMO.


I agree with Max, the visible logo is just plain stupid and is why I will not buy this holster. Without the logo, I would probably buy it.


I use the ballistic nylon holster while riding my bike, no issues with it being unnecessarily noticed. My off-road cycling shorts have a belt so it works perfectly. Retention is great, I’ve crashed with it on and it held up great.


I purchased my “Sneaky Pete” as soon as I found out about it.
I could NOT be happier. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE has EVER asked what it was.
I wear loose shirts (even tuck style) over it and it occasionally shows, but never has anyone even questioned it. I had a “fanny pack” style but it was somewhat cumbersome and “not in style” so there were lots of questions why I wore a fanny pack.

I also purchased an IWB style and even though it was comfortable and didn’t show, ever, it too had its down side.
I actually forget that I am wearing my Sneaky Pete.
Thanks for a great product, THAT WORKS…..


Hi RedRiverD! I had kind of been on the fence about this method of carry until I saw you endorse it as you did. You made perfect sense. Thanks to Tuck for the article as well. I’m now looking for one. Good chatting with you again too!


Same here. I carry a Baretta Tomcat, and I forget I even have the SP on! I can sit and drive – as a truck driver, that’s important.

I have a black leather holster, and I’ve never been asked about it.

Truly one of the best and most comfortable holsters on the market.


I carry a Baretta Tomcat. The ONLY issue I have had is that the magazine has an elongated foot, for a finger rest. This is what I ordered for, but it wasn’t QUITE wide enough for this – I think the holster is for a flat-foot magazine. After a bit of working with it, the Tomcat now fits QUITE nice.

Very comfortable, very stylish. Doesn’t imprint in your pocket like most pocket holsters. No worries about accidental exposure if your shirt rides up – looks like a nice leather case. (Kinda nice to have an OWB holster and not worry about others seeing your concealed!!)

Gordon Hutchinson

I agree completely. I ordered a Sneaky Pete to fit my Ruger SR9c…and NO version of the gun would fit what they sent. When I tried to contact them for shipping instructions to send it back and receive the proper holster, I could only communicate with them through email–and they would always answer the next day–with suggestions on how to make the gun fit, what I might be doing wrong, did I try this, etc. Every attempt to answer their suggestions took a day to get back to me, and was always countered with more suggestions. Absolutely the WORST customer service I have ever encountered anywhere. I finally demanded they send me an address to ship the holster back, and give me a refund on my credit card. Then, the two day arguments started to let them send me a replacement, which was all I wanted in the first place. By this time, I was so disgusted, I firmly told them I would not buy ANY product they made. I write a shooting sports column for a state wide gun magazine,and was sorely tempted to describe the entire experience in a column, but decided no grapes were better than sour grapes. I think the most aggravating issue was having to deal with customer service ONLY through email, and their lackadaisical response to a valid customer complaint. All-in-all, a most unpleasant experience. The company has a good idea. They need to grow up and become a hell of a lot more professional in their attitude towards customer service, or they will never grow.


I bought the leather SP for my SCCY 9mm. Quality is excellent. I have never been questioned when out and about, but my “cover” story is that it is my “heart monitor.” Comfort level is very good. While I note the concerns of Max and Bike regarding some thief thinking it is a mobile phone holster, I am not aware of even anecdotal stories of mobile phone holsters being ripped from the belts of unsuspecting victims. With this holster, even if some dumba$$ tried to rip the SP from the belt, the belt keepers are going to prevent that. And if said dumba$$ tried to lift the flap to take the supposed mobile phone inside, getting the firearm out of the holster would still be a problem. In either case, the victim would still be in possession and in a position to respond appropriately. Overall, A+ to Sneaky Pete!

John Hrzn

I bought one and it looked like a colostomy bag on my hip. I sold it immediately.


Fantastic customer service. The holster I ordered from Sneaky Pete was a little large for my specific purpose. The holster was excellent quality and my AMT 380 fit perfectly, but it was a little bulky under the suits I wear. I requested a return authorization on a Saturday, and received the authorization the next day (on a Sunday). I shipped the holster back, and had my credit card refund the day Sneaky Pete received it. I had free shipping on my original order, and Sneaky Pete didn’t even deduct a shipping charge from my refund. This is the best customer service anyone could expect. Thanks Sneaky Pete!

Jonathan Johnson

This holster is not as handy as I hoped. This holster purports to look like a cell phone holster. Not even close – it is way too big to be a cell phone holster unless you have one of the .380’s or other smaller concealed carry pistols. Mine is for a Glock 26. It looks odd at work, requiring explanation, and I’m not going to wear it anywhere that it looks odd any more. Based on it being so noticeable, I’m probably going back to the inside the belt holster, using my shirt tail to conceal it; also stupid looking if you are wearing a collared shirt.

R J Wellner

I’ve got a Sneaky Pete for my S&W shield in 40 caliber. It does seem a little large on my belt, but no one has ever said anything about it. Been thinking about getting a med alert medallion and putting on it, might make others think its a emergency medical bag.


Big fan of the holster by being non-discreet when carrying and it fits my tomcat very well, however, the holster for my LCP is either a manufacturer defect or they gave me the wrong one. Several days now I have gone back and forth with their customer service people who will flat out not change their tune when it comes to admitting that the holster is not right. When holstering my LCP with aftermarket Hogue grip sleeve, the SP holster bulges out on the magazine side due to the holster being too small. I have the LCP with factory extended pinky mags and they are adamant that the grip sleeve is the issue. I humored them and removed the grip sleeve and same problems. I went so far as to take pics of with sleeve on and off with the weapon in the holster and they still say their product is not at fault. The other thing that chaps my ass is that they expect me to pay S&H out of pocket to return the product.

End result – Mixed feelings on this product and their lack of customer service.

Capt. Billy Whizbang

Anyone know if someone makes one of these for a S&W 9mm full size?


I purchased one based on emails with Beth and it was nothing like the one that was described. I have had no issues with emailing when interested in purchasing or getting the return info but when comes to getting info on return status it’s like I’m in a ghost town. No responses nothing. Don’t ever buy from them.

David McClintock

This is a cheap 10 dollar made in CHINA holster for $70.00. It’s junk. It’s garbage. Customer service also from CHINA. These guys are LYING about this being made in USA.

Cheap product. Thin leather over cardboard. Plastic support frame over metal. Two wimpy ass WEAK magnets. The gun will come out when you bend over. Weak stitching. A belt clip that doesn’t lock – the gun will FALL OFF when you bend over. A see through area on top and bottom = plain view police search = nullification of 4th amendment rights. You can buy a cheap cell phone case that
would work the same or better – and actually look like a cellphone case.

This item is pure marketing sales garbage man. It’s just another company that’s all about sales sales sales.

Refund policy is time consuming hassle on purpose.


Robert L Thompson

I have been trying to return a product that was the incorrect size for 2 weeks and there is no way to contact the return department. I have filled out their form on the web site 4 times in order to get an RMA number. NO LUCK. I guess their plan is to wait for the one month to respond then say “you sent it in too late to get a credit” crooks is what i think about Sneaky Pete, they are SNEAKY

Robert L Thompson

After I could not get Sneaky Pete to respond I went on line and purchased a holster Manufactured by AGOZ for $24.00 and it is perfect for my baby browning. it beats the heck out of the incorrect size holster I paid over $50.00 for from Sneaky Pete. Try it you will like it.


is there a Sneaky Pete for a Glock 17?